Apr 302019

What a waste of talent. Kiley does not need to lie or exaggerate his qualifications. He does not need to hide behind hyperbole to make his points. He does not need to avoid tough issues – yet he does all repeatedly.

Your intrepid blogger received a copy of Kiley’s Candidate Statement from El Dorado County (where he is starting to have issues keeping his coalitions together) and it is disturbing to say the least.

You will see how the Iraqi information minister suits him to a tee.

(Remember, he’s winning)

In Lie #1 he references his former employment in Kamala Harris AG’s office and characterizes himself as a “Prosecutor of Violent Felons”. Your intrepid blogger only found one case from the 13 months he worked in that office with his name on it. It was not a violent felony. I could not prove he was employed by Mrs. Harris longer than 6 months, by the way.

He repeats Lie #2 about the DMV constituent services office, again mis-characterizing its’ purpose as some sort of secret perk. If I ever have an issue with the DMV, I guess I will have to call Jim Nielsen’s office. It does show the shallow, calculated nature of Kevin the Candidate.

He wrote a bill… omitted, it got killed. Was he grandstanding or just doing stuff to inflate a political resume?

Lie #3, the Cattle Company lie. We’ve written about his fake shell company created specifically to try and mitigate Brian Dahle’s primary occupation for his entire life. It is disconcerting that Doug Ose participated in that lie.

He references the endorsement of disturbed El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson. Pierson has a long, sordid history in El Dorado County. It would be like listing the endorsement of Ron Calderon or Roderick Wright.

I also take note that Dahle references no endorsements in his statement. Given the visceral disdain in an increasingly cynical electorate for anything representing the establishment, again, advantage Dahle. Take a good look below – these is picture you can’t fake. (Especially as kiley was embarrassingly forced to admit he does not even own a gun, let alone cattle)


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