Feb 252020

Again, note the absence of the Ochoa in her last name on her business card.

District Policy that Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh Voted for:

District staff shall not solicit or collect information or documents regarding the citizenship or immigration status of students or their family members or provide assistance with immigration enforcement at district schools, except as may be required by state and federal law. (Education Code 234.7)
No student shall be denied equal rights and opportunities nor be subjected to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying in the district’s programs and activities on the basis of his/her immigration status. (Education Code 200, 220, 234.1)
The superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians regarding their children’s right to a free public education regardless of immigration status or religious beliefs and their rights related to immigration enforcement. (Education Code 234.7)

That’s right, Sanctuary School.

It gets better, the District is a trainwreck.

Over 1/4 of the Teachers are Chronically Absent and 1 in 9 Teachers are inexperienced suggesting that the Yucaipa-Calimesa School District has extremely High Turnover.

WHAT!? Did Matt Klemin, Shannon Grove or anyone else research the School District!? 48% of the Students ARE NOT PROFICIENT IN READING and worse 61% are NOT PROFICIENT IN MATH! (Klemin is the $152,000 a year Senate Political Director and Shannon Grove is the Senate Permanent Minority Leader)

What in God’s Green Earth are these people doing pouring $200k of the party’s limited resources in to this disaster!?

Now if the above statistics about the failure of the School District are not enough, imagine what the democrats are going to do in the fall with this:

For the combined student body of the Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District, mixed-race students are 3.4 times more likely to be suspended as white students and black students are 5 times as likely as white students to be suspended.

Racial breakdown of YCUSD student population:

54% white

40% hispanic

2% black

2% asian

2% native american / mixed

Sampling of schools in YCUSD with reported student suspensions:

Calimesa Elementary Black Students 11.7 times as likely as white students

Valley Elementary Black Students 7.8 times as likely as white students

Yucaipa High School Black Students 4.6 times as likely as white students

$200,000 and counting + one of the California Republican Party’s major donors Marathon Petroleum is spending big in an independent expenditure propping up Ochoa-Bogh (or is it Bogh) in her primary. It appears Mrs. Bogh is unknown and even less so now that she changed her name.

The “Leadership” of the GOP are betting the ranch on this poorly vetted and unknown school board member.

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