Oct 232010

Roger Niello recently took an endorsement from uber-liberal Kevin Johnson. Barbara Alby has said nothing about this in public.

Niello has a laundry list of liberal Democrats supporting him – yet in candidate forums Alby never discusses this, Why? Only a Ted Gaines mailer discussed Jimmy Yee and Don Notoli.

Roger Niello endorsed Doug Ose over Barbara Alby in 1998 because in Alby’s words “I am pro-life”. We heard Alby mention this once in a public forum but little else as she has been focused on attacking the Pro-Life Ted Gaines.

Roger Niello has endorsed numerous liberal Republicans for local office in Sacramento County. Niello has endorsed very few conservatives pre-primary.

In fact, the current AD-05 nominee got Niello’s endorsement grudgingly only after the game of dial-a-squish failed. Susan Peters, Steve Miklos, John McGuniess and others who are on Niello’s endorsement list were all candidates Niello tried to recruit to run against Andy Pugno.

Roger Niello endorsed Doug Ose again over Tom McClintock.

On California Republican Party metters – Niello prefers to stay out of them and avoid the contraversy.

Now Niello is running for SD-01 claiming the mantle as the true conservative.

When the Placer County Republican Central Committee endorsed the Pro-Life Tom McClintock over the Pro-Choise Liberal Millionaire Doug Ose, Roger Niello retaliated.

He withdrew the money he was contributing for bounty payments to the Placer County Republican Central Committee for voter registration and never resumed paying it again.

In addition, Niello’s representative came to the Central Committee meetings with orders to vote against the conservative majority on the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

This was not Niello’s first participation in action against conservatives at the local party level. In Sacramento, support the platform was started as a result of a Dan Lungren / Roger Niello led effort to install moderates in positions of power and control over the Sacramento County GOP Committee.

The results of that were two years of ineffectiveness and major losses of voter registrations.

Roger will counter by talking about the donations he has made to various Republican candidates statewide. That’s awesome – and thank you for that, but it never translated to promoting conservatism at the local level.

Ask many on the Placer and Sacramento County Republican Central Committees about it. The issue is Roger Niello attempting to campaign as the real conservative when his history – recent history 2006-2010 is one of being at odds with local conservative leaders.


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