Feb 282020

Who Vetted Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (Bogh)?

According to the family’s lawsuit, Superintendent Binks approached Rosalie’s parents at a vigil before her death. “We dropped the ball on your daughter,” Binks is quoted as saying in the lawsuit. “Can you please forgive me?”   [Redlands Daily Facts, 9/24/2019]

It sure looks like the Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District anti-bullying policies were hollow and far from effective.

“We have six lawsuits and one more pending against this school district,” Pasadena lawyer Brian Claypool wrote in a text message on Tuesday, Sept. 17. “This district is a train wreck.” Claypool’s lawsuits include one on behalf of the family of Mesa View Middle eighth-grader Rosalie Avila, 13, who killed herself in late 2017 after years of alleged bullying. Rosalie’s death sparked an outpouring of support for her family, who believed her suicide could have been avoided with more intervention by the school district. “Their purported anti-bullying policies are window dressing with no teeth or substance,” Claypool said of the district. “They also have ineffective suicide prevention policies and scant training on how to handle kids who are desperate and contemplating suicide.” [Redlands Daily Facts, SCNG, 10/1/2019]

Your Intrepid Blogger has been hammering California Republican Party Leaders for weak, feckless leadership. Based on what I am seeing from research on Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (Bogh) she will fit right in. Many times she had an opportunity to speak up and did not.


“Four of the cases that we have right now against this school district involve students who have been physically assaulted. The fifth student is dead. The sixth student was mentally traumatized so much that she was suicidal,” said attorney Brian Claypool.  “How many kids have to die or suffer over them (YCUSD) not taking bullying seriously?” said Freddie Avila, father of Rosalie Avila who committed suicide after suffering ongoing bullying at her middle school. [Redlands Daily Facts, 7/8/2019]

Freddie Avila, Rosalie’s father, said school officials denied they had the power or responsibility to do anything about the bullying. That includes when a boy shot a video of Rosalie during lunchtime, calling her an “ugly girl” and comparing her to prettier girls in the cafeteria, Avila said

“The first thing (the principal) told me is ‘I can’t do anything about social media,’” Avila said. “I said ‘Hey, it’s happening in your school, during school hours. What do you mean, you can’t do anything?’” Before Rosalie’s death, Avila said, his family reported concerns to Yucaipa-Calimesa school officials over and over again. But nothing changed. “There were things that should have been documented, that were reported, that were discussed, and now they say ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about,’” he said. “Nothing (the district) did or failed to do was a cause or contributing cause” to Rosalie’s death, attorneys for the district wrote in an August 2018 response to the Avila family’s lawsuit. [Redlands Daily Facts, 9/24/2019]

But, it gets worse. The School Administrator that apologized to the family whose daughter committed suicide, was honored by Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, The Yucaipa Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presented the “Standing for Something” award to Cali Binks, Superintendent of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Uni!ed School District, a position she has held since July 2013.
Relatives, friends, and co-workers of Binks joined school board members as well as members of the Yucaipa Stake to celebrate the accomplishment. Guests were treated to a delicious dinner before the award ceremony.
This church, which is Mormon is Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh’s home church. The date of honoring of the administrator was well after she apologized to the family of the dead student, saying she dropped the ball on dealing with bullying that led to the kid’s suicide. Why was the administrator honored in this manner? The name: Standing for Something award is just a sad irony for what happened.
I am flabbergasted, this is simply not a good look for the Republican Party and is an opposition research gold mine.
Feb 282020

Carl DeMaio’s pattern of running ballot measures and failing to qualify them is not new. The twist here is the additional fun nuggets from this article we dug up.

There is a strong rumor that Carl DeMaio has told several people that he is going to bolt the GOP and go DTS. His exact words are “There is no place for me in this party”. No Kidding, Carl is Pro-Choice, Pro-Amnesty, and likes to trash Republican Groups at the drop of a hat. Or, perhaps Carl is just having another temper tantrum because he is not getting what he wants? Hmmm…

South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

Pulling back the curtain on Carl DeMaio’s costly signature-gathering campaign

By Kelly Davis


At a June 14 press conference, San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio stood behind eight cardboard filing boxes, filled with what he said were petitions containing enough signatures to put his long-touted city-contracting measure on the November ballot.

Channeling his best JFK, DeMaio declared, “Today, San Diego voters take back control of city government.”

That statement could prove premature. Results released late Monday of a statistical-sample count by the county Registrar of Voters showed that the petitions DeMaio handed in didn’t contain the 96,834 valid signatures—15 percent of the city’s registered voting population—the ballot measure needs to qualify. In a statement later that evening, DeMaio said he’d appeal, which means he’ll have to pay for a hand count. The cost for that hand count, San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland told CityBeat on Tuesday, is estimated to be $150,000.

When it cost at least $190,000 to gather those signatures in the first place, what’s another $150,000?

Described in press releases as a grassroots signature-gathering effort, two committees—Reforming City Hall with Carl DeMaio and San Diegans for Fair and Open Contracting—have spent, so far, at least a quarter-million dollars to get the so-called Competition and Transparency in City Contracting measure on the November ballot. Among other things, the measure would make it easier for the private sector to compete for jobs currently held by city employees and, as critics of the measure have pointed out, it would nullify a city law that requires contractors to pay their workers an hourly rate higher than the state’s minimum wage, as well as either provide healthcare benefits or pay a benefit stipend.

The cardboard filing boxes contained 134,441 signatures.

To get those signatures, a little more than $170,000 went to The La Jolla Group, a longtime local signature-gathering company, according to campaign-finance disclosures. (Bob Glaser, owner of The La Jolla Group, declined to say how many signatures he gathered for DeMaio or what his company was paid per signature.) Another $2,194 was paid to independent signature gatherers, and $500 was spent to rent booths at community events, specifically for signature gathering. The most recent disclosures show Reforming City Hall with Carl DeMaio paying $16,000 to a local company called Hale Media Inc., also for signature gathering. Hale Media is owned by DeMaio’s boyfriend, Johnathan Hale.

Do a Google search for Hale Media and you come to a splash page advertising two websites: SDGLN.com and something called SDPix.com. The former, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, is an online-only news and entertainment site that’s positioned itself as a competitor to the more established Gay and Lesbian Times. SDPix, which is published monthly, always includes a photo series featuring a buffed-out, scantily clad male centerfold along with nightlife photographs taken at clubs that advertise with the publication. Hale has done web work for some of Hillcrest’s more prominent gay establishments, like Baja Betty’s, Urban Mo’s and Rich’s, and is listed as having registered URLs like shopcock.com and slappedbyjesus.com. In January, the company registered the URL ReformSanDiego.com, the ballot-measure campaign’s official website. San Diegans for Fair and Open Contracting, the other committee that’s raised money for the ballot measure, shows a total of $2,225 going to Hale Media for IT work.

When CityBeat contacted Hale, he said he hadn’t done any paid work for the campaign, only volunteered and took photos. When asked about the $16,000 payment for signature gathering, he said the campaign would have to answer that question.

Campaign spokesperson Jennifer Jacobs described Hale Media’s role as, basically, a payroll service.

“We had a crew of paid-intern types who were doing signature gathering, and they have to have a mechanism to get paid,” she said. “So [Hale] paid the signature gatherers and then [$16,000] was the reimbursement from the campaign.”

Jacobs said that because the committee’s treasurer lives in Orange County, it was easier to have Hale cut the checks. “It just happened to be that it was easier to do it out of where Johnathan was and where Carl was making his fundraising phone calls,” she said. “This isn’t an uncommon thing.”

CityBeat ran this scenario past a number of longtime campaign consultants and got an almost-unanimous Huh?

“I don’t understand the purpose of it,” said John Dadian of Dadian & Associates.

“Why does it really matter where your treasurer is? I e-mail the invoices and they put a check in the mail. Why would it be any different in Orange County?” said Jennifer Tierney of the Gemini Group.

“This is not even close to passing the smell test,” said Chris Crotty of Crotty Consulting.

All three questioned why campaign disclosures didn’t show an in-kind contribution from Hale Media for the use of its office.

Stacey Fulhorst, executive director of the city’s Ethics Commission, which enforces campaign laws in San Diego, said that while she’s not come across this sort of payment system, it’s fairly common for a campaign consultant to cover costs and then get reimbursed. She said that any payments of $500 or more made by someone on behalf of a campaign committee would need to be disclosed on campaign reports as sub-vendor payments.

Reforming City Hall with Carl DeMaio shows Hale Media as making sub-vendor payments in two instances: to rent a table at the Little Italy Festa Siciliano for the purpose of signature gathering, and to pay for website work done by Jessica King, SDPix’s webmaster.

Neither Jacobs nor DeMaio responded to additional questions from CityBeat by press time, asking how many interns were employed, what exactly was the scope of their jobs, why the use of the Hale Media office wasn’t listed as an in-kind contribution and whether the committee could provide documentation to support Jacobs’ explanation of the payment system.

Lorena Gonzalez, head of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, which opposes the ballot measure, said the fact the committee used paid interns brings up additional questions.

“Who are these interns? Are they being paid a state rate?” she said. “There are rules about work hours and what they need to be paid. We don’t know any of that because it’s all hidden.”

An earlier version of this article said that the websites for Beja Betty’s and Urban Mo’s are registered to Jonathan Hale. That’s not accurate; Hale initially registered the sites, but DCSS, Inc. is the current owner.

Come on Carl DeMaio, the drama goes back over ten years. No one should take this guy seriously as he failed to qualify multiple ballot measures and paid his husband out of said efforts at that. That is not exactly what I call reform.

Feb 272020

CA-08 Update: Of All the Stuff That Tim Donnelly Did, You Gotta Love This one… Paid a Psychic Medium With Campaign Funds.

That has probably got to be my favorite of all.

As a charged felon, Donnelly couldn’t own a gun, so he bought one illegally, tried to take it on a plane, and then lied about it.

In February 2012, Donnelly was arrested at the Ontario Airport for attempting to carry a loaded .45-caliber Colt Mark IV pistol on to an airplane. Not only was this illegal, but he didn’t even have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. In fact, the gun was not even his own. Donnelly plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges and then used his political position to get a sweetheart deal of three years of probation and a ban on using, possessing, or owning any firearms.

Donnelly then violated the terms of his probation. Once again, his political connections prevented him from going to prison.

In 2016, Donnelly’s wife called 911 to report Donnelly had abandoned his family and stolen from her, and she disclosed a secret behind his often-denied felony.

On June 19, 2016, Donnelly’s wife Rowena called the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department from the Donnelly home in Twin Peaks. She reported that Donnelly had abandoned his family and stolen her guns. She informed police that he was a convicted felon who was barred from owning firearms:

Read the full report for this June 19, 2016 incident. This report includes references to the 2003 DUI arrest and other emergency calls to the Donnelly residence:

(Download the report here.)

Throughout his life, Donnelly has shown a reckless disregard for the law. Whether it was violently breaking into people’s homes as a young man or mixing guns and alcohol as an adult, Donnelly has shown that he is a danger to his family, to society, and even to himself. Do we really want a repeat criminal who steals from his own family representing us in Congress?

Tim Donnelly was named Right on Daily’s Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019 for stuff like this.

CA-08 Update: Daddy Drops The Hammer. PRESIDENT Trump Endorses Jay Obernolte

In case you needed some review:

REALITY: Donnelly stood with Nancy Pelosi in opposition to Trump’s signature tax reform plan.

REALITY: Donnelly, as an Assemblyman, voted with San Francisco liberals to pass legislation lightening sentences for drug dealers, including those working for Mexican cartels.

REALITY: Donnelly cannot legally own a gun due to his criminal past, which includes multiple convictions spanning several decades.

REALITY: Donnelly, as an Assemblyman, authored a bill preventing California from handing over to the US military suspected terrorists, thus creating the first ‘sanctuary’ state for terrorists in the country. Specifically, the bill prohibited “an agency in the State of California [or] a political subdivision of this state… from knowingly aiding an agency of the Armed Forces of the United States in any investigation, prosecution, or detention of a person within California pursuant the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA).

If that sounds a lot like California’s “Sanctuary State” laws, you’re right. Donnelly’s bill was the model.

REALITY: Donnelly needs money, and being in politics pays well — hence he keeps running for office. In his own words to the senior citizen he scammed for tens of thousands of dollars, “If I do get back in office or get more steady work, I’ll get a loan, and pay you off in full immediately.


  1. California Governor in 2014, for which, Jack Pitney, professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College, wrote, “[Donnelly] has about as much chance of becoming governor as (former Gov.) Arnold Schwarzenegger has of becoming pope.” Why did he run? Money. He needs it, and he’s learned to skim money from his campaigns.
  2. State Senator in 2015, less than a year after his run for governor.
  3. Congress in 2016, where he failed to make it out of the primary.
  4. Congress in 2018, where he is finally being exposed as a criminal and fraud.
  5. Congress in 2020, where he is getting his tail kicked by the Right On Daily Blog.

Sounds like a politician.

REALITY: Donnelly owes tens of thousands of dollars personally and even scammed the SB 277 (anti-vaccination) campaign.

Tim Donnelly is the biggest political fraud in California, and it’s time for his big reveal. There’s a lot more material.

Ironic that Tim Donnelly rails against illegal immigrants when he himself is a felon and then some. In fact, four years ago, he stole from his own wife.

Tim Donnelly is above all else, a criminal. In college, Donnelly’s time as a student at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor ended when he was convicted of larceny following a botched burglary. After publicly denying his felony conviction, Donnelly was caught in his lie and admitted to “breaking into somebody else’s room and stealing a stereo from them” while drunk.

Donnelly’s alcohol problems continue.

Following this conviction, Donnelly left Michigan and moved to California, but his problems with alcohol might have followed him. In 2003, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department recorded a “driving under the influence” arrest for Donnelly’s Twin Peaks residence [full address redacted, see below for full report and other details]:

Donnelly claimed publicly that he “quit drinking” following his larceny conviction. That too is a lie. On social media, Donnelly has made many references to his problematic alcohol consumption such as this one in 2017:

Throughout his life, Donnelly has shown a reckless disregard for the law. Whether it was violently breaking into people’s homes as a young man or mixing guns and alcohol as an adult, Donnelly has shown that he is a danger to his family, to society, and even to himself. Do we really want a repeat criminal who steals from his own family representing us in Congress?

Tim Donnelly was named Right on Daily’s Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019 for stuff like this. To be continued…

Endnote: CA-08 = California’s 8th Congressional District, this is the seat of retiring Republican Paul Cook.

Feb 272020

Up first is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero ladies and gentlemen! CA-12 is the Nancy Pelosi Congressional, in San Francisco. But, she is spending Donor money to be at CPAC instead of being in her district campaigning. (BTW – she does not live in CA-12 despite paying a campaign staffer $1500 for “rent”)

Next Up is CA-10 with Supervisor Trainwreck. This would be Bob Elliott folks.

Bob Elliott is 72 years old.

Then we have one of my favorite targets of all time – I still have not figured out if his campaign is a Concert Tour or a scheme to sell more records. It sure is not a political campaign.

Yup. This is “that” guy.

See why I am having a hard time choosing the “Grifter of the Year”?

Feb 272020

Your intrepid blogger has heard that Sean Feucht is talking about Right On Daily at his campaign events! Your intrepid blogger is FLATTERED over the attention.

We’ve received several reports that Sean Feucht and his volunteers have been behaving in a very unchristian manner including angry outbursts, tourette’s syndrome, telling people they are going to hell and a host of other psychological maladies that are consistent with the followers of PTL-Club style evangelism.

For those of you that are trying to decide between Tamika Hamilton and Sean Feucht – you should go to one of these meetings with this handy Right On Daily guide. DOWNLOAD YOUR VERY OWN COPY OF IT HERE

  1. Dear Mr. Feucht – did God tell you to run for Congress? If so, how?
  2. Did Bethel Church “commission you” to run for Congress and did they connect you with the Virginia Based Consultant you are using?
  3. Are you a part of the “New Apostolic” movement?
  4. Did you or did you not get a DWI in 2001? Is Case Number: 810GT0108128900 Court Name: Virginia Beach GD Court Correct? Did you plead guilty on 1-11-2002?
  5. Did you or did you not get cited for Fishing without a license in Shasta County? MCRDCRM 180000159002 Description: SHASTA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT REDDING Disposition: Status: PENDING Level: CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR <<< If this is not for fishing without a license, what was this for and why is there a case pending against you?
  6. Did you or did you not get a speeding ticket for exceeding 70MPH in Colusa County Case #TR184052 in 2019 that you went to traffic school for?
  7. Did you or did you not get cited for driving an unregistered vehicle? Case # MJ-51303-TR-0002132-2015 Date: 11/17/2015 State of PA
  8. Did you or did you not get cited MJ-09102-NT-0000201-2018 Date: 06/05/2018 and MJ-09102-NT-0000457-2018 Date: 11/07/2018 for weeds and failing to cut back trees on one of your properties in PA?
  9. Did you or did you not file your campaign for Congress 8 Months after Tamika Hamilton had been a publicly declared candidate?
  10. Have you or have you not been rude and confrontational with Republican Party officials who have not endorsed you?
  11. Do you have the endorsement of any major Republican Organization from within your Congressional District?
  12. Have you or have you not been hosting campaign events inside of local churches without paying rent?
  13. Why or why should we not be concerned that you’ve taken at least 5 trips back east paid for with campaign funds since declaring your candidacy?
  14. Why or why should we not be concerned with your campaign attempting to data-mine with an on-line petition drive that is not legally binding and this is not real?
  15. Why or why should we not be concerned with the three non-profits that are registered with you as the agent, none of whom appear to show income?
  16. How long have you been a registered voter in the 3rd Congressional District?
  17. Please list all of the Republican Candidates for office that you have donated to?
  18. Please list all of the Republican Candidates for office that you have volunteered for?
  19. Please list all of the Republican volunteer activity you’ve engaged in from 2019 and before?
  20. Please tell us how much of your campaign money has come from within the 3rd Congressional District?

Below are some of our past posts about his majesty:

You have a choice, Tamika Hamilton in CA-03. Choose wisely.