Aug 312018

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Fortunately, Riverside County was saved from Penny Newman. The Cop-Hating, Open Borders, Crackpot Extreme Left-Wing Berkeley Wacko finished third behind Karen Spiegel.

Spiegel on paper sounds like a good candidate, a city council member, a lot of experience in government, some community service, etc. Many that spoke to me on condition of anonymity, indicated that Spiegel is aggressive, brusque and plays fast and loose with the facts. The fact that people in the local area were reticent to go on the record speaks volumes and sounds all too familiar in Riverside County.

I have known Eric Linder for about 15 years. I first met him when he was in young Republicans. He backed in to the Assembly and ended up getting two terms, the re-election was due largely to the fact that the dems did not field a candidate against him. Linder is far more passive as a candidate than I’d ever recommend and some of the knock on him is that he does not make fundraising calls nor does he do the groundwork necessary to win.

Eric Linder does have a lot of residual name ID, which is how he emerged atop the field despite being buried in spending by Karen Spiegel and a democrat machine behind the crazed Penny Newman. There was a bonus candidate from the City of Riverside, but Sup D2 is not about Riverside and he cratered.

Spiegel’s issues appear to run quite a bit deeper than her difficult personality. In endorsement interviews, she appears to have been caught double-speaking, and is alleged by several people to have shown open disdain for participants at political events. While neither are unusual in a campaign (lying and being a primadona), the overall pattern starts to paint a picture of an ineffective pariah as a supervisor.

Spiegel is a Registered Republican and has been in her 4 terms on the Corona City Council. She has several publicly enumerated positions that are at odds with the Republican values she claims to hold. Her record as a community leader is dotted with spectacular failure as has her personal record. Any of these events by themselves would not be fatal… all of them behind the same candidate is indeed a toxic cocktail of baggage not even a C-17 could haul away.

Then, of course there was the small issue of her behavior enraging local citizens to the point of organizing a recall against her and two of her colleagues and her conduct on the city council inflaming relations with the labor units to the point of legitimate strike threats.

We’re going to unpack the baggage that Spiegel is carrying. For a variety of reasons, Eric Linder is a superior option for County Supervisor. We will discuss some of Mr. Linder’s merits as we proceed forward as well.

Welcome to Right on Daily Karen Spiegel.

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  3 Responses to “There are Other Political Races in Riverside County – Eric Linder vs. Karen Spiegel For Supervisor”

  1. Spiegel can’t understand normal thinking.

  2. Spiegel’s campaign literature claims public safety is her top priority yet she just cut 14 police officers and 6 fire fighters.

  3. She has done so much damage to the City of Corona, by making bad decisions. Now she want to take it to the County level. She must be stopped.

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