Oct 282010

My wife and I bought a home last year. $16.35 doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it – add it to the $166 on my car, $496 on my income taxes, $.50 per fill up, $1.00 per hundred of non-food items you buy and it gets there in a hurry.

We had to replace a couple appliances –

We got a nice Fridge for $890. Niello cost me $8.90

We got a dishwasher for $495. Niello cost me $4.95

We got a Microwave for $250 (then got a $200 rebate!) Niello cost me $2.50

We had to pay full sales tax on all three items as it is calculated pre-rebate.

When you go to WalMart and spend $100 on non-food items, Roger Niello costs you $1.

It starts to add up and quick – the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association says it adds up to $1200 a year for an average family. That’s $100 a month taken away from you and spent on the welfare state.

All this and Roger Niello voted a few years back to let the State (CAL-EPA) regulate common household chemicals – driving the cost of those up as well.

Quoting Arnold Squishenegger: When they wake up in the morning, they’re taxed, when they eat breakfast they’re taxed, when they go to the bathroom, they’re taxed. Arnold+Niello = Pain.

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