Ted Gaines is Running Scared Already

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Nov 292011

Les Baugh. Have you heard of him?

You will soon – he is a Supervisor from Anderson, CA in Shasta County.

He is running against Ted Gaines for State Senate.

Ted Gaines is taking Les Baugh seriously – as Ted Gaines and Sssssteve Davey are going to places Ted has never seen before for public appearances.

This is the same Ted Gaines that can’t drive 2 miles to a Placer County Republican Party event – who is now showing up in Redding and Yreka (hint – 4.5 Hours north on I-5) because he wants something.

Sssssteve Davey does too – for his paycheck to continue.

Maybe Ted Gaines will crawl out long enough to try and mend fences with all the people he’s irritated over the years in Placer County in order to get re-elected? (Somewhere, Bruce Kranz is saying “I told you so”.)

I am not holding my breath waiting for Ted Gaines to do the right thing – all I have to do is look at the liberal Republican he appointed to the local Central Committee to see where his heart really is. (but, that is a subject for another post later)

Look for Ted Gaines to go another $200-250k in the hole on this campaign, it seems to be his style. Perfect fiscal Conservative, eh?

Oct 232011

CA-02 (Herger) – Herger has three primary opponents. Herger will be entering his 30th year in Congress next year and does not appear to be in serious jeopardy yet. He will be forced to actually do some campaigning and spend some money, however.

Expect Herger to retire after this term to hand the seat off to Doug LaMalfa in 2014.

CA-04 (McClintock) – The RINO challenge has not materialized with the Consultants coalescing behind Liberal Republican supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann in the CA-03 race. Vann uses the same consultant as McClintock’s rumored opponent – who decided to stay in his own, new district.

CA SD01 (No One) – Ted Gaines has not moved yet. He will. He will also be left to deal with Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh. Baugh announced last weekend.

CA SD04 – (LaMalfa) gets a free ride and does not have to run for re-election until 2014 (see the note above). He can spend the next 2+ years continuing his jihad against Rick Keene supporters, or doing something useful for the citizens of California… his choice.

CA AD-01 (No One) – Dan Logue Moved to Lake Wildwood. He is the prohibitive favorite. For some strange reason, Redding City Councilmember Rick Bosetti decided to enter the race. Dumb. (Even worse when you consider that Logue only has 2 years left before Prop 34 ends his tenure)

CA AD-05 (No One) – Rico Oller is running for his last term. Kevin Hanley and Ray Nutting endorsed Rico Oller. Country-Club Liberal Republican Frank Bigelow apparently missed the memo and is continuing to run (while talking about open borders and tax increases to pay for high speed rail).

CA AD-06 (Beth Gaines) – As of now, it is Beth Gaines only. No known opponents. This district is very compact and relatively easy to cover. It includes, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Loomis, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park. That’s it.

We will have plenty to do next year in Placer.

Oct 142011

You did not hear it here first. I just have friends all over Northern California – some of whom are friends of Les Baugh. Les Baugh is a Shasta County Supervisor that announced his candidacy for State Senate.

Since this seat is new and Gaines will have to move – this is effectively a primary battle for an open seat.

This is all in the backdrop of the referendum against the map abortion perpetrated by the “citizens” (owned by unions) redistricting committee. So, there is a real possibility this fight may not happen – however, previous maps had Placer and Shasta still in the same SD.

Les Baugh is well-respected in the North State and is an assistant pastor of the Second-Largest congregation in Shasta County in the town of Anderson.

From Bruce Ross of the Redding Record-Searchlight:

Les Baugh has an announcement to make

I got some feedback about Baugh’s announcement today from a CRA friend in Shasta County:

Today’s introduction of Les Baugh was quite spiritual and patriotic.

Emotion. Not Ted Gaines’ strong suit.

That being said, Ted Gaines is still the prohibitive favorite – but Gaines has burnt even more bridges since his successful run against Roger Niello. For starters – there are hundreds of John Allard supporters who feel betrayed.

There is a laundry list of people that have helped Ted Gaines and have gotten nothing but a gluten-free mess sandwich in return. (See also Beth and Ted abstaining rather than endorsing Dan Logue at the Placer GOP Cent Com level for example…)

It will be a race – but don’t know how far Les Baugh will get in that tilt, but maybe it will force Ted Gaines to start mending some fences?

Aug 162011

You can’t predict tomorrow – especially if the Unions and their whores in the media come out fangs bared to stop a referendum.

Here are the final Districts in Placer:

SD04 – LaMalfa has Roseville and Western Placer.

SD01 – Ted Gaines is moving and has the rest of Placer all the way up to Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta. Ted Gaines wins, get over it – even if the unions, RINO’s et. al. come after Gaines.

AD06 – Beth Gaines has Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Penryn, Loomis, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.

Beth Gaines is in serious debt from her recent race – there is some question with the new districts if the “third house” is going to give much to Republicans since it seems that soon they will be completely irrelevant in state government. Will Beth draw a Republican Opponent in this +20 district?

AD05 – this is the State-Level District that will breed the fireworks in Placer. First off – this district has Newcastle and Auburn in it from Placer. It has ElDorado minus Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills + all of Amador, Calaveras, Alpine, Mono, Toulumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties in it.

The rumored candidates as I understand them are El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, Auburn City Councilmeber Kevin Hanley and Madera County Supervisor Frank Bigelow.

I know Nutting and Hanley well – I do not know Bigelow at all.

AD-01 – Dan Logue has moved in to Nevada County. This is his race to lose. The RINO’s and the Labor Unions are rumored to be looking over some Shasta County liberals like Stan Statham (who is now a DTS) to run against Logue.

CD-04 – with a recent Bee article, this district that takes in 90% of Placer and stretches down the foothills to rural Fresno County is McClintock Country – but the Bee stated emphatically that Dan Lungren could move in to the district and take on McClintock.

If that happens – it will be Ose V. McClintock on steroids. I predict that should Lungren run against McClintock, it will be national news all the way to the wire.

CD-01 – Herger. This takes in roughly 10% of Placer and goes all the way to Siskiyou. Herger wins.

Situation Normal.

Jan 062011

Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens

Endorses John Allard for Assembly

Roseville –State Assembly candidate John Allard announced today he has the endorsement of Placer County District Attorney Scott Owens. Allard is running in the 4th Assembly District.

“I am honored to have the support of Scott Owens,” said Allard. “Scott has prosecuted some of the most violent and volatile offenders in our region, and we should be grateful for his work in making Placer County safer.”

Scott Owens took the reigns of Placer County District Attorney from longtime DA Brad Fenocchio earlier this year. Owens has served in the Placer County District Attorney’s office since 1990. His peers chose him as “Prosecutor of the Year” in 1998 following the successful prosecution of a high profile case that included homicide/carjacking with kidnapping and bank robbery.

Allard has served on the Roseville City Council since 2003 and served as Planning Commissioner from 2001 to 2003. With over two decades of community service, Allard has served on the Board of Directors of Acres of Hope Shelter for Women and Children, Roseville Community Health Foundation, Sacramento Valley Lincoln Club, South Placer Transportation Management Association, and The Gathering Inn, Sutter Health’s Placer County Community Advisory Board, and the William Jessup University Community Relations Board.

Having previously served as the Chief of Staff to former Senator and Assemblyman Tim Leslie, Allard is a familiar name in the region with relationships established over several decades.  His long list of endorsements and work ethic make him the immediate front-runner for this seat.

In 2005, Allard and his wife, Lisa, purchased a service-related franchise and have grown the business by over 400%. The parents of three children, the Allard family attends Bayside Church of Roseville.