Oct 282020

Your intrepid blogger is now up to 29 legal demand letters received since 2008. A young lady got caught calling voters telling an outright lie (so bad that she could get sued over the lie) to a voter who recorded her.

Harder is on the Left. Ted Howze is on the right.

The attorney of the young lady basically told me in as many words, because the liar is under 18 that I am breaking the law by calling her out publicly.

Check out the campaign facebook page of Ted Howze: https://www.facebook.com/374108446391390/posts/1002388633563365?sfns=mo 

This is the Ted Howze campaign post with the youtube video that was the subject of the legal demand against your intrepid blogger.

Secondly – look at the PUBLIC Linked In Page that the young lady posted (Which I just pulled again 10-28-2020 at 7:15AM)

Let me give the young lady and her attorney a hard lesson. #1 This is a Public Linked In Profile that was not hard to find. #2 Note that she references herself as part of the Josh Harder Campaign as well as an editor for a school newspaper. This could very well make her a limited service public figure even though the legal demand letter was not alleging libel – it was primarily a whiny leave her alone because she is under 18 letter. My suggestion to both of them is for the young lady to pull her public profile down and of course calling voters telling an outright lie about Ted Howze (that is far enough afield that she could get sued herself for what she said) is not a wise course of action.

Since it is clear that Josh Harder is unethical, I am not sure he is even embarrassed that she is publicly bragging about being a part of his campaign.

Then of course there is the fact that this was also in the Turlock City News as well.

I checked with both the Turlock City News and the Ted Howze Campaign – neither have been threatened by an attorney to pull their versions of this story.

Quoting the Turlock City News:

Turlock City News was tipped off by two local groups supporting Dr. Howze and we began investigating. TCN contacted several members of the Howze campaign team who provided copies of emails and audio recordings between a woman named Maria, who received a call from the Harder campaign, a former Harder campaign volunteer named Grayson, and his supervisor Willow, who has been verified as a Harder campaign staffer.

Maria identifies herself in an email as an individual whom received a call from a Josh Harder team member named Grayson who makes a claim that Howze, a local veterinarian, has had “several suits of veterinary malpractice”. Maria describes how she questioned the claim and asked to speak with Grayson’s supervisor. Maria is directed by Grayson to his Harder campaign supervisor Willow. A suspicious Maria records her call to Willow who is heard eagerly verifying the slanderous claim. When questioned further about no such records existing on the California Veterinary Medical Board website, Willow backs off the claim and deflects by saying “it’s something she’s heard from other voters.”

The Willow referenced in the article is the person pictured above who had her attorney send me a legal demand letter. I printed the letter and made a paper airplane with it.

It looks like Willow was the aggressor here and having an attorney send me a legal demand letter was felony stupid.

A staff member with the Howze campaign confirmed to TCN that their legal team has possession of emails and audio recordings of the Harder team spreading the false claims of veterinary malpractice. In addition, the Howze legal team claims it secured cooperation from Grayson who agreed to turn over screenshots of texts between himself and his Harder for Congress Supervisor, Willow. In one text Willow tells Grayson “Ted [Howze] is a pretty bad character-there are some suits of veterinary malpractice against him along with some other unofficial anecdotes that cast a bad light on him.”

TCN has verified with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Veterinary Medical Board that Ted Howze has had no complaints filed against him during his 26-year veterinary career. The claim by the Harder campaign team we have evidence of is a lie and does rise to the level of slander, according to two attorneys TCN spoke with. This follows in the wake of recent pictures of Howze being clearly photo-shopped and audios from Howze interviews that the Harder campaign deceptively edited for hit-piece attack ads.

These last two political campaign incidences that have been exposed appear to show concern by Josh Harder and outside-money Democrats associated with his multi-million dollar campaign, and that the Harder camp has clearly stepped on their own toes with these recent blunders.

Asked to comment, a Howze campaign spokesman responded, “There is the truth, and then there is Josh Harder, voters in the District know that Ted Howze is the real deal and that’s why the Harder campaign is hitting below the belt.”

Harder has had to spend $3 Million and Nancy Pelosi just directed another $400K in to CA10 just the other day. Interesting stuff.

And, typical of the extreme left – they resort to bullying when caught using Saul Alinsky tactics. So, it is not just the leftist Placer County Counsel that is in the running for the Right on Daily Legal Moron of the Year in 2020.

P.S. Similar to Mike Cargile – Ted Howze was lynched by Jessica Patterson and crew, this despite his viability as a candidate and the fact that the CA10 Race has been a huge resource drain for the democrat leadership.

Oct 282020

Did you know that Mike Cargile has forced Norma Torres to spend $500,000 on her re-election campaign in a D+25 district? Could you imagine how much better off competitive Republican Races would be had Jessica Patterson and others actually been serious about recruiting candidates for dem districts? We had more democrats running unopposed than at anytime in the 20 years I have been active in CAGOP politics.

I was recently in CA-35 – specifically Chino and Pomona. Chino does not look like a democrat city and probably should not be if the GOP was serious about outreach and voter registration. Mr. Cargile had signs everywhere in that district. I literally saw at least 100 of them at dozens of intersections.

I also saw Mike himself at a Trump Table shaking people’s hands and handing out literature at the intersection of Grand and Pipeline which is the eastern boundary of Chino Hills. Grand turns in to Edison Ave in Chino. So, literally Cargile was 30 yards outside of his district where I saw him.

Of note – I did not see any signs or signs of precinct activity for Norma Torres. I did not see anything for Torres in Pomona, in obvious democrat stronghold.

It is also clear that Norma Torres has been deeply wounded by Cargile’s campaign as she has attacked him at least 7 times that I am aware of. Meantime, Jessica Patterson, Scott Winn and the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure lynched him out of a GOP Endorsement without a hearing. It appears that their own rhetoric of recruiting candidates for dem districts and taking the fight to the democrats was a sick joke designed to deceive delegates in to allowing them to keep control of the party.

Mike Cargile has put on a clinic on Running for Office in a democrat district and his campaign should be used as a template for how Republicans running in Heavy Dem Districts can do some damage. With modest expenditures, he has forced Norma Torres to become completely spun and unhinged. How sweet it is.

Too bad that the CAGOP’s leadership completely missed the boat on this because of a jilted consultant and their own phobias of phobias.

Oct 272020

My friend, Arthur Schaper, is running for State Assembly in District 66, the South Bay section of Los Angeles County.  Artie is the longest of long-shots running for State Assembly this year.

Just five years ago, this seat was represented by a Republican. The Assembly Republican caucus spent millions in 2016 and 2018 trying to win it back but lost. The problem? They ran open Never-Trumpers.

For those of you who don’t know (or remember), this seat went Red in 2014 for the first time in twenty-two years, RINO David Hadley won the seat in a stunning upset. He had been preceded by 2012 run by a popular Evangelical leader who spent a million dollars of his own money building a volunteer organization he then gave to Hadley. Hadley lost in 2016 becoming a one-term wonder. Why did he lose? because of the foolish editorial he wrote in the Daily Breeze disavowing the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.

Six years later, the Los Angeles County GOP has all but abandoned hope that the seat was worth fighting for. The Evangelical leader’s generosity goes unrequited, his organization forgotten. The incumbent Democrat who had been beaten six years earlier looked like he would run unopposed, until Arthur Schaper stepped in at the last minute.

Schaper is not some lazy fluke candidate. He’s a blogger, a conservative activist, and an unapologetic social conservative. The Never-Trumper RINOs think he’s crazy. I think he’s worth supporting.

And not only me.

Artie has scored the endorsement of long-time Republican activist Ward Connerly, the same Ward Connerly who passed Prop 209 in 1996 to end race-based discrimination in college admissions and hiring practices in the state of California. The same Ward Connerly who is fighting very hard this year to defeat Proposition 16. Arthur is fighting with him.

For the first time in two decades, the National Rifle Association has endorsed the Republican candidate running for State Assembly in the 66th district. Previous nominees in the 66th have avoided Second Amendment issues like the plague, Artie isn’t afraid.

Riots in Democrat run cities has raised public safety to an all-time concern among voters. And that concern had caused gun ownership to skyrocket in California.  Protecting Second Amendment rights could be a winning issue, even in a liberal-leaning coastal district like the 66th.

You would think that the CAGOP would make some effort to support the nominee with those credentials. Yet Artie’s getting little to no love from the state and county parties. The Los Angeles County GOP and the CAGOP has refused to endorse him. Why?

Is it because he’s conservative? Is it because he’s outspoken on social media and in the press? Is it because he works for pro-family activist group MassResistance and has been successful protecting traditional family values? Or is it because he’s a Trump supporter, like 40% of California voters? Whatever the reason, Arthur Schaper has been and continues to be a thorn in the side of the CAGOP Establishment.

As President of the local Beach Cities Republican Club, Arthur refused to follow “guidance” from the local GOP and disinvite a libertarian candidate speaker in a race without a Republican candidate.

The local Central Committee also tried to force Arthur to cancel another meeting, this time headlining Latinos for Trump. but he stood his ground and the meeting went ahead. They did not take kindly to Arthur defying them, and tried to get him removed as President of the club.

When Artie was re-elected to a second term as President, the Los Angeles County Republican Party revoked the Beach Cities Republican Club charter. Their threat was known before the vote, but Arthur easily won re-election.

There’s more but I won’t bore you.

Previous posts from your intrepid blogger have shown how the state party has cut candidates off and taken away their endorsements. Their objective is to drive down the candidate’s support and vote, so candidate will be able to appoint very few state Party delegates; all in the service of limiting the insurgency opposed to Jessica Patterson’s re-election to Chair at next year’s CAGOP Convention (if there is one).

So, Arthur is very much a bad boy to the CAGOP, and the “Kool Kidz” don’t like him.

A winnable purple district in LA County has as Republican candidate on the ballot that hasn’t seen a dime of party support, the endorsement, or even a mention from the LA County GOP or CAGOP.

I think Artie is a righteous dude. Does he have a chance? Not really, you don’t win as a one-man band. But the fact that he sticks to his guns and kicks butt means a lot to me, and at the very least more people should be supporting him.

Here’s your chance. Visit his website arthur4assembly.com and fill his tip jar. Send him some love. Show the GOP leadership he’s worth supporting.

Oct 272020

What do you say to community leaders that support a deadbeat dad? That is how Scott Alvord and Karen Alvord elevated themselves from just another pair of Liberal Democrats to Scott Alvord being one of the main courses for the right on daily candidate chef school in 2020.

I knew Scott was a liberal democrat and was trying to present himself as a moderate – this is how most candidates that are in the minority in the area they are seeking election in do things.

The original plan was to hammer Scott for being a tax-and-spend liberal, supporting Abortion up until birth, and a host of other things. Then along came LaMills.

It was Karen Alvord publicly and forcefully pushing LaMills Garrett that raised alarm. It was well-known that Garrett had some issues. We’ve since learned they include admitting to sexual assaults, gun violence, fathering 3 children out of wedlock, not seeing his daughter until she was age 8 and then abusing the court system in the custody case just because he can. What kind of man refuses to go through a 30 minute mediation course with regard to the case of his own daughter?

Now, Scott Alvord has doubled down by finally coming out publicly in support of LaMills Garrett.

In the mean time – I started looking for answers with regard to Scott Alvord. They came fast and hard.

The information revealed that his resume was embellished at best and his personal situation was nowhere close to who he wanted people to believe he is.

Business Owner? Yes. Successful? It is easy to make a solid case that he is not.

Author? Yes. Has he sold books? Not many at all. Was he published? Investigation proves that he published his own book despite trying to obfuscate that fact. Worse, it appears that he created an author’s group on paper to give himself credibility.

Community Leader? It appears that Scott Alvord founded a paper non-profit as proven by our research.

Business professor? Try Adjunct Staff. Take a look at all of his expired paperwork and ask yourself if anyone should take his advice or business teachings seriously. But hey, we’ve been told by sources that you will be the proud owner of Scott’s new book if you take his class!

Ethical City Councilmember? We detailed 19-23 violations of Campaign Finance Law that we filed public complaints regarding. Mr. Alvord has even admitted to several of the violations. He’s taken personal credit for the work of others (such as City Staff when he blew the Amazon Hub rollout) and then blamed the same people for his own screw ups when caught!

I have not been surprised to see Alvord pleading his case in the comments section of this blog. Typically people living a lie are very thin-skinned and react to exposure, often in real time. What has also been disturbing, but not surprising is seeing Scott blame others for things clearly his fault. I expected to see him try to minimize and obfuscate – but blaming the current CFO of Placer Rescue Mission for issues whose genesis were under his tenure is beyond the pale. He also blamed city staff for his campaign finance maladies.

What happens when I deal with candidates that are hiding large closets of skeletons is the fact that people come forward. In the case of LaMills, everything I know about him as come from a few people that have come forward. LaMills has responded by calling me a racist, but similar to his hero Joe Biden’s response to the pay-for-play scandal with Ukraine, China and other countries – he has not denied a thing, just attacked the source. (Note, I’ve spoken to people that have known LaMills Garrett for many years – they have related that he screams racism to all who will listen and he even told a judge that his activism is the reason he has not gotten a job. I guess to explain the 7 months of Child support he is in arrears.)

Scott Alvord has threatened to sue me, while at the same time validating many things I have written thus undermining his own legal case. It is really hard when someone has woven an intricate web of lies to keep them straight – especially when unraveling them has been so easy. Given that Alvord has made so many amateur and basic mistakes I am also wondering about his skill set in general.

You’d think that if Alvord was truly loved and respected in the community that people would come out of the woodwork to defend him. Thus far, his defense has been leftist trolls on facebook using typical Saul Alinsky tactics that the left is now known for. Aside from a comment from a Staffer at WJU – I have had literally several people all of whom are public figures tell me to keep blasting Mr. Alvord.

It appears that Scott Alvord has alienated City Staff who can’t stand him. Nothing feels better than being gaslighted, used and minimized.

It appears that several local stakeholders are afraid of Scott Alvord as they perceive him to be vindictive and a bully. It is my opinion that they resent dealing with him on City Issues.

It appears that several people in local government that have to serve with him in various capacities disdain him and refer to him with terms like “fraud” and “Narcissist”.

What Mr. Alvord does not know is that I have a few stories from people I believe about Mr. Alvord that I have not told on this blog. They are disturbing and graphic. I did not know who Scott Alvord was, even Three Months ago. What an education it has been and if Scott is looking for someone else to blame (because he will never take responsibility for his own actions), he should blame his endorsement of LaMills Garrett for starting me on the path to discovery.

Do not vote for Scott Alvord under any circumstances, he is not qualified to hold office much less anywhere close to honest about who he is.

Oct 262020

It just makes sense that someone who hails from the home of MS-13 would be so weak on crime and border security, doesn’t it?

Voted Nay on: Kate’s Law (HR 3004)  Bill Passed (257-167) on June 29, 2017
Proposed increasing criminal penalties for individuals in the country illegally who were convicted of certain crimes, deported, and then re-entered the U.S. illegally.
Voted Nay on: No Sanctuary for Criminals Act (HR 3003)
Bill Passed (228-195) on June 29, 2017
Proposed withholding federal funds from states and localities that chose not to follow federal immigration laws.
Voted Nay on: Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2018 (HR 695)
Bill Passed (250-166) on January 30, 2018
Proposed providing appropriations for military functions administered by the Department of Defense and for other purposes, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018.
Voted Nay on: Make America Secure Appropriations Act, 2018 (HR 3219)
Bill Passed (235-192) on July 27, 2017
Proposed making appropriations for defense, military construction, Veterans Affairs, the Legislative Branch, energy and water development, and for other purposes for the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2018
Not a bad resume for a woman who panders to Islam, never mentions Christmas, hails from the home of MS-13 (while never denouncing MS-13), that hates cops and the military? Heck, if she had her way drugs and human traffickers would pour across the borders.
CA-35 is known as a safe seat. However, the “leaders” in the CAGOP that helped pave the way for Norma Torres to get re-elected deserve to have their heads examined and to lose any position of responsibility.