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UPDATED as of 2/16/2018

Cover-ups. This is the name of the game in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. I have to take most of my information on background because no one will go on the record for fear of retaliation. These are two key pillars in the legacy of Sheriff Stan Sniff.

This is why I can’t prove the CCW Permit favoritism scandal, but everyone knows about it.

This is why I used to have to be circumspect when I talk about the cheating scandal that rocked the department several years ago.

The way it has been put to me is that there was a culture of people taking the advancement exams, in this case to strike for Investigator, and writing down the questions then passing them on. There were emails compiled of the advancement exam questions. This case got blown wide open when a local paper received a leaked copy of the documentation substantiating the cheating scandal.

As many as 150 deputies were suspected of participating, roughly 18 of which were caught cold. A person I referenced in a previous Riverside Confidential post (Jason Gxxx) was one of the most guilty in the scandal. His wife is the $120k a year legislative liaison for the Sheriff. (where can I get a job like that?) The subject in question is in line to get a friend-of-Stan-promotion Sergeant (after making investigator/detective via the aforementioned “assistance” on his advancement exam). See how that works?

They had enough evidence to nail as many as 32 people in the cheating scandal, but you guessed it, orders came from on high to make the whole thing go away. The extent (150? involved) will never be proven as a result of Stan Sniff’s gag order and apparent interference in the investigation that shut it down. The resentments exist to this day and people still talk about it openly, even more so now that the desert sun ran a story on it.

And this brings me to the retired Lieutenant out in the Cochella Valley that attempted suicide, per an anonymous comment left on a previous blog (which is posted here unedited):

This is typical “Department Protocol”, Sniff has directed his “PSB” staff, as well as his other minions that he has ROCKETED (pension spiking for friends and criminals with badges)up the chain of command.
Just this past weekend LT. (REDACTED) (Maybe just retired), was in a domestic disturbance (may or may not be: 273.5pc) with his wife. It was clear that an assault had taken place, however a sheriff’s sergeant responded to the crime, at the xxx residence. Typically, nothing was done (even when department policy and the penal code requires an arrest).
It wasn’t until later, when the wife reported that Lt. xxx (so distraught, that he was going to be arrested and or prosecuted), attempted to commit suicide. Thankfully he thought better of it, and only blew his cheek out.
If this had been a deputy sheriff or any citizen, this would have made the news. A deputy would face severe discipline, “up to and including termination). In the Coachella Valley, not a word has been said. Sad, very sad that our elected official is allowed to commit crimes with impunity. In fact people at the station level were ordered not to talk about it.
The news outlets in Riverside County do not report against the Sheriff. Wonder what he has threatened them with.

Signed Obviously,
The Corporal with no name.

Now, unpack that comment – which is indicative of several stories I’ve been made aware of.

Under California Law, the penal code states on a domestic violence call, someone SHALL BE arrested. Secondly, the law (which I disagree with) mandates gun confiscation. Note, per additional information received, Sgt. Randy Vasquez was the most senior responding law enforcement officer. Mr. Vasquez asked the retired LT for permission to take his guns and did not arrest him.

Now you get where the cover up is coming from.

So they ended up out there a second time when the Lt. blew out a cheek.

The background? The LT. was cheating on his wife with a guard at the courthouse. The wife found out. This is one of dozens of stories like it I’ve been told verbally or in writing that are going on within Stan Sniff’s department.

It gets worse, the court guard is allegedly pregnant with the retired Lt’s child.

The bomb squad was also called out to the retired Lt’s house because it was full of explosive material! Was Sgt. Vasquez completely asleep on the job or was the power of cronyism so strong that he ignored an arsenal? (Please note there is now some debate as to weather the bomb squad was actually dispatched, Update 2, Confirmed that the Bomb Squad did indeed show up)

That is a lot of stuff for Stan Sniff to cover up!

Now the very end of the comment has me extremely curious. As I’ve been researching the failed legacy of the tyrannical Sheriff, it sure looked like I was reading an editorial bias in a lot of the articles I have read. Up until a recent rash of negative stories it looked like the local papers used Sheriff Sniff’s talking points of blaming others for his failure a lot. This RSO employee that left the comment apparently has noticed, so have others I have spoken to.

Remember when we posted about a deputy who was arrested for being high on Meth? Well it was prescription medication. There is even more to the story. It involves one of Stan Sniff’s reputed executioners, Lt. Mark Bostrom. Everyone I have talked to on background and on the record described Bostrom’s behavior as that of a sadist and a jerk. Bostrom worked in internal affairs for years and used to say out loud, “Investigate to Terminate”. So you’d could imagine how Stan Sniff deploys this man.

Karen Birchard and a former Captain had a relationship. Bostrom wanted to nail the Captain to the wall (who ironically is not my source for this story). Stan Sniff wanted to hang the entire Thermal Station disaster on this Captain who was terminated but is in a hearing to get his job back. Sniff attempted to pin years of mismanagement on this Captain even though he was there only a fraction of the time. (The Thermal Station disaster was a multi-year rolling train wreck of investigative failures and case mismanagement)

I learned that the number of cases that fell through the cracks was not 3,000, it was less than 1,500 of which maybe 250-300 may have netted convictions according to anonymous interviews. The embarrassment and fear of this getting out was a likely nexus for Sheriff Sniff to dispatch Mr. “Investigate to Terminate” to the scene.

Deputy Birchard did not turn against the Captain in her personnel interview. (Other accounts indicated that she did indeed turn on the Captain) As a result of the testimony, it is alleged that Bostrom became enraged because of its’ impact on several people that Birchard is alleged to have had relationships with. Fast forward to recently with Bostrom now in charge of the training center and deputy Birchard coming to the center for routine training. Since the world of police is a small one, it was well-known that Birchard was having health issues (reputed to be from her pregnancy) and was on medication.

According to accounts, it looks like Bostrom made sure she got arrested. It remains to be seen if Birchard was even under the influence. (under the influence was the charge)

Ever wonder why deputies, investigators, retirees and the like are coming out of the woodwork to talk to me? This is the culture created by the tyrannical sheriff.

To be continued.

P.S. Please note that I told the story of the retired Lt’s suicide attempt for one specific reason, Stan Sniff’s cover-up of it. Being an officer/deputy is an extremely difficult job with extreme divorce rates and suicide rates. I personally will never know the stresses or rigors of being in law enforcement nor do I intend to make light of them.

However, I do recognize poor leadership. It is clear from the way Stan Sniff handled this situation that he did not care about the health and welfare of the retired Lt. Please further note that I did not Name the retired Lt on purpose. It is my intention to take down the regime of Stan Sniff and the retired Lt. deserves better than a Sheriff trying to cover up the maladies. As I sit here with 15+ years of sobriety, I certainly do have personal understanding of life issues. I hope the retired Lt. can get the help he needs to put his life back together.

A SAD UPDATE as of 2/16/2018 – The retired Lt. has died from the self-inflicted injuries.

  12 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: More on the deputy cheating scandal, cover-up of retired LT suicide attempt and the case of Lt Mark Bostrom Sniff hatchet man”

  1. Oh no you didn’t Right On Daily! You actually went after Sniff’s personal little hit man Bostrom! Let the deputies rejoice! That guy’s favorite line was “you aren’t the focus of this PERS but you will be of you don’t cooperate”. Bostrom sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls. Not surprising that he had a role in arresting a Deputy under questionable circumstances.

  2. If Stalin is like Hitler as this now infamous video implies, then Bostrom is the ugly SS Officer in the mustard colored uniform….


  3. It is common knowledge that Lt. Bostrom investigated to terminate, and that is why he lacks integrity and professionalism. He also had an affair with a dispatcher which caused his divorce. How long before he cheats on the dispatcher?

    I am surprised Sheriff Sniff didn’t bend the rules for him like Capt. C. Wexx…He wants to be a captain, but doesn’t have a degree. But when did the rules, being fair and just never applied to Sheriff Sniff.

    Also, when is POST going to verify Capt. C. Wexx training records when she was a sergeant, lieutenant and now captain. Can’t carry a gun because of the injuries she suffered in an off-duty accident in Oregon. Can stand or walk without a cane or assistance. The Las Vegas deputy shot will be dropped as soon as the election is done and there is no need to exploit him. FAVORTISIM by Sheriff Sniff has demoralized this Department.

  4. It sure seems like adultery is a requirement to be part of Sniff’s crew. Wow.

  5. Why else would he shoot his cheek off? Was he cleaning his gun? NO! And a “retired public servant that dedicated more than 30 years to public service,” should, A) know better than to get his mistress pregnant (and how about just being plain faithful to the one you married OR divorcing her before dipping your wick and pretending you’re thirty and flirty again), B) obey the law and don’t mistreat your spouse, and C) shoot to kill not injure. This isn’t his first indiscretion and only goes to show even FOS can break the law and get preferential treatment. There are so many who have been prosecuted and terminated for far less so let’s stop defending these idiots.

    There are noble men and women in this profession being gunned down. They deserve our respect not someone who reached the end of his career and decided to make an amusement park of his life, put responding deputies in harms way, and even suffer potential lawsuits due to the irresponsible way it was not handled the first time.

    As for Mark…always for himself and used his authority for personal gain, to flex his ego, or destroy careers because he could. One of those I thought kissed the right amount as he went up the ranks. Zero respect but knew to stay away from him because if you got in his crosshairs, you were in for a tumultuous career under his authorahtah.

  6. Stalin framed SheryDoyle for an incident that was never leaked.? he assumed control of the Department by illicit means. Sniff retire before I drop the info bomb, you might be charged.

  7. “Anonymous,” he has had long enough, drop the bomb. His narcissistic ego will not let him retire. It is time that everyone knows exactly what all of us inside the department already know.

  8. The least you can do is get the facts right, (NAME DELETED) – Guard didn’t have a relationship, she’s not pregnant, and perhaps he needs some help not criticism at this time, know the facts and not allow your personal vendetta to get in the way

  9. The affair with the court guard was the trigger for the suicide attempt. None of the sources I have spoken with until your comment have contested or contradicted this fact. I do agree that the Lt. needs help, and worse that the Sheriff could care less (other than trying to cover this up).

  10. Everyone knows that supervisors like Dave Adams Dave Smith John Shield Kevin Vest were all promising stuff to female Deputies for promotion…sex equals Cpl….look at Tessa Smith….a know nothing fool who makes first page. Did anyone punish these same guys for driving their patrol cars to out of county…yucca valley or out of beat…beaumont…to plow these women while on duty…nope. But everyone knew about it.

  11. Dont forget Dave Walton,
    dirty boy, using company car, lying, cheating, stealing public money by way of lying

  12. Bostrom – the man who looked me in the face and told me he has never violated dept policy. I personally know him as a kiss ass hatchet man myself. KABOOM

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