Feb 202018

Well, well, well. Why was the “Captain” of the Hemet Station at a Chad Bianco event in Temecula? Was he being paid by the taxpayers to be there?

At the risk of sounding TOO Northern California for those of you in Riverside County, Hemet and Temecula are a “Long Ways” apart. 25 Miles or more, which in the infested world of SoCal is 45 minutes to an hour drive. For means of comparison, my house to the capitol building in Sacramento is 25 miles. This means Purvis was out of his office in Hemet for at least three hours to do the Sheriff’s bidding.

This is the second Bianco Event that has featured Ray Wood, a Chief Deputy (the Rank Purvis is alleged to have been in line for, before getting eviscerated on this, the Banning Informer and the Banning Tattler Blog). After torching Wood in a previous post and his subsequent picture with his current wife (who according to department sources became his current wife after an affair while married to his previous wife), Wood’s repeated patronage of Bianco events indicates a high level of concern by the Sheriff.

Perhaps that $300,000 Check I wrote about on 1/29/2018 that was deposited on 2/14/2018 has finally registered with the second floor that they have a fight on their hands? The local media is still trying to act like they don’t know, but everyone knows.

Also present was Captain McConnell of the Temecula Station. Reports I have received about McConnell have been less than flattering. It appears that Sheriff Sniff has an anti-character test for anyone on his leadership team.

The latest rumor from within the department is that the Sheriff has enlisted Sgt. Josh Adams to a “special assignment”. This “Special Assignment” is campaign related stuff, including reading this blog. Hi Josh, make sure Eggplant makes it to her therapy appointments on time.

Mr. Adams was also made/coerced/etc. to sign a gag order. This means, if Mr. Adams confirms that he is leeching tax dollars to campaign on government time, he’d get fired for insubordination. I can only conclude that if the rumor related to Adams is true, we will see him atop the Lt’s list should Sniff survive the onslaught coming his way.

This gives us Mrs. Gxxx the wife of cheater Jason Gxxx, Eggplant Yvonne and Josh Adams working on Stan Sniff’s campaign. You’d have to be asleep to assume that they are not working on the campaign

Pictured, Purvis driving another waste of tax dollars. The quad is kept locked up except for a few times a year when it carts his majesty the Sheriff around to see the peasants of Riverside County at public events.

After blasting Sgt. Dekker (or should I say wrekking dekker) this morning, I received a couple of little tidbits. Dekker is an admin Sgt. Admin staff are not supposed to work Holidays. Yesterday (President’s Day) featured Dekker beached in his office doing nothing (if he was actually there the whole time, that is). There is another 8-12 hours of overtime, while Stan Sniff cries a river over the budget of the sheriff’s department.

In this morning’s post – I detailed how Dekker sued the County of Riverside for a Hostile Work Environment – well one of the ways Dekker gathered evidence for his lawsuit was carrying a recorder everywhere he went. Apparently, this behavior has continued from his time in the jail to parts outside the jail. This is a major reason why people disdain this guy (other than his alleged cheating on his time card and gaming the overtime system).

Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department. What a disaster.

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  1. It is okay for Sheriff staff to do political activities on-duty, who cares its illegal…If it is for Sniff then all is good. But if the activity opposes Sniff, you will be fired. I recall in one incident when employees attended a union meeting. The RSA office was being watched by admin to see who attended. Good thing all of the them put in for leave so not to get fragged by Sniff. Bet Dekker would have been allowed to go to a union meeting on duty….

  2. Frank Robles, who ran for sheriff against Sniff, didn’t have his campaign under such a microscope. I don’t remember so much effort made to spy on him or those who endorsed him.

    It really goes to show what kind of administration is in place right now. A bunch of baboons who think they can intimidate with their presence (or maybe they are going to vote for Bianco?!?) and report to führer what the winning strategy is.


    Ray Wood should be concerned while he is away at these events his wife isn’t playing on a pool table somewhere (oh could she chalk a cue back in the day!) as he gets ready to post another smart aleck comment on his FB. Let’s hope Purvis promotes to the 2nd Floor so when the new sheriff takes office, Purvis can look for another agency he can mismanage.

    They are all scared or this level of intimidation wouldn’t happen. The guilty do not act this way. If the current administration was leading by example, doing what was right by their people, there would be no worry on their part whether there is opposition.

    But they are guilty of so much and they are worried.

    So enjoy the hors d’oeuvres at the Bianco events you sit at. But prepare your resumes nonetheless because you’re going to need them!

    There will be a new sheriff in town very soon.

  3. 2 captains and a chief following Chad Bianco around, sitting in the front row in an obvious attempt to intimidate him. More proof positive of how absolutely ridiculous Stan Sniff is to send his top brass on intimidation missions on the taxpayer’s dollar. As taxpaying citizens we expect our elected officials to be good stewards of our money and not burn it up for their own personal benefit. If Sniff wants to send out his little spies and henchmen to watch Bianco, he should be hiring non department members and paying them from his own funds and not out of taxpayer dollars. This is just another prime example of Sniff’s disregard for honesty and integrity. He has been in office way too long and thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

    Both Wood and Purvis have no dignity to begin with and they would both do anything, and I DO mean anything, to get a pat on the head and another promotion. Captain McConnell on the other hand is quite disappointing that she would be in the company these two schmucks. It’s no wonder people compare Sniff with Adolf Hitler as he recognizes no limits to his authority. He runs a totalitarian regime where his minions are afraid to speak up when something is wrong and tell him when something is illegal, immoral or unethical. They do whatever he tells them to no matter how wrong it is or how foolish they look. Back then, the Nazi regime didn’t end until they were defeated by the allied powers. There was finally a great Victory!! much like what we will see when Chad Bianco and his Allied Powers defeat Stan Sniff.

    An interesting side note: In 1945, with defeat on the horizon, Hitler committed suicide. things that make you go hmmmm……

  4. It’s sad that Stan is doing this. Chad Blanco will continue to share to whoever shows up to hear him. Hopefully, Wood and Purvis will hear some truths and freedom than what everyone has been working under of the fear and intimidation. By listening to Chad who knows they may end up voting for him.

  5. I wonder if Ray Wood is going to post on his FB how it was a pure coincidence that he was in Temecula, just like the Chad event at Ramona’s in Riverside a few weeks ago. What a joke and why was Purvis there to begin with? He is Chad’s captain at Hemet and Hemet is a long way from Temecula. Wonder where Ray’s man face wife was? Oh yeah, she’s at Jurupa Station with the likes of Dekker, Rose, and Hedge. Hey Ray, when Chad wins, good luck finding another job. As for “man face”, she’ll be ok cause she’s still a sergeant.

  6. Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights

    3302. (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, or whenever on duty or in uniform, no public safety officer shall be
    prohibited from engaging, or be coerced or required to engage, in political activity.

    The terrible thing here is that when the Sheriff violates a peace officer’s rights, the case is settled with taxpayer’s money, so once again, the taxpayers get screwed.

  7. Stand by to Stand by. We have more to say on this matter. Make sure you save this comment to be re-used.

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