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I am a 48 year old White Guy. I am one of the last people to talk race. In fact, when most people claim discrimination, I look at them blankly. As a White Male, I am messed on repeatedly in the media and by the government. Then, I am told that I should feel guilty for being born White and government sanctioned discrimination against me is my penance.

Then you have Boss Hogg, the $250,000 a year disaster in Banning. Cronyism at its’ finest. He is pictured below. He was brought in by the new Banning City Manager who is a disaster. Doug Schulze started his tenure in Banning by running out the old Chief of Police and bringing his buddy down from Washington to join him.

From the evidence I have seen, it looks like Schulze started a kangaroo court and has reputedly been hunting undesirables down and disposing of them. He sacked the Banning HR director not long after liquidating the old Chief of Police. He also exposed personal information of the Banning PD’s employees to the public for at least two weeks in his haste to secure his grip on the city. Next appears to be cleaning out the ranks of the reserve officers.

Ummmm, Chief this is a Council Meeting? Did you have too much McDonald’s for Lunch?

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by a terminated volunteer officer. That’s right, somehow volunteers can be terminated. The claim was no hours recorded, but it appears that it is an excuse for the police chief and the city manager to clear more people out to tighten their grip. Did the chief and crew just toss out the time sheets of the undesirables?

It appears that Doug Schulze is a disaster. The reserve officers “terminated” were all non-white. All 9(!) of them. According to the terminated officer that contacted me, none of the white reserve officers were terminated. Even if race was not a factor, this is felony stupid.

It also looks like the riled up people did some research on Doug Schulze. Schulze appears to have quite a record of getting municipalities sued and advocating for local tax increases to cover his spending addiction. Fun.

It also appears that Chief Matt “Boss Hogg” Hamner does not meet the basic requirements to be a police officer in California. (But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night)

Now – in the background of all of this is the $150,000+ spent by developer Jeffrey Burum to try and pick the Banning City Council. 4 of the 5 members of the Banning City Council are rubber stamps for his developments. “Burum’s crew” are also running interference for the New Chief of Police and the maniacal City Manager.

Burum poured $57K in to a candidate named David Happe, who lost to someone with a police record. Burum also dropped $100K in to a PAC called Business Leaders for Ethical Government. What a name!

If you recognize the name Jeffrey Burum, it is because he was on trial for several years for multiple felonies in the Colonies Case. While Burum was acquitted of all the charges, the mere mention of his sordid legal history enrages him and causes him to waste money on legal demand letters trying to bully people in to not talking factually about the 10+ felonies he was on trial for. (If he sends me a legal demand letter, I will be sure to post it and mock him over it)

It appears that Burum learned absolutely nothing from nearly going to prison in the Colonies case. It looks like developing Banning is his latest target. Burum sure looks like he is following the same pattern that landed him in the cross-hairs of an overzealous DA in San Bernardino County. Burum’s efforts to control Banning are going to cause long-term effects on the city by virtue of the actions of those he helped elect. “His crew” have invited disaster in to the City in the form of Doug Schulze.

It appears that Burum’s response to the 7 year long trial is to beat his chest and double down on his tactics. Banning be dammed. Now the fallout is almost immediate…

One of my sources for the information about the racially motivated firings?

Yup, an Indian American, loves his country and served in the Military only to be denied an opportunity to serve Banning because of the control agenda of the feckless Chief and the tyrannical City Manager

Hi Doug Schulze, welcome to Right on Daily. You can protest your innocence at City Council Meetings to your echo chamber but the truth of your pattern and history does not lie. To the enablers of Doug Schulze, welcome as well, your intrepid blogger has a city to clean up. More to follow…

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  4 Responses to “Banning: City Manager On A Rampage, Joined By Inept Chief of Police. “Fires” 9 Volunteer Officers – All Of Whom Are Non-White.”

  1. Man I’m with ya! This is utter B******T

  2. ROD, have you seen the email exchange between Schulze and Hamner posted on the Sun Lakes/Banning Tattler Facebook page? It proves that Schulze was illegally working Hamner’s contracts to the middle, between Bainbridge and Banning. Hamner going along like the dimwitted parasitic twin that he is to Schulze.

    We had already pegged Schulze as a sissy and psychological freak desperate for control of the city because his wife Lisa wears the nads at home. We’ve had to report her to the FBI Internet Bullying Division for taking readers names from our FB pages where she and Dougee, and local newspaper editor David Heiss (child molester) commenced calling the readers to intimidate them.

    Schulze was coached by Welch and Moyer prior to his hiring to take out a certain councilman, Interim Police Chief Fisher and HR Director because they were bold and honest city servants who would not buy into the bad boys club.

    Then Hamner came and we all entered the Twilight Zone. Upon his first introduction to the citizens (and on video) he didn’t stand up, didn’t address the room or even smile. Schulze must have interrupted one of his nap that night.

    But even more disturbing was on his night of swearing in…. Hamner cried like a baby. As stated on the Tattler, it clearly didn’t instill confidence or trust in his abilities to handle the crime in Banning, starting at City Hall.

    Since the arrival of both Schulze and Hamner, chaos has ensued and it’s costing the Banning Taxpayers millions.

    More email exchanges between the two to come.

  3. Why does Banning continue to hire such losers. And the photo of Hamner on the Department’s website appears to be from an earlier time in his life (compared to the photo of him napping). Hamner was given a contract of $190,00 a year, in addition to an $18,000 relocation fee, which no doubt came from the taxpayers.

    But the real issue is that Hamner agreed to stay on at Bainbridge Island, and signed a contract with a $12,000 incentive attached to it. So this just shows that Hamner has no integrity, credibility, or ethics because when a man gives his word, he does not go back on it. So what does this say about Hamner and his leadership abilities.

    And if you look at his website page on the Department’s website, it looks more like an “I love me” page than a professional product.

  4. It’s much worse now in Banning with new power hungry City Manager Dougee Schulze and Police Chief Matthew Hamner aka Dougee and Hammy.

    CM Schulze fired the HR Director and he’s taken over that position as well as the Assistant City Manager job. Banning’s corrupt and moronic Mayor Art Welch, his cohort George Moyer, and his three trained monkeys on the dais, Andrade, Happe, and Wallace – a convicted felon, voted to give full control of the city to Dougee and Hammy.

    Police Chief Hammy has fired most all of the Police Volunteers, mostly non-whites, and now wants to hire a few paid helpers and is advertising for more Volunteers. No jobs were offered to those who had been working the jobs voluntarily for years. A class action lawsuit has been filed with the ACLU.

    Hammy has been caught several times sleeping at meetings, usually in uniform. It seems from his employment history he’s only worked very small, low-crime cities in administrative roles like Indiana and Bainbridge Island WA, such as liason to the chief, oversaw the fleet, and evidence room. Never really spent any time on the streets fighting crime himself….


    In 1999 – in Indiana, we found only one incident where Hammy went out in an unmarked van on a hunt for a drug purchase and arrest. Hammy driving, two officers in the back. He pulled up on two men walking on the street, showed them a $20 and asked for a ‘buy’. One said they could help him out, the other man asked Hammy to put the $20 closer to the window so he could see it better, so dimwitted and inexperienced ‘cop’ Hammy complied – which allowed one fella to grab Hammy’s arm. The other man hit Hammy in the head, knocking his glasses off. Hammy screamed like a little girl whereupon the two officers in the back of the van jumped out to make the arrest. Charges were filed for battery upon an officer and attempted robbery. Neither man had a gun OR DRUGS.

    Hammy literally ran crying to the courts where only the attempted robbery was affirmed, the battery charge was unfounded. Court of Appeals of Indiana. Eltonyo L. OWENS, Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE of Indiana, Appellee-Plaintiff. No. 49A02-0010-CR-655.

    Hammy has proven to be a lazy sleeper and a crybaby here in Banning. He literally could not function without his parasitic twin Dougee Schulze. Hammy didn’t even meet the hiring standards of Banning more so California, but he met the corruption level of councilmen Art Welch and George Moyer, as did Dougee Schulze. Both were hired with whopping salaries, and before Hammy was sworn in, he wanted more money.

    These two were hired by Welch and Moyer for the sole purpose to take-out anyone who exposed or interrupted their years of corruption, malfeasance, and control over Banning.

    It was just learned that while Dougee and Hammy were working Bainbridge, City of BI didn’t know that Hammy was interviewing for work at University of Colorado PD. Hammy had just signed an agreement with BI with a pay raise to stay on the Island. However, Dougee illegally acted as his agent and negotiated Hammy’s salary between the two agencies, driving up Hammy’s already ridiculously high salary in BI. Dougee then played Bainbridge against Banning to drive up Hammy’s salary and the Banning IDIOTS bit hook-line-and sinker.

    It is anticipated that there will be several very large lawsuits filed against the City of Banning aka Dougee and Hammy, which will bankrupt the city.

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