Nov 162017

Gold Country Media is like an incurable rash. When you think the cream has worked, you get a flare up again. Gold County Media are consistent as they like to take potshots at local Republican elected officials and act like it is their calling to Mother Gaia.

I was first introduced to Gold Country Media years ago when Deric Rothe, the then editor of the Auburn Journal and the de-facto editor of all the little papers in the area was railing on then supervisor Bruce Kranz and Supervisor Kirk Uhler. I thought it odd that they gave Robert Weygant and Jim Holmes a pass, as both were registered Republicans at the time, but both were regarded as liberals compared to Kranz and Uhler.

I received a plain brown paper envelope one day and discovered that Deric Rothe was a convicted Narcotics Dealer. The section of the health code he was convicted of is typically used to prosecute Heroin and Cocaine/Crank. I surmised without proof based on the size of Rothe’s nose that it was Cocaine (and because he was quite a bit larger than your average crank dealer).

The exposure of the sordid past of Deric Rothe did not stop the Roseville Press-Tribune or the Auburn Journal from continuing to take potshots at local Republican electeds.

Recently, Larissa Berry and jilted trainwreck Victor Bekhet joined forces with the Roseville Press Tribune and their “editor”, the existentially flawed Andrew Westrope and a “reporter” by the name of Graham Alexander Womack. He actually has three aliases, more on that in a second.

Westrope is a Trump Hating, Granola-Crunching Left-Wing Eco-Warrior Freak that never met a Republican he could stand. In his zeal to be a social justice warrior he has performed several journalistic abortions, including this gem that was used as the spiritual basis for Victor Bekhet’s suicide run in 2016.

Westrope likes to pass judgement about pedophilia based on an orchestrated political attack against a Republican US Senate nominee. He also has a consistent standard against local Republicans, never requiring proof of a thing before writing a hit piece. (Heck, they called me a racist for having the audacity to light Victor on Fire in the 2016 Campaign)

The headline was sensational; “Conflicts of interest alleged for Kirk Uhler on fairgrounds votes” Quoting the aforementioned story I wrote last August about Westrope’s goat-rope of Journalism:

OMG – what did that Uhler do now??? The article references “many complaints against uhler over the years”. I wonder if the extreme left-wing environmentalist Andrew Westrope learned such buzzwords from the ANTIFA / Greenpeace Saul Alinsky school he went to when he was out trying to save the environment as a green warrior? (You can learn interesting things about people when you do research – kind of like how I learned that one of Westropes’ editor predecessors was a convicted Cocaine Dealer) If Westrope was interested in Journalism, he’d realize that FPPC complaints are a dime a dozen and whiny wackjobs are about a nickel a dozen. However, when you live in a sad, shrinking left-wing bubble your own ideological harlotry overrides better judgement. (He ought to ask Hudson, Campbell and Jackson what their excuses were…)

Larissa Berry was grasping at straws and filed an FPPC complaint because Kirk Uhler does charitable work and also owns a business. In her mind and the mind of the neurotic Victor Bekhet (who has been running around with a similar emotional wound as one of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes) this means he had to be corrupt. Westrope may as well have had the crazed former Placer GOP Chairman write his story from his warden’s den at the McCourtney Road Asylum.

The FPPC responded to Larissa Berry’s psychotic fantasy in record time and they nuked her. Now – I am informing the world about Andrew Westrope because he is a coward and a left-wing cheap-shot artist… at least that is what I think of him and when I am done writing about him for a few years, everyone else will also. Westrope will never publish this humiliation of Berry – so leave it to your intrepid blogger whose traffic is greater than the Press Tribune’s Circulation:

Like all liberal social justice warriors, they never clean out their own barn before flinging political feces. (Just ask Al Franken, DOH!) The man that wants to fry Judge Roy Moore (who is suing his accusers and has eviscerated others with facts)… has a registered sex offender for an employee! RAPE OF A DRUGGED/INTOXICATED VICTIM

Boy, it sucks to be Andrew Westrope, Larissa Berry and Victor Bekhet. They spent so much time trying to indict an innocent man over political differences (or their personal inherent fear of seeing plywood being fashioned in to buildings within their area) that they face-planted in to the 2017 reality of societal sexual skeletons coming in to their living room.

Their hero Graham Womack is a rapist! OR, is that Graham Alexander Womack? Or is it Graham Alexander? Or Alexander Graham? Take a look at the photo from the puke-tribune’s website and compare it to the database I linked above. RAPE OF A DRUGGED/INTOXICATED VICTIM

Being a social justice warrior is hard work. Apparently, being a Uhler hater in the local media requires a felony conviction, see also Dealing Narcotics and Rape.

I guess, then that the NIMBY’s are going to have to start getting fingerprints and an FBI check before they take on their next crusade. In the meantime, I think Sheriff Bell needs to send some detectives to the local Gold Country Media Offices to ensure public safety…

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