Jun 222020

This is the same Politico that is hunting GOP Congressional Candidates including CA10 and GA14, so whenever they jump in to a budding scandal you need to be very skeptical.

The story about Phil Ting is getting traction even as CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson ignores it. (What about protecting and defending women?) Also appearing to try and avoid the situation are Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron and the Comms Guy Matt Fleming.

Enter Politico:

TING TUMULT: The California political world was abuzz this weekend after Assemblyman Phil Ting publicly admitted to an extramarital affair that had been alleged by a conservative website — and Ting’s emphatic denial of allegations that the woman in question had been exploited for political purposes. “The allegation that my bills or votes were ever driven by any personal consideration is false,” Ting tweeted. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon swiftly backed Ting up, accepting his apology and rejecting “allegations in a right-wing blog.”

Leaving aside Ting decision to use a false identity — including a photo of fellow Assemblyman Phillip Chen — to seek out partners on a website called “What’s Your Price,” the allegation of political malfeasance is a serious one. The story on Communities Digital News paraphrases Carmel Foster saying she was “exploited” by Ting, the California Labor Federation and the Domestic Workers Alliance. While Foster did indeed testify in favor of labor priority bill AB5, a Labor Fed spokesman told us he had not met with Foster or worked with her on testimony. A National Domestic Workers Alliance representative confirmed Foster worked with them from 2018 to 2019 on gig worker issues, during which Foster helped “develop a vision of fairness and pilot for home care training,” and said Foster testified voluntarily to her own experience.

We spoke to Foster this weekend, and her political grievance centered on her sense that her life story was used for legislation but not credited.Foster said she signed up for the gig-work program Handy and connected with the Domestic Workers Alliance for help filing a wage claim. She said Ting did not explicitly bring up the legislation or urge her to get involved. Instead, she said she was frustrated that he had not informed her of backing legislation that reflected her plight, including his vetoed 2018 bill to create a dedicated domestic worker program within the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, and didn’t talk to her about the measure. “He used me for those bills,” she told us. “He used my story.” And she said she was angry to have been told what to say during an AB5 hearing.

Note the spin from Politico. #1 they parrot the talking points attacking the source of the allegations. #2 They allow Ting to get away with just an apology. #3 the amount of coverage related to the defense against allegations is more than double the allegations #4 They attempt to bracket the victim’s issues as some sort of bruised ego thing.

Since Politico has a pattern of defending democrats and attacking Republicans, it stands to reason that they are attempting to meddle on behalf of Phil Ting. It is a good thing there are two more parts to the Ting Scandal set to be released.

Dear readers, don’t hold your breath waiting for Jessica Patterson or Marie Waldron to weigh in. They did not have a whole lot to say about Bill Brough either, as Patterson waited until it was completely safe politically to comment on the Brough Caper. (Post Assembly Rules report validating one of the victim’s stories)

Meantime, let’s keep taking the trash out of the California State Legislature.

Jun 222020

Is this simple incompetency? Or is it more of the team McCarthy trying to wreck candidates he does not like?

As you recall, McCarthy and Emmer (the Congressman that is the figurehead in charge of the National Republican Congressional Committee aka NRCC) threw Ted Howze out with the bathwater over social media posts first aired on Politico.

Right On Daily burnt a local political consultant and the Chair of the CAGOP for being part of what looked like a planned assault on Ted Howze in #CA10. We believe the exposure of the insider machinations stopped the execution in its’ tracks. Ted Howze is still very much alive and competitive.

Then, a couple of weeks later Politico went hunting for a #GA14 Candidate, Emmer and McCarthy threw that candidate over the side as well in a continuing display of weakness.

Now comes this – a letter sent by the aforementioned NRCC in to #CA10 raising money off of the competitive #CA10 race. You read this correct, within weeks of screwing over Ted Howze, these same luminaries are trying to raise money off of his competitive campaign.

So, I thought #CA10 was no longer a priority for the NRCC?

For years, your intrepid blogger has told people to give to candidates directly after investigation (see also Deanna Lorraine or Joe Collins for examples as to why you need to investigate candidates before donating or participating).

Not only do we have CAGOP leadership dodging tough issues, hiding from democrat scandals, screwing over conservatives – but now we have them fundraising off of everything. At best, it is an act of gross incompetence.

The leadership has to change or else Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jarrod Nadler will have two more years of investigations and shutting down legislation. Or is this what the GOP leadership really wants? You have to wonder sometimes.

Jun 212020

I have come to the conclusion that most in Leadership in the CAGOP, Assembly Leadership and others have Stockholm Syndrome. They have allowed themselves to get so beaten down losing all the time that beyond giving up trying, they are actively collaborating with the Democrats.

Examples? Jessica Patterson NEVER discusses any controversial issues in the media. They may send some carefully worded emails to try and fundraise off issues, but Patterson is MIA. (Except of course when it comes to anyone that supported either of her opponents for Chairman, then she tries to impale them)

Russell Lowery, a former staffer for failed Senate Permanent Minority Leader Pat Bates is an out-loud Trump-Hater. I guess it matches his former boss defending Bill Brough to the death. I’ve seen former staff of Roger Niello making similar attacks.

Luis Alvarado, Marty Wilson and Mike Madrid are all former GOP Staffers / Consultants and current CAGOP Delegates – openly and actively campaigning against President Trump. I will be supporting efforts to remove them all from the CAGOP – while Jessica Patterson and the never-trumpers she is surrounded with do nothing.

So why am I not surprised that all of them are silent on Phil Ting? Marie Waldron for her part has completely thrown in with Gavin Newsom on the lockdowns and masks, she is co authoring legislation for proxy voting in the assembly and is openly advocating for releasing criminals from Prison so they can re-offend.

I get why a malignant Narcissist like Bill Brough would feel wronged. Ting is basically being allowed to get away with similar behavior to Bill Brough. Matt Fleming, who once was covering for Tyler Diep and was a failure as a CAGOP Comms person, who now works directly for Marie Waldron has had zero to say. Fleming covered for Tyler’s corruption while Brough got shredded (rightly so, by the way) to pieces.

Where is Jessica Patterson on Phil Ting? Nada. Hey, but she posted a blackout tweet!

Phil Ting had a personal ad on a website known to be fraught with human trafficking. He was also impersonating Phillip Chen (R AD-55) on said site. Phil Ting is a little girly man and Phillip Chen is ripped out of his mind. So, Ting in order to increase his chances of finding someone to use physically, availed himself of Chen’s photos on social media. (If you are of a different opinion regarding Ting’s appearance or motives for using Chen’s photo, leave a comment please)

You’d think now that a Member Phillip Chen was pulled in to this scandal Matt Fleming / Jessica Patterson or Marie Waldron would do something? Of course not. Jessica Patterson basically has supported all of the insane orders of Gavin Newsom regarding the shutdown to tank the economy in advance of the 2020 election.

Once again, Harmeet Dhillon is the only CAGOP Leader speaking up.

With the exception of James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley – both hammering on the lockdowns and the bullet train – not much of anyone Republican has had a thing to say about anything.

Phil Ting solicited sex on a website known to have sex trafficking issues using Phillip Chen’s likeness. Once he got sex with a vulnerable immigrant, he used her as a pawn to testify on several issues – while she was living in a motel no less – and then shipped her off to a democrat campaign job to get rid of her.

Because he is a democrat and people like Jessica Patterson and Marie Waldron are so weak and feckless, all he has to do is apologize and all is forgiven.

LOS ANGELES: He is one of the most powerful politicians in Sacramento. She is the domestic worker who testified at Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s first hearing in April 2019 on the notorious labor law, Assembly Bill 5 (AB5). Bay Area resident and author Carmel Foster first met Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) on an online dating platform. Now a naturalized citizen, Carmel Foster came to America from South Africa on a K-1 visa (fiancé visa) in 2003.

Oh and there is a nexus to AB5, too.

“These unions controlled my testimonies, got stories out of me, and then tossed me out. It was payday for them, not to help domestic workers. I sat next to Lorena Gonzelez to testify at her AB5 hearing on April 3, 2019, yet she never talked to me and refused to meet with me beforehand. I’ve had so many sleepless nights. It’s been hard for me as an immigrant and a divorcee, because I came from the corporate world. The worst humiliation is this person, Phil Ting, sleeping with me when I was living from motel to motel.”

The deafening silence from Marie Waldron, her communications director Matt Fleming or team Never-Trump-Patterson is nearly criminal in my opinion.

The website that has broken the story about Phil Ting indicates they have two more parts coming out. I seriously doubt we hear a thing from our leaders in California in the meantime.

P.S. Marie Waldron left a very gracious and supportive comment on my wife’s Facebook when she announced we are moving to Reno. My issues with Waldron are purely political and her terrible political decisions. I appreciate the fact that she was an avid listener of my Wife’s and is a devout Christian. Regarding my relocation to Reno, if anyone in California Politics thinks they are getting off the hook, think again. I bought a domain a while ago called www.rightondailynevada.com so Right On Daily (California) could continue on…

To be continued…

Jun 172020

This is the hallmark of squishes, they fold under pressure. Ally Mutnik, the left-wing activist blogger for Politico is after another scalp. It appears that she was once again working with the same liberal democrat opposition researcher to smear GOP Congressional Candidates. This time, the hit job comes before the primary is over.

Unlike Ted Howze (CA-10), the person being attacked actually made the videos herself and is solely responsible for their content. She rails on Islam.

In recordings obtained by POLITICO, Greene described Islamic nations under Sharia law as places where men have sex with “little boys, little girls, multiple women” and “marry their sisters” and “their cousins.” She suggested the 2018 midterms — which ushered in the most diverse class of House freshmen — was part of “an Islamic invasion of our government” and that “anyone that is a Muslim that believes in Sharia law does not belong in our government.”

In other videos, she directly compared Black Lives Matter activists to the neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members who marched at a white nationalist rally three years agoin Charlottesville, Va., denouncing them all as “idiots.” And Greene forcefully rejected the notion there are racial disparities in the U.S. or that skin color affects the “quality” of one’s life: “Guess what? Slavery is over,” she said. “Black people have equal rights.”

When asked for comment on quotes from the videos, Greene campaign manager Isaiah Wartman did not deny their veracity but declined to elaborate.

“Thank[s] for the reminder about Soros. We forgot to put him in our newest ad. We’re fixing that now,” he wrote in an email to POLITICO. “Would you like me to send you a copy?”

(Note the typo in the Politico article snippet)

It looks like Kevin McCarthy’s weakness and failure to vet candidates is going to cost the GOP a chance at retaking the house in 2020. Two of the top criticisms of McCarthy is that he has no coattails (aka fundraising) and that he is extremely weak under pressure. It also looks like he may have been too lazy to vet candidates for Congress as well.

Congressman Tom Emmer should also be fired as NRCC Chairman for failing to vet candidates – especially since he seems to be so concerned about Politico’s stories about candidates now.

They can’t have it both ways. They can not allow left wing outlets to do opposition research they refused to do while also acting outraged over the stuff that comes out. Worse, in the case of CA-10 Candidate Ted Howze, they lynched him before all of the facts were out. This person in GA-14 makes the stuff that was said about Howze look like child’s play.

Also note that Politico labeled the comments of the GA-14 candidate racist as a statement of fact. McCarthy and Emmer conceded that fact in both cases. Anyone running for congress should know that McCarthy will not back them up and they will be under the bus at the first sign of “racism” regardless of merit.

There is now blood in the water for a redux of what Larry Flynt did in the 2000’s to attack Republican leadership. He used his resources and media connections to nail several Republicans while giving democrats a pass. Politico has taken that mantle in 2020. The actual offenses of the Republicans are secondary – Politico is now a part of the Deep State and they have cowered GOP leadership.

BTW – look for Politico to continue to smear more GOP candidates as McCarthy and Emmer’s weakness have essentially allowed open season.

P.S. This makes what Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn did in CA-10 look even worse than it did before. They have in essence allowed their personal conflicts of interest to empower a pseudo journalist to declare open season on Republicans. We deserve better.

Jun 122020

It should not take your intrepid blogger calling them out repeatedly to get them to do the right thing for ALL CAGOP nominees.

Do these new CAGOP sanctioned candidate events mean that Mrs. Patterson is going to call and apologize for snubbing Johnnie Morgan?

Someone forwarded me the latest CAGOP Emails. It looks like after at least a month of pounding that CA-21 Candidate David Valadao is finally getting the right time of day from CAGOP “Leadership”.

CA-21 Young Republican Virtual Phone Bank

Join the California Victory Team, Young Republicans, and CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson in a virtual phone bank for CA-21 Candidate David Valadao! Candidate David Valadao will champion the issues that matter most to us. He understands the challenges facing Valley families and will never stop fighting for us. Join us to help elect David Valadao and win BIG in November!

Friday, June 12th at 2 PM PDT

Well that rocks. It looks like David Valadao has made it to the cool kids table.

CA-21 Virtual Phone Bank with David Valadao for Congress

Join the California Republican Party and the David Valadao for Congress Campaign in a virtual Voter Contact CALI Training and phone bank THIS Saturday. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to help David Valadao and the Republican Party reclaim the 21st Congressional District. We will be joined by special guest David Valadao.

Saturday, June 13th at 5 PM PDT

If you want to help David Valadao win his old seat back – respond to https://valadaoforcongress.com/

The news is not quite as good for snubbed CA-45 Candidate Greg Raths. He gets indirect mention in the same CAGOP email. (baby steps I guess…)

Take Back the House OC Rally

You are invited to a virtual Take Back the House OC Rally as we kick-off our summer of engagement and work towards victory in November. The path towards taking back the House of Representatives in November runs through Orange County where we have four targeted pick-up opportunities.

Please join California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson, Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Fred Whitaker, and our endorsed Republican Congressional candidates as we rally to Take Back the House!

Saturday, June 13th at 11 AM PDT

Then there was a separate email from AD-73 Candidate Laurie Davies:

Earlier this week, I participated in a meeting with Supervisor Bartlett and the Mayors and City Managers of the 5th District to discuss the use of the CARES Act funding and advocate for our cities. I am happy to report that our efforts were successful. We were able to get the funds distributed by city population, make those funds grants and not loans, as well as put the small businesses and non-profits into two separate categories so they were not competing with one another. I will always fight for local control and the good of the community.
We would like to inform you about the Small Business Grant Relief Program.
This program will support small businesses and organizations impacted by COVID-19 in Orange County Supervisorial District Five, which includes: Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, and Wagon Wheel. Up to $10,000 will be available to eligible small businesses and non-profits within the district. The application period is open June 19 @ 8:00 AM until June 23 @ 5:00 PM. For more information, visit: ociesmallbusiness.org/ocdistrict5/
Contact SBDC at 1-800-616-7232 or visit: ociesmallbusiness.org.
The 73rd Assembly District is one of the safest districts in our state. A majority of our cities are ranked in the top ten safest cities in California. The cities within our district are contracted with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and I am grateful for their service and dedication to keeping our cities safe. Our Sheriff, Don Barnes, put out a statement earlier this week that included OCSD’s Use of Force Policies and Practices. You can find that document in its entirety here and I encourage everyone to read it. I thank our Sheriff and the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for their sacrifice. The residents of the 73rd Assembly District can count on me to work alongside our public safety experts to maintain the security that we value in our great community.
Join Us for a Virtual Campaign Update
Monday, June 22, 2020
7:00 PM
with special guest
California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson
Please RSVP to: [email protected] for Zoom Call Meeting ID

We’ve written ad-naseum about their effort to Kill Ted Howze (CA-10), but I hear there are some party efforts on behalf of Buzz Patterson (CA-07).

This leaves Andrew Kotyuk (AD-42), Kelly Seyarto (AD-67) Diane Dixon (AD-74) and Janet Nguyen (AD-72) as four competitive candidates the CAGOP continues to ignore. (Remember Nguyen took out Patterson supporter Tyler Diep in the Primary) The above email may be the closest the CAGOP leadership get to acknowledging Greg Raths as well.

Your intrepid blogger is on the case. Diversity includes everyone, including conservatives and people that supported other CAGOP Chair Candidates. We’ll continue monitoring the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure regardless of lines on a map.