Jan 162021

You read that correct.

One of the major issues with the Jessica Patterson Chairwomanship of the CAGOP is that I have determined that many county parties in California are completely collapsed or so moribund they are ineffective. For those of you not aware, Stephen Frank is running for Chairman of the California Republican Party against Jessica Patterson. If it was not clear, I am his campaign manager and thusly am being paid by Mr. Frank. I have been hostile to Mrs. Patterson for several years and those around her so taking a paid position with Mr. Frank was a natural.

What is not natural is 11 County Central Committees with no elected members. An additional 16 have less than 10 elected members, including Merced and Yuba County that had one each. Recently, in one of the biggest absurdities I have ever seen, the Shasta GOP, with three elected members and three Republican Officeholders that get a member as well (total 6) voted 4-2 to elect a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage chair in one of the most conservative counties in California via a 4-2 vote. (All three electeds voted aye) Then they filled the other 18 vacant slots on the Shasta GOP with staffers and donors.

This is how a race for Chairwoman of the CAGOP is made – especially when it has been an express goal of the consultants and control agents to see county parties discarded because they are obsticles to control. Either create fake parties or let them die. 27 out of the 58 countes – nearly 50% have less than half their elected seats filled. I do feel sorry for the two elected members of the Shasta GOP that came out on the receiving end of that 4-2 vote and subsequent 18 member appointment drill. Will the Shasta GOP actually do anything?

Shasta is just the entree for the San Bernardino GOP. Once a purple county, SB is now pretty blue. A long time activist Robert Rego had made it clear months ago he was interested in returning as San Bernardino GOP Chairman. The outgoing Chair, Jan Leja is a liberal Republican former officeholder abandoning California for another state. According to several sources out that way, Leja never told Rego (or anyone else) that she and people who may or may not be a part of the New Majority had recruited another pro-choice, liberal Republican named Phil Cothran to run.

Cothran is a State Farm agent, and a check of his social media shows that he is a 64 year old white guy. (Ironic, given that the people that supported him specifically tell old white guys they are not welcome to run for office) Cothran had the support of the usual suspects, squishes and officeholders who reflexively support the moderate over the Conservative activist.

Robert Rego has been a long time CRA member.

Mr. Rego, according to my inside sources had his votes lined up. Typical of how the country-clubbers, moderates and consultants operate – deals were made under cover of darkness and a surprise attack was launched – even though Jan Leja and others knew Cothran was running for chair months ago. They never gave Rego the courtesy of telling him not to run, etc. They simply went to his supporters and either bullied them or bought them off (at least that is how it looks to me). Enter Bill Postmus: Source data linked here.

Bill Postmus, whose meteoric rise to the apex of San Bernardino County power and politics was unrivaled by that of any other individual in county history, only to be exceeded by the methamphetamine-fueled rapidity of his dramatic plunge into ignominy, has been released from prison, after serving less than nine months of the three year sentence handed down to him in November 2018.

On November 15, 2018 Judge Michael A. Smith had sentenced Postmus in accordance with the judicial discretion set forth in a guilty plea Postmus had entered more than seven years previously, in March 2011, to 14 felony counts and a single drug possession misdemeanor. In the finalization of his conviction, Smith had confirmed four of those 14 felony convictions.

Six of those original felony convictions related to Postmus’s action during the fewer than 26 months he served in the capacity of county assessor. The other eight involved criminal activity perpetrated while he was a member of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, specifically in the final two years when he was on that panel as its chairman.

It appears that Phil Cothran and others enlisted the assistance of Bill Postmus to undermine Robert Rego. I am not sure why a man with only a few years of sobriety, just over two years out of prison after a spectacular fall from grace would be attempting to re-enter public life so soon. I frequently advise alcoholics that I work with (BTW- congrats on your sobriety Bill, I have over 18 years myself) to stay out of public life for several years until they have resolved issues and picked up the pieces.

That chapter of the scandal occurred while Postmus was not merely the chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors but also while he was the chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee.

Postmus’s position at the head of county government in his capacity as chairman of the board of supervisors and his image as a rockribbed pro-law enforcement Christian and family values-oriented conservative Republican put him into a position in which he was vulnerable to blackmail, given his closeted homosexuality and what was at first his casual recreational and then later around-the-clock compulsive use of methamphetamine. A number of entities with business before the county board of supervisors exploited their knowledge of his proclivities to extort him into supporting them or their companies, unions, projects or proposals with his votes as supervisor.

Besides being a reputed liberal and not understanding Republican Values, Phil Cothran has demonstrated a fatal lack of judgement enlisting this guy to be his hatchet man. I also question the rehabilitation of Bill Postmus as he was strong-arming central committee members. Postmus was literally telling people that no one in the local business community would donate to the San Bernardino GOP if Robert Rego was elected chairman. The implication was that Postmus would see to it. There is not a lot of recovery, 12-steps or Christianity in that behavior at all – it seems to resemble his days in public office as if he learned nothing from ending up in prison.

Worse, others who had received some of the ($57K was a specific number I was told, the actual may be different) money that Phil Cothran spread around in the last few years to candidatates were told in so many words they were expected to reciprocate. Where did Phil Cothran who is reputed to be a man of average to above average means get that kind of money to donate and did he donate that money specifically to feather his own nest? So, does Cothran actually care about building the SBGOP or himself? What is in this whole deal for Bill Postmus as well?

Bonus – they also appointed 9 members (all establishment people) to the SBGOP BEFORE By-Laws were adopted. This is a violation of state election law, but such shenanigans are quite common. This was done of course to run up the score against Mr. Rego. This is Phil Cothran’s SBGOP and we will be keeping close track of everything he does as it is clear there is more to this than just taking over a county party and fealty to her majesty the Chairwoman.

This is how it works in the establishment. The Shasta and San Bernardino GOP stories should serve as examples of what the consultants in Sacramento are doing to protect their multi-million dollar CAGOP Contracts. This sort of abhorrent behavior is also what gave birth to President Trump (who most of these people opposed long before the DC riots as well).

Your intrepid blogger is also aware of many more stories of what the establishment is doing in order to rig the Chairman’s election coming up in a little over a month. We are going to tell them all, because win or lose it is part of my job to make sure people know what is being done to them and just what happens under cover of darkness.

The conclusion of this is that it is obvious that Steve Frank is competitive (aka he is a threat) as they seem to be taking several risks with what they are doing.

Jan 162021

Deborah Wilder is a Democrat. Even if you could convict her of being a Republican, she is far to the left of the Northern California Region she represents. Aided and abetted by Doug LaMalfa, David Reade, Jim Nielsen and James Gallagher – she was elected to the CAGOP Platform Committee in Assembly District One.

Deborah Wilder voted to rip the pro-life plank from the CAGOP Platform amongst other things while on the platform committee.

Deborah Wilder aggressively argued to the point of being boorish and abusive in the CAGOP Board meeting against censuring Chad Mayes over the Cap and Trade disaster.

Wilder has also talked loudly, agressively and boorishly (which is her style) about de-chartering the California Republican Assembly. The CRA is the oldest Conservative Group in the California GOP.

Deborah Wilder also opposes dealing with Lincoln Project founder Mike Madrid who has been on a rampage to defeat Republicans at all levels of government. In her own words (taken from an email forwarded to me):

As to the Joe Biden thing- Here is the real story on that issue.  A delegate named Mike Madrid worked on the Liberty project to endorse Biden. Our Bylaws say that if a delegate endorses the other candidate they can be removed as a delegate.  This was brought to the board and we have been working through that process. It is not just a vote of the board. It requires notice to the delegate, a hearing, etc.. There were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.  The board members could have spend many hours going through the process to oust this delegate or spend their time electing Republicans. We chose to focus on electing Republicans. We will likely vote to oust the delegate at our meeting in January and will ban him from returning to the party as a delegate. Mike Garcia won his congressional seat by less than 500 votes- As a board, should we have have spent hours going through this procedural process and lost the Mike Garcia seat?  I say no.  Mike Madrid will be ousted as a delegate, but spending our time doing that when we had critical republican races to win was counterproductive.

Wilder lied. Her rationale even if what she wrote was true is equally as absurd as she sat idly by while the CAGOP Board ignored Mike Garcia in the Primary – despite Garcia having 100% of the underlying county endorsements. In the process of writing this groosly deceptive email (see also lie) – she did set fire to Jessica Patterson by indicating, “there were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.” This 100% validates Steve Frank’s assertion that Jessica Patterson was protecting Mike Madrid. BTW – it does not take hours to oust a delegate, and the CAGOP Board has not been working through that process as they have done nothing and there has never been a discussion of it. You’d think a trial lawyer like Wilder would know better than to lie.

I sent Wilder’s email to the delegate that filed a couple of the complaints (against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado):

According to the email that I received from CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson regarding the status of my complaint, “Notification letters of your complaint were sent to Michael Madrid and Luis Alvarado on July 31, 2020. No formal response was received within 30 days from the accused delegates.”  Madrid and Alvarado had the opportunity to respond but chose to provide “no formal response”. The complaints were well- documented and provided sufficient evidence for a hearing to reach a quick determination.  A hearing would have only required the time and talent of a few members who were committed to protecting our Grand Old Party from a fifth column effort within our own state central committee.  Deborah Wilder’s assertion that a hearing would have required a significant commitment of party resources is a farce. Any party officer who is unwilling to defend our party is unworthy to be a party officer.

Update from the 1-11-2021 CRP Board Meeting: “Deborah Wilder asked about the status of the complaints against Luis Alvarado and Mike Madrid.  I believe Jonathan Madison is doing the investigation. Not sure when it will be done.  They are trying to follow the bylaws.  Alvarado and Madrid have not replied.”

Deborah Wilder Ran for AD-21 in 2000. Ran for CA-12 in 1994. Both times, her delegates and support came from the left of the party.

She Argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention multiple times in favor of Prop 14 – including castigating party faithful that think the “Top Two” system is a disaster.
Wilder also argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention opposing proxy reform, proxies are what keep people like Wilder in control of parts of the California GOP. Staffers and Donors are appointed as delegates and their proxies are collected by people and used to keep control of things. 259 of Jessica Patterson’s 548 Votes came via proxy in 2019… a staggering 44%.
Speaking of 44% look at this:
Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Tehama have no elected members. That’s correct, 8 of the 18 counties or 44% of Wilder’s region are dead and stripped of representation to the state party. Perhaps Wilder wanted this as these are all conservative counties and this makes the party easier to control if they are moribund and non-functional. A minimal level of follow-up would have saved some of these county parties from collapsing. I guess defending Mike Madrid and trying to shred the party platform were higher on the list.
Shasta had only three elected members and in a coup at their organizational meeting they filled 18 slots with donors and staffers when Wilder’s people intervened. Is this the kind of party organization we want?
Yuba County has one elected member – the father of a David Stafford Reade employee. You can make bank that will be 7 delegates for Deborah Wilder and Jessica Patterson. This is basically fraud, abusing the rules of the party. This is Wilder’s legacy as Northern Region Vice-Chair.
Sutter County, Siskiyou County and Modoc County have few more than the paltry three elected members that Shasta Had.
Of the counties in Deborah Wilder’s Region – only Butte, Glenn, Nevada, Placer and El Dorado County are healthy and vibrant. Just 5 of the 18.
Wilder supports fake proxy voting while presiding over the collapse or near collapse of 13 of the 18 County Parties in her region. Draw the correlation – she supports a small group controlling the party and actively participates in shrinking the California Republican Party. Add to this, she is militanty pro-choice, gay marriage, open borders, (on occasion) likes bonds and taxes, always likes Prop 14, proxies and is a defender of Chad Mayes and Mike Madrid – you have the total package.
Laurie Wallace is none of the above. She has been a long-time CRA Member, County Party Member and activist who cares about Republican Values and engaging County Parties. I first met her when she lived in San Joaquin County and I know her passion for the values of the GOP. She is also an activist without future ambition for higher office. This makes her a servant leader for the California GOP, but also a conservative servant leader. This is everything Deborah Wilder isn’t.
Jan 132021

Tim Clark is a victim don’t you know. He is being slandered (it is actually called libel if it is in writing) according to his whiny comments in the Orange County Register today.

The Orange County Register followed up on a letter Trish Todd sent to your intrepid blogger calling Tim Clark and John Moorlach out for smearing her. Read that letter here and read it carefully. Note that as of 7PM 1-13-2021 Moorlach has not responded. Todd alleuded to Tim Clark’s professional relationship with Bill Brough, the monster alleged to have raped her. (even a complete sociopath like Brough is presumed innocent in court despite what I think of him) I think Tim Clark is a slimebag. While discussing this with Mrs. Todd this weekend, she also sent me some text messages causing me to discover these gems on the California Secertary of State’s website:

From Bill Brough’s 2014 Campaign Finance Reports

The Register also has learned that Clark and Brough had a previous working connection.

State records show that Clark worked as a consultant on Brough’s 2014 campaign for Assembly, months before Todd told him about the rape. In 2014, Brough paid Clark’s consulting firm $14,141. Two years later — months after Todd told Clark about the alleged rape — Brough paid Clark’s firm an additional $42,682.

Clark said the payments were for his work handling voter contact during Brough’s 2014 campaign. He said the larger 2016 payment was for that same work, and noted that it shows up in Brough’s 2014 records because it took place during that period. The second payment could be what’s known as a “win bonus,” which is commonly earned by political consultants if their candidate wins an election.

So now there is a double nexus for the ethically and morally challenged Tim Clark to have covered up the rape. Brough was a paying client and Moorlach is and has been Tim Clark’s meal ticket. Cozy.

It would actually be libel to call Tim Clark ethical or trustworthy.

These payments were made AFTER Tim Clark covered up the rape of Trish Todd

Your Intrepid blogger tore in to Tim Clark and his years-long pattern of questionable behavior. This is why I am not surprised one bit that Clark would cover up a rape to protect a paycheck, smear the rape victim and of course claim victimhood when called out on it. Unfortunately, the Orange County Register was not able to get an Orange County GOP member on the record to substantiate that Clark was calling people. The best we have thus far is Fred Whitaker’s email and John Moorlach:

In a Dec. 15 meeting with members of the Orange County Register’s editorial board, with a reporter also present, Moorlach said he believed Clark’s version of events. He called Todd a “disgruntled” employee. He said she was “assertive” and “strong willed” and not his “best hire.” When pressed for details of what he meant, Moorlach said he wasn’t allowed to comment further on personnel matters, but directed the Register to Todd’s Senate employment file for alleged evidence of his complaints.

John Moorlach is going to live to eat these words. They will be the end of his political career. In the words of Trish Todd:

During a December 2020 interview with the Orange County Register Editorial Board, who wanted to re-interview you about their endorsement when this matter came to light, you spoke to them on the record and with their reporters present.

Rather than focusing on what happened and what you could do now to bring the perpetrators to justice, you tried to victim shame me.  For example:

  • You told them that you had not been supportive of hiring me
  • You stated I was a disgruntled former employee that wanted to be your Chief of Staff
  • You claimed there were problems with my performance when I worked for you

Finally, you falsely told the Editorial Board and reporter proof of all this was in my confidential state senate personnel file.

We both know none of what you said was true. You did not fear contradiction because you knew the Orange County Register could not get a copy of my personnel file under state law and you also knew it was illegal for you to even tell the Orange County Register what was in it without my permission. A line you crossed because you did not think you would get caught.

In order to clear up any legal or ethical restraints you may claim about finally telling the truth, I hereby release you from all privacy protections I have regarding my personnel file.

I am happy to sign anything reasonable confirming you are so released.  Of course, I expect you to now tell the world by Thursday, January 14, 2021 the truth about what you claim is in my file.

In my previous post about Tim Clark, I wrote the following:

If you think that Clark’s cover up of the rape of Trish Todd was about anything other than trying to stop bad news for his boss who was brand new in the senate at the time, you do not understand the moral and emotional corruption of that man. Healthy people would have dealt with the issue head on, and helped the victim. Not Clark. He threw her under the bus. So did John Moorlach. They should both be removed far, far away from anything resembling political authority.

This past weekend, I discovered the rest of the story. Tim Clark was William “Bill” Brough’s campaign consultant in his 2014 Assembly Campaign. Right now, he is a “volunteer” for John Moorlach for Supervisor. Uh-huh.

Trish Todd got Raped, John Moorlach didn’t give a shit. Tim Clark covered it up. Todd wrote:

Upon my departure you never said goodbye or called to ask why I was leaving.  A little compassion and humanity from the person I respected would have helped in my long recovery journey.

What did you do? Instead of helping or reaching out to me, you claimed that you blindly believed Tim Clark, despite his being at the time not just your Chief of Staff, but also on Bill Brough’s campaign payroll.

Good Bye John Moorlach. Your political career is over. Tim Clark, I am younger than you and I am patient.

To be continued…

Jan 132021

This likeness was made from a photo of Trish Todd. It is for her and women who have been victimized by people in positions of power that Right on Daily is on the Bill Brough / John Moorlach case. If you have information about this or any other cases of absue in politics, please email [email protected] you can remain anonymous. Thank you.

I admire and salute her courage. You do not have to suffer in silence any longer.

Jan 122021

With Trish Todd publicly calling John Moorlach Out – this blog from a few weeks ago is even more timely than it ever was before. This was originally posted 12-7-2020.

I am starting to wonder if it is time to write a series of blogs about why it sucks to be John Moorlach. Because it has to suck to be him right now.

How much is the Sheriff’s Union going to spend now!?

John Moorlach is covered in political tar. He is rolling in it. His recent Moorlach Update had several gems in it. (By Comission and Omission, by the way)

The Orange County Register lit John Moorlach up over not knowing and not caring about the rape of a former staffer of his. One key point in the article was a call Moorlach got from former Senator Dick Ackerman inquiring about the incident, based on a 6-1-2020 blog post from yours truly.

Dick’s memory of the call went further than mine, and I could not recall the remainder of the conversation when asked by the reporter. But, yesterday, I did some digging in my files and found my notes about the call. According to them, Dick did mention the blog, that an investigation of Brough was still ongoing in the State Assembly and that the blogpost reported someone in my office had been assaulted.The blog is one that so often makes scurrilous attacks on office holders and others without back-up information, as many websites do. Because I’ve read countless unsubstantiated stories in blogs like this over the years, I tend to discount them.

More importantly, I had heard absolutely nothing about these accusations from anyone over five years, so my instinct would have been to consider them baseless and just more trading in destructive, ugly rumors.


I do find it amazing that nowhere in any of his comments is any outrage about Tim Clark covering up the rape. Moorlach admitted his continuing affiliation with Clark in the Orange County Register Story however.

It is however, consistent with the CAGOP “Chairwoman” saying nothing about Bill Brough’s actual actions or the victims in public comments. It is, however consistent with Marie Waldron (the Assembly Leader) saying nothing at all about anything Brough. And it is sadly consistent with the behind-the-scenes smears of the rape victim by Tim Clark and Fred Whitaker.

In summary – John Moorlach says he knew nothing about the rape of his staffer.
John Moorlach now knows that Tim Clark (then his Chief of Staff and current campaign consultant) covered it up.
John Moorlach has said nothing about Clark and still affiliates/employs him.
John Moorlach is told about the rape by Dick Ackerman.
Moorlach ignores said rape because he does not like your intrepid blogger.

Keep digging Johnny. Yikes.

P.S. John – don’t be mad at your intrepid blogger, just look at these blogs like I’m giving you a political noogie. Because I care.

Note that Neither Marie Waldron nor Jessica Patterson, the vaunted “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP have had a thing to say publicly as of 1-12-2021 about Assemblyman Bill Brough’s rampage against women. So much for the Woman leaders we were supposed to celebrate.