Apr 262019

Well, well well.

Now we know why Young Mr. Kiley is whining. In an email entitled Simple Addition, Kiley was covering for his humiliating failure to raise money by bemoaning the evil Realtor’s Union and the Independent Energy Producer’s Unions for supporting Brian Dahle. (In case you’re wondering – and have been for the last 3 months, there is no Realtor’s Union or Independent Energy Union, they are figments of Kiley’s Ivy-League imagination)

Young Mr. Kiley may need to hit the Ginko Biloba to jog his memory. I seem to recall not long ago when Obama Donors bundled $300K in to his campaign in 2016. I also recall when another one of them led a $200K+ independent expenditure on his behalf from the same crew. Lastly, a billionaire poured $1 Million attacking another one of Young Mr. Kiley’s opponents.

Perhaps Kiley’s cognitive dissonance is why several people that used to support him no longer do?

Let’s do simple addition using Mr. Kiley’s latest State Senate Campaign Report.

Add: Ending Cash Balance 105,695.70

To: Outstanding Debts 118,869.71 as in -118,869.71

NET MONEY = -13,174.01

It really sucks to be Kevin Kiley.

P.S. That Eeeeeeevyl Dark Money is coming straight for his living room. Those who live by the IE, can also die by the IE too.

“This just in, I’m Winning.”


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