Dec 202017

Sal Rodriguez is a “reporter” for the Riverside Press-Enterprise. He decided recently to weigh in on the internal workings of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association.

Rodriguez has the pedigree you would expect from such a person. He has made a “career” out of advocating for lighter sentences, early releases and of course for directing funds in to felons and not law enforcement.

Given Sheriff Sniff’s affinity for laying off prison guards, cutting police budgets, early release of felons, refusing to cooperate with ICE, siding with the ACLU over police and the resulting increase in violent crime in Riverside County – it makes sense why Sal Rodriguez would see the need to defend the Sheriff.

It is also clear that the Sheriff has people selectively leaking to Mr. Rodriguez similar to the people on Robert Mueller’s Lynch mob doing the same to the national media. This leads me to believe that the criticism leveled on this blog (and in other mediums) of the Sheriff’s failures of leadership is having an effect.

So just who is Sal Rodriguez, really? Beyond his affiliations with far-left groups, that is…

A good place to look as at Rodriguez’ history as a “comedian” in college. We are talking 5 years ago, so it is not like dredging up women telling 38-40 year old stories you have no way of proving or otherwise.

He referred to one person, whose racial background was not clear from the video, as a “sand ni–er.” When another spectator was talking in the front row, he criticized them, calling talking at shows “the negro way.”
He also gave the audience a good deal of provocation. “You should be f—ing outraged, and you’re f—ing sitting here like a bunch of little b–ches, and then after the show you f—ing b–ch to Sean about it,” he said, as he criticized the crowd for a passive reaction to his antagonization. Later, he was quiet for a long stretch, then suddenly shouted, “You f—ing just sit there like a bunch of b—hes, what the f–k is wrong with you?”

So, this is who wrote the hit piece on the Riverside Sheriff’s Association and withheld documentation refuting all of the claims made in the story. It makes better sense. The foul-mouth racist rants borne out of deep personal issues appear to be fueling his day-to-day life.

I fear that the Riverside Press-Enterprise has some very low standards for hiring “reporters’. In my home area, we have some folks lobbing bombs and making moral judgments that are convicted felons, so nothing surprises me when I investigate the background of a reporter.

Sniff has a bigger problem now that Sal Rodriguez is out of the closet on his behalf, he now owns Sal Rodriguez’ personal history.

Rodriguez has written several public articles for the Reason Foundation – a libertarian anarchist group obsessed with eliminating criminal penalties. It is also funded by an interesting coalition of society-destroying left-wing donors (and others) who believe in the rights of criminals before anyone else. Read some of them here and here.

Secondly, beyond the intellectually vacuous defense of prison hunger strikes and bashing three strikes are the articles that this guy has written in the Press-Enterprise:

No time to throw more money at Prison Guards – apparently, the Sheriff took our young SJW’s advice on this one.

Sentencing Reform Overdue in California (See also deleting Three Strikes) – a leftist diatribe about how career criminals should be given leniency just because the crime they were caught and convicted of was “minor”.

I can’t wait to see more “journalism” from the 20-something Rodriguez who has convinced himself that Riverside County is going to be his forum for Social Justice. Perhaps inside of the left-wing media bubble that believes kneeling for the national anthem is as patriotic as serving in the military, these sorts of screeds seem like good journalism. It looks like the typical cop-bashing we became accustomed to in the last 4 years of the Obama administration.

Those of us that have lived real lives know you never achieve Social Justice based on a lie. Sal Rodriguez has no life experience, yet is making heavy social commentaries whose ultimate end will be more rape, robbery, violence and drug trafficking.

Sal Rodriguez is going to be a major embarrassment for the Sheriff and already is for the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

  One Response to “Introducing Sal Rodriguez, Stan Sniff’s Favorite Social Justice Warrior and Criminal’s “Rights” Advocate”

  1. Looks like my article attacking the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association struck a nerve.

    I won’t go point by point on all the problems with this well written blog post but I’ll hit a few:

    1) There’s a distinction between prisons and jails. <<< typical liberal discussing nuance. 2) I'm not a reporter. Or a "'reporter.'" <<< that part is obvious 3) The Reason Foundation is considered by no one to be a left-wing think tank. To the contrary, it's most commonly attacked (by people on the left) for being right-wing. I am lazy and weak, so there it is. 4) Excerpting isolated bits from a completely unrelated comedic performance from five years ago only shows how desperate you and RSA are to deflect attention from the issues raised in my article: "What's going on at the Riverside Sheriffs' Association?" <<< speaking of hitting nerves. 5) It's interesting that you'd cite my writings on the prison protests against solitary confinement (which ended with successful reforms) and Three Strikes reform (which no one complains about these days) . These have no more to do with Masson's shoddy leadership at RSA than my articles on the need for pension reform or attacking the gas tax. <<< cop hate is cop hate

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