Aug 162018

I do not need to add anything to these photos, except to say that this is an allegory for the Stan Sniff Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

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Aug 152018

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This is being re-posted as new because this post originally appeared in the middle of the worst days of the hack of this website. The information in this post is foundational to understanding the current early release crisis and the decisions of Stan Sniff that led to it all.

I’ve written for months, Stan Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. Based on information from informants:

The solution to the correction issue was developed under former Sheriff Bob Doyle: the Mid-County Correctional Facility on Haughen-Lehman Way (modeled after the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s West Valley Detention Center). Plans were done, land was purchased, and the money for construction was in the bank.

Sniff came to power and when the late John Benoit and Palm Springs signaled opposition to the new jail, Sniff did exactly what Benoit wanted and caved in. I was never a fan of John Benoit when he was in the legislature, by the way as I viewed him as a weak, punchless back-bencher.

The County lost about $38 million in manpower time, planning, and land purchase costs getting ready for construction.

The County would have had a 1,200 bed facility designed to handle long-term inmates from AB109 with additional capacity for 6,000 more inmates. Sniff caved and the $330 million project got dumped so they could spend the same amount on the 1,200 bed facility in Indio with no room for expansion.

Why? A lot of Stan’s Donors are in Palm Springs, so now we get to live with thousands of early released felons because Sniff sided with the NIMBY’s and the feckless John Benoit.

I can tell you something else, unlike Cois Byrd and the aforementioned Doyle whose names are on Sheriff Facilities – Stan Sniff should be grateful he will be able to leave office on the outside of a prison let alone having his name on any building.

In Early 2011, sometime around February the Corrections staff assigned to review the impacts of AB109 delivered a report to the 2nd Floor recommending that Sheriff Sniff oppose AB109 for a multitude of reasons which have all come true.
Similar to his terrible decisions on Guns, refusing to cooperate with ICE and decisions exacerbating the early release problem, Sniff did not follow through on that recommendation and never publicly opposed AB109 despite the report that said Riverside will see increased crime, reduced jail space, need for increased staffing, and the additional increased costs totaling millions of dollars.
Later in 2011, the 2nd Floor was advised by a different committee reviewing AB109 impacts. They warned that some inmates could be sentenced to more than 10 years in the county jails. This exact scenario occurred on the second day after AB109 was implemented several months later. Imagine had they had the 7200 beds in Palm Desert versus the little jail in Indio. 
Everything they said would happen in the report forwarded to Sheriffs Administration by the Corrections staff were proven correct. This removes any deniability or blame-shifting Stan Sniff could do. He was warned, Stan Sniff did nothing. Worse, he sided with the short-sighted feckless John Benoit on assuaging rich liberal NIMBY donors out in the desert. 
When Stan Sniff was appointed Sheriff, he made several promises to the Board of Supervisors:
1. De-politicize the department 
2. Never take campaign contributions from staff (his Form 700’s document dozens of employees contributing to his campaign and he accepting them)
3. Remove the “at-will” statue from Chief Deputies and above so no one could ever be fired like he was.
Now you get a flavor for the toxic recipe that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Stan Sniff basically lied to the Board of Supervisors, and all of us. Then once he became Sheriff, failed repeatedly to plan for the future or lead effectively. Fire him.
P.S. Most of the material for this post was sent by an insider with direct knowledge of the subject matter. I have re-written the information at their request in order to mask the writing style of the source.
Aug 142018

Recently, your intrepid blogger was sent a screenshot of now Captain John Shields endorsing Stan Sniff. Given that Shields was recently promoted to Captain and assigned a command, it makes perfect sense why he endorsed the corrupt Sheriff.

Some people got annoyed with me when I lit up John Shields for his command decision for putting the young man who is now a paraplegic on a motorcycle. While I understand the frustration – it is also frustrating to me that I have to draw a diagram sometimes to get people to understand that John Shields was very close to the injured deputy and his judgement was not sound. Since there exists little if any accountability or oversight within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, Shields made a decision like a friend and not objectively. Terrible command decisions are common.

Now that Shields is reciprocating to Stan Sniff for appointing him a captain it should be clear for everyone that Shields is the latest in a line of Sheriff Sniff “leadership” that have poor judgement. It is the brutal reality.

It has also been relayed to me by several people that Chad Bianco visited the injured deputy before anyone else did and the first second floor visitor was none other than Christopher Brandon Ford who irritated the family as it was clear he was looking for a promotional angle for the Sheriff.

It appears that the young man will soon be used as a political prop by the crooked Sheriff and his butt-monkeys on the second floor similar to McMillan has been and Misha Graves was in the primary election.

I’d remind people that Sniff did not visit McMillan in the Hospital after he got shot, and I’d remind people that the Sheriff has skipped out of three funerals of deceased RSO employees (2 just retired and 1 who died while still active duty) but it would just make everyone mad all over again about the wanton disregard Sniff has for his men.

Did you know that Lt. Aaron Kent is supporting Chad Bianco? This is almost as stunning as Leonard Purvis’ change of heart. Your intrepid blogger is privy to internal details of what happened in both cases and suffice to say the information is so specific and incendiary that it would set fire to the sources. The Second Floor is so spun out of control that they are starting to alienate some that are even in their inner circle. It is the opinion of this blogger, backed up by information that I know (but won’t put in print) that both are sincere and real supporters of Chad Bianco.

The response from Stan Sniff? He has been calling Captains, brow-beating them and demanding loyalty. It sure makes you wonder if the $151K he sandbagged and reported late is not exactly a renewable resource. You also have to ask yourself if Stan Sniff is a raging asshole, insane or is a maniacal villain like Kim Jong Un? (or a combination of all three)

Recently, I’ve been exposing the overtime drama and the day-to-day disaster that are the Jurupa Valley and Moreno Valley Station. In the past, I’ve hammered Palm Desert, Hemet, Lake Elsinore and Thermal Station for a variety of failures as well. Sergeant Johnathan Bodnar has been on a rampage to try to find out who is talking to me. Bodnar should probably concentrate on doing his job and figuring out how to give his employees some sort of relief and down time from the 16 hour days. Irritated employees like to talk a lot, about the immigration status of a man’s girlfriend. In an environment of cops, it is wise to attempt to keep the peace because cops have a way of finding out things (when they are not fixated on the wrong target) and Bodnar has quite a fan club at Moreno Valley. (I’d say he is as loathed as Kurly)

Both Sgt. Bodnar and Lt. Manning who are somewhere around age 40 have a thing for 18-20 year old women. (Speaking of Roy Moore type stuff) Shame on them both. I know a lot of people try to tell me that the cheating and philandering that is rampant in the department is down the list of issues, but every time I look at my wife and think about our relationship, I imagine what it would do to her if I got some 20 something mistress and ran off. Real men don’t pull that crap. Leaders don’t pull that crap. Untrustworthy, morally corrupt, unreliable, selfish adolescents pull that crap. However, almost EVERYONE in Stan Sniff’s leadership team has at least one affair, most with several. Many prey on recruits in the academy who are vulnerable – yet these people are in positions of authority in law enforcement. Who polices the police???

I’ve written multiple times about Chief Deputy Jason Horton’s alleged DUI that was covered up. While I have no evidence other than a widely held belief, the stories about it persist. I’ve written about many other cover-ups and have had them validated as true time and time again…

… which is why when I heard that Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez may well have had his own DUI accident that was covered up, I was not surprised at all. Guitierrez’ county vehicle mysteriously showed up with two blown tires on the right side and minor damage to the same side. A “reliable” deputy reputedly was brought up to the second floor to write the accident report. Yes a Monday Morning accident report for a Friday Night Accident. Cozy. Even in my drinkings days, I’d have been completely clear 48 hours later.

I actually had to pay a penalty for my DUI 22 years ago. It must be nice to be a member of senior leadership in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office where you can be a sloppy drunk and damage county property and have it all covered up. While I thank God for my sobriety and that I never hurt anyone all the times I drove drunk – but you have to wonder if these out of control people actually HAVE injured people while on duty!!! There is no accountability for command decisions and screw ups at all!!!

(Now my issue with Shields becomes clearer doesn’t it? Now the story about the Lawsuit against the County that Horton Caused becomes clearer, doesn’t it? Now the story about Wood clipping an unarmed suspect becomes clearer? Huizinga drop-discharging his weapon? Pelato getting canned for beating the mess out of someone? Jailbreaks? Police Brutality in the Jails?)

The brain-drain in the RSO is having real world consequences. The string of morally corrupt people that Stan Sniff favors for management is having real world consequences. The lack of accountability for senior management is having real world consequences. To those of you that are getting tripped up in the personalities, stay focused. Stan Sniff’s legacy is horrifying to this civilian and those around him that have enabled and participated with him should hang with him similar to the Germans and Japanese from WWII. (This is a metaphor, not a literal comparison)

The moral authority of the RSO needs to be restored. Chad Bianco is the start, but Bianco has a 5 star mess on his hands and he is going to have to clean house. Big time.

Aug 132018

Did you know that Jason Horton caused the County to Get Sued? Perhaps this is why the Corona Police Department turned his application down when he attempted to lateral out of the RSO? Oh, you didn’t know that either? Yup, we broke this news here on the Right on Daily Blog a month ago.

Did you know that Jason Horton’s alleged DUI may be a separate incident from this accident that resulted in a personal injury lawsuit? While I have no proof that Horton got away with a DUI, it is widely believed amongst the rank and file.

However, what I do have proof of is an accident where Horton was talking on his cell phone travelling at a high rate of speed when he climbed up the left side of a civilian’s car.

Read the lawsuit here.

On Page 3 is the first key element – The license plate of the Deucemobile is mentioned. 6EUH192. Please see the embedded photo, you will note that the recently discovered totalled 2008 Ford Crown Victoria matches the lawsuit complaint.

I suppose until we get more information of the allegedly covered up DUI, that we can say that “Deuce” refers to two injured civilians.

If you continue down page 3, you will see that Horton ran a Red Light while talking on his cell phone and hit the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. A check of records shows that Horton did NOT receive a citation for breaking TWO (another Deuce) traffic laws. Most be nice to be one of Stan Sniff’s Chiefs, similar to Stan Sniff flashing his badge to get out of traffic tickets… here we go again.

Normally, wrecking a county vehicle results in a “PERS” aka, a disciplinary hearing against the employee who wrecked the vehicle. As of the writing of this blog, there is no known disciplinary hearing or procedure against Jason Horton. Were it not for finding this lawsuit, the whole thing may well have been completely covered up from the public despite the lawsuit proceeding.

The County, rather than being smart and settling the lawsuit – chose to deny the claim, instead going to litigation. This is similar to County Admin’s Pattern of abuse of Worker’s Compensation Claims.

Note – Horton hit the victim’s car on the left side so hard that it was moved 20 feet from the collision. This is of course why the county’s vehicle was destroyed in the process. Did Horton get 2 DMV Points as a result of this (An accident with Bodily Injury is 2 points and causes you to lose your California Good Driver Status for 3 years)?

So Deuce means, a 2 point accident, 2 victims, 2 violations of traffic law in the case of Jason “DeuceX3” Horton. Were Horton’s case properly handled, he’d have 4 DMV Points – a 2 pt Accident, a Red Light Ticket and a Cell Phone Ticket. I will lay odds that he shows nothing on his MVR and CLUE reports. (Remember, my day job is Insurance)

Officer Christopher Wilson and Officer Hatzidakes of the Riverside PD Responded to the Accident. While I am sure they had no idea that the stuff Horton did disappeared (I am basing this on the fact I could find nothing in records checks about Horton having any tickets in the last 3 years), I’d sure love to talk to them and see if they observed the presence of Alcohol on Horton’s Breath. Maybe there are other details they could tell me. Perhaps someone can find the Riverside Police Department Report about the accident?

The Civil Claim also indicates they are asking for an amount in excess of $250,000. Ouch.

The County and Jason Horton’s Defense? Absurd.

  1. I didn’t do it
  2. The Family Caused It
  3. Unknown 3rd Party Caused It
  4. I may have caused it, but family incurred risk of collision by getting in their car
  5. Family is partly to blame so damages, if any should be reduced
  6. Family didn’t do enough to mitigate their own damages
  7. Even though Horton Caused the Accident, he was careful and reasonable and did not do anything wrong so the family should not get any money.

Sounds an awful lot like the absurd and inane excuses the county uses to further injure injured employees by denying care and litigating Worker’s Comp Claims.

Where was the PERS on Horton?

Where are the two tickets he should have gotten?

Where is the DMV Record of the Accident?

Why was the destroyed vehicle hidden for a YEAR? (The accident was on 8-10-2017 according to the lawsuit)

Another Stan Sniff cover up of broken laws by his chosen employees… to be continued.

P.S. Horton was born 12/1969. This means he is 48 like Kevin Vest and can not draw his pension for at least a year after the election. Sad.