Oct 212020

If you’re a Republican, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you.

If you’re a democrat, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you too.

In what can only be described as a blatant attempt to appeal to everyone, while exposing one’s own moral Bankruptcy, this is it. The two emails could not sound more opposite and it is impossible for one person to simultaneously hold these values. Michelle Sutherland has demonstrated by her actions she can not be trusted by anyone of any stripes. I hope the teacher’s union is happy with their investment! WOW.

Check out Michelle’s Democrat Email – notice the platform: Class Warfare, Racial Division, Covid Demagoguery

Note the specific emphasis on the 1619 Project and other extreme left wing re-written dogma in her “Representation” plank.

I wonder what Republicans would say if they got this email from Michelle? I think someone needs to send it to the Republicans in Rocklin – and the Independents too. This is wackjob stuff.

Now, for the Coup D’Etat. At the same time as she sent the communist manifesto email, she also sent this to Republicans:

Note how the family photo goes to Republicans. I guess even Michelle understands which political party is pro-family and which is pro-riot and alternative lifestyle

Note the message – speaking in generalities to avoid the detailed discussion of social justice and orwellian history as her democrat email enumerated. She also talks about opposing higher taxes – but she supports Proposition 15. (I wonder why that is not in the Republican email)

Well – ladies and gentlemen, this is very common with unprincipled and undisciplined candidates for office. One piece of feedback I have gotten on Sutherland is that she does not have the knowledge base of the other 4 candidates for Rocklin School Board. It is also clear that she has no compass either by virtue of this stunt.

If you care about Rocklin Schools – pull this post down and send it to your friends. Michelle Sutherland and Camille Maben need to be stopped.

P.S. Maben (circa 2016, she is now running for term #8)

Oct 212020

Blogger’ Note this is from an email forwarded to me by the local Jewish Community:

It has just come to my attention that one of the three candidates on the November 2020 ballot for Los Rios Community College District, Area 3, is a rabid anti-Israel activist. His name is Chris Yatooma, but he is also known as “Ronald Christop Yatooma”. Area 3 encompasses a broad swath of metro Sacramento that extends northward to the Placer County line, eastward through El Dorado Hills, southward to Elk Grove, and westward including Davis, Yolo county. Los Rios Community College District Area 3. https://losrios.edu/about-los-rios/board-of-trustees/service-area-maps.
Mr. Yatooma has a long history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel animus. In 2010/2011, he was the lead author of a statewide Israel divestiture initiative and was seeking to qualify the measure on the 2011 ballot.
He has a well documented track record of working to destroy Israel and promoting ugly lies about the Jewish people. He has long been affiliated with the Sacramento BDS movement and is a collaborator with David Mandel of JVP.  Here is the local “Sacramento BDS” website. https://www.sacbds.org/ and https://www.keywiki.org/David_Mandel#cite_note-4.
https://www.keywiki.org/Chris_YatoomaRonald Christop Yatooma
Mr. Yatooma is a member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic party. More recently, just last year, Chris Yatooma (also referred to as “Ronald Yatooma”) was the lead author of the BDS divestiture platform at the June 2019 California Democratic Party convention that was held in San Francisco.  https://www.jweekly.com/2019/06/07/activists-at-state-dems-convention-spar-over-israel-resolutions/. I have a friend who is a member of that caucus and was present at the debates,  and she can attest to his active role in almost succeeding in getting the BDS platform pushed through.
His facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/Yatooma4Trustee/

Chris Yatooma for Trustee

@Yatooma4Trustee · Political Candidate.
Below is a direct quote wherein he states he has broad endorsements from local Democratic clubs. 
“Yesterday, I received wonderful news – I secured the formal endorsement of the El Dorado County Democratic Party. This endorsement comes on top of the endorsement by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County in June, and more recently endorsements by several Democratic Clubs including Wellstone Progressive Democrats, the Folsom Area Democratic Club, and the American River Democratic Club.”
This is extremely worrisome. If elected to a local educational board, he will have more clout to push anti-Israel curriculum and agendas. We already know how toxic the California Ethnic Studies curriculum proposal has been, and having someone like Mr. Yatooma serving on a public board will elevate his status to do more harm.
As a member of the local Jewish community, I ask the Sacramento Jewish Federation and JCRC to take the appropriate steps to alert our community about Mr. Yatooma and the insidious nature of his agenda.
I look forward to your reply.  Time is of the essence with the election less than two weeks from now.
Oct 212020

Have you heard of the Placer Rescue Mission? I had not until I read Scott’s Website and Biography. You’d swear that he was going to singlehandedly solve the homeless problem in Placer County.

According to the Secretary of State’s Website – Scott was the CFO of the Placer Rescue Mission from its’ founding (papers being filed) in 2015 through 2018. See the filings: Placer Rescue Mission – 2015 Statement of Org Placer Rescue Mission – 2018 Statement of Org

Scott Alvord has made the existence and founding of this organization a cornerstone of his campaign.

On Scott Alvord’s Watch the Attorney General and Secretary of State suspended the corporation:

See the attached showing that since 2017 the Placer Rescue Mission has been suspended for failure to pay and file.

In addition, the Secretary of State’s office also lists the Placer Rescue Mission as suspended.

Note – Scott Alvord was the CFO of the Placer Rescue Mission when the FTB, the SOS and the AG’s Office suspended them. In addition, the Placer Rescue Mission’s Website seems to have disappeared sometime in late 2019 / early 2020.

If you want to buy the domain name, it is available…

So – there are several questions to ask “Professor Alvord”. What happened and why was this non-profit suspended by the FTB and the SOS office when you were the CFO?

It appears this non-profit has never had any hard assets, ever? Was this ever a real effort or organization?

Is Mr. Alvord aware that people that donated to this “Non-Profit” may not be able to write off their donations due to it being suspended?

Why would your intrepid blogger draw any other conclusion that this organization was created in order to give in order to bolster Scott Alvord’s resume?

Why should anyone follow Scott Alvord’s advice on anything business related given his repeated pattern?

Note – we have spoken with several local electeds who have told us that the Placer Rescue Mission is dead. The discovery of this information is confirmation they were correct.

Please note that Scott Alvord is still listed as a board member of the Placer Rescue Mission. For Proof Look at the IRS Tax filings: 2016-990-Placer Rescue Mission 2018-990-Placer Rescue Mission 2019-990-Placer Rescue Mission.

The organization did not file a federal return in 2017 according to what we found. 2017 is the same year they were suspended for failing to pay fees while Scott Alvord was still the CFO. Note that the mission has filed only 990EZ forms because they have less than 50K in revenue, listing a mere 21K in assets on their 2019 return.

Can we trust Scott Alvord to run the City of Roseville given his documented and demonstrated pattern of being a disaster on all levels with money, paperwork and advice? Quite literally everything we have investigated that Scott Alvord has been a part of is a disaster.

To be continued.

Oct 202020

I was told that on the heels of a drunken appearance on a live video interview on the defend east valley group social media, Najjar lost 24 staffers.

Despite being a Cook Report R+12 District, Campa-Najjar is getting serious traction. Amazingly, it appears he is almost at fundraising parity with Darrell Issa. However Campa-Najjar is a rookie candidate, the grandson of a Munich Olympics Bomber and is a communist trying to appear moderate.

The man who wants to go to Congress from Eastern San Diego County!

Ammar Campa-Najjar is presenting himself as a moderate and the local media jumped on this interview to try to make him look like a moderate. Anyone with any political sense knows there is no such thing as a moderate democrat. When Pelosi and Hoyer come calling, it is pretty much impossible to tell them no.

7 San Diego ignored the fact that Campa-Najjar was getting sloshed on the interview and has also ignored the slew of extreme left support Campa-Najjar has gotten.

Now take a good look at this from the 7 San Diego article – which is as grotesquely biased as you’d expect, but yet it has nuggets:

“My vote’s still open, you guys think I’m going to vote for Biden—not necessarily. I still want to see how they perform at the debate,” said Campa-Najjar when asked if he supports President Donald Trump’s reelection or his Democratic challenger Former Vice President Joe Biden

“It was disappointing,” Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party Will Rodriguez-Kennedy told NBC 7 in an interview. Rodriguez-Kennedy said while he did not agree with parts of what Campa-Najjar said, he was more troubled by the candidate appearing at all at this forum.

“It’s one thing to reach out to Republicans, Democrats do that. We reach out to non-party preference, we reach out to Republicans. But to reach out to white supremacists is the line that we draw in the sand,” said the Democratic chair.

“My intention was to reach across the aisle, that’s what I’ve always done,” explained Campa-Najjar in an interview with NBC 7, saying he knew primarily of the group’s charity work. He condemned white supremacy and violence.

“Anybody who is violent, who is an individual or former individual of DEC, Defend East County, will have no safe harbor in my congressional office,” the candidate said.

Campa-Najjar pointed out his opponent former Congressman Issa also participated in a DEC livestream this week, criticizing comments the Republican made about “Black Lives Matter” and loosely organized anti-fascists known as “Antifa.”

“These organizations have not only been doing destruction but they’ve been empowering them, because that is part of their agenda,” Issa told the group’s founder.

“Darrell Issa just said the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the whole movement, anyone who believes we need racial justice in this country, is a criminal inciting violence and dangerous and trying to take away your freedoms. And I think that’s at best, an overstatement of what’s happening,” said Campa-Najjar.

Issa declined to comment for this story, and the Defend East County founder maintains his group is not racist or violent.

Campa-Najjar noted since the Facebook event, he has cast his vote for Biden.

So after trying to kiss up to a right-leaning group and getting kicked in the teeth for it by the extreme left that had been the bulk of his campaign – Campa Najjar returns to his roots. He defends ANTIFA and after public humiliation votes for Biden proving he was as full of it as he was full of booze in the interview.

The media in their Bias don’t even understand that they re-outed him as a leftist. KPBS dressed Campa-Najjar down and basically got him to backtrack from every single thing he said in the Defend East County Interview. I guess KPBS thought they were helping him stop the bleeding of staff and volunteers.

At the end of the day – we know who Ammar Campa-Najjar is, so does the Soros family: (I wonder if the San Diego Media will cover this?)

It looks lie Ammar ran himself in to a wall, aided and abetted by a local media that thought they were helping him. How sweet it is.

Oct 202020

This is the book students are required to buy for the Adjunct Faculty Course Alvord Teaches.

I do also find it illuminating that we have some glaring hypocrisy on AB5 from Mr. Alvord. It appears that his unadvanced development concepts company is reliant almost exclusively on Contract Labor. I wonder what LaMills Garrett, Gina Garbolino and the unions that are supporting Alvord would say about this?

Using independent contractors to skirt labor law? Or perhaps your intrepid blogger’s assertion about only having one team member is the correct answer.

Even more interesting as we unravel the web surrounding the Alvord biography is this about the “publishing company”:


Quoting the site: “We’re an active member of the Author Awards Program through the National Authors Council. We can help you prepare your winning application for this very cool awards program.”

Allow your intrepid blogger to translate: you write a book, create a publishing company, publish the book, create a national organization, join the organization, create a awards program, then help your authors complete a winning application…..

If you think the idea is original, think again. He must have bought this book at Walmart:


As with most everything Scott Alvord, it runs in a circle back onto itself.

Remember the revelations from your intrepid blogger about Scott’s campaign finances??? They appear to be part of a larger pattern of sloppy and unethical financial behavior that permeates his “businesses” as well:

Lets look at Advanced Business RoundTable.

According to their website (www.abroundtable.com) Scott was an original founder, gifted his ownership to his partner, then resumed leadership responsibilities in 2017. This timing matches the renaming of the group’s public Facebook page that was renamed on 10/18/2017 and the group’s private Facebook Group, with 36 members, that was renamed on Octoer 5, 2017.

A review of the Facebook page shows the business actively conducting business, hosting seminars, promoting members, inviting others to join, and collecting dues throughout this time. Note I said business. Advanced Business RoundTable is not an IRS designated nonprofit membership organization, or civic organization. According to the website, it is a for-profit business. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, and I’ll give credit where credit is due: Scott finally found a way to make money from a networking group.

Professor Alvord should know that owning a business comes the responsibility of filing the proper paperwork. While Scott did get a business license, he failed to file a Fictitious Business Name until 1/7/2020. If January 2020 sounds familiar to you, that’s the month he finally filed several years of late campaign finance reports. Was Scott Alvord seeking to clean up messes from years of ignoring the same rules the rest of us have to live by?

Note the presence of the National Author’s Council. Again, this is proof of my assertions that the “successful businesses” are a pile of paper created by Scott Alvord to present a false image.

While I was looking at these filings, I stumbled across another failure to file by Mr. Alvord.

There are no active Fictitious Business Name filings for Scott’s highly touted Advanced Publishing Concepts, or Advanced Programming Concepts, or the National Authors Council (?) That’s right those filings expired on 11/20/2019! We do know he’s at least still in the publishing business, since he posted about it here in response to one of our blogs. In essence, Scott Alvord has been operating with an expired license for a year.

“Professor” Scott Alvord, the Business Consultant has a clear tack record of doing business without filing Fictitious Business Name statements as required by law. They are required for transparency purposes so the average person can see who is running a company. Just like those pesky campaign finance reports are required for transparency purposes so the average person can see what is being raised and spent to get politicians in office.

This sort of behavior lends credence to many stories we’ve heard about his lack of business acumen (more coming soon) and how several in the community do not hold him in high regard. I still find it absurd he is adjunct staff at William Jessup University.

Scott Alvord is not who he says he is and he is should take his own advice and fire himself.