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I was told that on the heels of a drunken appearance on a live video interview on the defend east valley group social media, Najjar lost 24 staffers.

Despite being a Cook Report R+12 District, Campa-Najjar is getting serious traction. Amazingly, it appears he is almost at fundraising parity with Darrell Issa. However Campa-Najjar is a rookie candidate, the grandson of a Munich Olympics Bomber and is a communist trying to appear moderate.

The man who wants to go to Congress from Eastern San Diego County!

Ammar Campa-Najjar is presenting himself as a moderate and the local media jumped on this interview to try to make him look like a moderate. Anyone with any political sense knows there is no such thing as a moderate democrat. When Pelosi and Hoyer come calling, it is pretty much impossible to tell them no.

7 San Diego ignored the fact that Campa-Najjar was getting sloshed on the interview and has also ignored the slew of extreme left support Campa-Najjar has gotten.

Now take a good look at this from the 7 San Diego article – which is as grotesquely biased as you’d expect, but yet it has nuggets:

“My vote’s still open, you guys think I’m going to vote for Biden—not necessarily. I still want to see how they perform at the debate,” said Campa-Najjar when asked if he supports President Donald Trump’s reelection or his Democratic challenger Former Vice President Joe Biden

“It was disappointing,” Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party Will Rodriguez-Kennedy told NBC 7 in an interview. Rodriguez-Kennedy said while he did not agree with parts of what Campa-Najjar said, he was more troubled by the candidate appearing at all at this forum.

“It’s one thing to reach out to Republicans, Democrats do that. We reach out to non-party preference, we reach out to Republicans. But to reach out to white supremacists is the line that we draw in the sand,” said the Democratic chair.

“My intention was to reach across the aisle, that’s what I’ve always done,” explained Campa-Najjar in an interview with NBC 7, saying he knew primarily of the group’s charity work. He condemned white supremacy and violence.

“Anybody who is violent, who is an individual or former individual of DEC, Defend East County, will have no safe harbor in my congressional office,” the candidate said.

Campa-Najjar pointed out his opponent former Congressman Issa also participated in a DEC livestream this week, criticizing comments the Republican made about “Black Lives Matter” and loosely organized anti-fascists known as “Antifa.”

“These organizations have not only been doing destruction but they’ve been empowering them, because that is part of their agenda,” Issa told the group’s founder.

“Darrell Issa just said the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the whole movement, anyone who believes we need racial justice in this country, is a criminal inciting violence and dangerous and trying to take away your freedoms. And I think that’s at best, an overstatement of what’s happening,” said Campa-Najjar.

Issa declined to comment for this story, and the Defend East County founder maintains his group is not racist or violent.

Campa-Najjar noted since the Facebook event, he has cast his vote for Biden.

So after trying to kiss up to a right-leaning group and getting kicked in the teeth for it by the extreme left that had been the bulk of his campaign – Campa Najjar returns to his roots. He defends ANTIFA and after public humiliation votes for Biden proving he was as full of it as he was full of booze in the interview.

The media in their Bias don’t even understand that they re-outed him as a leftist. KPBS dressed Campa-Najjar down and basically got him to backtrack from every single thing he said in the Defend East County Interview. I guess KPBS thought they were helping him stop the bleeding of staff and volunteers.

At the end of the day – we know who Ammar Campa-Najjar is, so does the Soros family: (I wonder if the San Diego Media will cover this?)

It looks lie Ammar ran himself in to a wall, aided and abetted by a local media that thought they were helping him. How sweet it is.

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