Jun 242019

The AD-73 Race has a personal angle. I went after Anna Bryson and to a lesser extent Jesse Petrilla in that primary. The beneficiary was the beleaguered and now scandal-riddled Bill Brough. Contrary to popular belief I did not work for anyone when I ran that drill.

The AD-73 Race in 2014 was also a personal first. My Wife was attacked publicly by Art Sanchez on the OC Politics Blog and the post was live for about a day before someone called my wife to tell her that her photo was on a blog site from Southern California about some political stuff her husband was doing. Art Sanchez attempted to run over my wife to get to me, as he was a big time Anna Bryson supporter. Art Pedroza (who runs OC Politics) pulled the post and later expelled me from his website.

My Wife has been attacked two more times since then. Once was in 2017 after the 2016 AD06 Primary by people friendly to the winner Kevin Kiley. Kiley’s brother is on staff in a local church we were basically run out of in retaliation for my role in helping one of Kiley’s opponents. The most recent incident was in 2018, by former Chief Deputy Ray Wood, a Chief for the former Sheriff of Riverside County who I helped defeat. They created memes of my wife to troll her ministry page and social media, sent her IM’s and had people call her employer and an attempt to get her fired.

In addition to the attacks on my wife, I’ve received 27 legal demand letters since 2011, been attacked front page above the fold in the Sacramento Bee, and have been banned for life from two blogs and the CRA.

Anyone that thinks I sit in my office lobbing bombs and that it is all fun and games should think again. The political world is full of scum, slime, cowards, backstabbers, hypocrites, charlatans, dirtbags and other forms of parasitical amoeba. If it was not for the fact that I feel called to be in this game, there is no amount of money I could make from anyone that is just compensation. As such, I feel little restraint in how I approach the political blood-sport.

When Art Sanchez did what he did, he signed Anna Bryson’s death warrant. At the time, $400K worth of independent money was pouring in to her assistance. She lost and Brough made the runoff with the democrat. At the time, the battering that Bryson took on the OC Politics Blog was viewed as devastating. In a sense I avenged my wife. I was told later that Anna Bryson’s husband was talking about and researching legal action against me. (As if Sanchez attacking my wife was not enough)

I coined the term “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” as a moniker for the folks in charge of and profiting off of the CAGOP for the last 20 years. It is the opinion of this blogger they could care less how many seats the GOP has left, if they are one of them. They could care less about the results of the election as long as the checks cash. They could care less if the CAGOP is a carcass as long as they are in control.

I’ve been around the CAGOP for 22 years and have watched the CAGOP lose repeatedly. I’ve seen people get rich off of losing. In 2012, when Luis Buhler directed $100,000 in to the Placer GOP Central Committee race to target myself and three others, I am sure a consultant pocketed several thousand dollars off of that operation. What a waste. Buhler wasn’t done – $3,000,000 plus was dumped in to Central Committee Races in 2016, including Orange County. The goal was to elect liberals and country clubbers over conservatives. These same people engineered the staff infection that is the delegate universe at the state party in order to ensure that Travis Allen was not elected Chair of the State Party. In all, consultants wasted $45 Million of Charles Munger’s money with a ton of it spent picking winners in Republican races.

It appears now that the people that control the CAGOP are obsessed with trying to recruit anyone that is not a white male to run for office. In addition to the stories from SD-05, SD-23 and CA-45 where white males were told not to apply, it appears the same has happened in AD-74. There were apparently several suitors and in particular, two guys that had access to money, had connections and were young and photogenic. They were told not to bother. The establishment decided on Diane Dixon, and rolled off of her onto an unknown trial lawyer by the name of Kelly Ernby. Ernby appears to have some issues of her own, appears to be controlled by some old familiar names in OCGOP politics and is working in the consumer fraud division of the OC DA’s office (the equivalent of being a traffic cop or a meter maid).

I am currently writing about the incumbent protection plan. In particular, I am being made aware on an almost daily basis of the machinations being made to protect Bill Brough (AD-73) and the Scandal-Riddled Duncan Hunter Jr. (who may yet be exonerated) Time and time again I’ve watched and talked to people that knew the incumbent was a feckless, ineffective loser, yet they still endorsed and/or donated to the incumbent. We get what we deserve.

I am currently writing about the CAGOP being broke/bankrupt/cash challenged. The CAGOP had $330K in their State Account as of the 5/18 cutoff. I’ve seen about $150K raised since. The Dems have over $11 Million. The CAGOP has a net $26,500 in their federal account, the dems have $1,500,000. If that ain’t broke/bankrupt, I don’t know what is. It’s wrong and we were told that Travis Allen would cause exactly this if he was elected chairman of the CAGOP.

The inserted photo from Facebook shows that people were attempting to suppress one of the blogs I wrote about the financial condition of the CAGOP by running a spam complaint drill on facebook. Once again, the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure at work.

What I also know is a whole bunch of good people are on the outside looking in. Documents obtained from a FOIA related to a campaign finance caper show that CAGOP leadership were making contingency plans as far back as 2011 in case Central Committees fell in to the hands of “The Tea Party”. (More on that shortly) This solidifies the evidence of contempt for the “little people” by the power brokers. This is also evidence they are willfully attempting to shrink the opportunities for participation in order to control things.

The consultants and staff that control the CAGOP are currently in the process of re-writing the CAGOP Platform seeking to shred the social issues out of it. It is the 1,000 year old argument of how to win elections, compromise or distinguish yourself from your opponents. They choose compromise. This is a subset of how they picked the CAGOP delegates to ensure an outcome from the 2019 Chairman’s election. They have the ability now to realize a long-held dream of shredding the CAGOP Platform and the real grassroots have been marginalized out of the process as the party leadership at all levels marginalize the party statewide.

I am watching the same people doing the same things over and over again. I have a choice, leave the GOP and do something else – or use the platform (Right On Daily) I’ve earned over the last 22 years to hold them accountable in an attempt to change the situation.

Bill Brough’s situation is a microcosm of everything I’ve seen in 22+ years of politics. It is important to get this one right as our numbers are in freefall, and irrelevancy is upon us. Will we acquiesce in the name of expediency or will the weak leadership of this party finally assert themselves? 22 years of experience tells me that we will have to drag Brough out of office in a political bodybag with our own side in the way the whole time.

Jun 222019

Incumbent protection. Ever since I got active in the CAGOP – it has been always support your incumbents. This was on display when the Tehama GOP actually reached 2/3 to endorse Bob Williams over Incumbent Assemblyman Dan Logue. The Lawyers at the top levels of CAGOP leadership overturned the endorsement on a technicality so Logue could get the statewide GOP endorsement (which requires no county committees opposed) – further when other Cent Coms deadlocked against incumbents (such as Placer failing to endorse either Gaines) the same lawyers re-wrote the GOP rules to call anything other than reaching 2/3 not acting. Please note – I think Dan Logue is awesome and was one of the best Assemblymembers we’ve had in a generation, but what was wrong is wrong. It is the BS with the endorsement procedures that caused me to abandon support for former GOP Chair Tom Del Becarro long before I knew about his personal issues.

These same feckless leaders of the OCGOP once loved Don Wagner as an Assemblyman, and then he attempted a rematch against Senator John Moorlach a year after losing a special election.  They abandoned and threatened Don Wagner so much that Wagner did not file. A few years later, Don Wagner gets elected OC Supervisor and these people are helping him retaliate against his opponents in the Supervisor race! I have whiplash. Moorlach? Useless to the GOP save a short period of time when he raised a few bucks. Don Wagner had given over $500k to GOP candidates, after the way he was treated, I’d bet he is not that motivated to do a thing now.

Do you wonder why folks like Kevin Kiley (AD-06) and Steven Choi (AD-68) sat on $400K plus in 2018 when their colleagues got smoked out of office? (Beyond Kiley’s own ambition) Why should they help, there are no consequences and they can count on the party establishment’s incumbent protection plan. Former Assemblymember Matthew Harper AD-74 was useless on a party level (actually more so than John Moorlach) and had a horrendous reputation for anger and abrasiveness yet no one in the OC GOP would take out the trash. The democrats obliged and took out Harper themselves.

This willful blindness and refusal to police incumbents has had disastrous consequences. Bill Brough in AD-73 is the latest example. As your intrepid blogger is digging in to the record of Bill Brough going back to the late 2000’s there is a disturbing pattern emerging. It is the opinion of this blogger based on evidence gathered in the background that Bill Brough’s rampage through the lives of women has been enabled by people within the ranks of GOP leadership that have covered for and enabled him.

This incumbent protection plan is quite similar to the democrats being caught (but never held to account by their willing whores in the California media) covering up for one dirtbag after another, only to be forced to throw them over the side when brave people persisted in outing the skeletons. (see also Ridley-Thomas, Dabby, Filner, Wright, Yee, Calderon, Autumn Burke, Bocanegra, Christina Garcia, Bob Hertzberg, Kevin Shelley, Lockyer, Efrain Carillo and even their state Chair Eric Bauman) I’ve been told by several capitol insiders there are at least 20-30 more legislators (all of them democrats) that are dirty as sin.

As to the Republicans, Devon Mathis (AD-26) was found to have been unjustly and falsely accused apparently by a former chief of staff that was fired for actual issues. Former Senator Ted Gaines’ Chief of Staff was fired by the rules committee for years of abuses while Gaines did nothing about it. At least Chad Mayes’ (AD-42) dalliances were consensual.

The Orange County Register wrote an article detailing the OC Supervisor (then councilmember) Lisa Bartlett story regarding Bill Brough’s physical advances. BTW – thank you OC register for the attribution. Having had my stuff stolen for years without attribution (I believe mostly by the Sacramento Bee and Southern California Bloggers), the journalistic integrity of the liberal OC and the OC Register is appreciated.

The OC Register story yielded some key nuggets. They are critical to understanding why Bill Brough is mortally wounded politically.

#1 A Second woman is now on the record. She joins my source and Lisa Bartlett. Neither my informant nor Maria Elena Banks have anything to gain by coming forward.

Another woman, Maria Elena Banks — a Laguna Beach real estate agent who helped with campaigns for Brough, Bartlett and other county Republicans — on Friday described a similar encounter that took place in a Dana Point bar about five years ago.

Banks said Brough put his hand on her leg under her skirt and, without removing his hand, asked if he could come to her house. She said she told him no, and he dropped it.

She added that she’s motivated to speak up now, and to support Bartlett, in part because she hopes to send a message: “This has gotten to the point where I’m tired of guys doing this.”

Sounds awfully familiar to the story I wrote from my informant the former legislative staffer.

#2 Bill Brough has been caught in a colossal lie. He may not have even realize what he did. Quoting the OC Register:

A third woman, who has not been identified, filed a complaint against Brough with the state Assembly. The details of the complaint are not public, but a March 2018 letter from the committee, which Brough gave to the Register, says the state found “the factual findings reported by the investigator did not support a determination that (Brough) violated any Assembly policy.”

Brough said he felt vindicated by that letter, saying the outside investigator found the accusation “unsubstantiated.”

This is critical – in 2018, when Ed Sachs was lining up a primary challenge to Bill Brough, your intrepid blogger did some digging. In that research I asked Brough to his face if a complaint was ever filed with the Assembly Rules committee against him. In May of 2018, Bill Brough lied to my face, denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint when I asked him about it. He also appears to have lied to several other political leaders in the area in denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint – even as the feckless Fred Whitaker is trying to figure out how to maintain the incumbent protection plan.

Please note that Brough’s complaint was dismissed on a technicality. There was only one witness, not two. As I wrote previously, people with knowledge of the complaint indicated that the investigators may well have suppressed testimony from other witnesses and I’ve been informed of the possibility that other members of the legislature may have influenced the outcome as well. At this time, I only have confidential informants but no evidence to support either claim.

As I type this blog, Fred Whitaker is working behind the scenes to stymie any sort of rebellion against the incumbent by the rank and file committee. It is time to shell Fred Whitaker with phone calls and emails. While quick to condemn Chad Mayes, Whitaker appears to be protecting Bill Brough.

Once Bill Brough resigns, Fred Whitaker should resign in disgrace not only because of his refusal and failure to lead – but the shellacking at the ballot box under his tenure as the Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party.

To be continued.

Blogger’s Note – the story I wrote about with a confidential informant former legislative staffer was corroborated by a well-known Orange County Republican Political figure who was an eye witness to part of the incident in the bar in Sacramento. Should I be challenged on the accounts or sued for libel, both the OC political figure and the victim indicated they would back me up.

Jun 212019

I was contacted by a member of his staff that indicated his missed vote in committee was due to scheduling and being triple booked (which is apparently common with committee meetings in the state legislature).

This is a video of James Gallagher R-AD03 speaking publicly against SB27, the triggered democrats bill to force the President to release his tax returns or he will not be on the ballot bill.

Jun 212019

I’ve long held that the Sacramento Bee and it’s red-headed stepchild in Modesto may as well be published by the Chinese embassy. They are reliably leftist and it is clear that the Modesto Bee is in the bag for Josh Harder.

Several days ago there was a sting operation netting the brother of a losing Stanislaus County Sheriff’s candidate. Everyone arrested in the operation, save one had a mugshot posted. The one exception had a photo of him where you could see almost his whole body. He was wearing a Republican’s campaign shirt…how convenient.

The Sheriff of San Joaquin County is Pat Withrow. I know Pat Withrow well. I helped defeat him in his first run for Sheriff in 2014. Pat Withrow’s campaign manager is none other than N Allen Sawyer, a man convicted of a felony for his part in the Baxter Dunn Scandal. (Note: Sawyer’s conviction was overturned years later on a technicality)

Withrow is also a reputed ally of the marijuana industry and was a democrat endorsed by the San Joaquin County Democrat Party in 2014. It appears he may have tried to hide as a NPP in 2018, but still was endorsed by the Central Labor Council in 2018.

Your intrepid Blogger fully well expects Withrow to endorse Josh Harder and is also of the opinion that the Shirt Caper was a deliberate act by his department in order to open up a cheap shot against this front-running conservative Harder challenger Ted Howze.

Political insiders in the area indicate that within hours people were calling around about the photo of the person arrested. It is also my opinion based on experience in campaigns that it could have been Josh Harder’s crew and ex-lobbyist/perennial candidate Marla Livengood’s crew shopping the cheat shot to media outlets.

This is where the Modesto Bee comes in. Despite the fact that the man arrested has no connection to that Republican campaign as reported by multiple outlets, the Modesto Bee had another agenda. See the Manteca paper here for an example of local media reports.

Most of the media reported incorrectly that the Howze campaign asked the Sheriff to alter the photo. This is a lie. The Howze campaign asked the Sheriff to use a mugshot since this was the only photo in that sting that wasn’t a mugshot. There is a big difference in semantics. The Howze campaign basically asked the Democrat Sheriff of San Joaquin County to be consistent. Good for them.

Due to the efforts of the Harder / Livengood team, it caused scrutiny of the Sheriff’s actions and forced the implementation of a new policy on booking photos. It also forced an apology from the Sheriff as well.

The Modesto Bee, clearly angered by the fact that they missed a chance to smear a conservative Republican wrote an editorial that may was well have been written by MSNBC or Pravda. Somehow, it was the Republican’s fault this douchebag acquired a campaign shirt and it was the ONLY photo of its kind shown out of 20 something – the exact goal of the Harder/Livengood campaign operatives and their #fakenews effort against the leading candidate. Where have we seen this before?

It is clear your intrepid blogger is going to have to watch the Modesto Bee as they have signaled early that they are the CNN of the Central Valley.

Jun 202019

First off, I’d like to thank Dan C and his fellow commies over at the Liberal OC for the love. While their goal is to turn AD-73 in to a communist cesspool, I did want to thank them for the attribution. #RESPECT

Some local media outlets are finally picking up on the OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett story. There are now at least 5 more victims your intrepid blogger is aware of and one with whom I spoke directly.

Bill Brough is going to go down fighting, this is what I’d expect from someone that has no comprehension of what he has done. It is also consistent with the denial that comes along with having several behavioral issues.

Brough withdrew his endorsement request from the OC GOP – but “Intends to re-submit after the session is over so he can fight the allegations”.

A woman I know who I have fought political battles on the same side with came forward with her story. She is an ex-staffer for two members of the Assembly. She was working for an Assemblymember at the time of her incident with Bill Brough.

This Assemblymember was a top target of the democrats in 2016, thus, there was a caucus meeting in late 2014 early 2015 that required her and another staffer to head north to Sacramento for a meeting(s).

In an evening after meetings in Sacramento, my source headed across the street to one of the local hangouts. She described Brough and another member of the legislature “Who Always Wears a Cowboy Hat” at the bar drinking with him. She indicated that the other member was even more intoxicated than Brough.

Brough struck up a conversation with my informant. He proceeded to tell her that he had seen her at events and had been watching her. Brough then informed her that he was a member of the elections committee and could “help” her boss. He indicated that he had a place “right around the corner” from the bar they were at.

My informant told Brough he was disgusting and to go to hell. She immediately called the other staffer who was taking an uber to the location she was at in some sort of ruse to end the conversation. The former Chief of Staff, the (now) Former Assemblymember and a second Assemblymember all knew about the incident within an hour of it happening.

There was a public event involving the (now former) Assemblymember that also had Brough participating in it. She told her boss she was not going and he excused her from it. Since then, she was studiously avoided any contact with Brough.

I have been informed by this informant that one of her co-workers appears to have had similar issues as they discussed how they planned flights from John Wayne Airport to SAC in order to avoid being on the same plane with Bill Brough.

Worse, it was made clear to me that after Bill Brough propositioned my informant, he continued to text her for several weeks after the incident.

Please remember, I am not being paid to write about this situation. Rather, I am embarrassed that I helped elect this man and in a sense I am trying to make amends for the mistake. The sooner Bill Brough resigns, the better we will all be.

In addition, three more sources, known to me who requested not to be identified indicated that a rules committee complaint was filed and was dismissed on a technicality. The staffer, (different than the Woman whose story I told) was told that the complaint was dismissed for lack of a second credible witness. The problem? at least three other people offered testimony related to the case (based on accounts given to me) and had their testimony rejected/suppressed related to the case. It was also put to me that another Orange County legislator may have put her thumb on the scale. It is because I never had witnesses willing to allow me to go forward with allegations that I sat on this information for two years. At that, I have no proof to back up the allegations in this paragraph, just well known stories among insiders. Brough has denied there was a rules committee complaint and has denied wrongdoing. (I think he is lying)

It has also been put to me that Brough has lost staffers as the truth and the totality of his behavior has become more widespread and known. Today, local media are finally writing about Lisa Bartlett’s spellbinding presentation to the OCGOP on Monday.

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by several party insiders who contested my assertion that the party was bankrupt. I obtained a copy of the most recent Federal Election Filing. It shows $26,500 net cash on hand. I suppose bankrupt is the wrong word. Perhaps “Cash Challenged” is the right word? I did not make the allegations in a vacuum.

There are fewer donors giving fewer dollars regardless of whether or not the party is bankrupt. The issues with fundraising are why people like Bill Brough need to be cleared out, as we need good, quality candidates picked on the merits – not an incumbent protection plan or an affirmative action recruiting standard.

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