May 232018

Stan Sniff was at a recent law enforcement memorial event. Someone captured a photo of him that pretty much says it all. The meme is from a zoomed photo of Sniff with the crew at the event. It is clear that Sniff is quite emotionally disturbed.

Now, note that the woman in the brown top has recently come on to my radar screen.

We have been hearing stories about Sniff either having some sort of illness, having fits of rage, skipping events, showing up late at events, etc.

These two photos would certainly suggest that the Sniffmeister is in a bad space.

The last photo is the one that has the most significance to me. It is Sniff’s behavior while the chaplain is praying in Jesus’ name over the ceremony. I’ve written many times based on anecdotal evidence that Stan Sniff is an atheist and in my opinion I have come to the belief that he is devoid of a moral core. This is why there are so many articles on this blog about Sniff engaging in policy and behavior that is anything but Conservative, let alone Republican.

You tell me what you see in the last photo? I see a man who has minimal respect for faith. Man, it has to be an empty life for this guy. 



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  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update – Three devastating photos tell the story…”

  1. Well, the first photo reminds me of a mental patient (no offense to the mentally ill) who is in need of his anti-depressant meds.

    The second pic looks like Sniff is upset because he’s not standing behind that milf (same one, correct?) and letting his thumbs get under the boobage.

    The third pic is the most telling though.

    Most, if not all police agencies and sheriff’s departments across this country have taught their employees tolerance. Tolerance for cultures, lifestyles, sexual orientation, and religion that is not our own. One thing I know, ACT ACCORDINGLY in a place of worship. Take your shoes off in a mosque, kneel when prayers are being said, and bow your head!! Sniff looks petulant standing there whist other officers are bowing their heads in prayer. Probably thinking how ridiculous prayer is with his non-faith views.

    It may go against my rant on tolerance but without some faith, as an atheist where is your soul? You have to have soul (and the 70’s kind isn’t all bad!, get down with your bad selves!) and direction to be a person. Although I have not been in a church or confessed my sins in years, my faith is when WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE sees me at the pearly gates and lets me in (hoping cops get a fast pass here, blasphemous as it may sound). I have some faith there is a higher power driving this crazy train.

    But Sniff is adrift in a sea of non-belief and he has no soul. Proof is how he has ran this department for his own personal gain and the gain of his cronies. He has no interest in the rank and file, ignores all ranks below LT when he is at a station (if at all) and is a man just going through the motions.

    I’m not trying to preach but faith is a big part of our police culture. I know I’ve had angels watching over me many times clearing a house, having a gun pointed at me, hell, even when I crashed my ride (several times, ahem) and was lucky not to kill or injure anyone (my pride maybe).

    I know our communities have faith we are their angels.

    No. Sniff has to go simply because he has no soul and therefore, no respect for his fellow man (and woman, ladies) regardless of their culture, lifestyle, sexual orientation and religion.




  2. Dead and angry eyes. Gone soon enough.

  3. Hilarious as usual @Aaron F. Park.

    Stanley does not understand religion because it conflicts with his view that he is God. At least in his world. He does not respect others but demands respect. Stanley was fired once before by Bobby D. Now it is time for the men and women of the Department and the citizens of Riverside County to fire him again.

    In the words of President Trump, Stanley, “You’re fired!

  4. The good Lord gave us life, that is his gift to you Stan, and as believers what we have become is our gift back to him. And right now Stan you and your minions on the second floor have short changed the Almighty with your flawed characters, and your self-serving attitude to stay in power, at any cost. All sin and fall short of what is expected of us, myself included. But for you and your second floor fanatics to ruin the careers of good, hard working individuals just to flex your power under the guise of maintaining discipline is unacceptable. In the end, history will judge the legacy of you and your marionettes, and the deeds you have committed. Although the second judgement will be more severe, and this one will be by Saint Peter himself. To leave with dignity is better than to be thrown out in disgrace Stan. And take your at-will help with you.

  5. So earlier today abc7 aired a news clip of the contentious Riverside Sheriff’s race. I watched Stan Sniff lie like the dirty dog that he is. Anyone who has been a member of this department for at least the past 4 or 5 years knows what Sniff did to Lt. Bianco after the last election. He ordered one of his chiefs (I believe it was John Hill at the time) to wait for Lt.Bianco early in the morning on the day immediately after the election and give him about 30 minutes to pack up his office because he was being relocated to a small office in the basement of the admin building. Everyone knew Bianco was being punished for running against Sniff and everyone lost all respect for Sniff for behaving like such an asshole. Sniff left Bianco in that basement office for several years because he thought he was going to teach him a lesson and make an example out of him. In the meantime, Sniff has continued to run this department into the ground and cause many of our best cops to leave to other departments.

    Sniff’s treatment of Lt. Bianco was so well known that it became a running joke that “you better be careful or Sniff will do you like he did Bianco.” Well today on abc7, I watched Stan Sniff lie through his teeth like the piece of shit that he is. He denied his previous mistreatment of Lt. Bianco and tried to make it sound as if it was an assignment where he was needed. He claimed Lt. Bianco tries to be a perpetual victim and that it was all nonsense. Well Stan Sniff, you are nothing more than a lying piece of shit who has completely broken this department. Nobody respects you or anything you are about. The entire sheriff’s department is working hard at getting the word out to everyone they know to vote your lying, corrupt ass out of office. We are all hoping and praying it ends June 5th with Lt. Bianco as the winner, but no matter what, we will continue to fight against you and everything you stand for.

    #Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!

  6. Charlie Beck, you also failed to mention how Stan Sniff had Bianco’s first campaign infiltrated with the Campaign Manager being a acquaintance of Stan Sniff…

    You see, the Campaign Manager made contact with Chad’s mother and introduced himself and someone who wanted to help run his campaign. After Chad in good faith hired him, and then at mid campaign the manager bailed out on Chad and took Chad’s money. It was a way for Scratch and Sniff to smoke Chad out of the race. This gives you an idea how this monster operates.

    So today, as I was coming home from Ontario… I meet up with a Riverside Sheriff deputy on the corner of JF Kennedy and Perris Blvd. I rolled down my window and asked to to roll down his. I yelled out of my vehicle….. ” Please vote for Chad Bianco..” and his response was …” I already voted and I voted for him.”

    Again, please spread the word around through FB, Instagram, My NextDoor, at the grocery store, at bank to VOTE FOR CHAD BIANCO…..

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