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Blogger’ Note this is from an email forwarded to me by the local Jewish Community:

It has just come to my attention that one of the three candidates on the November 2020 ballot for Los Rios Community College District, Area 3, is a rabid anti-Israel activist. His name is Chris Yatooma, but he is also known as “Ronald Christop Yatooma”. Area 3 encompasses a broad swath of metro Sacramento that extends northward to the Placer County line, eastward through El Dorado Hills, southward to Elk Grove, and westward including Davis, Yolo county. Los Rios Community College District Area 3. https://losrios.edu/about-los-rios/board-of-trustees/service-area-maps.
Mr. Yatooma has a long history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel animus. In 2010/2011, he was the lead author of a statewide Israel divestiture initiative and was seeking to qualify the measure on the 2011 ballot.
He has a well documented track record of working to destroy Israel and promoting ugly lies about the Jewish people. He has long been affiliated with the Sacramento BDS movement and is a collaborator with David Mandel of JVP.  Here is the local “Sacramento BDS” website. https://www.sacbds.org/ and https://www.keywiki.org/David_Mandel#cite_note-4.
https://www.keywiki.org/Chris_YatoomaRonald Christop Yatooma
Mr. Yatooma is a member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic party. More recently, just last year, Chris Yatooma (also referred to as “Ronald Yatooma”) was the lead author of the BDS divestiture platform at the June 2019 California Democratic Party convention that was held in San Francisco.  https://www.jweekly.com/2019/06/07/activists-at-state-dems-convention-spar-over-israel-resolutions/. I have a friend who is a member of that caucus and was present at the debates,  and she can attest to his active role in almost succeeding in getting the BDS platform pushed through.
His facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/Yatooma4Trustee/

Chris Yatooma for Trustee

@Yatooma4Trustee · Political Candidate.
Below is a direct quote wherein he states he has broad endorsements from local Democratic clubs. 
“Yesterday, I received wonderful news – I secured the formal endorsement of the El Dorado County Democratic Party. This endorsement comes on top of the endorsement by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County in June, and more recently endorsements by several Democratic Clubs including Wellstone Progressive Democrats, the Folsom Area Democratic Club, and the American River Democratic Club.”
This is extremely worrisome. If elected to a local educational board, he will have more clout to push anti-Israel curriculum and agendas. We already know how toxic the California Ethnic Studies curriculum proposal has been, and having someone like Mr. Yatooma serving on a public board will elevate his status to do more harm.
As a member of the local Jewish community, I ask the Sacramento Jewish Federation and JCRC to take the appropriate steps to alert our community about Mr. Yatooma and the insidious nature of his agenda.
I look forward to your reply.  Time is of the essence with the election less than two weeks from now.
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