Oct 062010

Ok. They endorsed Roger Niello.

They have endorsed a slew of Democrats – but not Ken Cooley in SD-01. They endorse Roger Niello.

The Sacramento Bee is infested with idiots. If Roger Niello touts the endorsement of the Sacramento Bee, especially the way they wrote it, then he deserves to lose votes… because this is no “endorsement” I’d want.

Read the Sacramento Bee’s “Endorsement” of Roger Niello in its’ entirety.

Bottom Line – the Bee Says Roger Niello supports taxpayer funded abortion and will vote to raise taxes again.

Unlike Niello, Gaines has signed a no-tax pledge issued by a conservative political operative in Virginia.  By agreeing to the hyper-partisan pledge, Gaines promises he will never vote to raise taxes under any circumstances.

That pledge also ensures that Gaines never will be a player in any serious conversation about the single most important document the Legislature approves each year, the budget.

Gaines’ opposition to tax hikes is only one reason why he won’t vote for a budget. Even if a budget were to contain tax and spending cuts, Gaines says he could never vote for a spending plan that includes tax money for abortions for poor women, as California budgets do.

It’s rare that the outcome of one race can help shape a political party and the tenor of debate in the Legislature. But voters in Senate District 1 have a chance to take the side of bipartisanship by choosing Niello over his two rivals.

Either the Bee’s editorial staff drank truth-serum before writing this – or they were drunk on their own arrogance.

Here is the disturbing question that is nagging me – where did the Sacramento Bee get the notion for the paragraphs I excerpted? Is Niello really that liberal or did the Bee just run with what they wanted to say?

If it is accurate, then Niello shined a spotlight on his key weakness as a candidate again – if it is embellished, than the Bee is guilty of their usual lousy reporting. Either way – the Sacramento Bee just set Roger Niello on Fire.

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