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Bill Brough is in trouble and it continues to spiral with each passing day.

Within the last 48 Hours your intrepid blogger has been made aware that the leading “MeToo” group has reached out to the known victims of Bill Brough (including the victims that Bill Brough outed in likely violation of Victim Shield and Whistleblower Laws). This group has seen 5 troubled members resign / lose re-election related to #METOO in the wake of the rise of their movement in 2016. In addition, 3 legislative Chiefs of Staff have also been removed from their posts.

Despite lying to people about the presence of any sort of misconduct complaint, Brough was in fact a subject of a complaint in 2015, and similar to most in the Pre-#METOO era the complaint was stymied. However, your intrepid blogger has been made aware by several capitol sources that Brough has at least 7 pending complaints about his misconduct pending with the #MeToo working group in the capitol.  While I don’t know who filed the 7 complaints in the State Capitol, I know we have 2 women on the record and 2 that Bill Brough exposed in a bully attempt.

Given that 8 democrats have been run out of office since 2014 in clouds of scandal, and an attempt to rail GOP member Devon Mathis failed (because he was indeed innocent of what he was accused of), the media is looking for a GOP scalp. So is the dem legislative leadership. Beyond the desire of GOP leadership to not see the little people score another victory a la Chad Mayes, the specter of this very legitimate scandal(s) makes it appear that the GOP leadership has dug in.

This is where the abject failure of a generation of GOP leaders is on display. I’ve written that the GOP Legislative Leaders have put a muzzle on the CAGOP leaders who want to deal with the Bill Brough Scandal. I’ve written that some believe they are trying to hope the Bill Brough scandal blows over so they can avoid conflict similar in pattern to thousands of failed CAGOP leaders before them. I’ve also written that some believe they would rather die than face the possibility that the rank-and-file “little guys” will claim another wayward member via an uprising similar to the Chad Mayes debacle.

There is a growing sentiment from people in the Capitol around the legislature (aka Lobbyists and 3rd House Swamp-Dwellers) that the Legislature itself may expel Bill Brough because of the intransigence of the GOP Caucus leadership. I am not sure how probable or viable that scenario is though several people on both the left and the right have confirmed that Anthony Rendon (dem Speaker of Assembly) has told Marie Waldron to “Deal With It”.

News flash for GOP leaders. Grow a set and lead. It may mean you hurt someone’s feelings in the process

It has been made clear to me that local GOP leaders with few exceptions want Bill Brough gone. The stubborn holdouts include Senator Pat Bates who seems to be more angry about getting called out than anything related to the facts or reality of the situation. This sort of ghastly ego exercise is common.

It has been made clear that Bill Brough has lost the support of several local female GOP leaders and that the Chairman of the OCGOP himself is on board with a resolution of disapproval or perhaps a resolution calling on Brough to resign.

Things your intrepid blogger are going to be tracking on the #METOO front:

  1. What will the statewide #METOO movement do publicly? They have made it clear they have known for years Bill Brough is a “predator”…
  2. Will the two women that were outed by Bill Brough sue him? It appears they have a solid case to nail him to the wall
  3. What will the Assembly working group do with the 3 complaints that I know of + X number of rumored additional complaints against Bill Brough?
  4. What consequences will there be to GOP Legislative Leadership that are believed to have been interfering with efforts to oust Bill Brough?
  5. Will the legislative majority take out the trash themselves?

Things your intrepid blogger are going to be tracking on the Local Politics front:

  1. Does the NRCC intervene because of the over-spray of Brough onto CA-45 and CA-48? (Two recent Dem takeovers that are competitive)
  2. What are donors doing now that Bill Brough has attacked female victims by name (and in a follow up post, we’ll be updating the financial maladies)?
  3. Does the OCGOP Leadership follow up on the private pledges to light Bill Brough on fire (politically) at the September Central Committee Meeting?

The CAGOP Convention is next weekend 9-7 thru 9-9-2019. The end of the legislative session is 9-13-2019. It is also possible that the “leadership” has had brough on life support thru the end of session as well. (speaking of theories being posited out there…) This should have been dealt with months ago so as not to distract from the organizing in advance of the March primary.

Now for the last explosive tidbit. I deliberately omitted a detail from the story I told from one of Brough’s victims back in June. I have more descriptive details of the member of the legislature that was with Bill Brough the night he harassed the victim I spoke with in June. I mentioned the Hat, but not a variety of other descriptive features that leave no doubt who Brough was with that night.

In an evening after meetings in Sacramento, my source headed across the street to one of the local hangouts. She described Brough and another member of the legislature “Who Always Wears a Cowboy Hat” at the bar drinking with him. She indicated that the other member was even more intoxicated than Brough.

Brough struck up a conversation with my informant. He proceeded to tell her that he had seen her at events and had been watching her. Brough then informed her that he was a member of the elections committee and could “help” her boss. He indicated that he had a place “right around the corner” from the bar they were at.

My informant told Brough he was disgusting and to go to hell. She immediately called the other staffer who was taking an uber to the location she was at in some sort of ruse to end the conversation. The former Chief of Staff, the (now) Former Assemblymember and a second Assemblymember all knew about the incident within an hour of it happening.

I am asking this member of the legislature to come forward and let your intrepid blogger or another member of the media know what they saw that night. It is time to crack the cone of  silence. My contact info is easy to find (CAGOP delegate list for one). Just so you know you are not alone the other two members of the legislature (at the time) remember the incident and will back up the victim as well.

Blogger’s Note: To GOP Leadership and Bill Brough, I am not going away until Brough is out of office. How messy and how long this lasts is up to you. Secondly, I will defend the women that Bill Brough is attempting to bully, and that may mean collateral damage to a lot of people around him.  This is not personal, this is about winning elections and defending women. Think it through and do the right thing… 


P.S.: Lest the rest of us forget one of the women that Bill Brough attempted to bully, she had the courage to put this out there in her complaint. (I am not sure how you make this stuff up…):

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

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