Feb 182021

Former State Senator Andy Vidak and Joel Anderson told people calling them raging on them to pound sand.

Did you know that legislators all over the state are losing their minds on their delegates? We detailed how Randy Voepel and Marie Waldron set fire to long time supporters to rig their delegations for Jessica Patterson.

Now – we understand that Ted Gaines (Who is finally in his last office and will be termed out soon) who normally does not care about things CRP has been trying to get his delegates in to a zoom meeting.

Jim Patterson’s Cheif of Staff has been calling and trying to strong-arm delegates.

But Jessica Patterson is winning. I took an email she sent today memorializing the humiliation of the withdrawl of Rule 5 – the Faulconer Jam Down By-Law Change.

Dear CAGOP Delegate,

I’m writing to provide an important update regarding a discussion I just had with Sacramento County GOP Chairwoman Betsy Mahan. As you know, Chairwoman Mahan submitted a bylaw change proposal intended to ensure that the California Republican Party could make a candidate endorsement (ahem Faulconer) in the Newsom Recall election.

While I believe this proposal was well-intentioned a sham to ensure that our party could take an official position for Kevin Faulconer who desperately needed the party infrastructure as we work to remove the worst governor in state history from office, the unintended consequence is that it was dividing us at a time when nothing is more important than being unified and focused on making sure the recall qualifies for the ballot. Accordingly, I have asked Chairwoman Mahan to withdraw her proposed bylaw change, and she has graciously agreed to do so because my campaign for re-election was getting shredded due to the game-playing.

We got caught. Sorry not sorry. We’ll try another trick later to complete the sale of the GOP to Faulconer.

As we gather this weekend, let us continue the critical work of helping qualify the recall effort, holding Gavin Newsom and his radical allies accountable and offering a strong, unified Republican vision that will continue our important work building our party. We’ve been very successful during the last two years, but we have much more to do.

Thank you for your commitment to the California Republican Party because I don’t care. I look forward to seeing you virtually this weekend and taking the fight to Gavin Newsom and the Democrats. Maybe we will drop another 3 legislative seats in 2022? Who knows?


Jessica Patterson is having a rough time of it. I think the whole Oligarchy of Controlled Failure was not expecting Steve Frank to run so strong against them.

And they got the Attorney involved too. Sounds like a forest fire.

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