Sep 242019

Did you know that this relationship expert has had a “GoFundMe” page up since 2017? This certainly shows premeditation and the donations she has received since declaring her candidacy for Congress may well be violations of federal election law.


Is this “relationship expert” (who has never been married apparently) a serious candidate or is she just looking for attention. Your intrepid blogger has uncovered several financial maladies that suggest that she is in this for the money. It appears she is attempting to track the same pattern as Omar Navarro did in 2016 when out of nowhere Navarro raised $1 Million.

I do find it interesting that she has not re-set her social media and is quite open about being from Southern California running for Congress in San Francisco. This is a bit different than Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi or Tom McClintock who live less than 30 miles outside of their districts.

I also find it interesting that Deanna is making pseudo-religious plays in her campaign advertising, given that her “relationship advice” includes sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. While I am a solid man of faith, I do not attempt to leverage that to make money or promote myself. It is part of who I am and some thing I share freely with others so they may find the freedom and redemption I found in Jesus Christ. It is my experience that this distinction is the difference between fake and real faith.

“Dating Service * Politician” – what is this? Amateur night?

Please see our first post about Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero here.

I am sure the “Deplorables 4 Donald J. Trump” may well be interested in learning more about their future speaker as the expose’ on Right on Daily Continues. It is pretty hard to dismantle the democrat agenda when you live like a democrat.

They should take a look at our second post on Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and ask themselves what this will look like on a national stage.

Then there is this:

I have seen several cons like this before. It is frustrating as a man who has fought several very personal battles and who prays daily and relies heavily on his faith to see it abused in such a manner. Even with well over 6,000 days of sobriety – I never claim moral superiority over anyone. Yet here is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero absuing God Talk for personal gain.

Then I hearken back to this recent photo of her in the midst of an affair with a married man and seriously question her sincerity with all this “God Talk” as it just reinforces the belief I have that she is running a scam. She should research scripture as it relates to her relationship advice (see also fornication and adultry).

Coming up soon, Ms. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has quite a trail of public documents related to a variety of things. Once you see them you will agree that she is not to be taken seriously as a conservative or a candidate for anything – if you are not already convinced.

P.S. as a bonus, Ms. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has sent out campaign communication seeking to connect Omar Navarro (the man pictured above) to her primary opponent John Dennis. While the two met at the CAGOP Convention, as someone who is actively helping John Dennis I know such a claim to be false. In addition, a check with sources in Riverside County indicate that there are no open cases against Omar Navarro, no scheduled court appearances, or warrants. Ms. Tesoriero was claiming otherwise and trying to smear Mr. Dennis with the legal maladies. Ms. Tesoriero should consult scripture for guidance about adultery, fornication, homosexuality and then take a look at exaggeration, concealment and bearing false witness.

To be continued.

Sep 242019

He’s innocent of everything don’t you know. Everyone is lying and only he is telling the truth. So let’s drink!

Perhaps some people need to show up and ask the five or six people that go what they think about how Bill Brough is going to spend their money? Brough ought to bring his custom humidor and Burbon Barrell to the event.

William “Bill” Brough sits on the “GO Committee” – aka Governmental Organizations. This is a top legislative committee for fundraising. Most of the donors to members of this committee are reputed to only focus on the business of the committee, not the maladies of its’ members.

This offers your intrepid blogger yet another motive for the lack of action against Brough. Since this is a prized committee, it suggests that Brough was pivotal in Marie Waldron being elected Assembly Permanent Minority Leader – as this prime assignment was likely a reward for loyalty and assistance. This is common practice.

The “GO Committee” is in charge of – get this – Alcohol, Gaming and Tobacco. This is kind of like asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

The more I dig in to Bill Brough, the worse it gets for him and anyone anywhere near him. Please also note that I have found 22 references to expenditures to Monarch on his finance reports. It is reputed to cost around $15,000 a year to be a member there and Mr. Brough is indeed a member there…

Even more irony… to be continued…

Sep 232019

No one knows you. You’ve raised $74K of which $9400 came from your folks. You are Kelly Ernby for Assembly ladies and gentlemen.

A Sugar Pill polls at 4%, And So does Empty Ernby.

What I have gathered from her biography is that she is yet another attorney looking for political office. She has made a career out of suing people and businesses in the name of social justice.

Ernby has never held office – yet is being pushed by some of the good ol’boys in Orange County. Despite this, her #1 GOP opponent has out-raised her nearly 3-1.

At this point, my research indicates that Kelly Empty has next to no resume outside of working as a government lawyer. As I look at her campaign finance, I see a ton of lawyers on her donors list (Over 20, accounting for about $14,000 of the $65,000 not donated by her parents). That is not a good look either. Her next “major” fundraiser is all about more lawyers. What’s that joke about 300 lawyers…

Ernby has not made a 24 hour filing since June. This means her fundraising has been minimal for several months.

Her key endorsements are former officeholders. Many of them were making key decisions in the 2018 electoral disaster for the GOP in Orange County.

It all rings empty for the GOP. Kelly Empty.

We’re going to take a closer look at Kelly Empty because she appears to be a third wheel in an Assembly Race that should be competitive and winnable for the GOP. In a day when we need leadership and reassurance, we don’t need another vanilla lawyer who makes a living suing businesses. We need and deserve better than more “Brand X” candidates.

Sep 212019


This is what happens when someone in a position of power is on a rampage once they make a policy issue personal. Undaunted, Jenine Windeshausen and the Staff of Pioneer Energy have found a new way to FORCE a massive rate increase.

It’s really simple – they want to change policy to force the utility to pay off all it’s debt in an unrealistically short period thus making a massive rate increase the ONLY option.


Larry Oddo Finance and Administration Building Assessor’s Conference Room, 2nd Floor 2980 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95603 1PM Monday 9-23-2019

This is extremely deceitful and was only posted for public review only 72 hours in advance of the meeting to adopt this disaster.

Effort Continues To Dramatically Increase Electricity Rates
In August, the Pioneer Community Energy Board of Directors postponed implementation of a 17 percent electricity rate increase (and 24 percent for residential customers) until the board had a chance to review debt and reserve policies.
Late Friday, the staff released a recommendation for dramatic increases in reserves of Pioneer and cash on hand and a debt policy that might force the agency to immediately repay $14 million in start-up costs.
The Pioneer Board will meet in a special meeting on Monday, Sept. 23, at 1 p.m. at the Larry Oddo Finance and Administration Building Assessor’s Conference Room, 2nd Floor, 2980 Richardson Drive in Auburn. (NOTE: This is a different location than all other Pioneer meetings).
At a special meeting Monday, Pioneer Board members are being asked by staff to adopt a new policy for reserves that would require the agency to set aside $30 million – and to accumulate that $30 million in just 3 years at a rate of nearly $10 million per year. This kind of reserve – up from a board policy of just $6.5 million in June and just $9.7 million in July – will drive a large rate
increase, perhaps even more than 17 percent. Why is the reserve requirement being tripled just two months later?
Additionally, the board is being asked to set a policy of having $24 million in cash on hand at all times – even beyond the reserves, also in three years. In June, the board policy was for $2 million in cash on hand. Again, this policy will drive a HUGE rate increase.
Finally, the Board if being asked to adopt a debt management policy that could require the agency to pay off all $14 million in debt in one year – far beyond what the staff recommended in June at just $5 million.
If these policies are adopted on Monday, it will be very difficult to stop the rate increases a week later that would be necessary to carry them out.
Board member emails … note Supervisor Uhler and Rocklin Vice Mayor Janda have led the efforts to block these increases in the past.
Kirk Uhler, Placer County Supervisor, kuhle[email protected]
Jim Holmes, Placer County Supervisor, jholme[email protected]
Peter Gilbert, Lincoln City Councilmember,
Kim Douglass, Colfax City Councilmember, kim.dougla[email protected]
Jeff Duncan, Loomis Town Councilmember,
Greg Janda, Rocklin City Councilmember,
Cheryl Maki, Auburn Mayor,
Larry Oddo Finance and Administration Building
Assessor’s Conference Room, 2nd Floor
2980 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95603
Sep 202019

Some of you will remember that Choi spoke on behalf of Bill Brough and voted against the OCGOP Resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire. This morning, your intrepid blogger received this from Stephen Choi’s camp: (Emphasis added by RightonDaily)

Assemblyman Choi Reports His Investigation Results on Allegations Against ASM Brough

Since Orange County Republican Central Committee’s recent action regarding Assemblyman Bill Brough, I have talked with three women (two in person and one over the phone) who indicated that Bill Brough sexually harassed them. I find their accounts both credible and disturbing.   I applaud their courage to stand up and share their painful experiences. I also want anyone who has not gone public to know how I feel.  I also have communicated with Assemblyman Brough to hear of his position.

Furthermore, I researched the explanation provided by Assemblyman Brough and am no longer convinced that he was as forthright as he should have been. I have let him know that I am disappointed and disturbed by the charges leveled against him

Some have viewed my vote against asking the Bill Brough not to run as some sort of defense of his behavior. That is categorically not the case. I do not condone or defend sexual harassment and believe those who perpetrate must be held accountable. I just didn’t think it was the time or place for a fair hearing and I did not have all the facts in front of me, making me feel at that moment “uncomfortable” about the proposed resolution, as I stated.

The fact is I co-authored the “Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act”  which grants to legislative employees, past and present, protections against retaliation for reporting unlawful conduct. I also backed AB 2713 to require the state to compile and release information on sexual harassment complaints involving state employees, including information on any settlements. 

I plan to work on legislation extending those protections to campaign workers as well as locally elected officials who may fear retaliation from a state legislator. I hope to work closely with previous victims so we can have a new law to better protect women who have the courage to come forward in these situations. 

Steven S. Choi

Assemblyman 68th District

It is the opinion of this blogger that Bill Brough lied to Stephen Choi to get him to help on Monday Night. The world of Bill Brough continues to collapse.