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Your Intrepid Blogger filed an FPPC Complaint against Bill Brough that was validated and is being investigated. In it, I detailed over 100 instances of violations. Bill Brough believes that the rules don’t apply to him. We’ve detailed incidences of Bill Brough abusing women. These are some of the ways Bill Brough and Gene James are the same.

They also both appear to project their bad behavior on to others, live double-lives and are extremely image conscious.

[WE] Met on Match.com in 2004, Gene represented himself as divorced.  He was not divorced but was separated from 1st wife Jane. It was a very verbally violent relationship with his wife, Jane.  He could be heard screaming and swearing at her whenever there was interaction.  He had a very distant and strained relationship with his sons, as they were supportive of their mother. [I] Found a court judgment document under the seat in his company car, showing a judgment against him in the amount of $50,000+ from AVI Food Systems (his past employer). [I] Discovered that he had not paid taxes, Federal or State since 2001.  He refused to pay.  He tried to buy a large TV and stand in 2004 and was unable to qualify for the credit card.  Creditors were calling and sending letters.  Gene had defaulted on several credit cards.  I loaned him $25000 to pay off the creditors.

Let’s unpack this. I know the witness, have contact info and have spoken to them.

#1 This witness corroborated the two judgments against him from the former Employer AVI. (Ironic considering he talks about Fiscal Responsibility)

#2 She corroborates his abusive pattern. (Ironic considering he talks about being an expert witness related to violent crime)

Note that when I checked his website two weeks ago Gene James had not talked about his three children on his website. I think I know why. Even now, I’ve yet to see any recent pictures of Gene James with his children. Perhaps I should interview them, if they will talk to me. It is rather unusual for a candidate to not have family photos on their website. This suggests that Gene James was likely distant from his kids due to his treatment of them and the nature of the divorce with their mother.

This former Girlfriend of James indicated to me that she had to get an attorney involved and she managed to only get a $12,000 settlement out of court which was a fraction of what James took from her. We will continue her story in a bit, but suffice to say here is some more:

CA State Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101 (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Filed 08/27/2007 – Court Case# 2007-0566939

Judgment against Gene James, 3360 (Redacted) Dr., #1014, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $24,624.40

The San Clemente Firefighters have endorsed a 20 Year Old Communist that Hates the police: Jackson Hinkle. Gene James and Jackson Hinkle. What the hell is wrong with San Clemente?

Gene James has been endorsed by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. I will lay odds they are somewhat embarrassed right about now. Regardless of Gene James’ explanations – his LIFE PATTERN of Civil Judgements and Tax Liens (8 Total – who relates to this?) suggest that he is incapable of managing money. He has zero business being in office  or any position of authority.

Regardless of what Gene James may say in response to all of the complaints about his verbally and physically abusive behavior, in order to believe Gene James, you have to discount several complaints from several victims going back 15 years (sounds like Bill Brough, huh?) in order to dismiss the pattern. We’ve got photos, videos, public records and the Orange County GOP is asleep at the switch once again with a still active endorsement of this disaster.

You can’t make this stuff up, just like you can’t make up the Bill Brough Stuff. Anyone that seeks to minimize this stuff because of fixation on other issues is part of the problem. While I am not a trained mental health professional, I believe I am looking at the life pattern of a “Malignant Narcissist” or a soicopath. I am of the belief that Gene James is very image conscious and carefully scripts the public image he wants others to have of him. It did not take a ton of research to unearth the public records about Gene James. Once I started writing about him, people have come out of the woodwork.

This suggests that the political people around Gene James could have done background on him and found everything I did easily. The OCGOP needs to abandon this guy and apologize to the community for their mistake. The Democrats should do the same as it relates to the train wreck they recruited:

Got it? Hinkle opposed hiring more cops (See Also Oppress and Kill People) and thinks Homeless people should be left alone. This is the extreme opposite of the behavior I have complained about and is equally as wrong.

Between Gene James and Jackson Hinkle, I think San Clemente has gone insane and should be Quarrantined.

To be continued… Perhaps you want to show up to Gene James’ Meet and Greet tonight and ask him yourself about the public records and documented cases of abuse. I guarantee you he will be able to complete a sentence without prompting unlike Jackson Hinkle. What a choice… the abusive Gene James or the communist Jackson Hinkle. (There are other candidates running by the way)

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  2 Responses to “Part 2: Bill Brough and Gene James – Birds of a Corrupt, Abusive Feather. The Orange County GOP Endorsed an Abusive Tax Cheat Who Does Not Pay His Bills (While the Democrats are Pushing a 20 Year Old Cop Hating Communist)”

  1. This ex-girlfriend Diane Parker?
    Your sources suck.

    Blogger’s Note: Public Records Confirm Everything. That Sucks For Your Guys.

  2. I would call Gene James a tool, but a tool can useful to fix something, but not this buffoon. I just wonder if he has anything left from his military pension after all the divorces and judgements filed against him. Maybe that’s why Gene James looking to go into politics to enrich himself.

    But little Jackson is another story all together. The more cops you have on the street, the more crime goes down. And I am quoting a study by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. Police are empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect citizens and their property, the prevention of crime and powers of arrest. So what part of the law does Jackson not understand? And this guy is actually running for city council.

    She me people are homeless due to financial hardships. Some people are homeless due to mental health issues (some of which will never be curable), and some people are homeless due to drug and alcohol addiction. Did Jackson ever think that maybe the cop on the beat was parked there to make sure the citizens in the area were safe from crime. With homeless comes drug related crimes, theft related crimes, burglaries and assaults. Granted not every homeless person is a criminal, but instead of blaming the cops Jackson needs to thank them for making sure the neighborhood he’s in was safe because of the cop parked there.

    Whoever is running the GOP in Orange County should be relieved of their duties for being “Felony Stupid” for endorsing mutants like these. Same thing with the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, and the Lincoln Club of Orange County. No wonder the GOP is in chaos.

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