Oct 302020

This picture is one of several that are very controversial. Who is the man with the gray beard and why is Karm associating with him?

RightOnDaily has covered extensively Karm Bains pattern of bad judgement: 3 DUI’s, 74 liens and judgements, 4 foreclosures and a total lack of any reliable political compass.

Illustrating that there is truly nothing sacred to Mr. Bains when it comes to his pursuit of his own interests, it has been revealed to us by insiders with knowledge of the circumstances at hand that his deceit and double dealing even extend to within his own family and house of worship.

One image circulating has the words “Biggest Prostitute 2020” embedded on Karm for this widely perceived betrayal.

Karm has teamed up with a decades long adversary of the Bains family. Tejinder Singh Dhosanjh (man in the pic). Karm and his family have been against this man for several decades in regards to temple/religious politics and several other social issues.

This feud escalated to a point where this man has been seen and heard chanting death to Karm Bains’s father many times after temple meetings in Karm’s presences. At one point not long ago it escalated to the point where one of this man’s followers violently stabbed Karm Bains cousin after a temple meeting. This cousin required surgeries and several days in the hospital. Karm was present but chose not to help or act to protect his cousin.

Click here for a video clip from KCRA covering the brawl. Watch for our friend Karm near the end.

It looks like Karm Bains has made a decision he can’t win without joining Tejinder. You see this man takes credit for electing several local officials (we won’t mention them they know who they are). Tejinder thinks he “controls” the Indian vote which is substantial. Karm has supported candidates opposing Tejinder’s candidates many times and lost!

Karm Bains has become very nervous and has promised Tejinder Dosanjh a position in the temple for his help in this election. Karm has upset many immediate family members and the Indian community with this move.

These two have caused so much turmoil in the local Punjabi community and overall Yuba Sutter community for decades and now for “personal benefit” joined forces at the drop of a hat!

Keep up the great “SELFISH” work Karm!

God bless the entire community!

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  4 Responses to “Controversial image of Karm Bains circulating in the Yuba City Punjabi community. Why are people so upset?”

  1. Who are you, what’s your problem with this? News flash election is over Karm Bains won. So get over it.

  2. I back door KARM BAINS. Tell me your Address so I can bring you sweets that karm won!

  3. Correction
    Vote Karm Bains

  4. All of you who love Karm can get on the roster to be his left nut. You can sign up on http://www.vadebadmashinkholsparkinglot.com. His right nut roster is maxed out.

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