Feb 182021

The logo is hysterical. But the voting system itself is secure

I am 100% convinced that the Staff of the CAGOP is in on it. It is what it is. I also had a private session with the election vendor who made several statements in the meeting suggesting he had been breifed by the staff before the meeting what to expect from “Our Side”.

We’ve laid out a ton of games being played and some grotesque violations of Party By-Laws. So let’s start with some facts:

Tehama County – 2 dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Glenn County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Yuba County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder.

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Unlike President Trump, we are laying out our evidence of fraud and cheating BEFORE the convention and making specific requests of the governing bodies to deal with the fraud.

Then there is Modoc County which was crushed by the CAGOP’s staff. 7 votes ripped out of the Steve and Laurie Wallace Column.

There is no guarantee that the CAGOP’s Proxies and Credentials Committee – that were all appointed by Jessica Patterson will rule in any manner that makes legal sense. They could very well make a political ruling. There is no telling how the complaints will be resolved.

If that 18+7 = 25 votes issue is not enough, consider this scenario that I ran by the election vendor:

The CAGOP’s By-laws require people to be present with no proxies at the Northern Region Caucus (or any other). With on-line voting, there is nothing stopping David Stafford Reade from paying the dues and registrations of all the staffers that normally give proxies only and then logging in to the Northern Region Caucus on multiple computers – thus circumventing the by-law mandating in person attendance.

I got the vendor to admit to me that people could forward their secret link to anyone else to use. This means 10 people could cast 100 votes in the Northern Region Caucus meeting and re-elect Deborah Wilder. 

This violates the in person rule.

This violates the 2 proxies per person rule.

This is also grossly unethical.

Fraudulent Counties. 1 Man 10 votes. This is how you rig an election.

If I’ve thought of this, you can make bank the bullies rampaging around the north state have demanded people forward them their links with which to vote and have it all lined up.

I am going to say one thing at the end here. The election software is secure and solid. I am not worried about that part.

I am concerned about the above scenario, on top of the cheating we’ve uncovered already and the fact that I have been getting negative reports about the voting system’s training seminars. Most people have not been happy with the system at all and do not find it easy or straightforward to use.

Now multiply this by 10 and you have the chair election on Sunday. This what I think and why and since I know the people involved and the ghastly amount of money riding on the election, I put nothing past them.

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  One Response to “How The Establishment Will Try to Rig The Re-Election of Deborah Wilder and Perhaps Jessica Patterson (Beyond the Fraudulent Delegates)”

  1. The use of mass mail in ballots was a big part of the fraud and anyone could see it coming away. Too bad that wuss, John Roberts didn’t care. This led to the late night harvesting that mirrored what happened in California in 2018 (as well as Broward and Palm Beach County in Florida that same year). So goes Cali…

    Why is Dominion a safe system? Because they said so? Because the media said so? They are as secure and solid as a key stored in Jello. Nobody can defend them in good faith.

    But there are no connections to Democrat politicians and affiliated groups. How absurd!


    The good news is, you can at least play Pac Man on their machines (This was on a Sequoia, which was acquired by Dominion in June 2010, two months before this video was made).


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