Oct 172019

Blogger’s Note: Ca-25 = California’s 25th Congressional District

After taking office in Jan 2017, California Democrat freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill was quick to call out the “archaic sexism” running rampant in Washington DC and promising to eliminate it. From the looks of it, she’s working overtime on that mission! But she isn’t eliminating sexism. She’s giving it a new lease on life and in the immortal words of Shifty Schiff, I’ve seen the evidence with my own eyes! (Pass the eye bleach!)

It seems the MAJORITY of Democrats in DC are working overtime to perfect hypocrisy. It’s like watching an “Animal House” marathon 24×7. I am so done with the blatant in-your-face disregard for law and the seemingly never-ending hypocrisy of the Left.

They accuse Republicans of not being transparent. For being secret. Being sexist, racist, liars, thieves, and pretty much every other name in the book. This new breed of young Progressive Democrats gives a whole new meaning to indulgence, unfettered power, and total lack of responsibility.

My Congressional district seat is occupied by Congresswoman Katie Hill. A Democrat. She was part of the “Year of the Woman” for the Democrat party during the 2018 election cycle. And just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, she has no boundaries, no rules, and no real understanding of our Constitution.

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