Sep 082019

If I lived in Orange County, I’d have probably known that Michelle Brough has been Bill Brough’s “partner in crime” all along. If you listen to the toll road nimby’s from San Clemente, your intrepid blogger is part of a plot. If I was part of some conspiracy on behalf of the toll road people, I should have known that Michelle Brough ran for City Council in 2016. Until 3 days ago, I did not. (If you can convince any of the crazed Toll Road opponents otherwise, you should get a PHD in psychology…)

Your Intrepid Blogger stumbled across a very special Facebook Page from 2016. Now I have context for why Michelle wrote the drippy letter to the editor and for the seeming editorial bias of the Dana Point Times. It appears she is 100% involved in everything. It appears she is an attorney, as her license shows up with a different last name that appears to pre-date her marriage. If she is involved in the campaign finance malfeasance she could get in serious trouble with the state bar!

There are some key nuggets in this facebook page.

#1 It confirms that Bill Brough is renting the house he is currently in (post foreclosure), while many people lost homes in the mortgage crash… this foreclosure was a little bit later. But, more importantly, it establishes how vulnerable financially Bill Brough is. Thus, you have motive for what we believe he has been doing with his campaign account.

#1A They reference that Brough is paying half the going rate for the house he lives in, in the Monarch neighborhood. (Near the beaches) If true, this could also be a campaign finance violation as he should be reporting the forgiven rent on his form 700. If the assertions on this page are true, whomever owns the house should probably get their paperwork in order as they may be getting a call soon from regulators or prosecutors. Again, if Michelle has a part in this, her law license could be imperiled.

#2 This confirms that Brough has no other job than being an Assemblyman. In essence he is fighting for his life. This has been confirmed and asserted several times by confidential informants.

#3 It appears that Bill Brough faked a resume when he ran originally in 2014. Why am I not surprised? (the page asserts his alleged employer did not exist)

Blogger’s Note: Unfortunately for the author of this page, I will not be supporting a democrat to take Brough’s place. However, I do thank the creator of this page for the information on it.

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