Feb 232020

Like I’ve said before, Get a Real Estate License and CREPAC will pour money in to your campaign. (It also helps when Daddy is a heavy hitter in the organization, too)

We’ve documented the legal maladies of Steve Manos. 7 Tax Liens, 2 Evictions (FROM REAL ESTATE OFFICES NO LESS), 4 lost lawsuits, etc…

Well, we found out that when the Riverside Press-Enterprise got their judgement against him for skipping out on an advertising bill, Special Steve Manos skipped out on his court date.

Whoops. Special Steve skipped out on a court date and then…

They had to threaten to arrest Steve Manos to get him to go to court.

Given that this was the leading edge of a series of liens, lawsuits, judgments, evictions and the like that culminated in a MASSIVE $1.3 Million Bankrputcy in 2013 (while Manos was on the City Council) this is relevant to understanding who Special Steve is.

Why the California GOP Leadership is content to do nothing while CREPAC buys a seat for this guy is beyond me. Perhaps they want to lose AD-67.

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