Feb 142020

Just imagine what could happen if Carl DeMaio made it to Washington D.C. (Mark Foley? Dennis Hastert?)

Trageser called three times. Finally, the receptionist called back and said a man had gone in to check and, yes, the urinal was working. That was 1:30 p.m. KPBS posted the story at 1:50 p.m. Nov. 2.

It exploded. DeMaio had already been accused of sexual harassment by one former staffer. Any doubts about the accuser’s story were now alleviated by a second claim. The bathroom story also seemed to corroborate an earlier questionable accusation from a sitting state senator, Ben Hueso, who said he saw DeMaio masturbate in a City Council bathroom when they were colleagues.

10News ran a story. U-T San Diego also talked to Harper. The story went national. It was the worst possible thing that could happen to DeMaio right before the election.

It took me less than 5 minutes to find the above clip. There is a mess of drama and media stories surrounding Carl DeMaio. Let’s assume everything we’ve heard about Carl DiMaio’s out of control behavior is false… that would mean ten years worth of documented drama is false. That is simply not possible and the baggage would fill a 747.

The other thing is that it suggests Carl DeMaio has no shame or remorse whatsoever. Similar to William “Bill” Brough – who is on the verge of being successfully Primary Challenged due to his maladies – everyone else is wrong and Carl DeMaio is the only one that is right.

That should be a red flag by itself.

A few more minutes of research yielded me this gem.

Oct. 20, 2014: The Authorities

Almost five months after a break-in at DeMaio’s campaign headquarters and almost two weeks after news broke that a former staffer was alleging DeMaio sexually harassed him, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced that she was declining to prosecute in both cases because of insufficient evidence.

Sexual harassment is usually a workplace and civil issue. Criminal harassment or battery is a higher bar, which we explained last year.

DeMaio had said he was certain of Bosnich’s guilt in the burglary.

What’s more, the chief of police, Shelley Zimmerman, refused to clarify whether she had, as DeMaio claimed, called to tell him charges against him were put to rest.

When I read this story – I was reminded that Carl DeMaio allegedly faked a break-in at his campaign headquarters. Then Blamed a former staffer (who ended up with bigger legal problems later) for the break-in.

Now, we have a five-alarm fire.

Harper had already detailed for her an encounter he had with DeMaio. He had described how, on July 10, as he finished up at a urinal down the hall from the campaign’s second-floor headquarters, DeMaio hovered behind him and exposed himself, grabbing his genitals. Harper quit the campaign two days later. He left on good terms, with a recommendation from DeMaio.

Harper was never discredited like the other person with issues that admitted to the FBI he lied.

In addition to being a fake conservative, drama and disaster seem to follow this guy everywhere. But, he’s the victim don’t you know As long as he has a crew of enablers around him, he will continue.

As will I…

Feb 142020

AD-72: Very simple metric. Tyler Diep was set up to run for AD-72 by former Assemblyman Travis Allen. Diep promptly repaid Travis Allen by taking $3800 from California Trailblazers and endorsing the now former executive director of California Trailblazers over Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair in 2019. In addition, Tyler has as liberal of a voting record as several democrats – including voting Yes on the disaster known as AB5 which has wrecked the careers of tens of thousands. Diep has gotten his 30 pieces of silver as his campaign account is flush with Labor Union money and PAC donations.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Diep will bolt the GOP as soon as it suits him as Diep seems to have a life pattern of using and discarding relationships.

Janet Nguyen is meaner than a junkyard dog and this is precisely what the GOP needs as people like Diep, Chad Mayes and their friends in the swamp are hunting Republicans in to extinction.

Frank Ury has been seen in public several times with Ed Sachs. Has Ury been coordinating his attacks on Laurie Davies with Sachs?

One of the most consistent complaints, beyond Ed Sachs filing and diluting the Republican vote in AD-73 has been Sachs consistent focus on attacking Laurie Davies and not William “Bill” Brough.

I’ve been deliberately staying out of picking a candidate against William “Bill” Brough because my focus has been on eliminating that monster from the political gene pool. The issue is that monsters are usually enabled both willingly and actively by codependent enablers.

In the case of Frank Ury and Ed Sachs, I think there is a healthy level of “Campaign Envy” and a healthy level of them wondering how Laurie Davies got out of her kitchen to run for office. Sachs and crew derisively refer to Mr. and Mrs. Davies’ occupations – yet say nothing about William “Bill” Brough’s phantom and failed businesses.

Sachs should be talking about the female victims of Bill Brough and Brough’s fiscal malfeasance, I’ve yet to get a report back from anyone that he has.

It is because of Ed Sachs’ behavior and Frank Ury’s stunt that I have decided to plant my flag and endorse Laurie Davies for AD-73. I have lost any confidence that Ed Sachs will do the right thing as he appears to be overcome with jealousy and is literally assisting Bill Brough to the expense of us all.

I also have information that I am attempting to verify that one other prominent local elected in non partisan office may well be on a similar angry ego trip. Once I have been able to verify with evidence I will be writing about that character as well.

The GOP deserves better than ego-fueled rampages. With our numbers shrinking, we need leadership now more than ever and it seems that the exact opposite is happening.

These are Frank Ury’s known donors.

Feb 142020

Joe Collins in Maxine Watters’ district CA-43 is in a class by himself, he has become the new Omar Navarro. Navarro is facing 5 Felonies related to stalking CA-12 Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero who appears to have still been texting him after the restraining order was issued.  Joe Collins has raised $400K and had $3k in the bank as of the last filing.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is a different story. Your intrepid blogger believes that we have had a severe impact on her plans to cash in on anti-pelosi sentiments.

Meaningful. No Hookups

Meaningful. No Hookups. (As seen August 2019 higher than a U2 in Florida) Deanna is the woman in the photo without the rose

Despite her claims that she is close to $100K raised, Deanna reported around 72K raised. She spent $61K of it and had $10K left as of the most recent report.

She paid $1300 in rent, unethical but legal. She actually lives in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from CA-12.

Other fun stuff:

$1770.93 to Uber with a list of some 30+ entries
$29,580 for Consultants and Staff (HALF OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$14,805 in Fundraising and Bank Fees. (A QUARTER OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$4,359.25 in Airfaire – such as the trip to Florida depicted in the above shot?

This, ladies and gentlemen is the anatomy of a grifter. (Not to mention the dichotomy between her history and who she says she is today)

My personal favorite was the episode about Japanese Rope Bondage. (I still don’t know what that is)

Then we have the curious case of Sean Feucht who seems to be back east more than he is in Redding (Shasta County, some 120 miles fro the population center of CA-03). IT appears that Sean Feucht was parachuted in to CA-03 by Bethel Church, it is the only logical explanation.

Feucht’s money is coming from out of state and from some very expensive paid fundraising.

Feucht reported $99,000 Spent as of 12-31-2019.

$32,000 worth of Staff
$5,000 on a website!?
$45,000 in consultants (some may be fundraising costs too)
$20,000 in clearly discernible fundraising costs.
A whole bunch of trips back east for photo opportunities

Perhaps this is why some of his remaining money was spent on a couple pieces of low budget mail:

Imagine being a 55+ GOP Voter and seeing this in your mailbox. Note the Virginia Address too

Both are using religious manipulation. Deanna appears to be outright lying in her campaign.

Sean Feucht’s videos with his wife remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – this is probably why I have not awarded the grifter of the year award to Deanna outright.

The most disturbing thing about Sean’s campaign is the seeming fanaticism of the handful of diehard supporters he does have, this suggests that my instincts about Mr. Feucht and the religious manipulation may well have basis in fact. People that have been affected by a cult get really fanatical, really quick. A hallmark of religious manipulation (which is a form of a scam) is playing to people’s egos cloaked in Jesus Speak. I am seeing signs of that.

It appears both Feucht and Ms. Make Love Great again have financed travel and personal expenses with their campaigns as well. This is yet another key element in the qualifications for grifter status.

Like it or not – the “Outsider” in the White House has given legitimacy to the fringes who feel empowered to run for office. This is not dissimilar to the Tea Party of 2010 /2012 that kept fielding and supporting idiots who cost us several winnable senate seats keeping Harry Reid in power until 2014. A more recent example is Roy Moore in Alabama where Doug Jones was able to rip off a US Senate Seat for a few years.

I write this as someone who fully supports the President and is to the right of most Tea Partiers, but this is the reality and why I have to spend time torching so-called conservative charlatan candidates…

To be continued.

One of my personal favorite memes.

Feb 142020

From Scott Lay’s The Nooner:

Phillip Chen AD-55 has gotten some money as well.

I also checked and found that finally, they have sent some money to Ling Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach. Chang got close to $40K and Moorlach is now around $30K (Both got money AFTER the initial criticism from Right on Daily) Click here to see the recent cash infusion to Ling Ling Ling Chang. Perhaps I should continue bludgeoning Shannon Grove (and Matt Klemin) so that the vulnerable GOP Senators get supported instead of money being diverted to the ego-fueled rampage in SD23.

As I type this, Ochoa-Bogh (SD-23) continues to have received more money than all the vulnerable senators combined as it appears picking a primary winner is more important than helping vulnerable incumbents. (Update: as of 2-13-2020 it looks like $150k)

Where are the CAGOP Emails to Party Members? Where are the Facebook Posts to Party Members? These things are free or cost very little? Where are the phone calls from interns? The party should be communicating with its’ members in AD-67, AD-73 and AD-42 and telling them to ignore the Swamp money and vote for the GOP-endorsed candidates! Or, are they afraid of the swamp? It is a legitimate question.

The only thing I have seen is the disaster that was discovered by Chad Mayes with the 100+ facebook ads using left wing talking points.

It is clear that the Assembly and Senate Leaders and staff are at also odds with Party Leadership. The upcoming fight Shannon Grove picked over what should be a non-controversial endorsement in CA-03 is a prime example. One candidate has 6 County Parties, the other none. (BTW- Tamika Hamilton got endorsed despite a determined effort by Shannon Grove)

Along the lines of meddling, I am also wondering if the Assembly Leadership is participating in the Realtors undermining the CAGOP Endorsement in AD-67 as well.

In the case of AD-42, AD-67 and AD-73 be clear on this: It appears that Jessica Patterson is honoring the endorsements of the local parties and is trying to help these three candidates. This is what the Chair is supposed to do, the problem is that she is not in a strong position to wield influence over the third house (aka the swamp) or intransigent Legislative Leadership. However, that being said, where are the free or almost free forms of communication from the CAGOP in to those districts. (Back to Basics anyone?) In addition, Patterson stood tall for Tamika Hamilton in CA-03.

If Bill Brough survives the primary in AD-73 the OCGOP is going to get slaughtered in Orange County even worse than I believe. The biggest impediment to dealing with the morally and fiscally corrupt William “Bill” Brough has been assembly permanent minority leader Marie Waldron, this fact is undeniable.

Now for an example of everyone being off the reservation: the Case of AD-72. Tyler Diep: the fact that the un-endorsement has been ignored by party leaders is unacceptable and is something Jessica Patterson should rightly be criticized for. It will be even more of an embarrassment when Diep bolts the GOP. Massive amounts of money are heading in to the district and I have no clue of the outcome – but the local party took a position that the state party is ignoring. Yes, I am also asserting that Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron is involved in that, too. Note that a staffer of Diep (Matt Fleming) is a paid consultant for the CAGOP, and Tyler Diep outright betrayed Travis Allen (despite Allen setting him up to run for AD-72) endorsing Patterson for CAGOP Chair.

In SD-28 I have gotten word from multiple insiders that Shannon Grove and the party insiders do not like Melissa Melendez and have basically left her on her own. Why then, did they recruit her to jump from AD-67 to SD-28? Was this just a ruse so they could run her through? Given what I am learning this is not out of the realm of possibility. Melendez has gotten some money from the usual crew from CAGOP donors so I am wondering about mixed messages, again weak leadership.

While Melendez has gotten $3K from the Party, SD-05 disaster Jesus Andrade has gotten about $25K. Andrade’s district is being saturated with independent expenditures in a Democrat battle royale. That 25K may have well been set fire to. I also found another $2K to Andrade from Grow Elect, basically controlled by CAGOP people. (Update, another $30K was just pumped in to Andrade)

In AD-42 (Kotyuk vs Chad Mayes), I’ve had insiders send me opposition research info against Kotyuk in an effort to draw equivalence between Kotyuk and Chad Mayes. This suggests that the Assembly and Legislative insiders want Chad Mayes re-elected. Jessica Patterson, the CAGOP Chair has indeed been very helpful to Kotyuk and has helped him raise money while the caucus crew appears to have other ideas. The Swamp is in to Chad Mayes for about $500,000 now.

Stay Tuned as we go through the finance reports of the California Republican Party to identify the players that are earning income from this implosion.

Feb 132020

I have been sharply critical of Jessica when it is warranted. In the Case of CA-03, she honored the will of the local GOP Central Committees. Well done Jessica and Thank You for doing it even when so-called party leaders had other agendas.

As I had written previously, for reasons that elude me Shannon Grove made the CA-03 endorsement all about her. As expected, Shannon attempted to table the endorsement. This is a parliamentary trick that is typically done when someone knows they lack the votes to block a motion. Apparently, more than a few of Tamika’s supporters on the CAGOP Board were in favor of tabling the endorsement rather than engaging in conflict.

Jessica Patterson broke the tie on that vote in favor of proceeding. Thus, she honored the will of the six county parties that endorsed Tamika Hamilton. She stood up and told Shannon Grove no, we are proceeding with a vote because this is what we were asked to do by the local parties.

Note – I will be going in to more detail shortly, but this is not the only circumstance where Patterson has stood up for the local parties. With the exception of AD72 (where one of Tyler Diep’s staff is a consultant for the CAGOP and Diep was a major endorsement for Patterson’s Chair campaign) and the apparent inaction in AD67 – Patterson has been helping Kotyuk in AD-42 and Laurie Davies in AD-73. I’ve been told of others where Patterson has provided material assistance that I can not remember right now.

Once the vote to table failed. Shannon Grove, Ted Gaines. Of those remaining, only Doug LaMalfa, Tom Ross, Marie Waldron voted no.  It appears that the party establishment was opposed to the grassroots.

Shannon Grove and Doug LaMalfa attempted to scuttle all 6 endorsements with motions to table and motions to adjourn.

THANK YOU CAGOP VICE CHAIR PETER KUO. I was told that Kuo was advocating for Tamika and calling fellow board members.

THANK YOU CAGOP NORTHERN REGION VICE CHAIR Matt Heath. He was standing up for all of his County Parties and Tamika who he was an early supporter of

THANK YOU CAGOP NATIONAL COMMITTEEWOMAN Harmeet Dhillon – she also lent her influence and stature to Tamika.

If 80% of the local party leadership can’t pick an endorsed candidate – why have a procedure at all?

Once again, Shannon Grove’s Rampage Continues… although this time it was unsuccessful.

Meantime – check out Tamika Hamilton’s Bio and ask yourself why any GOP leader would not want to endorse?

Tamika Hamilton was born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1984. Estranged from her father and born to an underage mother, Tamika was fortunate to be raised by her grandparents who she credits with first instilling in her the importance of public service. Tamika’s grandmother, Geraldine, took on extra work cleaning houses, while her grandfather, Francis, worked two jobs to help provide for Tamika growing up. Tamika says she is so fortunate to have had role models in her life that taught her the importance of hard work and service to her country. Tamika’s grandfather, a Purple Heart recipient for his heroic service in the Vietnam War, was the first to encourage Tamika to serve her country in the military. Within a month of graduating high school Tamika arrived at basic training for the United States Air Force.

Over 14 years of active duty in the Air Force, Tamika has been stationed at five different bases and two deployments in the Middle East as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the United States Global War on Terror. During her 14-year military career, Tamika was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, Joint Service Accommodation Medal, Air Force Meritorious Unit Award, and Air Force Good Conduct Medal. Two years ago, Tamika chose to become an active Air Force reservist so she would not have to deploy with young children at home.

Tamika and her husband, Ray Hamilton, live in Dixon, California with their four children Kaedyn, Gabriella, Ryan and Beau. Ray is also a veteran (US Navy) and continues their family’s public service as a local police officer. Both Ray and Tamika are active in their local church and volunteer with local community groups. It was Tamika’s experience with her homeless ministry, particularly her work with homeless veterans, that caused her to take a stand for her community and run for Congress.

Tamika’s district is a very dynamic and diverse cross section of California with farming, viniculture, urban population centers and two Air Force bases. As a candidate for office, she is focused on core issues that will actually impact the daily lives of her constituents.

The CAGOP is a dumpster fire. In 22 years of party activism, I’ve never seen it like this before.

At the end of the meeting Congressman Doug LaMalfa attacked the process as “Compromised”. Wow dude that was just idiotic.

To be continued…

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