Feb 112018

When you have an Assistant Sheriff and a Chief Deputy whining on facebook, you know you are living RENT FREE in their heads!

Apparently Kevin Vest and Ray Wood need a nice soothing ointment for their nether regions that have been burnt rightondaily style. They both took to facebook in a coordinated attack to attempt a re-write of history.

So, let’s recap actual history shall we?

Kevin Vest is an Assistant Sheriff. This is only two steps away from the Sheriff himself. You’d think a tough guy like that would not care about some blogger from Roseville California. Apparently, however Vest must be some sort of political hire because no true law enforcement official would have such a glass jaw.

Ray Wood decided to interrupt a visit to the magic kingdom to remind people that he too is experiencing a sense of loss.

We are proud to be living in the heads of the second floor gulag. (The executive offices where all of Stan Sniff’s men are, on the second floor of the police headquarters above the spray paint)

It actually is not a bad picture of Wood and his wife. But, they stopped to memorialize their trip because they were thinking about righondaily! We love our fans!

Perhaps Wood should call Ali Mazarei for instructions on how to write political attack. #STINCKY

And then there is the case of Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, perhaps he’d like me to join him for dinner at some point? 

It is clear that these two seasoned law enforcement professionals have never dealt with a blogger before or perhaps they have guilty consciences for attempting to bully people at a recent Chad Bianco event?

For those of you that may have missed my prior post about these two luminaries at a Chad Bianco event, let me recap as so much has happened in the ensuing days!

On 1/29/2018 we broke the news that must be causing these guys maalox moments – the RSA wrote Chad Bianco another $300K check for his Sheriff’s Race. This is a subject that has Ali Mazarei in a complete tailspin. Mazarei should really settle down, he might have a heart attack. (BTW – Eggplant is a heart healthy food, Mr. Mazarei may want to try some.)

Also included in that installment of Riverside Confidential was this:

On Sunday 1/28/2018 in the mid afternoon, Chad Bianco had an event at Romano’s in the City of Riverside in the Canyon Crest Neighborhood.

Not coincidentally, Chief Deputy Ray Wood and Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest decided to bring their wives to dinner at the very same restaurant at the very same time! (Imagine that)

It gets better, they both live in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Riverside. If you look on a map, Woodcrest is 25 Minutes away from Canyon Crest. Worse, there is a second location of Romano’s that Mr. Wood and Mr. Vest (with their wives in the car) would have had to pass in order to get to the location they went to. (UPDATE: We are now being told they may live even further away in Hemet – a 45 minute drive, with the Romano’s in Woodcrest still 20 minutes closer to Hemet than the one they went to)

This is a long-winded way of saying their choice of location for dinner was not an accident. Secondly, how many of you eat dinner at 2:30? Not very often, do you?

Pictured behind the middle-aged woman in the foreground is a young woman with a hat on offering Chad Bianco campaign swag to the aforementioned foursome, note that the restaurant is empty (except for the 50ish people that came to participate in supporting Chad Bianco in an adjacent room).

This activity should not surprise you as Captain Gregory Fellows was dispatched to monitor the Bianco event the previous week in Mead Valley. More of the same will continue, and perhaps the scrutiny will make the rats scurry back down their holes. These people know that their fealty to Sheriff Sniff has been a requirement of them keeping their high-six-figure salaries and benefits.

Your tax dollars helped pay for these guys to drive across town to monitor a Chad Bianco event. Now they are whining because they got caught on camera and torched for it. This is notice to any and all who do Stan Sniff’s bidding, rightondaily is watching you.

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  7 Responses to “Team Sniff Update: #RENTFREE Baby. Rightondaily Fan Club Grows!”

  1. Their feeble attempt at trying to downplay the fact they all went to dinner at that little pizza joint in the early afternoon is comical and unconvincing. I’m sure it was the norm for them to drive all the way from Hemet, on a Sunday afternoon, so they could enjoy the fine cuisine of a pizza joint in Canyon Crest that coincidentally was the same location where friends of Chad Bianco were gathering. You know how hard it is to find pizza and chicken wings, sometimes you have to pass 50 pizza joints before you find just the right one. I’m sure it was as simple as Wood picking up the phone and asking propeller head Vest if he wants to drive into Riverside and grab some pizza and beer…….NOT! The fact of the matter is that RightOnDaily has them all paying attention, which is good because the Chad Bianco train is picking up steam and rolling fast and hard. They better jump on the train or get the hell off the tracks!!

  2. I’ve been to Disneyland a lot and seen all of their movies. I don’t recognize the evil witch Old Woody is posing with. Disney must have snuck a new hag into the park.

  3. Raemie & Ray together…awww! Don’t forget the affair they had with each other and the broken families they left behind just to be together and enjoy a family-friendly place. The chiefs are scared to lose their “at will” positions is all. Better get those consulting jobs locked in now, Ray, the Magic Kingdom just raised their admission fees and you might need the extra cash to afford it after the new sheriff cleans the corrupt, cronyville infested second floor.

  4. Woody cheated with that woman? My God, what did his original wife look like? Ali’s goat?

  5. You’ve heard the expression, “Rode hard and put away wet,” haven’t you? Enough said.

  6. It sadden me to see a chief and assistant sherrif engaged in this kind of junior high activity on social media. Ive been on the fence about whom to vote for, now I know who not to vote for if the sheriff is going to allow his leaders to engage in this kind of childish play. Additionally if the #metoo movement came to the rsd, chief wood would be packing his bags. its’ no secret he couldn’t control himselff over the years with his female subordinates and iss known around the dept as a ‘serial cheater/womanizer.’ very disappointed in kevin vest. i thot he was well above this childish play. This incident is proof positive that Sniff is NOT a leader if his leadership team is allowed to act like this.

  7. Well, the rules only apply to those they don’t like. So, the Wood’s do live in Hemet and traveled such a distance for Italian, when Chad Bianco was having a gathering with career long co-workers and friends.

    As for the Wood’s, both had multiple affairs and that is a known fact throughout the Department. Anything to increase your net worth I suppose.

    The Integrity of Sheriff’s Administration is non-existent. Please tell family and friends to vote for Lt. Chad Bianco….I am..

    Tell everyone about this blog…the blog of truth. There is a lot of good people doing good things cause they care. Look at the Perris Station case, deputies and investigators did an outstanding job! Sheriff Sniff doesn’t care and it shows.

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