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With supervisors Marion Ashley and Kevin Jeffries running interference for Stan Sniff at the County Level and the Riverside Press Enterprise’s editor being a long time friend of the sheriff, the Desert Sun in the bag for the Sheriff and most local TV Stations ingoring or doing shoddy journalism… it may well be that Right on Daily is the only place to find this stuff. (BTW- Kitty Alvarado of KMIR deserves a medal as it is my understanding that she has been threatened along with other employees at that TV Station)

Supervisor John Taviglione (aka JT) is alleged to have sold his endorsement to Stan Sniff in exchange for cooperation with the bungling KPMG audit of Jurupa Valley.

It has been made clear to me by SEVERAL employees of RSO that Kevin Vest is running the day to day operation to sabotage the KPMG audit. I wonder if JT is aware of the games or if he cares. I wonder if KPMG is aware, or if they care. We sure know that any cooperation with the ill-advised and poorly executed KPMG audits is a facade. (RSO = Riverside Sheriff’s Office)

Sniff and Vest screwed with the numbers at the Hemet Station, I’d love to interview Lenny Purvis about that. That was widely talked about.

However, today is unique as we had foreknowledge of the lies and deceit coming to Jurupa Valley. KPMG is auditing Jurupa Valley for Two Pay Periods.

In the meantime, it is a well known fact among the rank and file that Lt. Timothy Martin is on a rampage to retaliate against the entire staff because he is enraged that the lies and deceit at the Jurupa Valley Station are being published. Similar to PSB grilling Correctional Deputy Tammy Smoak about the Blog while ignoring several pieces of sexually harassing garbage at the jail or them messing with the records in the Donald Vincent Brooks case to forestall a pitchess motion until after the primary election, Lt. Timothy Martin is on a rampage to close up the leaks. I wonder if Supervisor JT is endorsing this behavior as well now?

Don’t worry Lt. Martin, you’re on the Right on Daily list just like Captain Hedge who refuses to supervise you.

What has Martin Done?

All the staff at Jurupa Valley have had their regular days off moved, some deliberately to screw up their family time and or joint custody of children time. All the deputies are on mandatory yellow days and even Sergeants are on yellow days. (But not Lt. Martin)

Because KPMG is coming, everyone’s vacation was cancelled regardless of how far back it was scheduled. This tactic, along with screwing up people’s schedules is being done on purpose to turn opinion against KPMG in the rank and file and for retaliatory practices as Sheriff’s Admin know almost all in the rank and file support Bianco. Interestingly, Bianco was a critic of the KPMG audit long before Sniff started playing king of the hill on it.

People are being forced to trade shifts in order to try and have time with their families. This is not unlike the time honored practice of splitting married couples up putting one half out in the desert while the other is on the west side. They call it freeway therapy. (One example is a deputy that lives in Menifee being sent out to Palm Desert Station as retaliation for supporting Chad Bianco)

I have conflicting information on how many employees were transferred over from Moreno Valley (again, only for long enough to jerk off the KPMG audit) it looks like 5-7 from Moreno Valley and the remaning manpower from other stations. They are drawing in 13(!) more deputies cover the critical shortages of manpower. Does KPMG get told 13 of the employees they are seeing will not be present after 2 pay periods?

I also wonder if Lt Martin is going to continue showing up on calls in order to continue hammering morale down. Will KPMG figure out the truth or will the fear and intimidation shell game prevail?

Hopefully, KPMG is reading Right on Daily as the truth is all here.

Supervisor John Taviglione will claim victory because the KPMG audits are happening, but the joke is on him as Stan Sniff just double-crossed him good.

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  11 Responses to “Today, the KPMG Audit Starts At Jurupa Valley. Does KPMG know what Stan Sniff, Kevin Vest and the Rest are Doing to Lie to Them?”

  1. Everyone knew it was a fact that Sniff was attempting a last ditch effort to fool Tavaglione into giving him his endorsement when he immediately started raping Moreno Valley and other commands to temporarily dump a bunch of deputies into Jurupa. I think no one believed it would work for him because of the hatred Tavaglione has for Sniff. Everything Tavaglione has done for the past 8+ months has been in an effort to rid the county of the corrupt sheriff and get a new forward thinker in there. He tried with all his political clout to get Dave Brown in there, he used his connections to blow the lid off the huge cheating scandal, etc. Tavaglione, please tell us you still have a pair and don’t allow Sniff to make you his bitch again, like he did 11 years ago. It’s all smoke and mirrors with Sniff, don’t allow him to insult your intelligence. Dave Brown supports CHAD BIANCO and you should too!!

  2. Realistically only two outcomes can come from this audit: 1) KPMG finds out and announces the Hemet and the Lake Elsinore audits were intentionally sabotaged to keep KPMG from finding worthwhile cost savings, or 2) KMPG wastes 28 days doing the same thing they did in Hemet and Lake Elsinore.

    I wonder what Bianco has to say about Tavaglione? I met Bianco for the first time face to face about a month ago. He told me he met with Tavaglione and he was completely behind him and more importantly totally anti Stanley. He said he had tavagliones endorsement but was holding it until after Labor Day at his request. If true, what did Stanley have to offer Tavaglione with the kpmg study in return for a complete 180 from Tavaglione. Honestly, this just goes to show that Tavaglione sold his soul, probably a long time ago, and can’t get it back.

    Chuck Norris is right, Tavaglione was the swing vote that put Stanley where he is and destroyed the department along with the relationships of county, city and local police departments. He had the chance to do the right thing and he screwed the sheriffs department again on his way out. Good riddance Johnny Boy, you and Stanley can drink yourselves into oblivion once both of you are irrelevant in Riverside County come November.

    I have no proof of this but I want it in writing so I can say I told you so: something will come out in the months ahead that will expose this strange turn of events, and my guess is it involves kpmg, money, and fat pockets of two has been politicians.

  3. Are you $&@?ing kidding me? Tavaglione did what? In political circles Tavaglione and Washington have been blasting Sniffcompoop for over a year. Not only that, I have heard Tavaglione talk shit about Jeffries supporting sniff calling Jeffries “wishy washy and weak!” We all know Sniffcompoop is a closet alcoholic, Ashley is a public alcoholic, and tavaglione is on record with what appears to be dementia. Well now that those two retiring has-beens have supported another unethical has-been Sheriff, I hope the three remaining supervisors go with the only choice to repair the sheriffs department.

    Put your stupid political agendas aside and do the right thing for this county and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Support and endorse Bianco.

  4. So let me get this straight Tavaglione Aka: “The Drunk” cuts a deal with Stanley in reference to KPMG doing an audit at Jurupa. Deputies are being transferred from all over the county to fill in the depleted staffing at Jurupa. Meanwhile you have cocksucker Kevin Vest trying to sabotage KPMG.

    Let’s talk about Tavaglione & Ashley. Those two pieces of shit have talked so much negative stuff about Stanley and his leadership. They have even said early on that someone should run against Stanley because if the Stanley gets back into office he will run not just the department but the county itself into the ground. After all this shit talking these two has turn into the Stanley’s little bitches.

    Glad those two cocksuckers are leaving they should also take all their family members they’ve hired with them.

    As for the Stanley no matter what corrupt deals you made behind closed doors to get endorsements that’s not going to help you people see right through those fucked up endorsements you’re getting.

    Tavaglione- corrupt and a drunk

    Ashley- corrupt real estate deals.

    Coris- on Stanley‘s payroll

    Horton- slept with his 19-year-old secretary while at CAL-ID.

    Herbert Temple Jr.- is 90 years old, has retired over two decades ago. Stanley used a much younger google photo.
    Just another examples how Stanley twists facts around for his own benefit

    The list could go on, bottom line Stanley you’re a piece of shit you need to go, and don’t forget to take the rest of the cocksuckers with you.

    Stanley Must Go !!!

  5. The KPMG audit is not worth the money the county has spent on the project. KPMG does business audits for companies that are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient, but that won’t work with what we do as an organization. Their suggestions are to hire more CSO’s, and not sworn staff, eliminating priority 4 calls, and charging deputies to park in the station parking lot. But KPMG don’t care what the county, or the second floor does because they are getting $40 million for the audit, so they made a killing at the expense of taxpayers. And KPMG has been fined $6 million for over valuations in their audits, and they have been prosecuted by the feds for their shady business practices, so maybe the county should have looked into KPMG before spending the taxpayers money.

    I am not a second floor supporter, and what we do is different from a company that works from 9-5. A good example is a rape where we had a Deputy sitting at the house, a Deputy sitting with the suspect as several detectives responded, and the patrol and Detective sergeants also involved in the investigation, in addition to the victim being transported to the hospital. From a business standpoint, there is a lot of staff involved for just one project, but from a law enforcement operation, that is what’s needed for the investigation.

    And as civilians, they are given access to CAD, data warehouse and other sensitive programs, so who gave KPMG clearance, the BOS, the second floor? And the Jurupa Valley audit will go on for at least 6 months, if not longer. The county should have saved their money. But I want to know who in county government benefited from this because you don’t give away $40 million without getting something in return. Maybe the feds should take a look into county operations after all, including the KPMG audit and the BOS.

  6. Deputies have been taken from Moreno Valley for the audit period. So when they leave after the audit how will the changes be implemented? News flash, they won’t. This is all about some board of supervisors being duped, tax payers being stolen from and good ol’ unethical John Tavaglione getting paid off by KPMG. What a joke Riverside County has become with the unethical liars we have at the helm.

  7. Kevin Vest is anything but a qualified individual, but he fits right in with the rest of the misfit toys on the second floor. Kevin Vest’s experience is anything but extensive. He only did two years on patrol (this includes his time in the training program), worked motors for three years and was promoted to investigator for about a month and a half, was promoted to Sergeant, and went back to traffic at San Jacinto. So he is anything but a competent individual, and was never considered a true copper, let alone a gunslinger. The only thing that surpasses Kevin Vest’s incompetence is his ego in believing that he deserves the rank he was given ( as compared to earned). Kevin Vest, you sit in judgement of others when you yourself have no working experience in what real street cops do on a daily basis, and you retaliate against those that prove you wrong instead of learning from your shortcomings because you sold your dignity, and self-respect to become a warm body occupying a chair on the second floor. Your arrogance will be your downfall Kevin. Thank goodness you have no USMC emblems hanging in your office because your fellow Marines are embarrassed with what you have become.

    As for the KPMG audit, there is more to this than meets the eye. Years ago the county was talked into a contract to use vending machines for commissary purposes for the inmates in the county jail, so a vending machine company was awarded the contract and provided vending machines for every jail in the county. And shortly after that, a Sheriff’s Captain retired, and about a month later, that same Captain was working for the same company that was awarded the contract for the vending machines in the jails. So don’t tell me there is not some underhanded business dealing in county government. It is going that be interesting to see which county employee(s) benefit from the KPMG contract, and what the feds do when that occurs.

  8. Kevin Vest never grasped the concepts of honor, integrity and character that were taught at MCRD, they were only words to him and not values to live by as he stood on the yellow footprints. And when it comes to police work, if his assignment don’t involve a mouse, he is lost. But Vest and Sniff have something in common, traffic and how that 11-82 was a complicated investigation, and the number of tickets they had to write in a shift. And the excuses for the decisions you make are just that, excuses because a bad management decision allegedly made under the guise of good intentions is still a bad management decision. But your decisions are done with retaliation in mind under the belief “I showed him who is boss.” I just hope you receive the same treatment come January. And everyone knows the only reason you got promoted was because of the emails you recovered from Captain Mark Dinaggio’s computer that were critical of Valerie Hill, and ratted DiMaggio out to gain favor. And you dare to claim the title of Marine. I just hope I am there when you reach the “Pearly Gates” to see Chesty Puller, Smedley Butler, Daniel Daly. Carlos Hathcock and Jay R. Vargas Jr. greet you because I bet they will all have something to say (and it won’t be positive) about your lack of character.

  9. I’m hoping someone had the foresight to pick up a phone and call KPMG. If KPMG didn’t show any interest in the caller”s inside information, then we all pretty much know KPMG is getting a fat payout and are only going through the motions to fool the public.

  10. KPMG got $40 million of the county’s money in their pocket, they could care less about phone calls, or doing the right thing just as long as they fulfill the legal requirements of the contract. Granted they have had legal troubles in the past with manipulating data, but that’s something for the feds to look into (after DOJ gets through with Sniff and his accomplices on the second floor).

    Blogger’s Note: Now that JT sold his left nut, he gets to claim “victory” as the door his hitting him in his smug ass on the way out the door…

  11. John Tavalongie will be employed as a consultant for KPMG upon retirement. He is a crook and a liar.

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