May 202018

On the heels of our announcement of 800,000 hits since 1/1/2018, we were made aware of some misinformation. Allow your intrepid blogger to set the record straight. I am re-posting something I put on the RightonDaily Facebook Page:

Please note that there have been efforts to suppress the flow of information to RightonDaily by the second floor. These include searching the office computers of RSO Employees, setting up anonymous facebook pages to spread disinformation and of course claims that I tape all phone calls. Please note that taping a call without someone’s consent is illegal. There have also been several attempts to plant blatantly false information with your intrepid blogger as well. Since no one edits my page but me, the opinions and facts presented on the RightonDaily Blog are mine. AND – when I say you can remain confidential, it means just that. #FREERIVERSIDE #FIRESNIFF#COXFORGOVERNOR #COLEHARRISFORLG Rock On.

There have been a variety of things going on behind the scenes, some of which I have written about (Including their attempts to attack my wife, calling her employer, several attempts to hack this site, trying to attack my insurance business and the like).

It is apparent that Team Sniff is running low on options to try and stop the bleeding. It is our mission here at RightonDaily to provide him and his crew political proctology. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

Stay Informed!

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  6 Responses to “An Important Update From Right On Daily”

  1. @Aaron F. Park, do not be dismayed. You are a beacon of light for all those who wear the tan and green. They are tired of the corruption, mismanagement, double standards, harassment, and Gestapo tactics from this Sheriff and his administration.

    The second floor can not silence you, because you don’t work for the Department. So in their collective of four brain cells they try and intimidate line staff with threats and other low IQ tactics. However, this doesn’t work with someone on the outside. So they figure they will harass you, your wife, and your business into submission.

    Sorry Stanley, you and your cronies are done. You are the Inland Empires version of Mike Corona. You know your buddy who used to use OCSO helicopter to meet with your bestie Bobby D to play golf. I’m sure you were probably their to clean all the balls.

    The reaper is coming for you Stanley. Save yourself the trouble of losing, and take what little dignity you have and resign/retire. Oh, and on your way out, take the trash (Your admin) with you.

  2. @FLY, thank you!

  3. Aaron, stay strong. You have thousands of supporters who have your back. Keep up the good work and keep informing us of all the corruption, harassment and mis use of our taxpayers monies.

  4. It will all be over for Sniff’s administration soon enough. They can search all the computers they want to search and send harassing messages to as many employees as they want, but after June 5th, it just won’t matter because Sniff will have lost the election and the rats will be scurrying to jump off the ship. Defeat is on the horizon for Sniff and finally there is hope for positive change in the sheriff’s department.

  5. That is correct, after June 5th it just won’t matter anymore. Sniff will finally be packing his bags and getting directed out of the building. The irony of it all may be too much for him to bear. Stanley, remember when you pulled that chicken shit move on Lt. Bianco and had one of your top brass waiting for him to arrive to work the morning after the 2014 election results were in? Oh I’m certain you remember it, because everyone else does. You had one of your brass wearing puppets order Lt. Bianco to pack up his belongings and you relocated him to that little cubby hole in the basement where you attempted to excommunicate him from the rest of the department for the next several years.

    That was another fine example of your inflated ego making you believe you can get away with anything you want. Well not anymore little man, your time has come and Lt. Bianco has weathered your little storm because he is a survivor. Sniff , Diyorio and all the little puppets that follow them everywhere can pack their belongings and get out.

    It will be like a breath of fresh air for Lt. Bianco to do a nice little house cleaning and prepare to pick up the pieces and try to put this department back together.

    Aaron, keep up the good work!! They deserve every bit of what you have been dishing out!

  6. Sniffles and crew are running scared and most likely cannot believe how much support ROD has gotten in the form of the internal information that has been blasted here. Aaron, thank you again for providing this forum to shed light on the bullshit Sniff and his marionettes have bestowed upon us for years.

    Now…will Ali hold a farewell party for his dethroned sheriff at that AM/PM? Two dogs for $2.00 and two Monster drinks for $3.00. That’s befitting of the POS Sniff has become.

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