Dec 302017

I tried it. I worked for an extremely viable challenger. He is the author of Prop 8. He had access to money that the establishment could not choke off. His opponent was unable to finish a sentence on the floor of the Assembly and had few, if any loyalties or true connections within the district. It was a perfect storm.

It took the establishment about $2 Million to save Beth Gaines. They also made sure that I and everyone else that helped Andy Pugno (the candidate) got retaliated against.

Primary challenging and actually defeating an incumbent is extremely difficult. A famous example is the idiot known as Joe Miller who beat incumbent liberal Republican Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Primary only to lose when she re-emerged as a write-in candidate (apparently AK election law allows that) in the fall. Tea Party Joe is relegated to the dust heap of history. Another great example is the fraud known as Kelli Ward who got crushed by John McCain in Arizona. John McCain? That’s right, Chad Mayes on steroids, nuked an opponent with national support. (Please note that Steve Bannon is reputed to have disassociated himself with Ward)

Chad Mayes has a ton of money. I think he has something like $500k that he will show at the end of the year, maybe a bit more. $500k is enough to run two assembly campaigns. With the grassroots ranks being decimated and few people being willing to get off of facebook and out on the street, Mayes has a massive advantage. Also remember that the establishment will support the most ethically and morally flawed people in office as incumbency is king.

Mayes has two known opponents. One, Gary Jeandron, has indeed run twice before and lost. It appears that he is trying to do new things to be viable. Jeandron has a superior resume to the other opponent Andrew Kotyuk. Mr. Kotyuk has endorsements, momentum and a few dollars to work with. I am told, however that Kotyuk is an opposition research bonanza. Remember, Joe Justin is Mayes campaign boss and Mr. Justin is a gifted operative who is lethal. Any opponent to Mayes had better be top shelf and extremely disciplined and well managed.

Marc Steinorth? He is rumored to be polling for San Bernardino Supervisor. He is as tough as a junkyard dog. Given that the sex scandal (in terms of people being victimized against their will) culture has metastasized as it has, I just don’t see a consensual affair between two adults mattering to voters. (this comment applies to Mayes as well) It is my opinion that Steinorth will win whatever he runs for as he will be funded and his “brass balls”, despite how wrong he may be on some issues, represents leadership. Compare this to so many in the GOP Caucus and it stands out. Marc’s leadership ability alone makes a compelling case to support him despite any other misgivings.

Devon Mathis? He is the one incumbent who could lose. The sex assault charge is hanging over him and his team has done little or nothing to get him out from under it. Until then, he will have a hard time raising any support. Once that is cleared up, he will get fully funded, This will be especially by the Agricultural interests that got him to vote for Cap and Trade. It is my opinion that Mathis is guilty of bad judgement, but not guilty of sexual misconduct. Mathis is also guilty of not doing many of the basics that a member of the state legislature should do in order to govern, this is the reason he is vulnerable. If the money people decide to cut bait and choose for fund the Mayor of Visalia, Warren Gubler instead, then the decisions that were made by Mathis’ advisors in terms of their crisis management will become the #1 reason for his demise. It is extremely rare for the establishment to de-fund an incumbent.

Dante Acosta? At this time, I am of the opinion that he will be safely re-elected. I simply do not see anything serious enough against him to provide anything more than ammo for the left wing fringe. This can change, but my gut says Acosta is guilty of nothing more than some bad judgement.

It is my opinion and I have nothing to prove this other than my gut that Devon Mathis and Dante Acosta are sitting on information and are waiting for the correct time to deploy it thus eviscerating their accusers.

All of this said, there is one Republican member sitting in a safe seat doing nothing (and I am not referring to Matthew Harper who raises no money at all in the wealthiest district in California, that is a different kind of doing nothing), that is on the “sex” list along with 4-6 democrats. There are lobbyists and staffers who are going to be exposed. I believe some of the staff that are on the “sex” list may be the source of some of the un-vetted attacks against one of the aforementioned GOP members.

I am not sure if the CA GOP is going to be able to muster candidates to contend for any of the winnable Assembly Districts. The CA GOP is poised to lose SD12 as there is no longer an Anthony Cannella in that district, so even if there is a gain elsewhere, it is status quo. It is sad, too. So many Democrats have been burnt by their sexual deviance that they lost their supermajority. This, of all things is an unprecedented opportunity.

Beyond the drill myself and others ran, there was no end game after taking out Chad Mayes as Assembly GOP Leader. It was a reaction to what he did and how it decimated my efforts to build the CIR from the resulting disillusionment in the GOP.

The proof of many of my judgement and commentaries about the state of the CAGOP will manifest when every vote for Cap and Trade returns to office. (Except Tom Berryhill, the safe district Senator who betrayed his conservative district while on his way out the door via term limits)

This will be continued as events warrant as this drama is far from over.

Dec 292017

I started blogging in 2003. I was in a group that included an Unknown by the name of Katy Grimes, another relatively unknown Craig DeLuz and a young man named Andy Nevis. (who was active in the CR’s until a few years ago) The Rest of the group, known as the Western Alliance of Bloggers scattered.

I remember the days when legislative candidates could get dozens of volunteers in to a headquarters to walk precincts. That was my paradigm. In 2003, blogs were seldom and rare. The bathroom boys of Facebook and Twitter were changing the tape in their glasses in between getting beat up by the jocks in high school.

Years later, Facebook and Twitter changed the dynamics of grassroots. They literally created bloggers like locusts. They literally took people out of the campaign headquarters and back in to their living rooms. I’ve watched it all, and I watched it all play out again in 2017. The state of Grassroots activism in California is a tattered shambles of GOP organizations that are fractured with dwindling memberships and waning influence. Many people believe they can win elections with Facebook posts, I am seeing the insanity repeat itself in the form of a governor campaign almost 100% dependent on Facebook.

I haven’t changed a whole lot since the days when I was nuking Doug Ose, Doug LaMalfa or other RINO squishes on various blogs I wrote for. I still walk precincts, but rarely had company at the front door in 2016 as opposed to 2008 when dozens of people hit the streets for Tom McClintock over Doug Ose.

You can make bank that those in leadership of BOTH parties have seen this. Outside of a core of fringe, marginal operators, few people leave their computer to do anything.

This is what made my combined effort with Joseph Turner to take down Chad Mayes over the Cap and Trade fiasco even more amazing. We caught lightening in a bottle and had several key establishment figures that aligned with us at that point in time. Having influenced the outcomes of campaigns many times with my Blog no one admits to reading, this was familiar territory.

I also remember what I was like 10 years ago. I’ve honestly written about all of the enemies I made with my bombast in years past. I watched it happen again, except this time is has been guilt by association. A lot of people ask me about Mr. Turner. I won’t disavow my friendship with him as it is not my style to discard political allies without cause.

I learned after getting several political bloody noses that you do not attack spouses. In my political life, someone contacted my wife’s boss trying to get her fired to get to me. In the AD73 Race in 2014, a Guy named Art Sanchez wrote a nasty blog attacking my wife because he was enraged over the opposition research file I unloaded on Ana Bryson. My Brother George was accused of felony money laundering by Doug LaMalfa in print on the front page of the Sacramento Bee largely as retaliation over my annihilation of him in his 2012 State Senate victory over Rick Keene.

One time I called a Congressional Candidate’s (Rick Tubbs) wife Tammy Faye Tubbs. I did end up apologizing directly to her (and her husband) because that was uncalled for. Amazingly, after that apology, I was able to connect with some of Tubbs’ supporters who I consider friends today.

I also learned that with the exception of proof of a cover up or a direct link to the candidate/officeholder themselves, you leave out staff. I lit up Steve Davey and Dave Titus as I am 100% aware their ghastly patterns are known to their current / former bosses, the Gaines. (who enabled it and/or were willfully ignorant of it) It became a valid attack because Steve Davey being allowed to quit by the Assembly Rules Committee (which is in and of itself a cover up) before they fired him begs the question of why the allegedly Christian Conservative Ted Gaines put up with his behavior.

However, I’ve never talked about the police records of staff and usually prefer to say “The legislator was having an affair / inappropriate with a member of his staff” rather than launching an expose’ on the staffer by name. When staff get brought in, it creates victims and gives your target sympathy. It also turns some very valid information ineffective. It also creates a lot of enemies.

In this Chad Mayes saga, I have made new enemies. Some I earned by my own actions and some through the actions of my fellow combatants. I am at peace with it, and those among us that want to be bloggers had better make peace with the fact that people you’ve never met will hate you often times for things you did not do. This is similar to being in office, without the office. You had best be loyal to your friends, because when you become radioactive in a political fight, you won’t have many of them.

So you want to attack the establishment? So you want to take out an incumbent? You had best be ready for retaliation. You had best be ready to be marginalized.

When you line up a target, you’d better have an end game. Are you getting paid like I sometimes am? Are you preparing a viable campaign to run for something? Do you have a stake in the election or cause you are trying to affect? Do you have a plan to take that target out? Most of the time I can answer yes to 2 or more of those questions. I will submit that most that are out chucking keyboard bombs can’t honestly answer yes to any of those questions. As such, they create wounded bears and the only loser is them.

Most will say, “I don’t care what THEY think”. They may not admit it, but they do care what people think of them after all. People don’t get involved in politics in a vacuum. As long as this dynamic exists, the conservative resistance to “the establishment” will get rolled repeatedly. People’s opinions and positions matter, ignore them, discount them and they will beat you.

Even in this effort, several self-styled conservative activists called me a RINO, etc. etc. etc. because I was defending people I knew. The insults and accusations because I defended some staffers I am friends with underscore the terrible state of the Grassroots in California. As their numbers shrink, they are lashing out at natural allies and are still being led by charlatans that want to use them.

Let me summarize, we “got” Chad Mayes. For reasons I will lay out in a follow up this post, I will provide analysis of the current sagas surrounding several GOP incumbents and demonstrate that pretty much all of the GOP incumbents will be re-elected. (were the elections held today)

Dec 272017

Sheriff Sniff has a lot of photos out in the public domain, however, several should make you stop and take pause.

This photo is a Stan Sniff and his wife. Take note of the distance between them. This is apparently a pattern.

Next up: Stan Sniff’s mystery “fan”.

Decide for yourself what you see in the photos. Also take note to click on the photos and look at the comments leading in to them. Are these the sorts of comments you see from “normal” citizens you have a “professional” relationship with?

In this era of #METOO and a ton of politicians getting lit up for all sorts of misdeeds, this sort of stuff can and will become a campaign issue.

Anyone with any information on the Sheriff and his habits along these lines is encouraged to reach out to this blog. We are looking for evidence and proof of anything beyond this circumstantial evidence of misconduct by the Sheriff.  You can remain anonymous.

Sheriff Sniff has a myriad of issues, not the least of which is his failure to plan or try to accommodate the budget reality of Riverside County. It is our opinion that he should be focused on how he is going to staff the jail and improve police service and at the very least. You would also think that a man in his position would be quite a bit more cautious and judicious about his public conduct, which is why we are asking the questions we are. Were Sniff doing his job, he would not be the subject of a RightonDaily documentary.

Our expose on Sheriff Sniff will continue.

Dec 222017

Just a couple days ago, a new story about an old issue. Sheriff Sniff once again reminds us that he has been incapable of solving problems and is fully capable of blaming others.

When you read the article you will realize that the Sheriff drug his heels on interviewing applicants and training them. Cash-Strapped Riverside County laid out a ton of money to expand the Indio Jail and now it will be sitting partly vacant.

With Violent Crime spiking in Riverside County, what does the Sheriff base his re-election campaign on?

The jail is being counted on to add capacity to the county’s overcrowded five-jail system. To free up space, the county is expected to release almost 6,000 inmates early this year to comply with a federal court order to relieve overcrowding, according to sheriff’s officials. That problem will worsen, Sniff said, when the existing Indio jail is demolished and the new one stays vacant.

6,000 criminals being put back on the ground early is a direct consequence of Stan Sniff refusing to plan or be flexible to deal with the budget problems he knew he had. The County hired a respected national accounting firm to try and free up funds to take care of vital services and the Sheriff is fighting all of their recommendations:

Many of KPMG’s recommendations deal with public safety, which consumes three of every four discretionary dollars, according to the executive office. The firm has said Sniff can become more efficient by changing deputies’ schedules and using non-sworn staff to handle minor, non-emergency calls.

So – the Sheriff does not want to use auxiliary or volunteer deputies to handle minor calls, choosing instead to use the much more expensive sworn deputies on such calls. This compounds the problem with staffing the new jail. It does not stop there (Quoting Supervisor Kevin Jeffries):

Sniff “needs to stay vigilant,” Jeffries said. “But he also needs to look internally and start moving sworn deputies out of administrative desk jobs and back into the field.”

“With our budget projections, he has to meet us halfway. We need the new jail opened and staffed. We need more deputies on patrol,” the supervisor added.

Just like the Board of Supervisors, the sheriff is also at a crossroads. We either all find new ways to cut costs while still providing essential services or we all go bankrupt arguing about whose fault it is.

It is clear that Sheriff Stan Sniff has a serious credibility issue as people normally friendly to him are calling him out. AS you have learned by reading the expose’ on this blog about the Sheriff, he has refused to demonstrate leadership, flexibility or vision. The consequences are 6,000 inmates being released while the brand new jail sits empty. This, alone would be enough of a case to fire Sheriff Sniff.

Dec 212017

IF you’ve been in GOP politics for any length of time, you have seen Republican Candidates smeared in an attempt to separate them from their base. We all remember President Trump, in my backyard, Sheriff Scott Jones (only Sheriff for two years at the time) miraculously had run-ins with Women that just so happened to tell their stories to the fraud doctor Ami Bera. As we are seeing some of the President’s accusers being paid and others being proven to have personal axes to grind over jobs they wanted and did not get, you have to view all of these with skepticism.

in 2016 Dante Acosta was running for Assembly to replace Scott Wilk who had moved from the Assembly to the State Senate. Acosta found himself at ground zero in his own vortex of accusations.

Unlike most Republican candidates who fold their tent and cower in the corner, Acosta fought back when the scandal monster came after him.

Yesterday, I received a copy of a complaint filed with the Assembly Rules Committee against Dante Acosta, which will re-ignite the controversy as it is my belief I was not the only person that received this.

Here is what it boils down to:

Jennifer Van Laar, who made the complaint, also attempted to sue Dante Acosta for defamation. She indicated in the complaint that she dropped the lawsuit because of her father’s terminal illness.

Acosta, very publicly in a news conference attacked the allegations head on, flanked by several women attesting to his innocence and professionalism.

The now-filed Assembly Rules Committee complaint alleges that the women who defended Acosta were lying and that none of them knew Van Laar.

The complaint also uses a series of Instagram interactions as evidence of further harassment after Dante Acosta won election to the Assembly.

The complaint alleges that Van Laar lost political consulting jobs as a result of retaliation in October of 2016 when Acosta was getting written about in the LA Times and other media outlets.

Quoting the LA Times Story (which sums up the response of Acosta):

A statement from Acosta’s campaign did not mention Van Laar by name, but claimed that his accuser had encouraged Acosta to run for office and “aggressively pursued him as a client,” saying the accusations were retaliation for his decision not to hire her. Van Laar, who also goes by the name Jennifer Knight, was a consultant for Jarrod DeGonia, another Republican candidate who ran against Acosta in the contentious June primary.

On Wednesday, the Acosta campaign also released what it said were screenshots of text messages between the candidate and Van Laar between January 2015 and March 2016 that appear to show a friendly exchange over more than a year, adding in its statement that “there is not one text that shows any inappropriate behavior.”

“The woman in question alleges that the behavior occurred in January 2015 in Washington, DC,” the statement read. “More than a year later, the woman encouraged Mr. Acosta to run for State Senate, and then State Assembly, and to retain her as his consultant.  She continued to communicate with him in person, telephonically, and text up until he filed to run.”

So, here you go. A he-said-she-said situation. If you look at this objectively, this looks like a public fight between people that don’t like each other very much. It looks like Van Laar attempted to set fire to Acosta and Acosta’s crew ran her over with a political truck.

Had I been able to talk to Jennifer Van Laar before she sent this complaint, I’d have advised her not to do it. I do believe that all this does is make Acosta a victim and it will de-legitimize future complaints against either Acosta or other members of the legislature.

I’d strongly advise Dante Acosta and other members of the legislature to do several things (some that Acosta did do): save all text messages and social media interactions for sure, keep a distance from other adults that you could be seen as sexually interested in, make sure you have witnesses/staff at all events you are at, and lastly keep copious records and documentation of all staff decisions for your campaign and office.

Acosta did two key things wrong: The text message exchanges should have never happened and if he truly was not the aggressor, he should have told Van Laar to stop and/or blocked her number and secondly he (or his staff) should have never followed Van Laar on Social Media with the trolling. Both of these actions lend credence to the allegations made and will cause Mr. Acosta a problem in his 2018 re-election.

Click here to see the text messages as posted on a local Santa Clarita Station – then judge for yourself what is real and what is not.