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Read Jackson Hinkle in your own words:


Borders are unjust. Got that?

Note how he only mentions Left-Wing governments needing to be “protected” from America – including the revenge filled government of South Africa who are exterminating White Farmers and seizing their assets. Perhaps little Jacky needs to go to South Africa to experience how they are retaliating against White people for the sins of the past.

Little Jacky is reputed to have taken a knee at his high school graduation as well.

He reminds me of David Hogg, the mentally unstable egomaniac that was catapulted to national fame by the national media after a school shooting. Perhaps this is how Mr. Hinkle sees himself.

Now I get why other groups are supporting this guy, he is an empty shirt they think they can control. They will learn the hard way if this guy gets elected that he is a disaster and will go on an ego-fueled rampage. (This is what the hard left or hard right do when they get real power)

Young Mr. Hinkle (he is 20, despite photos attempting to make him look older) should also be sent to china to see what Communism is really like. (Especially the concentration camps)

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  5 Responses to “SAN CLEMENTE UPDATE: Just who is Jackson Hinkle Anyway? Why is National Dem Money Pouring In To Him? (Hint: He Boycotted July 4th)”

  1. So all of your Gene James stories are giving the Jackson people something to crow about. YOU are helping to elect Jackson – YOU.

    Blogger’s Note: There are other candidates running that are neither the commie nor the crook. Gene James is to blame for Gene James’ choices. Jackson Hinkle is 20 years old and does not know why he believes the crap coming out of his mouth.

  2. Oh where do I start? Borders are defined for a reason, to quote Robert Frost,”Good fences make good neighbors.” When the first migrant caravan arrived at our border, the mayor of Tijuana was pissed because when the migrants arrived in his city, home invasions went though the roof. Granted not every migrant was involved in the home invasions, but they wonder why we don’t want these specific migrants in our country. But of course Jackson knew this right?

    And what do you think will happen if we have open borders like Jackson wants? Yes the poor, the tired and huddled masses will take advantage of it, but so will the criminals and the cartels. So does it really make any sense to protest ICE when they are the ones that are making sure we are safe from criminals.

    And Jackson wants to give away the $15 billion we spend on border security to unstable countries like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Valenzuela, you got to be kidding me. And how is little Jackson gonna make sure the leaders of these unstable countries spend the money on the people and infrastructure and not on their own militia to remain in power? The only way to make sure the money goes to better the lives of the people in these desperate countries is to have an occupation force of U.S. troops present to make sure the money goes where it need to go. But Jackson knew this right?

    Aaron is not helping Gene James, or Jackson Hinkle, he is pointing out their shortcomings and how they are unfit for office.

  3. The comment says he celebrated the 4th. That’s not boycotting it… You should revise your headline for accuracy.

    Blogger’s Note: Stay Tuned, there’s more.

  4. Jackson Hinkle has clearly stated that he made some statements and actions about public policy that he no longer believes. Man enough to say it. The other candidate, Gene James continues to bully people and accept money from TCA supporters including OCGOP.

    Blogger’s Note: One does not go to an #OCCUPYICE event on 7-4-2019 and then become a supporter of law enforcement in time to run for city council.

  5. Blogger’s Note: (Please note Christina Setler is on your ballot)

    Mothers of SC is right!

    There has been a lot said about Gene James and this site has done Gene no favors with his campaign. Gene has lived in SC for about three years (Carpet-Bagger) and has established himself by threatening the homeless. That’s his major platform “Build a Safer San Clemente” code for eliminating the homeless. Gene’s brash behavior at North Beach (Car Fumes For A Cause) has touched the hearts of many good “Christian” people in San Clemente who love hating the homeless and that includes homeless Vietnam Vets who served this great country proudly. Gene was screaming at the homeless while fumes from his truck infiltrated the Vietnam Vets tent. Nice Guy!

    I do understand some of their frustrations as I have been accosted by the homeless in San Clemente, and I had my car broken into twice. So, initially I sort of liked what I heard about Gene but after reading your website and seeing with my own eyes Genes shocking trail of debt, deceit, tax liens, judgments, lawsuits, homophobic behavior, racists comments, cheating on wives, choking people out, swindling multiple woman out of money and carrying a gun to an HOA meeting, I decided to look at the other candidates.

    I’m a Republican, can’t we get a better candidate?

    I went to the two public forums and got to know a little about each candidate except Christina Selter as she has been MIA for both Forums and she has not shown up at the farmers market like the other candidates. If someone cares about our community they participate in the forums and show up at the farmers market to talk to members of the community.

    The forums are great because the candidates have to be quick on their feet when asked a question. I liked D. Coleman at first he is an actual entrepreneur without all the baggage that Gene has and he seems like someone who is reasonable. The one bad impression I had with him was he didn’t seem to be very prepared and kept saying he has a plan, but gave no real specifics on his plans. In addition, if someone is dumb enough to advertise car discounts for votes he is also off my list.

    Then there is Mickey McLaine, nice guy, no new ideas, and has admitted to doing nothing to help the city of San Clemente but he is better than Gene, he is honest and very humble.

    Now I’m down to the “Socialist”, I met with Jackson Hinkle at the Farmers Market and asked him specifically about the issues in San Clemente and how he plans to help. There has been so much misinformation about this candidate it’s ridiculous. Yes, he posted some things I don’t agree with when he was 17 but this is a really nice young man who cares about the community and does have some good ideas. The fact that he is 20 now gives me hope for our future.

    His opponents say he wants a homeless shelter here in San Clemente. He made it clear to me that he does not want a homeless shelter here in San Clemente. He said, “We are the last city in Orange County, we don’t have a hospital, the homeless should be placed in shelters north of San Clemente.” He went on to say the county has hundreds of millions of dollars that they have been holding onto and we need to put pressure on them for a solution. Ultimately, Jackson won’t be making the final decision on where the homeless people get set up as he will be one of 5 people on City Council.

    He is the only candidate that wants to eliminate the TCA (Toll Roads). San Clemente has spent millions on attorneys fees fighting the toll roads. Let’s get together with the other cities and eliminate the TCA and stop paying attorneys so much of our budget. No other candidate has mentioned eliminating the TCA. Maybe for good reason. Gene is tied into that Bieber guy who as you know has strong ties to the TCA. Bieber will deny working as a consultant for them but he did.

    Jackson has met with several senators and congressmen to shed light on our issue with nuclear waste. He has even flown to DC and spoke on CSpan to congress. Has Gene done anything? NO! Maybe he can back his truck up on the nuclear site and get rid of it with his fumes. Has D done anything, Mickey or Christina? NO! I want someone who is passionate about our town and willing reach out beyond SC to get help.

    His opponents say he hates the police. Yes, he did have some posts a few years ago that I didn’t agree with but he did a ride-along with the police since then and now has a different view. He wants to work with other South Orange County cities to bring back a police force to San Clemente. He says if we share the resources with other cities we could have our own city police force and they would enforce the laws we have in San Clemente. Currently, the Sheriff’s department does not enforce our city laws and apparently, the sheriff’s contract is one of the largest expenditures we have as a city and according to Jackson, it’s going up every year by something like $800K. Gene is endorsed by the sheriff’s department so if we vote him in our contracts will continue to escalate.

    He also mentioned that he started a community energy program to lower energy bills for individuals and businesses throughout San Clemente. The more I talked to Jackson the more I liked him.

    For Thomas Baker above Hinkle can do nothing about our borders on the SC City Council. In fact, most of the negative stuff written about him is either false or manipulated wording by some guy named Anthony “Machette” Rubollino or by Gene’s friend Bieber, (Not Justin) can’t remember his first name. By the number of posts, and videos that Anthony does on Hinkle I think he might have some sort of man crush. It’s pretty creepy how he goes to all the city council meetings and presents why you should not vote for Hinkle. It’s also pathetic because there are usually only 5 or 6 people in the room when he does it.

    Until you get a good moderate republican Hinkle has my vote. Hey worst-case scenario he is a disaster and he gets one year in office and we all vote him out, including me. Everyone has to remember that there are four other council members that can reign Hinkle in if necessary. I do like his passion and I want to encourage someone his age to stay active in their communities. Vote Hinkle! If you don’t agree with me make sure you vote for Mickey, just not Mean Gene James.

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