May 242018

“I think the morale thing is typical nonsense that comes out election time,” said Sniff about his opponents. “When you don’t have anything else to run on, you talk about morale.”

Translation – I don’t care about Morale and neither should you.

Something like 250 Deputies have left the Riverside Sheriff’s Office since 1/1/2017. We’ve detailed at length the retaliation, selective terminations, abuses of injured employees, broken equipment, abuses of overtime, corruption, felonies, cronyism, incompetence and the like for months on this blog. Under the pressure of a campaign, even Stan Sniff is starting to tell the truth for a change.

Quote Source: ABC7 


  10 Responses to “If you needed proof of what Stan Sniff thinks of his men – check this out”

  1. It’s obvious that Sniff doesn’t give a crap about anything or anyone but himself. He doesn’t give a shit about the morale of the troops and he calls that “typical nonsense.” Every single department member who saw that abc7 video clip yesterday had the same response, that Sniff a LIAR. Those who have no spine just stayed quiet, but you knew damn well they were thinking it. Sniff is such a narcissistic son of a bitch that he thinks the whole world if full of shit and he is the only one who knows anything.

    What Sniff did to punish Lt. Bianco the morning after the 2014 election was unconscionable. The entire department knew he was imposing punishment on Lt. Bianco for running against him and to watch that battered old man lie to everyone and cast blame on Lt. Bianco instead of accepting responsibility for his actions made him very ugly to look at. The rank and file are even more disgusted with him now than they were before. Stanley just stop the madness and retire and allow the troops to have a fresh new future with a new sheriff.

    Stop trying to cast blame onto everyone else and just leave. Stop trying to use your old excuse about RSA being mad about body worn cameras and just admit that you refused to meet and confer with them as the law prescribes. The only issue RSA had with BWC’s was your failure to obey the law and meet and confer. You think the public is too stupid to see through your political tactics, but you fail to realize that most of the members of the public are fed up with lying politicians like you.

    It’s time for a paradigm shift and removing Stan Sniff is where it needs to start. Vote for Lt. Chad Bianco!

  2. Here is Sniff campaigning in 2014 on morale, reduced crime and cost savings.

  3. Here is Sniff in 2010 bragging about RSA’s endorsement

  4. Here’s Sniff boasting about morale and being endorsed by four employee unions. “Morale is not low, and in the face of our deep budget challenges, is very high,” Sniff said. “My opponent has pursued endorsements from the four employee unions that make up my entire employee spectrum and they have all endorsed me.” Here’s the link:,amp.html

  5. Stan Sniff is a LIAR!!! Vote him out of office ASAP!!

  6. We all agree that Sniff has corrupted the office of Sheriff and he is nothing more than a LIAR and a CHEAT. The men and women of RSO want and need new leadership.


  7. In 2010 Sniff boasts about reducing the prior Sheriff’s executive staff from 4 Assistant Sheriffs to 2 and 8 Chief Deputy down to 5 that was with his claim of 2200 sworn the actual number of sworn was 2360. So today he talks about guiding his 1800 sworn Thru tough times. Hmm he now has an Undersheriff, 3 Assistant Sheriff’s and 7 chief deputies. You had a better than 20% reduction in sworn staff and increased the executive staff by 30% WTF. talk about wasted money and poorly wasted money, he put people in an executive position that are not cops never have been and never will be. The Sheriffs department primary function is Deputy Sheriff’s to Protect and serve why do you have a non sworn corrections who couldn’t conduct an investigation even with guidance over cops? It’s called waste of money political move.

  8. This is how out of touch Sniff is about today’s policing and calls for service.

    “When the public calls and wants a cop, they want somebody who’s going to get there with a gun.”

    Cities have been using civilian (non-sworn) community service officer or police service assistants to take reports on cold crimes and non-injury traffic accidents as far back as the 80’s.

    He can’t deny he said “they [citizens ] want somebody who’s going to get there with a gun.” it’s on video in this interview with ABC LA.

    It’s time for a new Riverside County Sheriff, the best man for the job is Chad Bianco for Sheriff 2018, he’s the only candidate without a black cloud of mismanagement of a law enforcement agency not hanging over his head.

  9. I’ve tried to keep it clean on here for a long time but, after seeing the video, fuck it! Sniff, I hope you and you’re second floor fuck sticks read this. In reference to your moral comment, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT LIAR! FUCK YOU! YOU GOD DAM EGOTISTICAL PATHETIC LITTLE MAN! You’re so god damn out of touch you and that dumb fuck Di Yorio, I’ve heard the rumors about his mental heath. Get the fuck out! Get out! NO ONE LIKES YOU! Face facts, you’re deputies HATE and DESPISE you! You’re a shitty human and an even shittier Sheriff. Hundreds of deptuties have left, and YES, it’s because of the piss fucking poor moral you’ve created!

    PS: FUCK YOU SNIFFY! And fuck you for starting PERS’s on deputies trying to leave! You open bullshit PERS’s to force them to stay then black ball them for trying to leave!

  10. Morale sucks!! I noticed it started plummeting around 2013, got really bad after the 2014 election, and even worse following 2015 promotions (after the cheating scandal). ALOT of good, hardworking deputies were cheated out of a well-earned promotion. The most important thing ALL of us were taught in the basic academy was “If you lie, you die.” It is no accident one of the first exercises we had to do was to memorize and recite the law enforcement code of ethics. Every person involved in that cheating scandal should have been fired. Instead, Sniff promoted his golden children who cheated and lied. It has caused hundreds of others to leave, and the department morale has since completely tanked. Throw in daily mandatory OT, yellow days, freeway therapy, and micro-managing by newly promoted “leaders,” and you have a recipe for disaster. The job itself is already thankless. When the people you work for are ruthless, vindictive tyrants, it makes just going to work everyday nothing short of HELL. Change is on the horizon, folks, hang in there. #Bianco

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