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The Friday, before Christmas 2017, Jurupa Valley Station Administration allowed office staff to leave a couple of hours early as a gift. The staff at Jurupa valley welcomed the idea as a gesture of appreciation and considered it a Christmas gift. When it was time to fill out the time cards, none of the staff marked the early exit as vacation time off.

After the fact Sergeant Dekker, accused the staff of trying to rob the county. Dekker is the large man in blue in this photo of him in one of his many appearances at a Stan Sniff fundraiser. It should also be noted that Dekker is in line for a promotion to Lt. (is it a friend-of-Stan-promotion as he is a campaign donor?)

According to the staff in Jurupa Valley, they know who is robbing the county… Sgt. Dekker. Dekker is alleged to come in late and leave early. He is also known to manipulate his schedule to work 10, 12, 13, or 15-hour shifts to get more time off. The staff there say they have never seen an admin sgt getting so much time off, being allowed to come in late and not put in for vacation. They resent it. (It is also clear Dekker is not using the time off to work out)

We’ve been told that staff complaining to Captain Hedge is useless because he doesn’t do anything about it.  The staff there are pretty much convinced Captain Hedge nor the Sheriff care about the office staff in Jurupa Valley.

How can the staff be accused of robbing the county when told to leave a few hours early one day and Sgt. Dekker does what ever he wants and gets paid for all the times he left early? Worse than Dekker being in line for a promotion is that he is many years ago he filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s department for a “Hostile Work Environment” years ago when he was a detective.

There are a lot of staff looking for to Dekker for help on station problems. They referenced needing simple stuff like new keys, getting things fixed and Dekker is no where to be found. Dekker is such a cancer that all the Sergeants in Jurupa Valley are complaining in the office area how Dekker does what he wants and makes his own schedule. They talk about what his time card looks like and what a lie it is. Given what we’ve learned about the culture of the department under Stan Sniff, the dissention in the ranks over Dekker’s apparently falsifying his time cards and getting away with it is a major issue to everyone there (except for the useless captain).

Other than Sgt. Dekker, it is alleged that Lt Rose is the same way, as no one knows his schedule and Rose is at the station sporadically. Word is that he spends more time teaching at a couple of colleges and when Rose is actually at work he is grading papers in the office.

The Morale there has gotten so bad that there is a pending vote of no-confidence against Captain Hedge. Hedge is trying to shore up his support and it appears to be failing.

This is the latest in a string of stories popping up all over the county about the epic failure of Stan Sniff’s leadership. Sniff is reputed to be a micro-manager and a control freak, yet this sort of corruption is rampant in the department. It is the opinion of this blogger that Hedge, Rose and Dekker need to be fired and if Rose and Dekker are indeed guilty of what the others in the Jurupa Station are alleging, then they need to be prosecuted. The cover-ups need to stop.

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  1. And Dekker adjusts his schedule so he can work on holidays, getting paid holiday pay. He’s assigned to Admin. Admin personnel do not work holidays. Dekker just worked the holiday yesterday. What does the Admin Sgt do on a holiday when there is no staff there to supervise? Answer: He gets paid 12 hours of holiday pay for doing nothing. The Admin lieutenant is Rose and he doesn’t say anything because he’s hardly there too. That just leaves the Captain and well, he’s Dekker’s buddy and won’t say anything either.

  2. Jurupa’s Three Stooges are an example of the mediocrity Admin has bestowed on the department. Reward those who do wrong as long as they bow to the 2nd Floor and do their bidding while punishing others who commit equal or lesser violations because they are perceived as troublemakers.

    It’s a miracle Hedge has made it so far up the ranks: from his humble beginnings as one of the few officers hired from the decrepit Perris PD, to flying under the radar throughout his career to make it all the way to captain. It was clear from the beginning Hedge was not real police and needed to be reassured that almost every arrest or use of force incident he was involved in was justified and he would not be fired. His lack of confidence seems to be his management style for one of the most busy and diverse stations in the West end.

    Perhaps it is Hedge’s meekness that attracted administration to him, that or the fact he would do as told without question or resistance, including allowing the passive aggressive questioning of personnel whose FB pages display department members honoring true warriors who have recently retired. Another marionette who, “Someday I’ll be a real boy!!”

    Robert Rose has always been a strange one. From his fanciness to martial arts to his religious rants all the while fancying himself as a warrior. Not real police either and although he teaches (I’ve heard from some of his students say they would rather look at R&R Woods’ Magic Kingdom pics than listen to him blather war stories that make him out to be one of the Avengers) he has the survivor instinct of a chameleon, always waving his flag in the direction the Admin wind blows and lying in wait for the next opportunity to further his career.

    And why indeed has not Dekker been relieved of his duties? It’s all too obvious: he is one of Admin’s rising stars that needs to be kept close to the nest, fed worms, and regurgitate them in the form of bad leadership, low morals, and an obvious eating disorder (Ï eat because I’m sad, and I’m sad because I eat). I’ve watched this so-called supervisor rape the county of hundreds if not thousands of dollars by allowing himself OT and holiday pay. Probably one of the most high-paid admin sergeants in the county. Well, the cost of peanut butter and chum is going up I guess.

    How can Hedge allow this? Surely the 344 crosses his desk, right? Doesn’t it require a captain’s signature or has Dekker learned how to forge as well as steal?

    In fact, according to the recent stats from https://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/2015/riverside-county/christian-p-dekker/, here is a look at his salary:

    Regular Pay




    Look, these Stooges and countless others (shake your head now in wonder of those you know who have been unfairly promoted) are in place and won’t leave until they are involuntarily relieved or walk out on their own. We cannot help they have been rewarded but we can show examples of their “do as I say and not as I do” management style, blatant civil rights violations, and just plain poor leadership.

    Most importantly, what we should be doing is hope and work toward getting a new sheriff who will select upper management with fairness, rearrange the 2nd Floor as a place personnel are not afraid to walk into (what happened to that open door policy we once had?), and help make RSO a department other agency members look up to. Our department is made up of warriors who have served our country overseas, have seen their comrades KIA, and still put their boots on the ground with dignity and honor. Surely they have great ideas to make this department great again. I’m sure new leadership will listen.

    It won’t happen overnight, and it probably won’t happen as quickly as we like, but Bianco is the obvious choice to make these changes happen.


  3. Amen and Amen.

  4. So, guess if your in favor, you can adjust your schedule to make more money is what I am reading. How does a supervisor in administration work on a holiday when there are no subordinates working?

    To CLEAR this up maybe someone at PSB or Sheriff’s Administration should review his last three payroll docs, or more and see if his schedule is consistent with 9/80 schedule, which is the norm for admins sergeants.

    Sgt. Dekker’s reputation is that he only does what will benefit him and no one else. Horrible supervisor but sounds like he is ready to be a lieutenant and work for Hedge.

    Sounds like Hedge has no leadership skills at all and lets him and Rose do what they want.

  5. Ah, Steve Kusy. A guy whos resume is one page. He’s done nothing on this department that would make anyone want to work for him. Zero credibility due to lack of experience, but he has no problem telling others he is going to be a captain. if he continues to cling to sniff’s leg he probably will.

    wonder if anyone from psb is going to pull video from JVS to show dr rose and dekker have been falsifying time sheets. when a deputy screws up, video is pulled immediately. its not secret that rose uses his time at work to prep for his teaching assignments at cbu and apu. he drives his county ride to his teaching assignments?

    my guess is neither one will even be scratched by this. the 2nd floor will say they are “sallaried” and will let it go. more fine examples of the culture of non-leadership from administrators (do what i say or you’ll be pers’d, but not as i do, cuz I’m admin). That double standard once again. Now that this is out…..all deputies are watching to see if something is going to be done. We sure get spanked when we step out of line. Is it the same standard for sergeants and lieutenants?

  6. Dr. Robert Rose got his PHD while he was a Sergeant at Perris Station. Everyone who was at Perris Station while Rose was there can attest that he rarely left the station. He was at his desk doing homework for his PHD. The Captain at the time, John Hill (another good buddy of Stan Sniff who was later promoted to Chief) never did a damn thing about it. When other Sergeants starting complaining about Rose not doing his job, Hill just moved him to a position where he didn’t supervise anyone and he could do his homework uninterrupted.

  7. News flash. Apparently word has gotten around because I have been told both Dekker and Rose are now reporting for work on time and stating all day like they are supposed to.

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