Apr 222019

Remember Sgt. Selfie? Who can’t – Robert Garcia is his name. Sgt. Garcia is REPUTED to be a jerk to his men. Sgt. Garcia is held in low regard by those that have talked to this blogger. (Ahem, Garcia, when studying your law courses… ahem OFF THE CLOCK… check with your professor about libel laws and how they work. Because I think you’re a loser and by the time I am done writing about you everyone else will also) Many also rip on the guy for being a “Gym Body” meaning he looks strong until a 150 pound crank fiend rolls him on a traffic stop. I can’t speak to Garcia’s apparent lack of real strength, I just know what sources tell me about him.

Hi Robert.

So guess what Huskey did? Put Garcia on a special team as its’ Sergeant. Nothing says up yours to your men than doing that on your way out the door. Then, of course there is Sgt. Geronimo Contrares, made the admin Sgt. by soon to be departed Captain Huskey. According to accounts given to this blogger, Contrares may well have caused a couple of lawsuits against the county with his conduct in the year or so since becoming the admin sgt. (when he allegedly isn’t slipping people in to Cochellafest without tickets) DOH!

Huskey is soon to be 10-7, too. Your intrepid blogger has learned that this door at MoVal has been fixed, along with the gate at Lake Elsinore. (since Bianco started as Sheriff by the way)

Then we have the case of Kevin Vest. Vest was and is still reviled by most of the sources your intrepid blogger has in a manner similar to invertebrate reptilian slime.

Sources indicate that Kevin Vest in the waning days of Stan Sniff, wiped the county database clean – at least the section that housed sheriff’s department records and emails.

Kevin Vest got hammered on Facebook by SHERIFF BIANCO. (Repeat as many times as necessary – Garcia, you may need a buddy to help you with this one…)

Kevin Vest was terminated by Sheriff Bianco in his first hour in office.

Did Kevin Vest destroy evidence? That is the question of the day from your intrepid blogger.

We have been told that the Kevin Duffy serial child molester, rapist, abuser case is going to explode again. SHERIFF BIANCO has said it will be investigated and closure will be given to the victims (or something similar). Did Kevin Vest and others destroy the evidence? What happened to the stuff Captain Leonard Purvis reputedly was ordered to take to the second floor from Hemet?

It is going to be interesting times as the County is looking to wrap up a slew of employment practices cases, worker’s comp abuses and the like with the new Sheriff pushing for justice. It is also going to be interesting as the new management team keeps uncovering hidden money, malfeasance and corruption… no amount of deleted data by Kevin Vest (if the allegation is true that is) will stop SHERIFF BIANCO and crew from the clean up of the department.

In other news – as not seen in the local media – the morale of the department is sky high, hiring is surging and the Sheriff himself has said there is enough money to restore punitive cuts made by the old Sheriff.

To be continued…

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  7 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Department Update: Honey, I Shrunk Your Database! Plus, Neat Parting Gifts from Jason Huskey!”

  1. Why should Chad Bianco have to submit names to the D.A.’s office for the Brady list when the cheating scandal happened on Kevin Vest’s watch? And as for Guimont, he was accused of allegations that were not totally true, but the second floor still fired him anyway. I hope Guimont takes the county to the cleaners. Kevin Vest did not make the tough decisions, he made decisions based upon cronyism and “we need to protect management from the rank and file” instead of doing the right thing. But then again, with someone with only two years on patrol (yes you Kevin “11-82” Vest), how can you expect him to do the right thing. And using your name when you were a Captain to promote Agencyweb for Orion Communications is unacceptable. I just wonder if Kevin Vest’s girlfriend is still the administrator for AW? Too bad the DA is lacking in intestinal fortitude to look into all the malfeasance that occurred under your watch Kevin Vest. Stan Sniff and his entire command staff are acting like the Democrats in the Mueller report, they lost fair and square, but are still grasping for straws. And if the worst thing Chad Bianco has done so far is approve cowboy hats, we will gladly accept that compared to how Kevin Vest screwed us over just because he could.

  2. I am not a fan of the cowboy hats, and wish Chad Bianco would have asked for a vote from the rank and file. But with that said, Chad Bianco was what the public needed to restore the reputation and credibility of the Department. To promote the likes of Robert Rose, Christian Dekker, Kevin Smith and Aaron Kent was only destroying the Department. But did Kevin Vest, Ray Wood or Jason Horton care, no, all they cared about was how to advance their career, at the expense of good people. Kevin Vest crying about being fired is pathetic, and you claim to carry the title of Marine. I hope Chesty belittles you at the pearly gates for how you have carried yourself in this life. And the decisions you made hurt people. Being in a position of leadership is about helping staff members achieve their potential, but all you thought about was”how much discipline can I administer and get away with.” You were an embarrassment to us all, so don’t try to look for another job, you will just end up like Jason Horton, unemployable. You were anything but liked at Mo Val.

  3. This just shows what a poor sport Kevin Vest is, childish behavior from someone that is suppose to be command staff material. Kevin Vest has no dignity, in addition to zero class and style. So what’s next Kevin, blaming the poor decisions you made on others. The only tough decisions you ever made were what to order at the 9th street deli for breakfast. Chump is too good a word to describe you and your command. You did nothing in your career, and it shows by the substandard decisions you made on the second floor. But to do a Hilary Clinton and wipe the computer files clean means you have something to hide, and you will always be remembered for this. That was nothing more than a punk move on your part.

  4. It’s buffoons like Kevin Vest, Andrew Shouse, Christian Dekker, Robert Epps and Marty Tochtrop that give righteous Marines a bad name.

  5. Former Asst. Sheriff Kevin Vest’s Facebook response is an accurate reflection of Stan Sniff’s executive staff’s behavior, petty and retaliatory. And if the Kevin Duffy case was properly investigated, what does the previous command staff have to worry about if Chad Bianco reopens the case?

    Unless there were shortcuts in the investigation to minimize the number of victims alleged to keep the truth from coming out. If someone wants to re-examine my investigations, I have no problem with that because I did my job, but can that be said about the Duffy case?

    Additionally, Asst. Sheriff Kevin Vest has the nerve to chastise Chad Bianco for how he ran his campaign, Chad Bianco ran a clean campaign, but not Sniff and his goon squad he called his command staff. And wasn’t it Kevin Vest that gave his Academy mate Aaron Kent the answers to the Lieutenants test. No mater if your at the top of the food chain, or near the bottom, ethical behavior is not negotiable, except if you were invited to sit at Stan Sniff’s table on Lemon street.

  6. Actually, I love the cowboy hats. It’s not mandatory you wear it but optional. Regarding the Kevin Duffy issue, yes re-open it and expose the hood rats that covered it up.

    Your doing a great job Johnny Chad Bianco.

  7. Kevin Vest is an idiot for posting anything on FB because he just opened up several doors that should have remained closed. I am surprised that his second floor compatriots haven’t chewed his ass for this. Does the term “let sleeping dogs lie” seem like a foreign concept to you?

    Kevin Vest was given, as compared to earned, an executive staff position, and he allowed that power to influence his ego, and in the process permitted his ethical compass to degenerate into moral bankruptcy. His only claim to fame was the same a Greg Negron, traffic, Kevin Vest worked Traffic as a deputy, and Traffic as a sergeant, so it’s no wonder criminal and civil are outside his experience and knowledge, yet he’s given command of a patrol division. So it’s no wonder the troops had no faith in his leadership abilities.

    Kevin Vest was promoted beyond his abilities, and lacked the leadership skills necessary for a command, but that did not matter to Stan Sniff because if Kevin Vest was lacking understanding and comprehension of police work, he was not a threat to Sniff’s command.

    Kevin Vest’s FB posts just shows a lack of maturity and sophistication on his part, and resembles what is commonly referred to as a “banjo baby” mentality, and not the demeanor of a polished, highly educated professional you have always professed yourself to be.

    Now that you have to bear the consequences of your tyrannical behavior and retaliatory actions, you cry foul on your FB page, that just shows a lack of character, and accountability on your part, a trait you have always exhibited when making decisions. I would say enjoy retirement, but it appears you can’t come to grips with your personal failures and are looking to continue to blame others for your own demise. Just be thankful the DA has decided to give the second floor management team a pass on their high crimes and misdemeanors.

    And when someone Googles the name Kevin Vest, ROD comes up. Aaron you deserve a literary award for the service you have done for the residents of Riverside County. Thank you.

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