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Stan Sniff is the total package. Refusing to cooperate with ICE allowing dangerous felons to re-offend and avoid deportation. He has also overseen some 30,000 early releases of hardened criminals, many of whom know how to game the early release system in Riverside County. (The 30,000 releases are from just 2012-Mid 2015 alone.)

Sniff is also notorious for covering up wrongdoing so as to not allow himself to look bad. The training levels in the department are also poor, so it comes as no surprise that the top-down incompetence and corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office would affect the Coroner’s Office. Note that Sniff is the Sheriff-Coroner of Riverside County.

Let’s do an autopsy of the 2014-2015 Grand Jury Report.

Misleading Statement
1. Upon reviewing the supplemental page of Coroner’s Packets #2013-10639 (Attachment #1) and #2013-11723 (Attachment #2), it was observed that each contained a similar misleading statement.

They both read, on the applicable date, Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff conducted a Coroner’s Review in the matter of the death of the decedent. After the facts were presented, Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff certified the death. These written statements are misleading as Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff was not present at either review.

Ooopsie. A nice fat lie. Where have I seen those before.

Delay of Files/Documents
2. On October 30, 2014, members of the Grand Jury attended Coroner’s Review of Coroner’s Case File #2013-11723. The Sheriff-Coroner Representative certified this death as:
• Cause of death: Acute methamphetamine and heroin intoxication
• Mode of death: Administered illicit drugs to self
• Manner of death: Accident
At the conclusion of the review, the Grand Jury requested a Coroner’s Packet for this case file. On November 5, 2014, a follow-up telephone call was made to the Coroner’s Office inquiring into the status of the requested Coroner’s Packet. Later that day, the Grand Jury Foreperson received a voice mail message advising the packet was not complete and the cause of death was still undetermined, even though the cause of death was certified on October 30, 2014. A second follow-up telephone call was placed on November 24, 2014. This time the Grand Jury was advised that
the requested Coroner’s packet was awaiting final approval. A third follow-up call was placed on December 4, 2014, this time the Grand Jury was advised the packet was awaiting a signature. The requested packet was finally received on December 15, 2014.

Got all that? Stonewalling records requests… where have I seen that before.

Then of course – the trifecta, incompetence:

Accuracy/Amending Files
4. The Grand Jury requested a Coroner’s Packet for Coroner File #2013-11723. Contained in the Coroner’s Packet was a copy of the Coroner Investigation Report, prepared on December 25, 2013, by a Coroner Corporal assigned to the Indio office. In this Coroner Investigation Report, the Coroner Corporal wrote concerning the female decedent:

“There were no known recent suicidal ideations or past suicide attempts…”

At the Coroner’s Review on October 30, 2014, the Administrative Deputy Coroner presented a timeline for this case. The Grand Jury noted the following discrepancies between the report prepared by the Coroner Corporal and the timeline as presented by the Administrative Deputy Coroner:

• The Administrative Deputy Coroner’s timeline stated there was an attempted suicide by drug overdose in 2008

• The Administrative Deputy Coroner’s timeline also stated that on September 26, 2013, she made a suicidal statement while incarcerated, and was taken to be medically assessed prior to being placed in a safety cell. A review of the safety cell log confirmed she was placed in a safety cell on this date at 0904 hours. At 1315 hours, the same day, she was cleared by Mental Health staff and moved to a holding cell The Grand Jury did not find any corrections within the Coroner Investigation Report, as written by the Coroner Corporal Investigator.

Hmmm… you think more money will fix crap like this? I don’t. The training levels and the quality are what is suffering here. Add this to the list of issues with Stan Sniff.

  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: 2014-2015 Grand Jury Report BLASTS Coroner Practices, Slow-Rolling Records, Covering Up Causes of Death, etc.”

  1. It goes to show the lack of leadership SHERRIF Sniff will leave behind when he is removed from office. No oversight, copy and pasted reports, and a management team that is probably more concerned about moving up the ladder than doing any real work.

    Sniff cannot even handle his own department, but surrounds himself with incompetent chiefs and undertakers to do his bidding. His performance should be above par, but it is not and he has no respect from the rank and file. Funny how the “do as I say and not as I do” management style has really dropped morale on this department.

    Think “Pottersville” from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s the kind of world this tyrant has created with his BS and intimidation.

    Sniff, you are the laughing stock of the Inland Perspire! Take your winnings, pack your shit, and leave. Remember, even if you do win, I’m sure there is a news agency out there that would be willing to report the malfeasance and incompetence that is your administration.

    Somewhere down the line, one of your underlings will untie that tether and go rogue (man-boy relationship, unauthorized death, voter intimidation, #metoo, etc.) and create such a debacle, you will wish you had just bowed out when you should have.

    As for the video (again) my civilian friends have seen it and are sharing it with others as an example of what kind of a baboon you are. Every reaction has been “WTF” because there is no rhyme or reason behind it. When I explain where you were supposedly going, they shake their heads in wonderment.

    If you want to emulate a movie icon, try Dr. Evil next time. His character is incompetent, ridiculous to look at, and funny as hell. Sniff, Stan Sniff, Mr. Shaken in the Head and not stirred: GO AWAY!!




  2. An Anglican Priest said 500 years ago,”No man is an Island.” And Sniff has no one to blame but himself. You have a command staff that should be helping you lead because no one knows it all, or can do it all. They should be there for you to help you make the right decisions. But your executive staff has allowed your administration to sink like the Lusiatania. You promoted those to the second floor that were nothing more than pawns, the “I think the way you do sir,” yes men instead of independent thinkers that bring something to the table. So whose to blame here, Undertaker DiYorio, Jughead Vest, Peckerhead Wood, or do they all share the blame with you.

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