Oct 262010

Bruce Kranz hates Ted Gaines.

I unwittingly stepped in the middle of that and now Mr. Kranz hates me and my brother. While we did not attack Mr. Kranz in a previous post – like any politician, he thought the post comparing $216,000 of  Ted Gaines “waste” to Roger Niello’s $22Billion in Spending and Tax Increases was all about him.

He is a 60+ year old man, Old enough to be my father – but he hates Ted Gaines so much that anyone on his side gets it too.

Why – in the course of attacking Ted Gaines, Roger Niello basically set everyone that has ever served as a Placer County Supervisor on fire.

Niello cited the revenue sharing program as an example of Gaines being a very very very bad Republican.

Of course Neillo raised taxes and fees so many times as a Sacramento County Supervisor that it would break your printer if you got the opposition research on it.

Kranz? He apparently made trying to stop the revenue sharing program his signature issue… but his name appears on thousands of dollars of revenue sharing from 2007 and 2008. Take a look at 2007 here.

Should former Congressman Doolittle have had an independent commission to review Earmark requests? Would that somehow have made it better?

And he hates us for pointing that out. I think Mr. Kranz has a problem – please don’t tell me you voted against this stuff before you voted for it?!

Kranz is indeed an example of a Conservative that is supporting Roger Niello – most every Conservative supporting Niello is doing so because of a personal axe to grind.

Kranz could have adhered to principle and supported Barbara Alby – but he did not. He is dedicated to trying to make Ted Gaines lose – principle be dammed.

On a recent Niello mailer – has accuses Ted Gaines of Blind ambition and rails over the $1million dollar cost of replacing Ted Gaines in the Assembly if he wins election to the State Senate.

Kranz signs as a former Chairman of the Placer County Republican Party supporting a serial tax-raiser.

Bruce Kranz voted to raise our county fees by $1 a car and $3 a truck – easily amounting to a few million dollars since he made that vote to pay for an auto theft task force… people in rural areas get to pay for auto theft prevention in urban areas.

Interesting isn’t it? And Mr. Kranz has total memory loss over how Mr. Niello’s withdrawal of financial support after the Cent Com endorsement of McClintock inhibited our ability to help his ill-fate re-election.

Now his life is reduced to being City Manager of Colfax and adding more people on to the list of people he hates – and for what? Because I made a legit error in something I wrote?

This is politics, folks – there is no forgiveness ever with many people… and some will lie in wait for years waiting for a chance to get revenge as well.

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