Jan 102021
Dear Fellow California Republican Party Delegates
Last Saturday I sent an open letter to the Board of Directors, asking them to hold an emergency meeting of the Board.  The purpose was to have the California Republican Party actually donate to the Recall effort.  Why?  Because the Chair Jessica Patterson had sent out numerous email blasts asking for money to defeat Gov. Gavin Newson, yet not a penny of the money donated for that reason has been given or used for the Recall effort.

I want to thank the members of the Board of the California Republican Party for their efforts in getting the Board meeting moved from January 21 to January 11.  This is very important since as of the 11th, we will have only 65 days to get the 1.5 million verified signatures to qualify the Recall.  In total, we will need 2 million.  It is doable (we are halfway to that goal)—we can defeat Gavin Newsom in the Spring of 2021 and elect a Governor who will not kill off jobs, church, education and our future.

To assure this happens, I URGE THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO ALLOW ALL DELEGATES TO OBSERVE THE BOARD MEETING VIA CONFERENCE CALL.  This has been done in the past, it is not anything new.  Too many very important decisions have to be made on January 11 and we have a right to know, firsthand how they were made.

The key January 11 Decisions:

  1.  Amount of money to be donated to Recall effort
  2. A Plan for major push for the 37,500 CRP volunteers to carry the petition (and finally getting their information to county parties?)
  3. A Plan for communication with all registered Republicans, via email, asking for their help in getting the petitions signed.

We also have a convention, scheduled for February 19-21.We know that cannot be a face to face convention. So we need the following decisions:

Section 2.02.02 reads:“(A) Notice of meetings of the Committee shall be in writing mailed either by electronic or conventional means to the last address of each delegate on file in the office of the Committee, mailing to be made at least 30 days prior to the date of such meetings.

Added to the above decisions to be made on January 11 are the following:

  1. The method/timing of the convention
  2. Registration fee, if any
  3. Method of elections
  4. Use of an independent organization to run the election
  5. Deadlines for filing as candidates

These are difficult times and decisions.  They affect our Party and our State.  We need transparency and accountability.  The meeting on January 11 could re-start the process of being transparent and accountable.

Leaders Lead. Will this happen on January 11th?
If you have any questions about this please call me at 805-795-1271. 

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Jan 092021
Dear Fellow California Republican Party Delegates
We have already seen the State Party and its Chair, Jessica Patterson send out numerous emails, asking for money.  Why?  Because Gov. Gavin Newsom is bad and he has to go.  We all agree with that.

But, as we found out not a dime has been donated to the Recall, which is actually working to gather petitions to end the reign of Gavin Newsom. I have challenged the Party Board of Directors and Chair Patterson to donate the money she has collected to defeat Newsom to the Recall, for a minimum of $100,000.

For many years some Past California Republican Party Chairs have railed against organizations that raise money for one cause, then spend it on another or don’t tell how they actually spent it.  As Chair I will spend the money on the projects I raise the money for, not a dime less.

In doing research (regarding the bait and switch dealing with Newsom and the Recall) I found a couple of other emails, both sent on December 7, 2020. One came in at 10:00am and the second at 2:00pm. Both requested money for saving the two Georgia Senate seats:

“Georgia needs our help. We’ve sent volunteers to help re-elect Senator Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue. Georgia is getting so much attention from the RADICAL Democrats so desperate to flip the Senate.
We have even more volunteers eager and ready to help secure these two victories in Georgia. The future of our country depends on these races.

Please contribute $50 to help us recruit volunteers to help in the Georgia runoffs. We need to do our part to make sure Republicans maintain control of the Senate.”

The other, sent four hours later had the exact same language.

I have checked the California Republican Party’s campaign finances. My research shows that the CAGOP has not given a dime to the Georgia Republican Party, either of the two Republican Senate candidates, the McConnell Majority PAC or the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Now it is too late to donate to help elect two Republican Senators. As a reminder, a complaint was filed against Mike Madrid, a CRP delegate, who endorsed Joe Biden for President. Chair Patterson did not even have a motion to censure him, much less abide by the by-laws and throw him out of the Party.  Why do I bring that up now?  Because of this, from Nov. 17, 2020. Here Mike Madrid explains how HE is going to defeat the two Republicans in Georgia. See it at the 20:00 minute mark of the interview.

Patterson is protecting Madrid and those trying to defeat Republicans. She raises money by proclaiming the need to win in Georgia. What happens to the money? It does not go to Georgia for the Republican Senators nor to defeat the Democrats including Mike Madrid and his Lincoln Project. What happened to “Taking the Fight to the Democrats?”

Is this the leadership we need going into 2022?  We need to reform the GOP.

If you raise money for a cause, give the money to the cause.  If a Republican official supports a Democrat for partisan office and works to defeat Republicans, they should immediately put outside the Party—not allowed to use their Party titles and status to harm Republican candidates.

Now it is too late to donate to help elect two Republican Senators. As a reminder, a complaint was filed against Mike Madrid, a CRP delegate, who endorsed Joe Biden for President. Chair Patterson did not even have a motion to censure him, much less abide by the by-laws and throw him out of the Party.  Why do I bring that up now?  Because of this, from Nov. 17, 2020. Here Mike Madrid explains how HE is going to defeat the two Republicans in Georgia. See it at the 20:00 minute mark of the interview.  https://www.stitcher.com/show/the-lincoln-project/episode/explained-georgia-senate-runoffs-79512734

As Party Chair I will represent Republicans. As party Chair I will demand and enforce accountability and transparency in all of our actions.

Stephen Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

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Jan 052021
Blogger’s Note: This decimates the narrative being put out by the re-election campaign of Jessica Patterson. She is attempting to get people to selectively focus on just a few things while ignoring the brutal reality. It is an important read.

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Tom Campbell: Republicans Shouldn’t Pretend California Is Experiencing A GOP Resurgence
Sadly some who consider themselves leaderstry to take credit for things they did not do or were actually opposed to. For instance: the Los Angeles Times ran thisheadline, “Column: Theleader of California’s Republican Party has a strategy for success: Nevermention Trump”, on March 2, 2019.

The good news is that the winning California congressional candidates ignored her, as they openly endorsed President Trump and won.

While telling candidates to ignore Trump, she was protecting the founders of the Lincoln Project who are delegates to the California Republican Party.  She opposed the mention of Trump, but by her silence and inaction, supported the several CRP delegates that openly supported Joe Biden.

Just like the L.A. Times story from last week, showing how strategy and policy won these races, Congressman Tom Campbell shows the unique situation where the DEMOCRATS hurt themselves by putting Prop. 16 on the ballot, assured GOP victories.

There are several important statements in this article. It shows that Jessica Patterson is trying to take credit for something she had nothing to do with. The most egregious example is Jessica taking credit for 624,000 Republican registrations while Chair—without noting that she had NO voter registration program for two years and the registrations came from the DMV “Motor Voter” program.

Here are some key statements from the OC Register article by former Congressman Tom Campbell:

  1. One of the congressional races was in the Central Valley, where Republican David Valadao won back the seat he lost to TJ Cox in the Democratic landslide of 2018. Both elections were decided by less than a point. A fair interpretation of that outcome would be that the heavily Hispanic district based on an agricultural economy remains a toss-up. The 2018 election went Democratic by 962 votes; the 2020 election went Republican by 1,522 votes. This race hardly indicates a broader rebound for the GOP in California.
  2. Neither do the other Republican Congressional pick-ups provide evidence of a Republican resurgence. In Orange County, incumbent, first-term Democratic congressmembers lost when they were running against Asian American Republicans, but won otherwise. The Asian American vote was particularly energized by the presence of Proposition 16 on the ballot which threatened to give the University of California the power to admit or deny admission to students based on their race. Asian Americans are 15 percent of California’s population but 36 percent of UC admissions. Every other major ethnic group’s representation at UC is lower than its statewide population. It was obvious to the Asian American population that Prop. 16 was a direct threat to their children’s opportunity to go to a UC campus.
  3. Properly understood, therefore, the outcome of the congressional elections in Orange County was not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but an artifact of the landslide rejection of Proposition 16.
  4. In contests for the State Legislature, Democrats gained two state Senate seats while losing one Assembly seat. This is hardly an argument that the GOP is surging in California. The Democrats grew their control of the California Senate from 72.5 percent to 77.5 percent, while accepting a slight drop from 76.25 percent of the Assembly to 75 percent.
  5.  If Republicans consider that outcome in the California Legislature a victory, they are engaged in massive self-deception.

I’ve talked for years about how we need to accept where we are as a Party. The “Back to Basics” approach is quite literally accepting where we are, figuring out why we are where we are, and doing something about it. Celebrating re-taking 4 of 7 lost seats in Congress, a fluke of Prop 16 in the Assembly, while ignoring a net loss  in the legislature is not an honest assessment of where the CAGOP really is. We won’t survive doing the same exact thing again from 2021-2022.

The pillars of my campaign for Chairman of the CAGOP are simple, rebuild county parties, register voters and focus on getting them to the polls. As of right now, I am aware of 17 County Parties with 6 or less elected members. When combined with a net loss of 1,200,000 voters, should set off alarm bells in every like-minded activist for the Republican Party.

For years, we have been told to focus only on things that pay people’s salaries to the detriment of the fundamentals of party building. This needs to stop, otherwise Tom Campbell’s piece in 2022 will say the same thing all over again with even smaller numbers in all areas of state government.

I am providing answers and solutions for the CAGOP, this is why I am running for CAGOP Chairman. Steve Frank, candidate for California Republican Party Chair.

Steve Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

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Jan 032021
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California Republican Party: Get Active in the Recall of Gavin Newsom
An Open Letter To The Board of Directors of the California Republican Party

I am requesting that you exercise your authority under Section 2.05.03 (B) and write a letter to the CRP Chair asking her to call a meeting to immediately support the Recall of Governor Gavin Newson.  It only takes 8 Board Members to write to Jessica Patterson and request that she call a meeting of the Board.  She then has 14 days to call a Board Meeting.

Republican volunteers across our state have gatherer over 800,000 signatures to Recall Gavin Newsom.  Since that time, one major donor has donated $500,000 to the effort and another has donated $100,000.  To date, the CRP has donated NOTHING!  This is in spite of the fact that the CRP has been sending email donation requests to the grassroots asking for donations to support the recall.

Gavin Newsom needs to be recalled and the CRP needs to participate in that effort.

1.  I request that the CRP immediately donate to the recall effort at least the amount of money it has received
from its recall solicitation emails and texts.

2.  I request that the CRP immediately send a letter to its entire house file with a recall petition and instructions on how to fill out the recall petition.

3.  I request that the CRP immediately contribute a minimum amount to at least match the $100,000 donation that the recall recently received.

The CRP leadership has bragged about how much money it has raised.  Now it is time to put that money to work.  Gavin Newsom needs to be recalled and the CRP needs to put its money where its mouth is.


Steve Frank
CRP Delegate

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Dec 212020

The game is afoot. It is clear that Jessica Patterson and team are in full gear. While they publicly say they are “doing well” their actions suggest otherwise:

I’ve been told that at least one Steve Frank supporter (who was a nominee for office and has delegate appointments) has been yelled at for endorsing Steve Frank.

In San Mateo County, Luis Buhler who is an attorney, is attempting to bully the members on that committee in to letting him change the rules so he can unseat the Chairman of San Mateo County. (I wish Buhler would put that kind of effort in to winning elections) At issue is a candidate that failed to make the runoff. The candidate is not considered a nominee and they are claiming that the State Party rule takes precedence over the County Party Bylaws. They are wrong. This is standard stuff with attorneys in politics and the main reason I treat them with contempt when they do attorney things.

It took until late last week, but I finally received reports that Jessica Patterson was actually calling people to solicit support.

A couple of failed nominees for office have been coerced in to supporting Patterson despite what was done to them. More on that later.

Patterson claimed the endorsements of people that had not signed endorsements for her when she sent her original email (this is a typical 90’s era consultant trick). More on that soon. She also claimed endorsements from a County Chairman that is moving out of state.

Patterson and crew attempted to recruit an opponent for a CRP Board Member who is a known conservative that supports Steve Frank. In the race for Chair of the County Chairs, they did indeed get an opponent for Lani Kane of Lake County.

I am also aware that Legislative leadership were and are pressuring members to tow the line and fall in for Patterson. I am not sure how those tactics engender loyalty or passionate support – but this is again another of the hallmarks of 90’s era political consultants.

I am expecting that the threats, games, intimidation, manipulation and such will intensify after the first of the year. Despite their public spin, the establishment knows they have a fight on their hands trying to get Jessica Patterson and her record of failure re-elected.

This brings me to the Convention Itself. The CAGOP By-Laws stipulate a 30-day advance notice. Note that Jessica Patteron has purged the entire CAGOP staff, save one person. This means that the current staff are all compliant to the current “leadership” of the party. As such, it is impossible to see their actions as anything but sanctioned by the party leaders to be.

The Staff of the CAGOP (also called CRP) have not sent out any details about the convention that is supposed to be from Feb 19-21. This is unprecedented, as it has been typical for the convention to be noticed and announced months in advance.

Why could this be? It is simple. Jessica Patterson can not win re-election without a Proxy drill. 44% of her votes came via proxy in 2019. I did an expose, but in short it was 259 out of 548.

As it stands right now, Sacramento County is locked down due to newsolini’s COVID edicts. Even before getting locked down, Sac County was still under a 50 person gathering restriction. Secondly, the State Party By-Laws mandate that the election convention is in Sacramento County.

It appears that they are hoping against hope that the convention will be able to be in person and as such are waiting until the last minute to put the official details out as they hold faint hopes they can do an in person convention to enable proxy voting. This is how you abuse incumbency.

Jessica and Crew should know that Steve Frank and crew are prepared to deal with any contingency – even as I call out the current CAGOP staff and “leadership” for playing games with the convention details. Team Frank will run a superior proxy drill if need and if it is a virtual convention with mail ballots, we will perform well there.

A second key issue – The election was certified on Dec 11, 2020. As of the writing of this blog Dec 21, 2020 no nominees have received any communication from the state party regarding their eligible appointments. It is the opinion of this blogger that this is being done in an attempt to give the team of the current chairwoman lead time to contact these people and is also being done in order to enable attempts to confuse would be appointers. My guess is that the forms will be timed to arrive between Christmas and New Year’s in order to increase the chances that some of the more distant or disconnected nominees will miss the form to make their appointments. This is not the behavior of a confident team.

BTW – I’ve gotten several reports that staffers have been calling delegates whose appointments are expiring to see if they are being re-appointed, they are doing this before the forms have even been sent. Once again, abusing the resources of the party and incumbency.

Patterson’s crew know that a Virtual Convention with Ballots By Mail present a variety of problems. The level of difficulty goes up getting people to fill out and mail their ballots. Proxies allow direct control of the votes, and are very easy to obtain. On the other hand, mail ballots are secret and allow people to vote their conscience and not what they are told to do. Controlling an outcome with a rigged process is a 1990’s era consultant mainstay. Persuading real party activists would be healthy and productive for the party and is an enathma to the same group.

I am going to use this blog to put all of the insider machinations out in to public view as sunlight is the antiseptic to control agents that have shredded the party. Remember, we have written that the people behind Jessica Patterson have hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) riding on keeping her in office. They will do pretty much anything to protect that – and note we do not even know the election process or how the votes will be counted. Pay attention to all the details, they are critical.