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We’ve written a book about Bob Epps. It seems the whole department can’t stand the guy. It is very possible that Epps is way down the list of problem children within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

Bob Epps likes to brag a lot. From an informant:

…For years Epps has been vocally antisemitic while on the team. One of his favorite phases during purchase contracts was to “Try and Jew them down”. Shockingly, Epps has decided to send himself to Israel this week for bomb training with the Israeli Police bomb squad. See attached photos. No where in the RSDBombSquad Instagram page does it say Epps went. Just one of the team members.
Being a member of the tribe, I put up with his stupid comments for years and never said a word or filed a complaint. I just figured his words would catch up to him one day…
Perhaps when Robert Epps was misusing grant funded equipment or sending a bomb suit to another company for reverse engineering he was trying to “Jew the price down”? I swear this stuff writes itself.
For those of you following the Riverside Drama, Robert Epps’ girlfriend was in the news and it was not good. Perhaps the domestic drama is why he jumped at the chance for a trip to Israel.
I cannot let you or the department forget about dumb shit Robert Epps. Besides his domestic violence issue with his girlfriend, no one every was curious why Epps was drunk as well while “on call” for bomb call outs. How could he as a supervisor make sound judgment calls while so heavily intoxicated. Nothing has been done yet to discipline Epps over his domestic issue yet.
What the? There is no way in hell Bianco and crew would tolerate this if this was true (and if they knew about it).
((Source)) tells me a few weeks ago they, the RSO Bomb Squad, arrest a guy in Jurupa Valley for possession of an IED and numerous guns. The evidence IED was sent to an ATF lab via a local agent for determining if it was an explosive. Very common practice. Anderson sent the IED to ATF.
Two weeks ago, the local ATF agent calls Anderson telling him that the AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) wants to look at the evidence personally because ATF was going to federally prosecute the suspect. Anderson tells the agent ‘I never got the evidence back.’
The ATF agent confirms it was EPPS who signed for the returned evidence which should have been placed immediately in the Sheriff’s explosive evidence locker. Anderson checks the evidence locker, tearing it apart and cannot find the ATF evidence. There are entry exit logs posted inside the doors of all explosive storage lockers. Epps’ name is not on any of them for entry or exit. Anderson searches three other explosives lockers and still cannot find the evidence Epps signed for receiving.
Anderson said he spoke to Epps and he did not remember signing for it. The ATF is now pissed at Epps for losing federal evidence. Epps told his chain of command about the lost evidence and they are trying to keep it hush hush and not let Sheriff’s administration know about it. Epps told Anderson that this could get him transferred off the team.
Epps just rolled another bomb squad trainee off the team after a year. He wasn’t cutting it according to the guys. With (((a pending retirement))) in December and three other bomb techs testing for promotion, Epps isn’t gonna have much of a team left or anyone with experience.
Sorry Sheriff Chad, you’ve got a 5-alarm fire here if this is true. You have subordinates trying to hid stupidity and Epps misplacing a bomb. A BOMB!
What a mess… to be continued…
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  11 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Office Update: The Ghosts of Stan Sniff Lurking, Bob Epps Botched Federal Evidence? Why is he Still There?”

  1. I blame the second floor for not “handling their business” in allowing Epps to continue to ruin the reputation of RSO. And per dept. policy, if you destroy evidence before the criminal case is adjudicated, it’s 8 hours off without pay. So where’s the PERS for Epps losing the evidence? And if he says he does not remember signing for the evidence and his name is on the evidence receipt, he is now a Brady issue. And D.A. Mike Hestrin see’s nothing wrong with this. Epps is a pestilence that needs to be removed, or else he will continue to plague the Department.

  2. Now why would Chad Bianco allow someone like Robert Epps to attend training in another country when he can’t be trusted to run the bomb squad here at home. If detectives have to go out of county for an investigation, the Detective Sgt has to notify the Chief Deputy, via chain of command, and for a long time the second floor was not approving any training outside the state (the Tyson Voss rule). So it appears that Robert Epps has someone looking out for him, even though the only loyalty Epps has is to his own financial well being, and his own selfish ego. So what’s next, Bob Epps getting a foreign company to copy the bomb suit, in violation of federal law. Way to go Chad Bianco.

  3. How on earth do you lose an explosive device? Does neglect of duty, failure to supervise, conduct unbecoming and failure to perform sum up Sgt Epps’ career? I wonder if Sgt Epps took the device home when he left the AFT office, and forgot about it and when they went looking for it he decided to just play ignorant to keep from getting into trouble.

    Although this brings up a more serious issue, since this explosive decive is now missing, what has the executive staff done to notify the public since this is an obvious public safety issue? Has the public been notified, or is this gonna be the first cover up for 2019. And what has the ATF done to notify the public? Or was the explosive device stolen from Sgt. Epps’ vehicle and again, he’s playing ignorant to keep from getting into trouble. And what about the federal prosecution, no evidence, no case. And the command staff still approved this clown to go to Israel. I wonder what the Anti-Defamation League would say about Sgt Epps’ biased behavior? Enough is enough, in a modern, progressive department, Sgt Epps would be held accountable, but not here. But whatever you do, don’t send him to Mo Val, we already got rid of one loser, we don’t need Sgt Epps here.

  4. Robert Epps is a social undesirable, whose moral compass is broken beyond repair. His only real talent is his ability to line his own pockets, at other people’s expense, and to screw over those that he feels intimidated by. The real problem is that the command staff had given Robert Epps so much independence without holding him accountable it allowed him to indulge in his own selfish desires, and in the process resulted in immoral behavior, and ethical bankruptcy. A famous man once said,”be careful of the monster you create, because you will have to face it one day.” Well that day has come to Chad Bianco and his second floor executive staff. Now is the real test of legitimacy and transparency for Bianco’s regime.

  5. All of the lowlifes who did S/Sniff’s dirty deeds are lurking around every station. Unless the corrupt PERS are corrected RSD will always have that S/Sniff stink on it. Shame what that scumbag and his worshippers did to people. It boggles my mind how people can lie so easily to get in good with a deviant like S/Sniff. Makes u wonder how they were raised. I don’t trust deputies/officers because of what they did to me. Never in a million years did I think I would feel like this after 31 years of kick ass honorable service. S/Sniiff and his prostitute employees took my belief in honesty away and I have real hard time dealing with it. Unbelievable. Hope all involved die a long painful death. You fools don’t know,,,,,,,

  6. The county shares the blame with the Sniff regime. If the BOS wanted to do the right thing, they would have Bianco go back and correct the mistakes of the past, but they are only concerned with how much money it would cost them in civil actions. You were a good cop my friend, one of the best that I had the privilege to work with, and with the best detective bureau in the county. There are multiple victims that will never receive justice because a dollar means more to the county than restoring someone’s good reputation. And I too have no faith in the justice system, especially with Mike Hestrin’s office. He had the opportunity to hold Stan Sniff and his den of thieves answerable for their actions, but I guess Mike Hestrin decides to take off the blindfold on lady justice and have her look the other way. I hope they all rot in the seven circles of hell. They can never take your accomplishments away @at done wrong, no matter what lies they spew.

  7. I called the DA’s corruption office when this was happening and spoke to some guy who said he was retired from some police department in Orange County. I told him about the lies and corruption and he put me on hold. When he came back on the line he told they don’t handle such cases. WTF……..

  8. What is the Tyson Voss rule?

  9. Sgt. Tyson (Bart Simpson) Voss was working homicide and him and his team were given the opportunity to attend a conference in Las Vegas, on the department’s dime, and his homicide detectives decided to submit their meal recipients from a “Gentleman’s” (strip) club for reimbursement. Sgt. Voss knew what they were doing and instead of telling them that was not a good idea, he still allowed the receipts to be submitted. A&F saw the receipts and had a full on fit (and rightfully so). But they still took care of Sgt. Voss and he stayed in Special Investigations, but was re-assigned to a dope unit. Although in a more traditional law enforcement agency, Sgt. Voss would not have been showed this amount of love. Public funds being spent at a strip club during a training event is unacceptable behavior for anyone in law enforcement.

  10. Robert Epps enormous ego is only surpassed by the profit margin he is able to attain through legitimate and nefarious means. The only person deserving of his loyalty is himself (ask his ex-wife and Jodie Gray how loyal he was to them when it counted). Granted there are other self-centered, self-serving individuals that should continue to receive “ROD love,” but Robert Epps is a walking disease whose self-interests knows no bounds, or ethical limits. But for this cretin to go to Israel to meet with honorable men of faith is unacceptable. Robert Epps should have been showed the door a long time ago.

  11. Or how about when he flew his drone over his girlfriends ex-husbands house? Her ex is a department member. Darin doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself but his wife sure got fucked over trying to do the right thing and making a complaint.. He also flew a drone over the house of a Defendant he had a beef with.

    As I understand it, the DA who complained to Kondrit about the drone got seriously fucked over by the DA’s office. Apparently Hestrin could give two shits about his employees and dirty cops too. Stand by, AP. The DA’s May need your help getting rid of Hestrin next time around.

    But, nothing happened to Epps Drunk on duty, spying on the accused, losing evidence. Actually the evidence is probably at the fucker’s house. He has a grenade lamp. Maybe he needed bookends too. Search warrant anyone??. His girlfriend moved out but rumor is they’re still working things out. Maybe Jodie Gray’s drunk ass will actually shoot him next time. So much for sweeping changes with the new administration. Epps is a blight. Self before service, that one.

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