Sep 162019

From Catharine Baker:

How did your legislator vote? Legislators will vote on hundreds of bills before adjourning Sept. 13. But AB 1094, which prohibits taxpayer money from being used to pay legislators’ legal settlements of sexual harassment claims against them, will unfortunately not be one of them. Why? Because of this vote below. A Yes vote would’ve allowed the bill to have a hearing and an up or down vote in committee. A No vote below killed the bill, and without a hearing at all. Don’t see your legislator’s name? That means they chose not to vote at all.

Unfortunately, this was a partisan vote. When I authored the bill last year, it had bipartisan co-authors and bipartisan support.

Was Bill Brough hungover and missed the floor session? (We could PRA the records to see if he took per-diem that day – however capitol sources told your intrepid blogger he in fact took per-diem that day)

Bill Brough took this action on 9-2 or 9-3 (Baker posted on 9-3), which means he was 100% aware of the multiple complaints against him within the Assembly Rules committee. It is also clear he may will be dialed in to his potential legal liability as well.

The Chair of the California GOP confirmed there are investigations as well.

I also suspect this revelation non-vote of Brough’s did not happen in a vacuum. This is far from the last issue Mr. Brough will have as it relates to his years-long pattern of mistreating and even abusing women.

Sep 132019

As Assembly “Leadership” remains quiet.

The Sacramento Bee sent out several email alerts today with the same link in them. If you have been reading Right On Daily Blog – then you know there are active investigations in to Bill Brough with the Assembly #METOO working group.

It appears that the same Sacramento Bee reporter whose tweet we highlighted yesterday had another bombshell hidden in plain sight in his tweet:

Most people missed the reference in the tweet (and the tweet itself) – but today’s breaking news update put it in clear and unambiguous terms:

A California lawmaker is under investigation for alleged sexual harassment, according to the leader of the state’s Republican Party and people familiar with the investigation.

Multiple women have accused Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, of making unwanted sexual advances, prompting party leaders to distance themselves from him and withhold a possible 2020 re-election endorsement until a pair of investigations are complete.

While it’s already known that the Fair Political Practices Commission is looking into potential campaign finance violations, California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson said at a Sacramento Press Club event Wednesday afternoon that Brough is also being investigated by the state for accusations of sexual harassment.

I want to thank Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson for telling the truth at the Sacramento Press Club on Wednesday. I missed the other significance of that tweet as I’ve known since I started taking on Bill Brough in June that the investigations were real. I incorrectly assumed their legitimacy was well known by political insiders. While I am used to the mainstream media trying to act like they don’t read Right on Daily, the attribution some of them have given this blog in the Bill Brough saga caused me to assume they were aware of everything.

Bill Brough must have been stung good by the revelation as he appears to have attempted to bully Madam Chairman:

When reached for comment via text message, Brough said “that is who would investigate,” but replied, “Don’t know” when asked if the workplace conduct unit is looking into harassment claims against him.

Patterson, who said she learned about the investigation several weeks ago in a “public setting,” said she got a call from Brough asking her to walk back the comments she made at the event.

I will be following up with a commentary later about the abuse victims and why I believe them – but suffice to say, I have first-hand knowledge of one of the victims filing their complaint.

In the meantime, we have the intransigent narcissist Bill Brough continuing with his well documented pattern of behavior. The OC Lincoln Club has said, “Bad Billy, Resign Now”. Several OC GOP Leaders (like Scott Baugh, Mimi Walters and Dick Ackerman) have said “Bad Billy, Resign Now” and one of Billy’s primary opponents just rolled out 18 local elected endorsements from inside AD73 this morning.

Bad Billy, Resign Now.

Sep 132019

Marie Waldron – are you paying attention? (assembly permanent minority leader)

Pat Bates – are you paying attention? (Bill Brough’s protector in the legislature)

Shannon Grove – are you paying attention? (Senate Permanent Minority Leader)

Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson – are you ready to stand up publicly and tell Bill Brough the CAGOP is done with his trail of destruction? Will the soon to be retired from the legislature David Stafford Reade give her some new talking points?

The Right on Daily Blog salutes the Orange County Lincoln Club for being the FIRST Republican organization to say, “Bad Billy Resign Now”. The Right On Daily Blog salutes the Orange County Lincoln Club for standing up for the victims of Bill Brough’s rampage. The OC Lincoln Club decided to lead when others waffled. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT: JOHN WARNER
September, 12th 2019                                                                 (760) 807-7029


ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Today, the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Club of Orange County voted unanimously to rescind its endorsement of Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly District.

“Serious allegations have been made against Assembly Member Brough, and the Lincoln Club takes them seriously,” said Lincoln Club of Orange County President John Warner. “One-party rule in Sacramento is bad for our state, and it’s a disaster for middle class families who are struggling in California. Republicans need strong, unencumbered leadership, undistracted by disturbing accusations about personal behavior.”

The Lincoln Club will be actively seeking alternative candidates for the 73rd Assembly district.


Founded in 1962, the Lincoln Club of Orange County is the premiere political association in Orange County. Its members are businessmen and women and professionals who are united behind the principles of limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility. For 55 years the Lincoln Club of Orange County has worked to expand freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for all.

Bill Brough is being investigated by the FPPC for nearly 100 alleged violations of the political reform act and has 4 known (as many as 7 rumored) investigations in to sexual misconduct pending with the Assembly #METOO working group. This is what the Orange County Lincoln Club is referring to. Since this sort of stuff does not happen in a vacuum, I am sure more of these are coming.

So to those of you worrying about what people will think of you or what the stakes may be for standing up to Bill Brough – I dedicate this meme to you:

It’s time for everyone to say, “Bad Billy, Resign Now”…

Sep 122019

Bob who? He who skips board of supervisors meetings to go to campaign events – that’s who…

It appears that the RNC / NRCC Leadership and their counterparts in the socialist party know who the front runner is in CA-10. (Hint, it is not the race-baiting trump hater whose campaign is staffed with trump-haters, nor is it the above pictured San Joaquin County resident)

Josh Harder confirmed what we all knew:

Leroy — Josh has several opponents running against him in 2020 in our “toss-up” district, but one stands out from the rest. There’s a reason we call Ted Howze the “#1 GOP opponent in the country.” Just in the last few weeks, he has:
  • Been named to the National Republican Party’s “Young Guns” list of target districts for 2020, ensuring he’ll receive the support of Republican mega donors.
  • Aligned himself with President Trump when he said millions of Californians are voting illegally in every election.
  • Attacked Josh’s support of Medicare for All on Twitter
We have to take this seriously. Ted Howze has already loaned his campaign $600,000 and has the most money to spend of any Republican challenger.
We certainly don’t have six-figure checks sitting around if we fall short of fundraising goals, and Josh won’t ever take a dime of corporate PAC money.
So we’re asking you, our biggest grassroots supporters: Can you help us by rushing a contribution of $5, $10 or whatever you can today so we can hit our end-of-month August fundraising goal?
At the moment, we’re still $(some random number) short of where we should be by midnight on the 31st.
Thanks for all of your help.
— Team Harder

Sorry Bob – you probably skipped that Board of Supervisors meeting for nothing. Sorry Madam Trump-Hater, fly away.

It’s time for Ted in CA-10.

P.S. IF you were at the CAGOP Convention and saw Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale speak, you’d have heard him promote Ted Howze for CA-10.

Sep 122019

I will offer a suggestion – Bill Brough’s scandals threaten the electoral prospects of pretty much every Republican in Orange County. Thus, other than doing a few stories to keep up with developments, they are not doing the daily pounding the state media is doing to Ricardo Lara.

The leftist rag, the Sacramento Bee has dispatched one of their social justice warriors to take down Ricardo Lara. The reporter is the same woman who attacked Courage Worldwide repeatedly using disgruntled former employees in an attempt to cut off the donations and funding to this non-profit faith-based sex trafficking charity.

It is refreshing to see them focused on real corruption instead of attacking people of faith over an employment dispute.

The Bee has had 5 articles this month (one an editorial) attacking Ricardo Lara over his fundraising, and regulatory decisions. As I live and sell insurance in Northern California, I can tell you first hand that finding insurance for people is a nightmare, even in urban areas. This is because of the state throttling forest management for years, inadequate transportation (think fire trucks getting somewhere fast) and an insurance commissioner refusing to let new insurance carriers come in to the state because all he cares about are the premium rates.

Regarding Bill Brough – his maladies are on par with Ricardo Lara’s.

While Lara appears to be corrupted by donors thus leading to regulatory decisions screwing policyholders in favor of insurance carrier donors, Brough appears to have been living off of his campaign account.

The amount of news coverage between the two has been disparate. This is one of the reasons the Right on Daily Blog exists.

While Lara broke campaign promises in a major way, so did Bill Brough.

Bill Brough has 4 documented and public cases of sexual misconduct that are being investigated – while sources indicate it could be as many as 7.

Both Lara and Brough are alleged to be heavy drinkers with strings of events surrounding their alcohol abuse.

This gets me to the difference between Democrat and Republican Leadership. I can safely say that democrat leadership have told their whores partners in the state media that they are to take out Ricardo Lara. His issues will affect Democrats all over the state. Should Lara resign, the communist governor Gavin Newsom would appoint his replacement.

There was a meeting of the California Press Club yesterday (9/11/2019) in which the feature was a debate between the socialist party chair and Jessica Patterson Madam Chairman of the CAGOP.

I have written in the past a few things. 1. That GOP “Leadership” were trying to protect Bill Brough 2. That CAGOP Leadership are less than thrilled over the Bill Brough Scandals. 3. That Madam Chairman was being kept at bay by GOP Leadership.

In the grand scheme of things, Bill Brough could care less about a CAGOP endorsement. So this statement from Jessica Patterson tells me that the “leadership” in the California Assembly GOP Caucus have not learned a thing. It could very well be that they do not want to see a member go down as it may affect their own elections. It could also be an ego play (aka, calling on Brough to resign would be humiliating).

Jessica Patterson was hailed as the first woman Chairman of the CAGOP and a Latina at that. Now, the first Woman Chairman is being throttled by a Woman Assembly Minority Leader, a Woman Senate Minority Leader and yet another Woman Senator (Pat Bates). These women could not be bothered to stand up for the women victimized by Bill Brough and the best they can do is say “We won’t endorse this guy?”.

Remember, we’ve been hammering Bill Brough with evidence for three months going in to graphic detail about his alcohol abuse, abuse of women and his financial maladies. I suppose these “leaders” need stone tablets from God before they will do the right thing.

One final note – I am hearing that the OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker is under some extreme pressure to try and delay (or kill) any action on the OCGOP and that pressure is being applied by Assembly permanent minority leader Marie Waldron and Senator Pat Bates. If true and I can prove it, Pat Bates will not enjoy her last 2 1/2 years in office very much. If true and I can prove it – I will advocate for a new Assembly Permanent Minority leader. (Vincent Fong? James Gallagher?)

So I ask again – who is going to stand up publicly for the victims? Will it be your intrepid blogger by himself as it appears to have been for three months?

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