Dec 162020

It is good to know conspiracies are bi-partisan. I’ve seen penty of election fraud firsthand with bogus registrations and the like, but it has always been a small number.

It appears that Gary Miller suffered an extreme personal blow as his “service” on the School Board was part of his identity. If it was so important, perhaps he should have listened to the parents in the district instead of being a far-left partisan jerk. People are tired of being locked down and accused of all sorts of heinous crimes because they want to live their lives!

The above shots were seen on Gary Miller’s campaign facebook page. Gary’s Fellow Democrats created the California election system where it takes a month for results to go final. I guess gary can cancel his mug order or he has to send them to the landfill if he did place an order. Pity.

However, not to be professional about his drubbing at the ballot box (losing by 1.5% in a contested vote for 2 is like losing a head to head by 6 points) – he has resorted to the same conspiracies he says Donald J Trump is promoting. “I Wuz Robbed, I Wuz Robbed”. In effect, the deranged Miller is suggesting that Placer County Clerk Recorder Ryan Ronco ripped him off.

This is proof positive that Gary’s service on the School Board had become his identity and was about self-aggrandizement. Lest I get called homopohbic again by the cancel culture nazis – look at Gary’s own words:

Gary – if you need help coping. I am here for YOU, because I care. The parents of the district didn’t care about your gayness, they cared about their kids getting an education post-COVID. They fired you because you did not. It is that simple. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

Dec 132020

Do note that Moorlach still has not called nor attempted to contact Trish Todd the former staffer of his that was raped by Bill Brough.

Michael Schroeder, the former chairman for the California Republican Party, is legally representing Todd through the criminal complaint process.

“I only met Trish about a month ago. Once I became convinced that this happened, it felt like somebody needed to do something,” Schroeder said. “I think there’s a culture of silencing victims in Sacramento that Brough has been able to take advantage of for years.”

Bill Brough’s home paper picked up the story.

I wrote previously that having Tim Clark do crisis communications for a candidate is like inviting Michael Jackson to chaperone your son’s slumber party. Here we go again:

For five years, I did not know about the alleged attack on Ms. Todd. I would never protect Brough or any man so accused. It’s not in my DNA. You know me as someone who has tried throughout his career to tell you the truth, even when it was uncomfortable for many to hear it.

One minor clarification to the OC Register editorial below: I have not engaged a political consultant for my Supervisorial campaign. I have known Tim Clark as a man of good character. Tim says he encouraged Ms. Todd to report the incident to the proper authorities and he referred her to competent legal counsel.

So Moorlach is starting to whine on his update site – comparing the Trish Todd situation and himself to Brett Kavanaugh. This level of delusion is grounds for a therapist’s office, and not a candidate for supervisor. It was proven that Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were lying (at least 3 of them). Trish Todd is quite credible and has a ton of evidence to support her claim.

Perhaps this bizarre comparison drawn by Moorlach means he thinks Trish Todd is lying? Tim Clark has changed history, as I was told my Mrs. Todd multiple times that Clark told her NOT to go to anyone with the complaint and that her career would be ruined. This is consistent with the Pre #METOO culture and Trish is not the only assaulted woman told the same thing.

Either Tim Clark is lying or Trish Todd is lying given the way Moorlach has framed things – Moorlach has made it clear where he stands “I have known Tim Clark as a man of good character”. You can read another radically different view of Tim Clark here (with evidence and several sources mind you). Thus, the claim that John Moorlach says Trish Todd is lying stands and Moorlach now owns it. Perhaps in his mind this makes him Brett Kavanaugh. In my mind, it makes him look nuts. There are a variety of ways to handle this situation and listening to Tim Clark who has a vested interest in wrecking Trish Todd to save himself is just plain dumb.

But then there is the other issue: “For five years, I did not know about the alleged attack on Ms. Todd.”

What man of Good Character would hide an attack on an employee of his boss from his boss? I’m sorry Mr. Moorlach, you can’t spin this one and this is indefensible and shreds the Good Character canard.

John Moorlach may well have figured out what happened to Trish Todd had he had any level of a relationship with her. She worked for him for 16 months after getting raped by Bill Brough. When she quit, Moorlach could have called and asked why? At any time, during the entire time she worked for him Moorlach could have engaged in small talk, which is usual and customary for good employers to do with employees – a relationship of trust and regard for an employee may well have empowered Trish to tell John directly what happened.

Instead the stories I hear about Mr. Moorlach indicate a socially awkward, distant man. (Nothing immoral there, many people like that survive well in the world) However, on some level there is responsbility that Moorlach himself shirked, beyond giving a pass to a “Man of Good Character” that hid the Rape of one of his employees from him for 5 years!

Then of course there is the smear campaign Tim Clark and Fred Whitaker ran against Trish Todd two weekends ago in order to clear a path for the OCGOP to commit suicide and endorse Moorlach’s latest quest for office. Remember, we are dealing with a “Man of Good Character” that told OCGOP people that Trish Todd was not credible and/or was lying. In the words of Fred Whitaker:

I’m reaching out to you to ask a personal favor, because we are at a critical point.  The absolutely false accusation against Sen. Moorlach is threatening the ability of the party to unite behind one candidate for this special election, where only one more vote wins. The Democrats have only one candidate – Katrina Foley.   We have 4 candidates, and now even Diane Dixon says she wants to run because of the allegations against Moorlach.  That would be 5 Republicans (three City Council members from Newport and one from Huntington Beach and Sen. Moorlach).   I have commitments from two of our candidates they will withdraw for Moorlach, but not the others.   Once we show courage, others will follow.

I believe that if we consolidate behind Sen. Moorlach, we will have the most well-known candidate as the only candidate. We cannot say that with the others in the race – the city council members will not get out for each other and they are not known past their cities.    John Moorlach as always fought the principled fight. We need to fight for him.

I personally, think the blog was sent out just to sow disarray in the party by those that want to see us divided, since they know we can’t unite behind one of the others.  I know you know how it feels to be wrongly accused and have libel sent out against you.   Please help John fight this. Would you please “reply” that we can count your email as support for Sen Moorlach’s endorsement?   I appreciate the consideration.

Given that the woman leaders of the California Republican Party have been as silent as Church Mice about the rampage of Bill Brough, including the rape of Trish Todd, I am not surprised at this intransigence. However, the voters can certainly let all these folks know how they feel at the ballot box. God help the OCGOP with people like this in charge.

Dec 092020

How far has Pat Bates fallen? She has attached herself to these two monsters. Gene James and Bill Brough – both serial abusers of women.

You’ve read my criticisms of the CAGOP “Chairwoman” Jessica Patterson who we were supposed to celebrate because she was the first “Latina” Chair of the CAGOP. 3 Latina victims of Bill Brough are wondering where their “Chairwoman” has been hiding as more and more of the disgusting details about the rampage of Bill Brough have been coming out.

Not to be outdone, The Assembly Permanent Minority Leader and the Senate Permanent Minority Leaders Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove have also said nothing about the Bill Brough rampage nor the victims. We were supposed to celebrate the women in leadership in the Republican Party of California – while they have ran and hid rather than deal with the rampage of Bill Brough.

However when not hiding from the scandals exploding, you can see Waldron joining with far-left Van Jones advocating for felons to get, get-out-of-jail-free cards:

We deserve better.

Patricia “Pat” Bates preceeded Shannon Grove as Senate Permanent Minority Leader. When Bates was Senate Leader, we had 14 Senators. Today, we have 9. (One of the lost Senate Seats was none other than John M W Moorlach, who had a staffer get raped by Bill Brough and his then cheif of staff Tim Clark covered it up – yet Moorlach still employs the guy as his campaign consultant)

Pat Bates has been in office a long time. Bates is exactly 1yr / 7mo younger than my 82 year old father.

How long has Bates been in office? I will be 50 in just over 2 months and I was 18 when she was first elected to office. That’s 31 years.

Bates will turn 81 next week. She intends to run for Laguna Niguel City Council again once she is finally forced from the State Senate by Term limits in 2022.

Bates has quite a resume in government, the first Mayor of Laguna Niguel, an Assemblymember, then two terms as OC Supervisor, then Two terms in the State Senate – including two years as the permanent minority leader. (while the GOP lost 3 Seats in the State Senate)

Up until the Bill Brough scandal, she had a stellar reputation in the community. That is a thing of the past now. She has hitched her wagon to Bill Brough and Gene James. Both have a long, detailed history of financial malfeasance, abuse of and misconduct with women.

Why has Pat Bates allowed Bill Brough to wreck her reputation? It can’t be as simple as an out of control ego manifesting itself in allowing her reputation to get wrecked over not having to admint a mistake in supporting Brough? (or Gene James for that matter) Maybe it is as simple at the tunnel vision you get from 31 years in office?

What I know is that Pat Bates has refused to meet with any of Bill Brough’s victims. Not one.

It gets worse, Heather Baez, who was sexually battered by Bill Brough (he rubbed himself against her when trying to get her to go him with him) used to serve on the board of the CWLA with Pat Bates. The CWLA is the California Women’s Leadership Association. What a complete failure on the part of Pat Bates on several levels – personal, professional, ethical and moral. It is also a horrific look for the Republican Party as is the refusal to lead by Fred Whitaker, the “Chairwoman” and any of the other once-celebrated Woman leaders of the CAGOP.

Did Bates ever call her former colleague to see how she was doing or to wish her well? Nope. (Similar to Moorlach and his former employee)

It does not stop there – Bates is quoted by local Republicans as calling the Workplace Conduct Unit’s validation of the ghastly behavior of Bill Brough (in particular his disgusting proposition of Jennifer Alizeri who has also worked alongside Bates in local politics) – as being “Unfairly Destroyed” as in they unfarily destroyed Bill Brough.

It is time for Pat Bates to resign as her continued tenure in office is a blight on the California Republcan Party and her conduct is a step worse than the moral abdication of the Woman Leaders of the California Republican Party.

It is an amazing note when a 49 year old white guy blogger and a 72 year old jew (Steve Frank) running against the Chairwoman care more about protecting women than the Woman leaders of the CAGOP we were supposed to be in awe of do. Perhaps these people should stop playing identity politics as it maginfies their failures.

Steve Frank has brought the issue in to the forefront of the California Republican Party’s officer elections in his “Contract with the California Republican Party” with this plank in his campaign:

9. I will put an end to the support for and endorsement of any elected Republican who has either engaged in sexual harassment or allowed any member of his or her staff to harass any female. As the Father of two daughters, I’ve always held them on a pedestal and sought to protect them. I will lead rigorous accountability to protect women in the legislature and the workplace ALWAYS.

Maybe these women we are supposed to be in awe of will take notes about what being a woman in leadership is supposed to look like.

Blogger’s note: I do not do anything anonymously. If you receive an email or some sort of social media post that is alleged to be me, but my name is not on it, that is a 100% guaranteed way to know I did not write it. You don’t have to like me, agree with me or take 100% of what I write as gospel but if my name is not on it, I did not write it.

Dec 082020

Blogger’s Note: Mr. Brough is going to have to sell the burbon barrel and reimbuse his campaign or else he is going to have to pay for it with his own money. He might as well use it as he is not going to be a free man for long.

Bill Brough left a neat farewell post on his Assemblyman facebook page that detailed his accomplishments as an assemblyman. He is missing a few. Allow your intrepid blogger to fill some in for him. His Assemblyman Page has been pulled down. (Imagine that), but this was not before your intrepid blogger took a screenshot.

Ever the malignant narcissist with no self awareness, 50% of his legislative summary is about the OCTCA.

So let’s break down his actual accomplishments:

16 Laws Written, with at least 50 Broken.

He sat on 12 Committees – but was stripped of all of them for misconduct.

His accomplishments include:
Sexually Harassing Lisa Bartlett
Raping a staffer of John Moorlach
Sexually battering Heather Baez
Sexually Harassing / propositioning Jenniffer Alizeri (then Rodriguez) resulting A validated claim of misconduct from the workplace conduct unit
Sexually Harssing / Touching / Propositioning Maria Elena Banks – a SoCal Realtor
Cornering an un-named democrat staffer at an event, again propositioning her.
Driving home drunk from events in orange county mmultiple times as seen by multiple people, sometimes with family in the car
Being picked up sloshed many times by the Assembly Sgt at Arms
Drinking on taxpayer time in his office
Paying personal bills with campaign funds (can you hear me now?)
Buying Groceries with Campaign Funds
Dozens of trips to local restaurants with Campaign Funds
Bar Tabs with campaign funds
Junkets with campaign funds
A Cigar Humidor and his pride and joy the “Burbon Barrel” (pictured above) paid for with campaign funds

and at least 50 trips through the OCTCA toll booth (while attacking them publicly) paid for by donors.

He led the clean up of a beach don’t you know, but his personal life is like Three Mile Island.

Tick Tock Bill Brough, my goal is to see you in prison for the things you have done. I know you will never be able to comprehend what you’ve done or who you’ve become, thus the only porper place for you is in prison where you can’t hurt anyone else.

My secondary goal is to hold everyone accountable who enabled your rampage, especially those that covered up your actions. These people know who they are, and I have a list too.

That’s quite a legacy.

When Brough is done stamping license plates in prison – your intrepid blogger suggests a new career…

Blogger’s note: I do not do anything anonymously. If you receive an email or some sort of social media post that is alleged to be me, but my name is not on it, that is a 100% guaranteed way to know I did not write it. You don’t have to like me, agree with me or take 100% of what I write as gospel but if my name is not on it, I did not write it.

Dec 072020

Hopefully, Placer County Counsel won’t need to humiliate herself again because I used this logo in a blog post

I have to be real – one of the biggest problems I have with Public Employee Unions is how they abuse Civil Service protections to protect bad or incompetent government employes from accountability. In the case of Deposed former DA management employees Jeff Wilson and Jennifer Miszkewycz, they were both considered “At Will” employees so they have less of those protections, but still get to claim the bureaucracy.

Before I get in to the update on the pending lawsuits these two are filing – I got an email from one of my sources who wrote, “I just a have a brief statement to make.  Same shit.  Different people.  Nothing is different. Please keep my name confidential. I still fret about my job.”

This suggests that New Placer DA Morgan Gire has done little or nothing about the sadistic culture that existed under Jeff Wilson and Jennifer Miszkewycz. (We will call her Jennifer M going forward) It is not a good look for a new elected official when employees hoping for relief and change still feel this way several months in to the new tenure.

Wilson and Jennifer M got bombarded by Right on Daily for a documented pattern as put to us by several informants – some of whom still work for the Placer DA’s office today. Wilson was slated to become the new DA of Placer County when Scott Owens resigned. Wilson’s fortunes changed dramatically, he want from being the #2 material in the DA’s office to unemployed and 2,200 degrees farenheit and unhireable after the expose’ on Right on Daily.

Wilson and Jennifer M decided to file General Claims / Worker’s Comp Claims that are a Chemical Precoursor to a lawsuit against the county for being terminated from employment. In layman’s terms, if you are a government employee and you are caught snorting coke on your desk, having sex with a subordinate on the clock, running a personal business on government time – you can still file and sometimes win a lawsuit when you get fired for this stuff. This is the wonderful world of civil service protections and idiot leftist judges with insane agendas.

It is clear that Wilson and Jennifer M are counting on this absurd dynamic to profit from personally. Read their claims here.

#1 unlawfully placed on admin leave. You’d think a couple of career government employees would know you can get admin leave for a lousy haricut let alone systematic abuse of employees

#2 Wilson writes specifically, “Failed to Promote Claimant to the Position of District Attorney of Placer County” in his complaint. Narcissism 101, he was entitled, don’t you know.

#3 Both claim whistleblower status – one of the most commonly abused practices by bad Government employees.

#4 You will notice the exact same claims and claims of damages on both complaints. (Sans Wilson’s delusional claim to the DA’s office)

Similar to how Wilson and Jennifer M worked together (according to my sources) to abuse Placer County Employees – it appears they are working together to get million-dollar judgements post termination.

I also find it ironic that they are claiming loss of sleep, anxiety, humiliation, feelings of helplessness, etc. These two are reputed to have caused these exact symptoms in dozens, if not hundreds of employees over the years. But Jeff Wilson was entitled to be DA don’t you know…

The County of Placer of course denied both of these absurd Worker’s Comp claims, but people I have spoken to said that a lawsuit is coming. This is the system that has been set up to protect government employees – especially the bad ones that know how to abuse the system. The real injustice is that Jeff Wilson and Jennifer M will never face criminal consqeunces for how they ran their parts of the department.

To Be Continued…