Apr 162019

I’m sorry folks. I feel it coming.

Your Intrepid Blogger has three theories, none of them good

In various districts “Conservative” elected leaders are supporting candidate for CAGOP Platform Committee that are aligned with the center-left of the GOP. Still other So-Called Conservative Platform Committee candidates are clearly under the influence of their local party bosses.

Then there is the full-blown and all-out effort in the Bay Area, that has been confirmed, even by some of the players involved.

Something that is stuck in my mind is this document sent to me by then CAGOP Chairman Candidate Travis Allen. Reframing the Message.

I hope I am dead wrong on this. My instincts are telling me that the Chad Mayes manifesto is guiding a lot of the usual suspects. With the recent entry of William Weld in to the Presidential Race, rumors of Larry Hogan and the king of Butthurt John Kasich (Chad Mayes’ Godfather) making noise, it would appear that the insiders are lining up for their next Presidential gig. What better a way to build a resume than to shred the CAGOP Platform as a laboratory for “Reframing the Message” away from Trump?

I found limited evidence about Jessica Patterson’s disdain for the President. Despite reports of her allegedly avoiding the Trump question in Public forums, I’ve seen no movement against the President on her part. At least one of her close associates is rumored to be on William Weld’s Payroll and/or short list for the payroll. Still others are rumored to be lining up for Kasich. Kasich and Weld are both embarrassing shells of men who allowed President Trump to violate them on a deep emotional level and they have never recovered. Now they think they can be President.

The parties involved in attempting to recruit platform committee members are the familiar names from 2011. I’ve avoided mentioning them by name in order to not re-inflame old wars.

I have three theories:

  1. The Platform will be gutted by a full frontal attack and California will be heralded as an example for the GOP in the rest of the Country. Not likely.
  2. The Platform will be gutted by a “split effort” tailored to the portion of the state it is being run in. For example, the former Chair of the San Joaquin GOP, while Conservative is reputed to take orders from the “Leadership Whip Drill”. In the North State, Conservative Elected Republicans are endorsing moderates for Platform Committee. Calls are being made in the North to try and get people to vote for “Reasonable Members” in order to “Avoid a Fight”. I take note as I have received reports back that the favored members of the establishment are taking pains to avoid taking a stand on the platform itself.
  3. Chad Mayes (aka Arnold) is funding a drill to shred the CAGOP Platform. I give this credence only because it was Mayes that raised the alleged $250,000 to fund the partial birth abortion of Republican Values known as “Reframe the Message“. What is happening is too disorganized to be a fully funded or professional operation. This is why I favor item 2, as the Platform manipulation looks just enough unique by area and seemingly disorganized to not be centrally controlled by a single funder.

Update From Susan Vander Schaaf: Thank you for listing me as a Christian conservative.  I fully support the current CAGOP platform and do not support “reframing the message”.It was my idea and decision to run for the Platform Committee.  No one recruited me.  I have earned the respect of my peers and believe I would be the best choice to serve and represent conservatives in the platform committee for AD12.  

Take note that neither Shannon Grove nor Marie Waldron have weighed in on the Platform. People that have contacted me challenging my assertions about a liberal gut the platform operation have avoided telling me where they stand on the platform issue.

The apparent lack of leadership from the top of the GOP means one of two things. There is no leadership at all and the minions are running amok, or they too are complicit in the effort to “Reframe the Message“.

I do not believe Jessica Patterson is a part of these drills to recruit platform committee members. I believe that she is not standing up to the people that are as they were key players in her election and current fundraising efforts. The fact that Luis Buhler and others are calling in the Bay Area honestly soliciting platform destroyers and other members of the insider crew are calling in the North and Central State recruiting people that “Are Reasonable” to “Avoid Drama” is a pattern. Both efforts will yield the same result – Pro Life Gone, Pro Family Gone, Gun Rights Gone and anything else these linguine-spined moderates lay awake at night trembling in fear of.

Now is the time for the insiders – especially those that suggested meeting or talking on the phone with your intrepid blogger at the recently concluded CAGOP convention to stand up and be counted. Either take a stand for the current GOP Platform or clearly state your support of “Reframing the Message”, it is really that simple.

Meantime, the paid insider minions are lining up jobs with primary opponents to President Trump, whilst calling people to manipulate the outcome of our platform in 2019.

Let’s Reframe the Message Boys, by hook or by crook

P.S. I hope I am wrong and I get to write about the platform fight being a nothingburger. I just know better…

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  5 Responses to “CAGOP Platform Update: Despite What I am Being Told, This is What I Think is Happening. (Hint: Reframe The Message)”

  1. OK! Here I go, I am an old platform developer. I used to be a democrat and I wrote the platform that got Bill Clinton elected. So i do not sound good for Republican Ideas as now I am a republican. We need to seek another referendum to roll back the gas tax that I am sure the people of California are not happy about as it has priced our gas over 4 dollars a gallon. The previous referendum was not supported by the people, because they had not yet experienced the high price of gas.
    California still needs water reservoirs and California needs to manage our public land in a fire safe management program. Construct fire prevention cleared lands around communities that are considered to be under threat from wild fires. Our crab fishing season was shortened this year, figure out how to increase the length of the future season. figure out how to reduce the smog in and around LA, and come up with a plan to do so. Defend the civil rights of the people within the US Constitution as the proven best way for the people of our state to achieve happiness. We need to teach the people the differences between socialism and freedom and how our live will be different under a socialist policy of government. We do not want to be slaves to government, and we want our rights to defend our selves from those who would destroy our freedom. We also need a little tea party type exposure of activity by folks willing to participate in save our freedom. Such events could be a pot luck picnic at various city parks. Where candidates are asked to speak to those who would like to come by. At various county fairs the party could sponsor a food kiosk or an Ice cream cone or pop corn give away. Let freedom be the by word for our party as it was for the freeing of the slaves, as it was during Lincoln’s time . We want our liberty back.

  2. The current platform is way to long – about 10 pages. It is only used by opposition research.

    The platform needs showcase the basic principles and values that have and will continue to make this a great Nation, distinguish us from other political parties, and have a positive tone. It must be done in one or two pages at the most.

    Specifics should be handled by resolutions.

  3. Sadly…You can reframe the message all you want. The reality is that there is no longer an audience for what ever it is that the CRP allegedly stands for.

    I continue to hear and read about the GOP recapturing the various seats lost in 2018? SERIOUSLY????

    As of right now, all the Freshman Dems from formerly Red Seats are light years ahead in fund raising and cash on hand. While the Frosh-Dems are dialing for dollars, our team is too busy going hat in hands to their various Central Committees begging for support.

    Here’s a wake up call people. I do believe that we’ll lose between 3 to 4 House Seats next year. As for the Legislature, eventually the GOP Caucus slogan will be “A Caucus of One”…

  4. If we don’t stand up for a solid, conservative – truly conservative – platform, we are no better than the idiot Democrats. We absolutely need to be strong against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, abortion (especially bills like the one mandating abortion pills in colleges and universities), gun owner rights, the stupid gas tax, the reprehensible top two primaries, and against assisted suicide and the disgusting sex-education agenda being forced on our kids.

    REAL Republicans must distinguish themselves from the horrible Democrats running and ruining our state now. And we need to be strengthening, not diminishing, the platform, and getting candidates to actually AGREE to support it, will help. Otherwise, it’s the same old losing strategy the CAGOP has always followed.


  5. I am running in AD 3 to be voted for the Platform Committee. I am a very conservative Republican. I have read the reframing message of the Republican platform, and I don’t like it at all. It does not have written in it or included in it anything about pro-life, 2nd amendments rights, religious liberties, etc. The wording is weak and, I feel, that this is by design, to water down the Republican platform that will guide our new CA GOP leadership for the next 4 years and possibly beyond. The platform that was passed last time was a strongly written document that maintained what we, constitutionalist conservative Republicans, would like to see maintained and strengthened in this new platform this Fall. If you are a Republican, then be a strong minded Republican with strong Republican values and morals. Let’s strengthen our Platform, not weaken it. If you are a delegate from AD 3 or know a delegate from AD 3 and want to maintain a strong conservative platform, please consider voting for me to represent AD 3 on the Platform Committee. I will work hard to see that we remain strong conservative Republicans.

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