May 222018

How much did this cost?

As we continue our series of stuff never covered by the Riverside Press-Enterprise (who transferred an editor to Rancho Cucamonga for daring to write about the Retaliation against Chad Bianco) we have a new gem.

Stan Sniff, he of the bizarre campaign posters trying to be Clint Eastwood or Wyatt Earp, apparently channeled his inner James Bond.

A video, only discovered recently (with about 80 views the first time I saw it) features the Helicopter (which is frightfully expensive to operate), a Pilot, “Eggplant”, Sniff, two K-9 deputies, someone behind the camera and a “Stunt Deputy” who went down the rope out of the helicopter.

Were the 5 employees on the clock? How much were they paid? How much fuel did the Helicopter Use? How much did it cost to shoot and edit the video?

This seems to matter as it is widely rumored that similar to CCW Permits, Stan Sniff loves to hand out helicopter rides to his donors / buddies.

Nevertheless, how much did this video cost all in? Just add this to the file…

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  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: While complaining about his budget, makes a Video, featuring plant life, a Helicopter and a bunch of deputies – How much did THAT Cost!?”

  1. Of course they were all on the clock and of course he was using the taxpayers’ helicopter, flight crew, fuel, insurance, etc. I’m sure it was extremely expensive to fly the helicopter, plus camera crew, the fast-roper, the additional ground vehicles involved, etc.

    Sniff is an old man with a gigantic ego and he must be stopped. If this corrupt SOB actually gets re-elected, God help us all. We have to get the word out to everyone in this county that Stan Sniff must be voted out. Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!!

  2. If you’re gonna post a video with your name and title in it, at least spell your own title correctly. It’s SHERIFF. NOT SHERRIF. Jackass!!!

  3. So this is Stan’s contribution to the Anti-Human Trafficking cause? A caricature sheriff being told he will be late, strutting out of his lair like a pimp walking out of the Spearment Rhino, and a scenic helicopter ride to the desert whilst he holds that helmet suspiciously between his legs.

    Rather than making an ass (again) of yourself, Stan, why didn’t you make a video condemning this heinous act against the weak? Aren’t you supposed to be tough on crime? I guess this coalition didn’t contribute to your precious campaign so you just made fun of it instead.


    And all of you on that floor, SHAME ON YOU for allowing this shameful waste of resources for the worst two minutes committed to YouTube. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?!?

  4. Complain about the budget, then drop 3k on a helicopter ride, pay the salary of 5 deputies for a couple hours, and violate copy right laws and steal James Bond music. Epic fail.

  5. What an egotistical little SOB Sniff is, his stupidity never ceases to amaze me. He has department photographers make posters of him as The Lone Ranger, Clint Eastwood, Wyatt Earp and now uses all of these department resources to make a James Bond video? Really Sniff, Really? You narcissistic little son of a bitch, you think you can spend that money any way you damn well please. If you want to produce your ridiculous “ME” posters and videos, then you need to do it with your own damn money!! What you have been doing is absolutely disgusting and any of your little minions and marionettes who condone your behavior have no business even being in law enforcement period.

    You have obviously forgotten that YOU are supposed to be a public servant and all of your minions are also supposed to be public servants. Because you have provided such a substandard example of what leadership should be, the sheriff’s department is broken. The only way to fix the department is for Sniff to be removed from office and then weed out any of his other corrupt marionettes who don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right.


  6. The copyright violation may cost Stan very dearly. The Department’s pistol team had the image of Yosemite Sam as their mascot on their polo shirts, and Warner Bros. legal representatives came down hard on the copyright violation and confiscated the shirts, and anything else that had the likeness of THEIR property. So whose the Sheriff gonna blame for his mistake, Eggplant because she is his social media chief, or one of his “At-Wlll” henchmen on the second floor. Leadership is about taking responsibility, for the bad as well as the good, but at “Riverside Country,”’ when our managers screw up, they issue write ups to their underlings instead of admitting to their shortcomings.

  7. @john s

    Exactly! Sniff should be making a video condemning HT but trust me the public see thru his facade. So what event was Sniff flying into?
    WOW event -/ wonder of women gala in Rancho Mirage.For Op Safehouse. Anti Human Trafficking (HT) collaborative. That video was the same year and month I critized Sniffs collaberative for being too political and ineffective. Right after that it turned out the collabertive members unknowingly approved child placements with a human trafficker named David Yoder. People including the Mayor f Indio wanted change but Sniff opposed it. I did a lot of work with prosecutors and LE personnel in order to present a plan to modernize the HT collaborative. Obviously this is all a big joke to Sniff. As shown by hos spoof helicopter ride to the Anti Human trafficking gala in Rancho Mirage.

  8. If you want a bigger waste of money get the photo shoot of Sgt Epps HDT team detonating thousands of dollars per photo in explosives so they could have the perfect shot of them walking away with a 70-80 foot fireball as the backdrop. Det cord, c4 and gas only took like 7-10 tries for a ego picture never used for the department

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