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Subject: Contracting RSO
From: <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, October 09, 2013 6:08 pm
After spending and hour with most of the sworn and non-sworn staff, we spent a lot of time on the RSO contract.  I will be bringing you the preliminary numbers for the RSO and future numbers, but I will not be recommending it to you.  I just wanted you to know a head of time.
If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to call.
Respectfully yours,
Andrew (Andy) J. Takata, City Manager
City of Banning
99 E Ramsey St
P.O. Box 998
Banning, CA 92220-0998
For the first time in public, this email sent to me provides confirmation that the City of Banning was in the initial stages of disbanding their police department and investigating becoming a contract city.
For Context, we need to identify some players. One is the former Chief of the Banning PD, John Horton – the father of current deputy Jason Horton. (More on Jason Horton in a later post) Jason Horton is one of Stan Sniff’s Chief Deputies and is not popular at all with the rank and file.
One of our favorites is then Sergeant Mark “Investigate to Terminate” Bostrom who was good buddies with then Lt. Purvis in the investigate to terminate department for the Riverside Sheriff. Apparently Purvis took his skills of terminating deputies en masse to the City of Banning. Horton had attempted a medical retirement from RSO some years earlier, then got hired by Banning and ended his career on a medical retirement only 2 1/2 years in to his 5 year contract.
Enter Purvis, who got hired to replace Horton. Purvis continued Horton’s regime of re-hiring officers who had been terminated from other jurisdictions. Purvis also oversaw terminations en masse from the Banning PD, cuts in levels of service which included practically closing police HQ in Banning to the public “because of budget cuts”. Sound familiar? He appears to have learned well from his good buddy Sheriff Sniff how to retaliate against the innocent to try and gain leverage in budget battles.
The resulting decimated morale in Banning PD (sound familiar?) led to a spate of employment practices lawsuits that were bankrupting the city. In addition, it is reputed that Purvis was in a constant state of war with the City Council over his budget. (sound familiar?)
One of the absurdities of Purvis’ tenure as Chief of Police in Banning was the purchase of an armored car. Why a City of 30,000 needed this is beyond me. It kind of reminds me of Hemet’s military vehicle except that this model appears to be obsolete militarily.
The City Council ultimately got their fill of Purvis who tapped out around about 3 months after the above email was sent confirming that the process had been started to disband Banning’s police department. The details and circumstances surrounding the settlement between the City of Banning and Purvis are outside the scope of this post.
The bottom line is that the relationship between Purvis and Sniff was well known. In addition, Purvis himself was known to have been out on a stress claim in the mid 2000’s a deputy chief and again in 2013-2014 as the actual chief related to his tenure as Banning Police Chief.
Regardless of whether Purvis’ claim against the City of Banning had merit or not, was Purvis given the same screening and evaluation that other re-hired or new-hired deputies got? Why was Purvis back on any force within mere months of a very public stress claim and settlement?
Why did Leonard Purvis get re-hired by Stan Sniff after doing such a poor job in Banning? (It is easy to draw the conclusion that Purvis was a disaster from reading article after article) Purvis was re-hired as a Sgt. in 2014 and has made Lt. and now Captain quickly compared to most, adding to the questions being asked.
Given that the department in Banning had slid so far, their interim police Chief at the time in 2014 endorsed Chad Bianco over Stan Sniff. Many in Banning and elsewhere believed that Leonard Purvis was attempting to decimate the Banning Police Department in order to set it up to be taken over as a contract city for the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. The email that is part of this post proves that theory may well be true. Given the circumstances surrounding the hire of Leonard Purvis, it is also possible that Sniff Re-hired the man without the normal procedures and/or that said rehire was for service to the Sniff regime.
P.S. Leonard Purvis is currently the Captain of the Hemet Station (This is how he got onto my radar), Hemet is where Lt. Chad Bianco is being stuffed in the cooler as retribution for both his 2014 run and current run against Sniff.

  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff / Leonard Purvis Update: Did they try to decimate the Banning Police Department to turn it in to a contract city?”

  1. Purvis, Bostrom, and Horton (father and son) are all cut from the same cloth. This is why they are so high up the RSO’s food chain and are fast tracked through the re-hiring process when (Purvis) they leave and want to come back.

    It’s also another reason the sheriff brought a crony out of retirement and gave him a captain’s salary to manage BCTC. You mean to tell me there was no lieutenant within RSO at that time who was a viable candidate for the position? The sheriff decided no and gave the position to an outsider whom most feared because of his volatile personality and management style.

    I wonder how he sold that position to the Supervisor Board if he did at all?

    It all comes down to keeping like-minded minstrels together. Sort like keeping the criminally insane in one place so they can’t harm others and drool on themselves.

    When it’s all said and done, current admin will ride their retirement with huge pensions, maybe receive a “consultant” position with the academy so they can siphon more funds from the taxpayers, rather than working to better the department. None of them are doing a damn thing. Really it’s all about what they can do for themselves and be a marionette (“Someday I want to be a real boy!!”).

    I have an idea: how about cutting some of those cushy second floor positions and allowing that extra salary go to pay for another deputy (or two or three) to push a sled and fight crime?

    Ask yourselves: “What do any of them do up there?!?” The sheriff is absent unless he’s schmoozing with potential campaign donors or canoodling with some MILF we still don’t know the ID of.

    His close knit circle of minions fly to Lt. Bianco’s meet and greets like those monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, and seem to warn those in attendance passive aggressive threats like, “You better be careful who you are seen with,” or, “If you want to make (put next rank here) you might rethink who you support.”

    McCarthyism for the 21st century!!


  2. There is a mountain of evidence that points to corruption and wrongdoing against Sniff and those he surrounds himself with. His cronies are all padding their pockets with taxpayer dollars. The evidence against Purvis and what he did in the City of Banning is apalling but Sniff has somehow been able to keep Purvis close to him and put up a smoke screen to conceal the corruption from the taxpaying citizens. The crony that John speaks of was Sniff’s old buddy retired Captain Coz who he brought out of retirement as a consultant to spend millions of taxpayer dollars (the county is probably still trying to paying for) on all those modular buildings at BCTC. After a while, Sniff was able to change Coz’ status from consultant right back to a full time captain, so he could increase his retirement pension. After beefing up that pension, Coz retired again but Sniff still has him employed as a consultant siphoning taxpayer dollars in a position that he and his crony fabricated just for him.

    Of course, this arbitrary appointment of his retired buddy to captain caused much strife and dissension among members of the department, especially all those lieutenants who were working hard and testing to promote to captain. When Sniff chose his old buddy over all of them, it was a slap in their face to tell them they weren’t good enough to be captain.

    He never seems to mind slapping people in the face for his cronies, because he did the same thing when he pulled his current Undersheriff out of retirement and brought him back full time. He basically slapped all his executive staff in the face and told them they weren’t good enough either. So now when Diyorio retires again, in June the day Chad Bianco gets elected, he will have also bumped his pension up a substantial amount from what it was the first time he retired.

    There are numerous more examples of corruption and special treatment and I’m sure they will be brought forward in the months to come. We, as taxpaying citizens, can cast our votes to knock Sniff out of office and put an end to his corrupt reign.

  3. Rumor is that Purvis played a major role in the cheating scandal to cover it up. Insiders claim that investigators did the interviews of all the involved players and those interviews were turned over to the second floor where “group think” actually wrote it. They even omitted some of the players. The investigator who has their name attached to it wrote nothing. That is apparently common practice in the Mark Bostrom era, where digital copies of reports are routinely changed after they are turned in to meet the needs of an unethical administration.

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