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We are taking in massive amounts of information, like a firehose. It is staggering, but I can say with certainty that the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is overrun with corruption.

This is why we started with the Riverside Confidential series of posts over two months ago.

This is a screenshot of Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary emailing Chief Deputies Ray Wood and Christopher Ford ordering them to campaign on government time. It also implies that County Funds will be used to reimburse subordinates that join groups on behalf of the Sheriff. The orders are specific and appear to involve “Contract Managers” meaning, Captains and Lieutenants of Contract Cities.

We’ve written in two previous posts (linked here and also here) about Chief Deputy Ray Wood (who took to facebook to whine afterwards), Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest and Hemet Station Chief Lenoard Purvis being dispatched to try and intimidate Chad Bianco at scheduled events. It should come as no surprise then that the email is on the same day (2/5/2018) as an 1100 presentation done by Chad Bianco that the Captain of the Palm Desert Station attended. Note the time of the email is 1425. Secondly, Christopher Ford was part of the Rat Squad, (the Investigate to Terminate department where Lt. Bostrom and Captain Purvis hail from as well) and as a member of the Rat Squad, Ford would know this behavior is against the rules and is likely against the law.

There has been a clear edict that anyone doing anything anywhere near Chad Bianco anything, anywhere near on the clock will be terminated. Let’s see Cleary, Wood and Ford get their pink slips. The edict from the Sheriff has been enforced with brutal means including apparent abuses of the worker’s comp system to deny treatment to injured deputies, re-assigning deputies to split couples up, retaliating against the spouses of former deputies for speaking out, and other abuses of the internal affairs department who appear to be not much more than the Riverside Sheriff equivalent of the secret police.

In case the significance of the Sgt Dekker case was lost on you (beyond the allegations of him lying on his time cards and defrauding the taxpayers with abuses of overtime) is that Sheriff Sniff is constantly complaining about the budget of the department. He also has been in a 15 round death match with KPMG fighting everything they are trying to do in order to reign in costs. It should also be noted that the Captain of the Jurupa Valley station, Captain Hedge who has been letting Dekker and Lt Rose get away with their timecard antics is alleged to have been promoted by the Sniffster for his role in covering up the Cheating Scandal. It is hard to keep up with the corruption, but we are trying our best.

For example one of the abuses of the taxpayers is told to us by one former deputy. Even though separated from service still expressed abject fear of Stan Sniff, went in to graphic detail about how the Lake Elsinore Station was ripping the City of Lake Elsinore off by sticking them with all the overtime. It makes sense then, that I’ve heard of at least one Contract City that wants to terminate their contract and start their own police department. (A Contract City is a City that pays the Sheriff Department for policing versus having their own police force)

This is also alleged to have happened at Palm Desert Station. It likely has happened at almost every station given what I am learning in bits and pieces of pretty much the entire upper management team under Sheriff Stan Sniff.

The Sheriff is also known to manipulate staffing levels to jack up the budgeting process or extort higher costs out of cities for service. Even the local papers, remiss to criticize the tyrannical Sheriff have been forced to print the well-known Hemet Station situation where the Sheriff gutted their staffing (see also Chief Leonard Purvis’ home station) in order to scuttle KPMG’s attempts to achieve discernible results in the Hemet Station. (Meantime, A perfectly capable and healthy Chad Bianco is being kept in the cooler there)

Now, what do you think would have happened had KPMG gotten a clean look at the books? Does it become more clear as to why Stan Sniff is fighting any attempts by KPMG to reign in the mess? At the very least, gold-bricking employees like Dekker and Lt. Rose would have been terminated for cause if half of what they are alleged to be doing is true.

How about Undersheriff William DiYorio? Deyoyo was brought back out of retirement. Guess what taxpayers? His massive salary in 2017 will be the basis for his pension for the rest of his life courtesy of the Friend-of-Stan gig he got. We call this pension spiking where I come from. Deyoyo is retiring for a second time effective 6/1/2018. I’ve yet to speak to anyone who has had anything nice to say about the undertaker.

Remember Captain Tripod? Coby Webb is crippled from an off-duty accident and should have been medically retired years ago. She is still on duty and is physically unable to do what other Captains can. But her pension is probably worth $500K more than it would have been to the taxpayers. It is a sad, sick joke that she is called Captain Tripod (a reference to the cane she has to walk with) but just as I start to feel sorry for Webb (who some do defend) I was made aware of her botching 900 hours worth of overtime Palm Desert Staion when she was a Lieutenant. Again, the 900 hours were burned off in a feeding frenzy screwing over the local municipality paying for service.

Then don’t forget while all the above abuses of contract cities were occurring, we have the case of Leonard Purvis admitting his role in trying to destroy the Banning PD in order to coerce Banning in to becoming another victim of Stan Sniff’s contract city debacle. (Part 1 of the Purvis scandal is linked here for context as well)

Meantime, Stan Sniff is going 15 rounds with the Board of Supervisors on the budget. Perhaps he should have his campaign consultant make more facebook posts from San Diego for him to explain why we should be happy with this?

What I am learning about the Riverside Sheriff’s Department would destroy my faith in law enforcement had I not had 20 years of prior experience dealing with hypocrites and losers in politics. Stan Sniff is a failure by every objective measure of performance. I am also starting to believe that many under his command not only have no business being on the police force, but they should be prosecuted for what they have done. More on that coming soon as Riverside Confidential Rolls On.

  22 Responses to “Riverside Confidential Special Update: Smoking Gun #1, Proof Top Management is Campaigning on Taxpayer Time as Other Corruption Comes to Light”

  1. I remember when Ford spoke at a leadership and accountability class. He said, ” You outside agencies when a deputy gets in trouble with our department we eat our own.” Eat our own is exactly right depending who you are. Even if the detectives on your case lie and have racist shit in their background. I am sure the excuse will be we didn’t know about it. I am one of the last people to bring up race. How can you have one detective that referred to another deputy as a nigger investigating blacks? The other detective beat a black man and called him nigger while he beat on him. He got fired and got his job back and investigates black folks.Those detectives investigated Sgt.Terry Jones and he got fired. I visited Jones in Jacksonville, Fl and he is 6 weeks from graduating law school. To me it seems unethical. By the way detective Terry Jones will be in California soon you can give him his gun and phone back then .

  2. Contract cites were mentioned in this article. The department always tells cities they are our contract partners and we need to work together. Not exactly the truth. For example, say Wildomar contracts for 100 patrol hours per day. That is 10 deputies a day to cover all three shifts. But if a deputy calls in sick and a replacement cannot be found, then Wildomar is only billed for 90 hours for that day. The 10 hours is made up down the road on overtime. If the department just billed 90 hours, and not worry about the 10 hours lost, then Wildomar will save money.

    Patrol hours are tracked by day, billing period and fiscal year end total. Because the department does not want to save cities money, they stack any extra patrol hours not used at the end of a billing period on overtime. The monthly bill to cities is typically higher at the end of the fiscal year than the beginning. This is because the department refuses to leave patrol hours on the table due to money. The department doesn’t want to make a profit off contact cities, but they really don’t want to help save them money,

    Again, get the billing of one contact city, Moreno Valley and compare for yourself.

  3. The unfortunate reality is that every single one of the sheriff’s contract cities manipulate the contract hours however necessary with the goal in mind to deplete every cent by the end of each fiscal year. If the citizens in each of the contract cities knew how the contract spending was actually done, they would definitely not approve because the sheriff is not looking out for their best fiscal interests. For any of us who have been forced to work 10+2’s or Yellow Days, I have news for you, it has nothing to do with officer safety and everything to do with expending the excess contract hours that get piled up, so the sheriff’s department can recoup the additional money they wouldn’t otherwise get if the hours weren’t used. They charge the contract cities a considerably higher dollar amount per hour than they pay the personnel who work it, so every hour worked nets them a certain amount. The amount charged is so much higher that it even benefits the sheriff when he has to pay the deputies overtime to work it.

    We can get into a more detailed description of how this works at a later time, but for all of you who often get ordered to stay and work a longer shift, 9 times out of 10, it’s because they have excess contract hours they are trying to “burn.” Just keep your eyes on how the “staffing levels” fluctuate for no apparent reason.

    Stay tuned for more information to follow

  4. Darkman – we’ve heard stories about Chief Deputy Wood amongst others. Do you have any specific examples of racism by current leadership in RSA? @Darkman – I meant to ask about RSO not RSA. It is hard to keep the alphabet soup straight.

  5. Thank you, Aaron, for uncovering this blatant abuse by Sheriff’s Admin. They really are running scared of the fact they will soon be packing their bags (much like Sniff forced Sheriff Doyle’s admin people out) and looking for work elsewhere.

    The board of supervisors must know about this obvious abuse of power, the wasteful practices our sheriff allows, the mismanagement of funds, personnel, and the shell game he has played with them.

    Bianco is sure to see more of these baboons at his campaign meetings when they should concentrate their efforts on leading.

    But that won’t happen. They couldn’t lead unless there was some fear involved. Hopefully, the light that has been shed today turns the tide and should give them
    something to fear. Federal prison is what they need to be afraid of.

    Furthermore, there should be a cap on pensions for upper management (unpopular, I know) especially since it is obviously being manipulated to benefit FOS.

    Our deputies are already paying more into their pensions to sustain CalPers while our sheriff took at least two pinheads out of retirement, hired them in upper management to give them a lottery winner’s salary for the rest of their lives.

    And yet, Sniff could not follow what has been tradition by promoting people who were already on the payroll to these positions. Instead, Sniff dumped swine in a pig trough he, Coz, and Diyoyo can share.

    Sounds like the District Attorney or Attorney General needs to be alerted about these criminal acts.

    Perhaps it’s time to look into the Sheriff’s revolving fund and investigate where that money comes from. I think POST would be interested where the extra Per Diem money our personnel have to give back goes. The state provides these funds to our deputies when they are sent for training but the sheriff takes it away.

  6. When the henchmen show up at Bianco’s campaign meetings, more photos need to be taken of them sitting in the front row looking bored just to let them know THE MARIONETTES ARE BEING WATCHED!!

  7. we’ve gotten two great photos so far that have been posted.

  8. No

  9. @Darkman – I meant to ask about RSO not RSA. It is hard to keep the alphabet soup straight.

  10. I like what John Salisshan is saying and I think there needs to come a time very soon where a very large number of rank and file rise up together and attend a Chad Bianco event, and when that meathead Ray Wood shows up, everyone can pull their chairs up and sit right in front of him and stare at him. Right now that meathead thinks he has the power of fear and intimidation on his side and no one would dare do that. But there are strength in numbers folks and if a large number of department members throw it back in his face as they support their favorite candidate, he will go away with his tail between his legs.

    Wood is nothing but another power hungry punk who wants to show Sniff he will do anything for a pat on the head and a promotion. He is the type of person who should not be in a position of power, because he abuses it. If his wife has any common sense she will stay away from him when he decides to go on his little intimidation missions, but if she doesn’t stay clear then she deserves to reap what she sows.

    It’s time to start standing together as ONE and showing Sniff and his henchmen that we will not be intimidated and we WILL support the candidate we want and CHAD BIANCO WILL be our next sheriff!!

  11. Stay tuned. We have a lot more to say…

  12. Silent Majority, that is EXACTLY what our department needs: the rank and file saying collectively, “ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! BRING MY DEPARTMENT BACK!!”

    Anyone who sees these marionettes at our new sheriff’s campaign meetings, BLAST their photos on your FB pages and other social media sites. Share their “support” for our new sheriff.

    What can they do? They are in violation of GO for attending on duty and you are only showing your friends there are 2nd Floor Bianco supporters who are beginning to see the light!!

    And if they show up off duty like Pecker Wood, hey, what you post off duty is free reign anyway!

    Would be nice to have members of the media interview them at these events, “What are you doing here? Do you support Bianco for your next sheriff? Aren’t you a member of the Dark Lords?”

    Perhaps Purvis and Wood can supervise a tribal PD or security firm when they are ousted from our department with Hemet Dave, another thief of public funds.


    In case Sniff is banging his hands on his desk screaming in German:

    Before any of the 2nd floor demand an investigation because of a “death threat,” by “snuff” I mean, “to make a flame stop burning by squeezing it with your fingers or covering it with a snuffer.” JUST CALM THE FRUCK DOWN!!

    It’s time for the pyre to stop burning!!

  13. The mere fact is on the Riverside Sheriffs website, it list the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Mission Statement. I could not even get through the first paragraph without laughing. None of the current Sheriff’s Department Administrators can recite the Code of Ethics and pass a polygraph stating they follow it. This is the culture tthat jat has been created. Hold only a few to these standards, but not all. It’s about time this has been brought to light.

  14. There is more I will let it out soon .

  15. Thank you sir! Looking forward to it, and sorry you’ve had to deal with this.

  16. Silent and John, I totally agree with solidarity. We all know that a large majority of the troops support Chad and hate Sniff. Problem is no one is willing to stick their neck out. Too many deps are worried about retaliation and that is the last bit of control Sniff and his ass clowns have. Until people are more worried about change and less worried about their careers, Stan has them controlled. As for Ali, Wood, Purvis and Vest…. they suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

  17. Yeah Big Chief, I hear you. The sheriff doesn’t know who my neighbors or spouse looks like, which is my “Plan B.” Sit, listen, photograph, and post. I understand the intimidation factor. I have many years to go too!!

  18. @Big Chief, I have a ton of people coming forward to talk to me. It is astounding. We are doing our best to take Sniff down.

  19. A concerned citizen might also want to do a public records request for OTS traffic grant billing from Sheriff’s A&F. One change that Sniff took from the cities was the cities ability to manage their own OTS traffic grant award. RSO grants now lumps the money into a pot and picks and chooses who get money. This is an extreme disservice to cities with higher collision numbers.

    Furthermore, the standard deputy hour rate charged to OTS was $77.14 and hour. But this was at the 1.5 overtime rate. After the RSA straight overtime imposition, the 77.14 remained the same,even though the deputies were working their regular rate of pay. The remainder is being pocketed by the department or county. This was brought up in meetings and it fell on deaf ears. Last time I checked, OTS performs audits because the funds are federal funds. OTS should do an audit and the federal Office of Inspector General should investigate.

  20. How about the recent group of sergeants from the west end promoted and transferred to the east end. Some put up with a 1-2 hour commute now for a 2.00 and hour raise. You can tell RSO could care less if you wrap yourself around a tree from being tired from a 16hour shift and 2 hour commute. What a great idea to promote guys who know nothing about the east and put them in charge out there. There are perfectly ready candidates on the promotion lists who live and work in the east end. Would make perfect sense to promote them, but RSO admin doesn’t require common sense these days.

  21. Can somebody explain why RSO is the only law enforcement agency in SoCal who allow unarmed non-sworn employees (CSOs) to patrol and handle calls in marked Sheriff black and white cars. No out of service signs. The CSOs are unarmed and unable to defend themselves from an ambush attack. My guess is the extra patrol cars on the street save money.

  22. @adams

    Its been reported that Thermal
    Station is adding extra patrols (burning overtime), would like to hear more about how this works

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