May 292018

Alfredo Ortega is a convicted Felon.

Alfredo is a past owner of El Tarasco Restaurant in Perris. El Tarasco Restaurant was the scene of a recent event for Stan Sniff. Alfredo is a public booster of the Sheriff. Alfredo transferred the ownership of the restaurant to his wife in the mid 2000’s and in 2008 the liquor license (which Alfredo could not renew due to his felony conviction) was renewed by his daughter, who is the current owner.

Alfredo Ortega according to inside sources with training and knowledge of the meaning of the code, was convicted of a felony DUI in 1997. In addition, he was picked up for Felony Drug Possession in 1997, but inexplicably that case was dropped.

Sniff has a convicted felon donor. He has an endorser sporting a prostitution conviction. Sniff has a string of people no law enforcement official would be proud of promoting, yet there they are.

The early May Event at El Tarasco was being bantered about by people on Facebook as an opportunity to “get” Chad Bianco. However, before the event happened, it was discovered that the business license was suspended and Bianco backed out of the event.

Mr. Ortega for his part is also sporting THREE, domestic violence restraining orders in his past. In the sad, shrinking world of Stan Sniff, the bench is getting a little thin in the support network.

It is alleged, but I can’t see the proof that the dismissal of the felony drug possession may well be due to Ortega becoming an informant. As I lack the training to make that determination, I am relying on the opinions of insiders that have looked at this stuff.

The one felony conviction is undeniable.

The three domestic violence restraining orders are linked here.

DV Order 1

DV Order 2

DV Order 3

Great job Stanley!

P.S. Please note that Alfredo Ortega still owns the building that the Restaurant is in, in his own name.

May 292018

Just how deep is the cronyism in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office?

Once known as the most coveted team in the department with the highest standards, now apparently welcomes anyone who puts on the uniform, that is as long as you’re amongst the Sniff favorites. RSO’s SWAT team was operating for decades without a single K-9 on the team and after coming to his senses, Sniff decided to add four of his experienced K-9 deputies to his SWAT team. This was under one stipulation, those four K-9 deputies, MUST pass all the same SWAT standards and qualifications as every other SWAT member. But that didn’t happen.
Anyone who has ever worked with Jurupa Valley K-9 Handler, Heath Noyes, will tell you that he rides the leg of anyone wearing brass. His butt-kissing ability is his best talent and he’s obviously a pro at it. Often bragging about how he refers to Chief Deputies and “Stan” on a first name basis and calls their personal cell phones at any time. It was no surprise when Deputy Noyes was informed that he was one of the four K-9 deputies chosen to be a SWAT K-9.
Deputy Noyes was also informed that he would have to attend the bi-annual SWAT tryouts with the other deputies aspiring to be on the SWAT team. However, Deputy Noyes already had his spot on the team reserved, all he had to do was pass the minimum shooting and physical fitness qualifications. Similar to many of Stan Sniff’s cronies, Noyes was not up to the task.
Not only did Deputy Noyes fail the physical fitness qualification, he fell out during the run and left the training center in an ambulance. Yes, that’s right. Deputy Noyes had well over 6 months to prepare for this physical fitness qualification; however, he spent those 6 months sitting on his ass eating bon-bons watching movies. The SWAT Team qualification is not as extreme as it sounds based on the performance (or lack of) by Deputy Noyes. What caused Noyes to end up in a meat wagon? He #EPICFAILED in an attempt to complete a mere 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes. 
When Deputy Noyes failed the qualification it was not a major deal as every SWAT tryout has deputies that do not pass. Those deputies are welcome to attend future tryouts. What is a big deal is that Deputy Noyes was still permitted to attend the SWAT academy and graduate WITHOUT passing the physical fitness test. 
Our sources inside RSO SWAT insist that this is the first time in the history of the RSO SWAT team that a deputy has attended (let alone graduated) the SWAT academy without passing the physical fitness qualification. Furthermore, this was so shocking to the SWAT team that the SWAT commander, Captain Feltenberger, addressed his team as group stating that he was ordered by Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood to allow Deputy Noyes to attend the SWAT academy regardless of his embarrassing tryout! 
And you wonder why morale is in the tank?
With morale at an all time low department-wide , Sniff smears the faces of every deputy who’s ever been in the SWAT team. This also opens the door to RSA grievances (and employment practices lawsuits) for deputies who not only passed the tryout (as not all deputies who pass are welcomed to attend the academy) but also to deputies that did not pass the SWAT tryout.
Perhaps this is why someone came forward to your intrepid blogger. Can you blame these other deputies who were turned away even after passing everything, yet a Sniff favorite gets to attend after he failed the minimum qualifications?
This sounds like a prime example of making the county civilly liable (on many different levels) for nothing more than Stan Sniff favoritism.
Bonus – Noyes is fond of bragging that everyone on the SWAT and K-9 Team that is not a Stan Sniff Boot-Licker is going to lose their assignment if Sniff is re-elected. (speaking of things you will never see in the Press-Enterprise or the Desert Sun) Add it to the list. AND – he was featured in the now infamous “James Bond” video that Stan Sniff had made at an unknown cost to the taxpayers.

P.S. I have been told by sources that Sniff has had Admin Block from department computers through an internet block protocol. Looks like people are using their phones because the traffic continues to shatter records.
May 282018

Stan Sniff did not plan to fail. He failed to plan and has been blaming everyone else but his mismanagement for the exacerbated problems in Riverside County. Sniff’s solution has been to threaten the apocalypse when he does not get his way.

The Riverside Press Enterprise recently posted a story about the improving budget in Riverside County.

Some departments, including the public defender and district attorney, will need cash infusions to make ends meet. But the public defender needs just $1.475 million instead of the $2.2 million projected earlier, and the DA’s current $3.76 million shortfall is less than half the projected gap of $9.3 million, according to the county executive office’s third-quarter budget report.

Note that the Press-Enterprise conveniently omitted the shortfall in the Sheriff’s Department preferring instead to repeat worn-out Sniff talking points:

The turnaround in the sheriff’s budget comes almost a year after Sheriff Stan Sniff asked for $50 million more than what was budgeted – otherwise, he warned, he might have to look at shuttering patrol stations.

Still, retirement buyouts in Sniff’s department are $10.1 million more than projected, and “although the department stated they have realized some savings, they continue to see higher overtime costs due to attrition of staff,” read the third-quarter report.

The department “is increasingly concerned about the continued reductions in staffing on the safety of its employees, and the ability to properly safeguard the public through patrol, jail, court and coroner operations,” the report added.

At the May 22 board meeting, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries said he’d seek to restore funding to deputy patrols in unincorporated communities in the upcoming budget.

“Our residents are just becoming unhinged over this, over the response times and the issues that we’re facing in the unincorporated areas with the homeless and the low-level offenders that are roaming the neighborhoods,” he said.

Yet Jeffries endorsed failure for re-election in 2018.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise lets the cat out of the bag while attempting to dance around the facts of failure. Staff Attrition proves the morale point. Reduced patrols in rural areas proves the mismanagement point. Retirement buyouts prove again the staffing and morale point. Finally, Jeffries own comment about residents coming unhinged shows that Sniff did not even attempt to try and make interim or partial solutions, rather he has deliberately pushed things over the edge in order to win an argument. (Classic Narcissism)

I received a couple other articles that emphasize this failure has been apparent for several years:

In 2015 KSEQ revealed that the Cochella Valley has a spiraling crime rate. Note that the Cochella Valley is Sniff’s strongest base of support.

Violent crime of homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault reported by city police departments: (Cathedral City and Palm Springs only two incorporated city police departments reporting a decrease)

  • Banning up 56%

  • Beaumont up 54%

  • Hemet up 30%

  • Murrieta up 29%

  • Indio up 26%

  • Corona up 25%

  • Desert Hot Springs up 11%

  • Cathedral City down 7%

  • Palm Springs down 5%

Got it? Where the Sheriff has a contract to provide services, Crime is up. Where it is a City Department, crime is down.

Fueled by robberies and aggravated assaults, violent crime increased by 6 percent in the first 11 months of 2015 over the same period in 2014 in areas patrolled by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, officials said Monday, Jan. 11 in a news release.

The Sheriff’s Department’s jurisdiction includes the unincorporated areas of Riverside County and the 17 cities it contracts with. Eleven other cities have their own police departments; their crimes are not included in the numbers.

The increase in violent crime is in line with the 6.3 percent rise in violent crime that the department reported for the first six months of 2015, according to the release. Those crimes include homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

These increases in crime were despite Prop 47 and Prop 57 decriminalizing things like Drug Posession and making certain property crimes an infraction / misdemeanor.

The source article is linked here.

By no objective measure can you say that Stan Sniff has done his job effectively as Sheriff.

May 282018

Dear Legislators,

You may have read news articles about the Asian American Small Business PAC independent expenditure that calls into question Gavin Newsom’s behavior during his term as mayor of San Francisco and whether he is the right person to lead California as governor.

Our efforts rightly point out the inappropriate relationship that Newsom had with a subordinate staff member suffering from substance dependency and the appearance of unethical favoritism when that staff person received $10,000 in catastrophic medical leave pay that was uniformly denied to all other employees that previously applied under the same conditions.

We also question Newsom’s judgment in engaging in a relationship with a 19-year old woman who accompanied him to a formal public event and was photographed with an alcoholic beverage in her hand. At the time, Newsom was a nationally recognized public figure and two decades older than the woman who was under the legal age for consuming alcohol.

I, along with many men and women, have worked in national and California politics and public service for a long time — and fought for equal rights and the respectful treatment of women even longer. We believe that the culture in the Capitol needs to change. Newsom’s record proves he is not the person to lead that change.

When the power of elected office and taxpayer dollars are involved, personal affairs become the public’s affairs. In both cases, we are troubled by Newsom’s pattern of involving alcohol and the
power of elected office in the conduct of his personal relationships. No one has questioned the facts that we brought forward. Judge the facts for yourself by visiting

We stand by our belief that Newsom does not have the judgment and character to effectively lead the world’s 6th largest economy and the important efforts to end the culture of sexual harassment afflicting the state house and California politics. For these reasons, we strongly urge you to pledge to withhold or withdraw your endorsement and support for Gavin Newsom for Governor of California.


Jadine Chin Nielsen
Board President

AASB PAC | 515 S. Figueroa Street, Ste. 1110 | Los Angeles | CA | 90071 | FPPC ID# 1276929 | Computer Generated

Click here for a PDF Copy of the Press Release

May 282018

Governor: John Cox
Lt Gov: Cole Harris
Atty Gen: Steven Bailey
Sec’y of State: Mark Meuser
Controller: Konstantinis Roditis
Treasurer: Jack Guerrero
Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner
Sec’y of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck
US Senate: James Bradley
Congress District 1: Doug LaMalfa
CD 3: Charlie Schaupp
CD 4: Tom McClintock
CD 7 – Dr. Yona Barash
CD 8 – Paul Cook
CD 21 – David Valadao
CD39 – Shawn Nelson
CD45 – Mimi Walters
CD47 – David Michael Clifford
CD 48 – Dana Rohrabacher
CD 49 – Diane Harkey

Assembly District Endorsements
AD 1 – Brian Dahle
AD 3 – James Gallagher
AD 5 – Frank Bigelow
AD 6 – Kevin Kiley
AD 26 – Warren Gubler
AD 33 – Jay Obernolte
AD 38 – Dante Acosta
AD 55 – Phillip Chen
AD 60 – Billy Essayli
AD 64 – Theresa Sanford
AD 65 – Alexandria “Alexia” Coronado
AD 67 – Melissa Melendez
AD 68 – Steven Choi
AD 73 – Bill Brough

Senate District Endorsements
SD 04 – Jim Nielsen
SD 12 – Robert Poythress
SD 14 – Andy Vidak
SD 16 – Shannon Grove
SD 29 (Recall) – Bruce Whitaker (Yes on Recall)
SD 34 – Janet Nguyen
SD 36 – Pat Bates

Statewide Propositions
No on 68
Yes on 69
Yes on 70
No on 71
Yes on 72

Placer County Endorsements
Ryan Ronco for Clerk Recorder
Todd Irby for Judge
Bonnie Gore for D1 Supervisor
Yes on Measure E