Apr 172019

I am a 48 year old White Guy. I am one of the last people to talk race. In fact, when most people claim discrimination, I look at them blankly. As a White Male, I am messed on repeatedly in the media and by the government. Then, I am told that I should feel guilty for being born White and government sanctioned discrimination against me is my penance.

Then you have Boss Hogg, the $250,000 a year disaster in Banning. Cronyism at its’ finest. He is pictured below. He was brought in by the new Banning City Manager who is a disaster. Doug Schulze started his tenure in Banning by running out the old Chief of Police and bringing his buddy down from Washington to join him.

From the evidence I have seen, it looks like Schulze started a kangaroo court and has reputedly been hunting undesirables down and disposing of them. He sacked the Banning HR director not long after liquidating the old Chief of Police. He also exposed personal information of the Banning PD’s employees to the public for at least two weeks in his haste to secure his grip on the city. Next appears to be cleaning out the ranks of the reserve officers.

Ummmm, Chief this is a Council Meeting? Did you have too much McDonald’s for Lunch?

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by a terminated volunteer officer. That’s right, somehow volunteers can be terminated. The claim was no hours recorded, but it appears that it is an excuse for the police chief and the city manager to clear more people out to tighten their grip. Did the chief and crew just toss out the time sheets of the undesirables?

It appears that Doug Schulze is a disaster. The reserve officers “terminated” were all non-white. All 9(!) of them. According to the terminated officer that contacted me, none of the white reserve officers were terminated. Even if race was not a factor, this is felony stupid.

It also looks like the riled up people did some research on Doug Schulze. Schulze appears to have quite a record of getting municipalities sued and advocating for local tax increases to cover his spending addiction. Fun.

It also appears that Chief Matt “Boss Hogg” Hamner does not meet the basic requirements to be a police officer in California. (But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night)

Now – in the background of all of this is the $150,000+ spent by developer Jeffrey Burum to try and pick the Banning City Council. 4 of the 5 members of the Banning City Council are rubber stamps for his developments. “Burum’s crew” are also running interference for the New Chief of Police and the maniacal City Manager.

Burum poured $57K in to a candidate named David Happe, who lost to someone with a police record. Burum also dropped $100K in to a PAC called Business Leaders for Ethical Government. What a name!

If you recognize the name Jeffrey Burum, it is because he was on trial for several years for multiple felonies in the Colonies Case. While Burum was acquitted of all the charges, the mere mention of his sordid legal history enrages him and causes him to waste money on legal demand letters trying to bully people in to not talking factually about the 10+ felonies he was on trial for. (If he sends me a legal demand letter, I will be sure to post it and mock him over it)

It appears that Burum learned absolutely nothing from nearly going to prison in the Colonies case. It looks like developing Banning is his latest target. Burum sure looks like he is following the same pattern that landed him in the cross-hairs of an overzealous DA in San Bernardino County. Burum’s efforts to control Banning are going to cause long-term effects on the city by virtue of the actions of those he helped elect. “His crew” have invited disaster in to the City in the form of Doug Schulze.

It appears that Burum’s response to the 7 year long trial is to beat his chest and double down on his tactics. Banning be dammed. Now the fallout is almost immediate…

One of my sources for the information about the racially motivated firings?

Yup, an Indian American, loves his country and served in the Military only to be denied an opportunity to serve Banning because of the control agenda of the feckless Chief and the tyrannical City Manager

Hi Doug Schulze, welcome to Right on Daily. You can protest your innocence at City Council Meetings to your echo chamber but the truth of your pattern and history does not lie. To the enablers of Doug Schulze, welcome as well, your intrepid blogger has a city to clean up. More to follow…

Apr 162019

I’m sorry folks. I feel it coming.

Your Intrepid Blogger has three theories, none of them good

In various districts “Conservative” elected leaders are supporting candidate for CAGOP Platform Committee that are aligned with the center-left of the GOP. Still other So-Called Conservative Platform Committee candidates are clearly under the influence of their local party bosses.

Then there is the full-blown and all-out effort in the Bay Area, that has been confirmed, even by some of the players involved.

Something that is stuck in my mind is this document sent to me by then CAGOP Chairman Candidate Travis Allen. Reframing the Message.

I hope I am dead wrong on this. My instincts are telling me that the Chad Mayes manifesto is guiding a lot of the usual suspects. With the recent entry of William Weld in to the Presidential Race, rumors of Larry Hogan and the king of Butthurt John Kasich (Chad Mayes’ Godfather) making noise, it would appear that the insiders are lining up for their next Presidential gig. What better a way to build a resume than to shred the CAGOP Platform as a laboratory for “Reframing the Message” away from Trump?

I found limited evidence about Jessica Patterson’s disdain for the President. Despite reports of her allegedly avoiding the Trump question in Public forums, I’ve seen no movement against the President on her part. At least one of her close associates is rumored to be on William Weld’s Payroll and/or short list for the payroll. Still others are rumored to be lining up for Kasich. Kasich and Weld are both embarrassing shells of men who allowed President Trump to violate them on a deep emotional level and they have never recovered. Now they think they can be President.

The parties involved in attempting to recruit platform committee members are the familiar names from 2011. I’ve avoided mentioning them by name in order to not re-inflame old wars.

I have three theories:

  1. The Platform will be gutted by a full frontal attack and California will be heralded as an example for the GOP in the rest of the Country. Not likely.
  2. The Platform will be gutted by a “split effort” tailored to the portion of the state it is being run in. For example, the former Chair of the San Joaquin GOP, while Conservative is reputed to take orders from the “Leadership Whip Drill”. In the North State, Conservative Elected Republicans are endorsing moderates for Platform Committee. Calls are being made in the North to try and get people to vote for “Reasonable Members” in order to “Avoid a Fight”. I take note as I have received reports back that the favored members of the establishment are taking pains to avoid taking a stand on the platform itself.
  3. Chad Mayes (aka Arnold) is funding a drill to shred the CAGOP Platform. I give this credence only because it was Mayes that raised the alleged $250,000 to fund the partial birth abortion of Republican Values known as “Reframe the Message“. What is happening is too disorganized to be a fully funded or professional operation. This is why I favor item 2, as the Platform manipulation looks just enough unique by area and seemingly disorganized to not be centrally controlled by a single funder.

Update From Susan Vander Schaaf: Thank you for listing me as a Christian conservative.  I fully support the current CAGOP platform and do not support “reframing the message”.It was my idea and decision to run for the Platform Committee.  No one recruited me.  I have earned the respect of my peers and believe I would be the best choice to serve and represent conservatives in the platform committee for AD12.  

Take note that neither Shannon Grove nor Marie Waldron have weighed in on the Platform. People that have contacted me challenging my assertions about a liberal gut the platform operation have avoided telling me where they stand on the platform issue.

The apparent lack of leadership from the top of the GOP means one of two things. There is no leadership at all and the minions are running amok, or they too are complicit in the effort to “Reframe the Message“.

I do not believe Jessica Patterson is a part of these drills to recruit platform committee members. I believe that she is not standing up to the people that are as they were key players in her election and current fundraising efforts. The fact that Luis Buhler and others are calling in the Bay Area honestly soliciting platform destroyers and other members of the insider crew are calling in the North and Central State recruiting people that “Are Reasonable” to “Avoid Drama” is a pattern. Both efforts will yield the same result – Pro Life Gone, Pro Family Gone, Gun Rights Gone and anything else these linguine-spined moderates lay awake at night trembling in fear of.

Now is the time for the insiders – especially those that suggested meeting or talking on the phone with your intrepid blogger at the recently concluded CAGOP convention to stand up and be counted. Either take a stand for the current GOP Platform or clearly state your support of “Reframing the Message”, it is really that simple.

Meantime, the paid insider minions are lining up jobs with primary opponents to President Trump, whilst calling people to manipulate the outcome of our platform in 2019.

Let’s Reframe the Message Boys, by hook or by crook

P.S. I hope I am wrong and I get to write about the platform fight being a nothingburger. I just know better…

Apr 142019

We’ve been pretty clear. The local media in Riverside County is abhorrent. They were 100% complicit in the corruption of Stan Sniff, and similar to the New York Times and Washington Post – both caught in multiple lies related to President Trump – the Desert Sun is on a rampage to assuage its’ endorsement of Stan Sniff.

As not seen in the local Riverside Media. A clear promise kept, CCW Backlog eliminated, process streamlined.

Neither of the major local toilet papers have bothered to cover the myriad of efficiency improvements implemented by the Sheriff. Neither covered the CCW issue, because at the end of the day most of their employees are gun-grabbing liberals anyway.

There has been no follow up on things like Kevin Duffy, Sniff Management Personnel that got away with sexual harassment (think #METOO), crimes, cover-ups, gross mismanagement and the like.

What we do get from the Desert Scum is a chicken-feed cheap shot headline.

The headline reads “DID CHAD BIANCO LIE!?“, but the article is pretty much the same pablum we’ve grown tired of since the Desert Sun failed to properly cover the Stan-Sniff deputy cheating scandal cover-up.

You have to read down 7(!) Paragraphs (note the similar pattern in the New York Times or the Washington Post) – to get to the meat of the story. The first seven paragraphs were replete with implications of secrecy and lies lies lies by the Sheriff.

Although the proposed rate isn’t what Bianco promised, this year’s 2.19% rate increase and next year’s projected 5% increase are not as dramatic as rate increases in the years before he took office.

Imagine that. But, Bianco is a liar because the rates did not go down. It is similar to media attacking President Trump’s Tax Reform that dropped taxes for 85% of Americans

Then after all the cheap shots to lead the article – there is this:

Even though many said they were hopeful Bianco could lower the rate in the weeks leading up to the meeting, officials from Temecula, Menifee, Moreno Valley and La Quinta commended Bianco for reining in the rate at which the contract cost is increasing.

Now why did you call Chad Bianco a liar, Desert Sun? I think you owe him an apology, front page above the fold.

And Bianco thinks his 5% estimate for next year’s rate increase was on the high side.

“With what we are doing, I can’t imagine it going anywhere but down,” he said in an email to The Desert Sun.

Very interesting that an article headlined “Broken Promises” has these sorts of quotes in it. This is what Media outlets do when they feel forced to have to cover positive news about electeds they don’t like. (Especially a Conservative Republican like Chad Bianco)

La Quinta City Manager Frank Spevacek said Tuesday’s meeting was a refreshing change from prior contract partner meetings but he was taking a wait-and-see approach to determine if the new sheriff’s administration could rein in costs.

Note – no mention that the prior contract partner meetings were with Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff. Imagine that.

“Proof of their commitment to this new way will be determined by the going forward actions the sheriff implements,” he said.

I can hardly wait to serve the Desert Sun some more crow when the reforms bear more fruit

A couple of side items. Stan Sniff’s cronies that used to control CCW Classes and ranges now have competition. One of the many reforms brought in by Chad Bianco are new ranges and new vendors authorized for the CCW Program. H Paul Payne, a man I believe to be invertebrate slime, who inexplicably is in a position of authority in gun rights groups has been silent while Bianco does in 4 months what his boy Sniff did the exact opposite of in 11 years.

Omitted from the Desert Sun Story – conveniently so by the way – is the hiring binge going on by the Sheriff’s Department. Inside sources tell me that the fiscal mismanagement under Stan Sniff was so pervasive that just simple changes to methods of doing business are allowing the department to make their money stretch further. It is unclear to this blogger if the extent of the mismanagement, what I believe to be felony embezzlement, misappropriation, commingling and accounting fraud that was the rule under sniff will ever be fully known or revealed. This was also omitted from the Desert Sun Story.

We had written previously that one of our favorite punching bags, Jason “Deuce” Horton was being hired as the Chief of Police for Yakima, WA. Well, Horton quit his job in Code Enforcement and was already packing his bags. The City Council missed the memo and hired someone else. DOH! I guess that means Horton can glare at me at the next CAGOP Convention in Indian Wells in September.

I am waiting to hear about several individual cases of employees who were screwed over by the Sniff regime. People like Tammy Smoak, Gabe Dennington and Lance Colmer come to mind. I am also very curious to see what is coming next related to the massive cover-up of one of the worst serial child molesters in American History (if everything alleged is true) Kevin Duffy. I am sure the Desert Sun will have nothing to say, or they will try to blame Chad Bianco for it.

If the Desert Sun is following the typical leftist media pattern – they are going to set a narrative that Bianco is a liar, tries to hide stuff (which they did in this cheap shot article) and is in over his head trying to run the department. Watch for it, I’ve seen it for years from media outlets, especially those butt-hurt when their endorsee loses an election.

Apr 102019

Ouch. This is one group that was regarded as being in the bag. Roseville is the largest city in AD-06 and directs a lot of policy in South Placer. While Roseville is not in SD-01, it’s decisions have tremendous sway as Roseville has nearly 40% of the population of Placer County.

This is known as a bad beat when you lose something this significant in your own backyard. Perhaps the Roseville Chamber of Commerce understands Kevin Kiley’s Cattle Company is a fraud engineered for a ballot title or background embellishment. Being an Ivy League Lawyer with more years in school than in the workforce is a tough product to sell.


Roseville Area Business PAC Endorses Brian Dahle for State Senate

ROSEVILLE – The Roseville Area Business Political Action Committee has unanimously endorsed Assemblyman Brian Dahle for California State Senate in the June special election to fill a vacancy created by former Sen. Ted Gaines’s election to the State Board of Equalization.

Assemblyman Dahle currently represents Assembly District 1, which extends from eastern Placer County to the Oregon border, including nine counties.

“Brian Dahle brings extensive knowledge and experience in business and government to represent Senate District 1 in Sacramento,” said Jeff Ronten, Chairman of the Roseville Business PAC. “Working along with our current Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, we believe these two leaders together bring excellent skills to best represent our members and our area.”

‘The PAC is an independent but affiliated entity of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. Senate District 1 includes 11 counties from El Dorado County to the Oregon border, including most of Placer County.

Nothing to see here move along now…

A third-generation farmer operating his own small business, Assemblyman Dahle has served in the Assembly for more than six years and previously served 16 years as a County Supervisor. He served from 2017 to 2018 as the Assembly Republican Leader and is a past chairman of the Rural County Representatives of California. Brian and his wife, Megan, live in the rural community of Bieber and have three children – Chase, Reagan, and Roslyn.

Kevin is not having a good time these days.

Apr 082019

Over the years, I have done a ton of research on Rodney Stanhope. He is one of the biggest disasters in politics I have ever seen. He seemed to be able to reinvent himself to hitch on with various campaigns. It seemed to stop after the 2014 election when he worked for the last-place finisher in AD73.

Stanhope really came on to my radar screen in 2006 during the Bill Jones for Senate Campaign and his erratic pattern, that I’d later recognize as drug addiction was in full effect.

Yup. A felony warrant for domestic violence and skipping out on his court date. What a coward.

In 2015 – Stanhope was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence and a Judge actually granted a restraining order. Several women had tried previously and none succeeded until 2015. The 2015 Felony case went nowhere. Then in 12/9/2018, Rodney got caught beating up another woman.

Rodney Stanhope also did work for Beth Gaines. He seemed to fit right in with Sssssteve Davey who was fired for some graphic and grotesque behavior towards female staff. Stanhope appears to prefer to just beat them up rather than Davey whose filthy mouth was the issue.

INEXPLICABLY, Stanhope got 227 votes for Vice Chair of the CAGOP in 2013. I know more than one person who got attacked for not supporting this “True Conservative” by some of the fringe elements within the CAGOP (aka Tea Party). Part of my disdain for the Tea Party is their affinity for frauds like Rodney Stanhope, Tim Donnelly, Chuck DeVore and others. It was never ideological.

According to my research, Stanhope has had well over 20 addresses in the last 20 years. It appears he could have as many as 9 children by 8 Women. I know 100% of 7 by 6 different women and have stories about others – including Rodney posting on Facebook about his 14 year old daughter at the time that he’d never met.

He has had several delinquencies of Child Support, most would be claimants have just given up. He had a misdemeanor assault conviction that preceded his felony arrests.

Stanhope stuck to cash jobs for years in order to avoid wage garnishments and tax liens. In fact, he had as many as 6 tax liens at the time he ran for CAGOP Vice Chair (and got 227 votes). He also had a judgement against him for writing bad checks to a contractor.

He was known to drink heavily and use Methamphetamine. The stories about his substance abuse are legion. You can see time and again, court documents referring to it.

The moral to the Rodney Stanhope story, beyond the political stupidity of people hiring this guy or voting for this guy is clear. He is the face of Drug and Alcohol addiction mixed in with having no conscience or shame. (Aka a Sociopath)

Stanhope is 51, and has left a trail of destruction in his life. People in CAGOP Politics have enabled this guy because they lacked the discernment or they willfully chose to ignore his behavior. In 22 years in CAGOP politics I have seen this behavior repeat.

It is my opinion that Stanhope is a hopeless alcoholic-addict. Unless Rodney admits he has a problem, no one can do a thing. Incarceration is the appropriate end for him as he will continue his trail of destruction if he remains a free man.

The people that voted for this guy for CAGOP Chairman or who hired this guy repeatedly in campaigns really need to learn something from their part in the whole saga of more and more conmen will ply their trade within our ranks.