Oct 242019

The OCGOP – Can’t bring themselves to send Kelly Ernby Packing, full of #NEVERTRUMPERS making moral judgments (except when it comes to Gene James) and of course could not bring itself to tell Bill Brough to resign preferring instead to make a weak-kneed resolution that the maniac has ignored.

Dems outnumber Republicans in Orange County by 10,000 due in no small part to leadership like this.

Now we have one abuser enabling another abuser. Bill Brough sent $500 of his dwindling campaign cash to Gene James. Nice to see abusive scum helping each other gain power in order to abuse more people I suppose.

The loser Bryan Maryott of CA-49 Fame sent Gene James $500 (Maryott is a garden variety loser, not an abusive loser, lest people with short attention spans think I am implying otherwise)

The Orange County Lincoln Club sent Gene James $500 WHAT!? They sent the check on 10-17-2019 AFTER most of the allegations of abuse were known and well after the 11 Tax liens and 4 Civil Judgements were known. Who authorized the check!?

Bill Brough’s former Chief of Staff and alleged drinking buddy (the same dude he is alleged to have shared the rager pad with in Sac) Jeff Montejano gave Gene James $250.

Why am I not surprised at the insider game? Mr. Montejano is a Grand Poobah in the local Building Industry Association Pac. The BIA is a sought after donor for anyone that is not a communist (literally Jackson Hinkle is a communist). I guess your intrepid blogger won’t be getting any love from the BIA anytime soon.

Jackson Hinkle? When he is not at #OCCUPYICE protests, the who’s-who of the far left are propping him up. The Democrat Women sent a mailer for him. He even got $164 from a medium. Perhaps he should have asked for clairvoyance as he is trying to back away from his extreme leftist record.

I have mixed feelings about the $10,000 that Gene James got from the Police Union. Jackson Hinkle in his own words hates the police.

I’ve helped cops in the past – like the beleaguered Riverside Sheriff’s Deputies that relied on Right on Daily to level the playing field against the corrupt former Sheriff of Riverside County. I’d take money from the Police Union… but…

… The problem for Gene James is that he lied to the OCGOP to get their endorsement. Gene James signed a pledge stating he was not taking union campaign cash. He just did. He took $10,000 from the Orange County Sheriff’s Union.

Gene James also said on Camera he would not take Union Money. WHOOPS. Please note that the link is to a youtube page that is supporting the extreme left-wing Jackson Hinkle as it attacks Jim Bieber as well.

Will the OCGOP finally rescind their endorsement of Gene James?

Allow your intrepid blogger to suggest a vote for Christina Setler. Thank you.

Below is Jackson getting arrested in Washington D.C. Protesting outside Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Oct 242019


I’d been told about this effort to carve Roseville in to City Council Districts coming some time ago. This blog is about a legal demand letter sent to the City of Roseville regarding a redistricting scheme being advanced by two City Councilors.

Dear Roseville City Council,

My name is Mark Meuser and I am an election law attorney with the Dhillon Law Group. I have been retained by several residents of the City of Roseville. They have requested that I address the significant legal issue of political subdivisions being drawn with significant variance in the sizes of the districts.

It is my understanding that the city council is changing from at-large districts to district-based elections for the 2020 elections. It is also my understanding that the city council is considering redrawing the lines based on the 2010 census data. However, it has been brought to my attention that approximately 20,000 people have moved to Roseville over the last 10 years that are not accounted for in the 2010 Census. It is my understanding that these 20,000 new residents are not equally distributed across the city but primarily live in one geographic area of the city which would place nearly all of the new residents in only one of the potential five new districts.

You can read the entire letter here. I did not write this letter or pay Mark Meuser, but I 100% know of its’ contents, how it was produced and was involved in the hiring of Mark Meuser to write it. I am hoping to not be forced to sign on to a lawsuit against the City I’ve lived in for the better part of the last 22 years. Myself and some friends are actively engaged in attempting to stop this attempt to end run the 2022 Census.

I do not believe that John Allard and Bruce Houdesheldt support the effort to try and district Roseville in the manner that is being proposed.

What I believe is happening is that Scott Alvord and Pauline Rocucci are the prime movers behind this push as both want to be Mayor. In the case of Scott – were the districts to be drawn using 2010 statistics, he’d end up in a district roughly double the population of the other 4 as almost all the new population since 2010 has come to West Roseville. The allegations I am hearing is that Scott believes his ticket to mayor is via such an arrangement as he’d be guaranteed to be the top vote getter. (This of course assumes Scott is re-elected once people in West Roseville find out about this issue)

I live in the part of Roseville that would get disenfranchised by this proposed City Council Redistricting proposal. I quite literally see this as fighting for mine and the rights of everyone that lives west of Foothills Blvd in Roseville. I am extremely disappointed in Scott Alvord for pushing this scheme.

I am not surprised that Pauline would participate as it appears she has sought to meet out revenge on anyone and everyone that did not support her election. My Mother had nothing but good things to say about Pauline when she was on the High School Board, but that goodwill is decimated based on reports I have been getting from insiders and her behavior, temperament (including threatening people with retaliation) and stances on key issues.

This leaves Krista Bernascnoi as the X-Factor. Insiders have been telling me she is leaning in favor of the Alvord-Rocucci plan.

The letter continues:

It is my understanding that one of the reasons for this change to district-based elections is to stop the potential liability of attorneys’ fees should a letter be sent claiming that the City of Roseville has violated the California Voting Rights Act. It is my understanding that the city has not yet received any such letter. It is important to know that according to California Elections Code 10010, should the City “pass a resolution outlining its intention to transition from at-large districts to district-based elections, [with] specific steps it will undertake to facilitate this transition, and an estimated time frame for doing so” the total amount that the City could be liable for the violation of the California Voting Rights Act would be $30,000.

It appears that the City is prepared to pay a demographer up to $30,750.00 to redraw the boundaries for the 2020 election. The City will be required to pay a demographer again after the 2020 Census to redraw the boundaries again (probably another $30,000). Thus the City is paying over $30,000 to a demographer to avoid the risk of paying an attorney up to $30,000 for a potential liability of a California Voting Rights Act violation that has not yet occurred, and which will need to be repeated following the 2020 Census.

Nothing in Elections Code 10010 prohibits the City Council from voting to move to district-based elections and establishing a time frame for doing so after the City receives the 2020 Census data. This appears to be a more logical course of action as it would not require the paying a demographer twice to redraw the boundaries, it would limit the city’s liability under the California Voting Rights Act, and it would preclude the potential litigation that the districts violate the Equal Protection Rights of the City.

It does not appear that the City Council is properly evaluating the transition from at-large districts to district-based elections. I hope this letter will assist you in carefully considering all the implications of your pending decisions in this matter.

For those of you that read this blog – you know I do not bluff. I really do not want to be forced to have to sign on as a plantiff in a lawsuit against the City of Roseville. Please stop. Please stop trying to control things you can’t control. If you split the city in to districts, do it in 2022 so you don’t have to do it twice or get sued and forced to do it twice. If the current scheme is allowed to proceed I will sign on to a voting rights lawsuit against the City of Roseville as a citizen whose vote will be diluted and disenfranchised by what I believe is a power grab.

P.S. Mark Meuser is the best election law attorney on the Right in the State of CA, he was also our nominee for Secretary of State in 2018.

Oct 242019

Let’s be blunt, politics attracts scum. The lure of power, money, control, sex, narcotics, attention, etc. is simply too much for mentally unstable or just plain evil people to resist.

Some cynics in the Republican Party automatically dismiss every complaint against any person in public office. You do so to your own peril.

Still more prefer to avoid conflict at all costs preferring instead to try to avoid dealing with tough issues – thus enabling the worst to get even worse. I’ve seen a generation of it.

Yes – I used the term evil.

Evil thrives where there is apathy and weakness.

People like Bill Brough and Sean Doherty rely on weak, compromised leaders in order to ply their trade. They believe they will never get caught and if they get caught the Assembly (or Senate) Rules Committee will cover it up for them.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time – you’ve seen me write time and again about the failures of government to protect the people they claim to be set up to protect.

You’ve seen me tear in to donors / lobbyists / consultants for continuing to fund and enable incompetent or/and sick and/or evil incumbents simply because they have the title. Even as I type this, it is alleged that Bill Brough is still finding donors willing to write him checks!!!

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time – you’ve seen me call out political leaders often by name for their refusal or failure to act. One of the greatest failures of my generation in California Republican Politics (I am referring to the group that are my age 48, through about 55) are the conflict avoiders, vacuous leaders, hypocrites, sell-outs and otherwise malignant narcissists that dominated the generation of California Republican Leaders that were spawned in the late 80’s thru mid 90’s. Their morally bankrupt leadership laid the foundation for the registration and election hemorrhage of the last 20 years. Similar to the cynics that reflexively dismiss #METOO issues, they will point to all sorts of straw men in order to avoid having to take ownership of their part in the failure.

The wisest decision I ever made in my life (4th on the list after accepting Christ, Getting Sober and Marrying my Wife) was determining in 2000 that I was never going to run for office ever. It allowed me freedom to view the political world without and agenda and prevented bad people from having leverage over what I write and do.

At that, people have attacked my wife to get to me. In 2014, on behalf of Bill Brough’s opponent Anna Bryson, the crazed Art Sanchez attacked my wife on the OC Politics Blog. In 2016, My wife and I were basically run out of a local church by family members of an assemblymember whose election I had worked against professionally. In 2018, my wife’s employer was called by a former high-ranking officer in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office and his wife in an attempt to get her fired over my work in the 2018 Riverside Sheriff’s Race. They also trolled my wife’s social media accounts, attacking some of her followers with comments using her photos to make creepy memes.

I don’t work in a government, lobbyist or related job and the above has happened. My wife does no political work at all. She does not go to events or conventions. Let this stick in your mind when you are reflexively dismissing the claims of a victim of political work-related abuse.

No one has leverage over me, yet they still try to retaliate and intimidate. Now imagine being a 20-something female on your first or second job within the confines of the political system.

Some cynics are attempting to dismiss the complaints against Bill Brough because of the elapsed time, even though they are all recent. While still others are attempting to dismiss Lisa Bartlett’s Issues as some sort of political stunt. There’s always an excuse.

I’ve interviewed dozens of victims of abuse in the political process. The credible ones are specific and include legitimate emotion (in particular shame and fear of retaliation). Most victims will have sought redress for the issues to no avail. Many are threatened by their abuser with destruction of their reputation and employ-ability in the small world of politics. Given how insular the world of politics is, those threats are much easier to carry out than most are willing to admit.

Most believe from first hand experience that the systems in place tend to whitewash complaints rather than deal with them. Between the ever-present fears of being destroyed and knowing the system is rigged, this is why people feel trapped.

One of the missions of the Right on Daily Blog is to give a voice to the victims of the political system. This is why I turned on Bill Brough despite my personal investment in his original election (remember what happened to my wife in 2014 when I was hammering his opponent?). This is why I am writing about Sean Doherty. This is one of the main reasons for my withering criticism of Republican Leaders who are making political calculations rather than exercising moral judgement. I am certain I will be writing about others yet unnamed in the future.

Oct 232019

Blogger’s Note: AD-73 = California’s 73rd Assembly District.

It has been put to me that Bill Brough prefers Vodka, which seems odd as he is Irish (and famously has his own Bourbon Barrel). As they say in Narcotics Anonymous, Alcohol is a drug and should be treated the same.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the latest installment from Bill Brough for Assembly:

If Brough lived a drug-free lifestyle, perhaps he’d have not propositioned those women, harassed or sexually battered them. (Note, Brough was allegedly intoxicated in each of those incidents) This is the sick irony of this facebook post, along with the multiple bar tabs, trips to BevMo and others on his campaign finance forms.

Bill Brough has no shame and no remorse as he continues to act like nothing is wrong at all.


Oct 232019

Blogger’s Note: CA-10 = California’s 10th Congressional District

You think I’m joking? Note to Bob Elliott – there are three Veterinarians currently serving in Congress – you may want to scratch that from the list of issues.

That is a much better picture of Bob Elliott though – including the touched up teeth. Below is more of a normal photo of Mr. Elliott

Bob Elliott is your man if you like the government! He is YOUR MAN in Washington! Thanks, Bob for helping draw a clear choice. Bob knows the swamp, Ted Howze doesn’t. (Note that the trump-hating 4th candidate never gets mentioned anymore…)


P.S. Bob Elliott reputedly was telling people that the NRCC (national GOP) had recruited him, despite his amateur night campaign. Is it because he knows government?